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Im finally doing something I've wanted my whole...

Im finally doing something I've wanted my whole life and can't believe it's 12 days away. I'm 5'10", 145 lbs, small B. I'm getting 450cc under the muscle with no pain meds and awake. I have found so much help here and need the continued support. I went to the consultation where I decided on 425cc. Afret the pre op appointment I decided to go with 450cc. The girls at the office were awesome with suggestions and showed me what it will look like since it's under the muscle. They recommend to go bigger since "boob envy" is sometimes an issue. I've always told my boyfriend that 100 cc would even do the trick...haha!. That just shows my desperation to have larger boobies! I'm so mixed with emotions mostly because I'm so nervous. All the help I can get would be awesome!!

Moderate plus 450 cc...8 days and a wake up

So, I found out I'm getting moderate plus implants. Can anyone tell me what that means?

1 MORE WEEK.....

I Can't believe it's almost here. I talked to the surgery center yesterday about when to be there...9 am. I'm having more excitement now that it's pretty close, just some anxiety in the morning. I feel better every time I talk to the staff and stay away from the internet. I found out I'm getting moderate silicone implants. I see many of you got high profile. Does anyone know the difference? ?

4 more days.....

I am starting to question if I am having the right implants put in. I am narrow with not much breast tissue and doing 450cc mod. Submuscular and I don't know how they are going to fit in there. I guess I'll find out.


T minus 3 hours until my boobies. I'm a little nervous, but ready. I will keep you all posted. Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement these past few weeks. See you on the other side.....

1 days post op

Why does this sight keep erasing my post every time I write it. Hopefully this one works. Surgery went awesome and today I feel really good. Here's the pic. Will.post more later.

3 days post op...feel great!!

Day 3 and I feel really good. I'm a little tight under my arms and my back hurts from sleeping upwards. I've only taken tylenol and that got rid of the pain. The right one is starting to drop but the left is a little behind. I love them! Dr. Gartner and his staff are, by far, the best at what they do!!!

4 days post op..

I feel great. No pain just can't "go". What should I do?? Nothing is working and now I just look pregnant. Bumming me out...but my boobs are perfect. Someone , anyone, HELP! !


Has anyone experienced water retention and bloating?? I feel like I'm pregnant. I finally went to the bathroom but now it's the bloating driving me crazy. I am super grateful though being that I went back to work and have no pain at all. I just want to look sexy and instead i look like I belong in a Michelin commercial..someone help!!

5 days post op

Bloating almost gone, pooped on the potty like a big girl, and boobs dropping...I think. Have a great day ladies!!!

1 week post op

I had my appointment today and everything is great. I don't have to wear a strap, incisions are great, and dropping naturally. I am so happy with my results!!!

12 days post op

Just a pic for today...

2 weeks tomorrow..

Tomorrow will make 2 weeks since my surgery. They appear to be dropping and everyone was soooo right about the roller coaster...I love them, oh no what did I do, are they too big, oh no...too small..haha! I've felt and thought it all. I miss wearing a bra, but LOVE having boobs!! I'm really grateful for everyone's advice and support on here! That's it for now..

I need some help...

I woke up this morning and my boobs feel more tight than they have felt this past week. There's no pain, just tightness. Is this normal 2 weeks out? The tightness is similar, not as bad, to the first week. Can someone give me some advice? Should I call the doc?

It used to be a tie...

Well, they were doping together but it looks as if lefty fell behind. She always was the small one. I will be 3 weeks tomorrow and feel good. I miss the gym and can't wait to buy new bras. I have my second appointment this Friday and I think that's when I start my messages as well. I just hope this left boob catches up!

Dropping...not doping....ugh auto correct

I hope they aren't doping...
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gartner and his staff were more than I could ask for. There was no wait time and the awake procedure was incredible. I highly recommend it to anyone. I was able to communicate during the whole thing and was never in any pain. I was able to leave 15 minutes after surgery feeling great. My breasts look amazing for being 1 day post op. He is the best!!!!

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I know what u mean. I've tried and bought 4 soft support bras and hate them all. Now I'm getting itching and a burn feeling on both breasts. They were uneven but now are even again. I don't know what's going on. It's a rollercoaster all right. Doctor told me to start massages on Monday. This whole process is worse than operation itself. So frustrating.
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We are the same I'm 3 weeks postop and mine left hasn't drop now I'm wear this bandage and bra less, trying to wait patiently on them to drop
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I have the same stats as you, same age and went with 450 too! Lol I'm so glad I did, I was having the same feeling about to small, too big, but now 5 days po I am def glad I did bigger than I thought! You look really great and now I know what I can look forward too in a fee weeks:) still feel tight and very high. I can't wait for them to drop and "fluff" or whatever people say they do after they drop:)lol Thanks for the post , I found it so helpful
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Thank you so much!! They change so much in just a few days. Today they look natural and are soft. I still think bigger would be nice but everyone says they would just look fake and too big. I really love them. I was driving and couldn't stop touching them..lol. I will post a pic tomorrow. It's going to be months before we see the final result but watching them change is so exciting. I hope you are well!!!
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Oh good! I can't wait till they get soft, I know already I won't be able to stop smooching them!! It's good to know it won't take forever for them to get soft!:) lol
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Oh and I feel the same, I kinda wish they were a bit bigger;) haha
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I am going for my BA on thursday with Dr Gartner! I was supposed to do them back in Feb but chickened out!! I am 5'4 and 105lbs currently a 34b thinking of 350 cc silicone under the muscle. doing the twilight sedation bc i was too paranoid last time to stay awake! I want them bad just nervous and scared for the process and surgery!! I'm sure that is normal??? how was everyone recovery?> I'm not keen on pain killers either...
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Thank you for all the responses ladies! I guess everything is normal and I share the same feelings of impatience. For only being 2 weeks out, they do look pretty good..if I do say so myself. I'm just grateful I guess!!
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I guess I'm being inpatient. It's only been two weeks. I also don't want them to drop too much, that won't be good. Thank you ladies for being there and sharing.
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I have the same issue. I'm tight and my left dropped faster than right. It's only been two weeks. Also I miss going without a bra around the house. I have to keep this thing on 24/7. This is all so foreign to me. No zingers though. I'll ask the doc tomorrow.
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Lol. I miss going without a bra around the house too! But I'm kind of liking the girls being higher and sort of hope mine don't drop too much more so I'll keep wearing a bra. The cozy bra is pretty darn comfortable do i don't mind too much; but i feel like my girls wouldn't mind some fresh air every now and then. Be glad you don't have the zingers! I had a biopsy 17 years ago and 30 years later was still getting them once in awhile. Maybe that's why they don't bother me too much; though occasionally I'll get pretty sharp ones.
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I'm 18 days post op and the tightness is always a problem. I thought I was supposed to be "morning boob"; not all friggin day long. But yes; my PS says it's completely normal. The zingers don't really bother me (knock on wood); sometimes they just ... ache ..... You're looking really good so far!!!
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Thank you! I ended up calling him and he said the same thing. I had such a smooth operation and such a great outcome that I keep thinking it can't be this easy...Something has to come up. It's plain craziness! They seem to change so much day to day though. I was playing it safe. I feel good otherwise!!
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Always better to play it safe. You are very lucky to have had a smooth surgery and recovery! I feel as though mine has been easier than expected but not without a few bumps. I really babied myself the 1st week being paranoid of complications. I know I'm not out of the woods yet but very pleased so far. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see your final results ... it just keeps getting better!
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Thanks for being there. I knew it couldn't be that easy. I've encountered my first frustration. I know all will be well but I'm so inpatient. I haven't posted pictures because nothing has really changed much except for the dropping thing.
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hi ke822. wow.. I can't believe it is already 2 weeks since your surgery, I remember how nervous you were before BA..haha. You look great girl. Hope you are happy... You don't have to wear sport bra? I am a month after my BA and still wear bra.
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Thank you!!! I know! It felt like yesterday that I was losing my mind. I still can't believe I have them on some days. Yup...no bra 3 weeks. They are dropping nicely, at least it looks that way. I think I can wear one after my 3 week post op. My incisions are still kind of sensitive so I couldn't imagine a bra. Its hard to dress for work though. I'm to the point where I say..F it...everyone's seen nipples. ..hope you are well!!!
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Well behaved boobs!!!! I will post a picture later today. Mine are still tight but I am being patient. Everyday, I can't wait to come back from work, take my top off and look at them lol
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Tell me about it!!. I figured out that tight camis are a no no. I am wearing a lose one with a sweater dress. ..black to hide nips...and I feel so much better. They don't tighten up as much during the day. I'll check out your pic later! I bet you love them too!!!!
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I know. It will be two weeks for me on Friday and I have one more week for a bra. Harray. Can't wait.
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Wow! They look great and once they D&F they will be even better! So excited to see your end results! :)
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Thanks you!! So am i! I wake up every morning and to see the changes. I truly think not wearing a bra for the 3 weeks is why they are doing so well. My PS is awesome!!
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Coming along beautifully! Cheers to the roller coaster ride!!
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Thanks!! I'm on the worry part of the ride now. I feel like everything has gone so well, that it can't be this great and easy...
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Sweetheart, your breasts are so far from being what they will be. Give yourself 6 month post op & that will be their size for the most part. You look fabulous & it is a roller-coaster emotional ride. Enjoy the process, because you're going to change a lot more. You look fabulous xoxo
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