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Im finally doing something I've wanted my whole...

Im finally doing something I've wanted my whole life and can't believe it's 12 days away. I'm 5'10", 145 lbs, small B. I'm getting 450cc under the muscle with no pain meds and awake. I have found so much help here and need the continued support. I went to the consultation where I decided on 425cc. Afret the pre op appointment I decided to go with 450cc. The girls at the office were awesome with suggestions and showed me what it will look like since it's under the muscle. They recommend to go bigger since "boob envy" is sometimes an issue. I've always told my boyfriend that 100 cc would even do the trick...haha!. That just shows my desperation to have larger boobies! I'm so mixed with emotions mostly because I'm so nervous. All the help I can get would be awesome!!

Moderate plus 450 cc...8 days and a wake up

So, I found out I'm getting moderate plus implants. Can anyone tell me what that means?

1 MORE WEEK.....

I Can't believe it's almost here. I talked to the surgery center yesterday about when to be there...9 am. I'm having more excitement now that it's pretty close, just some anxiety in the morning. I feel better every time I talk to the staff and stay away from the internet. I found out I'm getting moderate silicone implants. I see many of you got high profile. Does anyone know the difference? ?

4 more days.....

I am starting to question if I am having the right implants put in. I am narrow with not much breast tissue and doing 450cc mod. Submuscular and I don't know how they are going to fit in there. I guess I'll find out.


T minus 3 hours until my boobies. I'm a little nervous, but ready. I will keep you all posted. Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement these past few weeks. See you on the other side.....

1 days post op

Why does this sight keep erasing my post every time I write it. Hopefully this one works. Surgery went awesome and today I feel really good. Here's the pic. Will.post more later.

3 days post op...feel great!!

Day 3 and I feel really good. I'm a little tight under my arms and my back hurts from sleeping upwards. I've only taken tylenol and that got rid of the pain. The right one is starting to drop but the left is a little behind. I love them! Dr. Gartner and his staff are, by far, the best at what they do!!!

4 days post op..

I feel great. No pain just can't "go". What should I do?? Nothing is working and now I just look pregnant. Bumming me out...but my boobs are perfect. Someone , anyone, HELP! !


Has anyone experienced water retention and bloating?? I feel like I'm pregnant. I finally went to the bathroom but now it's the bloating driving me crazy. I am super grateful though being that I went back to work and have no pain at all. I just want to look sexy and instead i look like I belong in a Michelin commercial..someone help!!

5 days post op

Bloating almost gone, pooped on the potty like a big girl, and boobs dropping...I think. Have a great day ladies!!!
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gartner and his staff were more than I could ask for. There was no wait time and the awake procedure was incredible. I highly recommend it to anyone. I was able to communicate during the whole thing and was never in any pain. I was able to leave 15 minutes after surgery feeling great. My breasts look amazing for being 1 day post op. He is the best!!!!

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He is amazing!!! Wasn't it easy!!! My recovery was awesome ...the worst part for me was sleeping...ughhhh..I so wish I had gone a bit bigger though...425 or even 450!!! I still love them though...you look great & Omg, if you look on my profile, I went skydiving in Pittstown & visited Frenchtown...what a great town!!!!
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Yeyyy :))) I take pictures but I don't see a lot of difference from day 2-3. My husband says they are dropping. I will wait 2-3 days and take other pictures because sometimes, it's hard to see the difference from one day to the day after. Anyway, your boobs look amazing!!!! I went bra shopping this morning at Walmart and bought cheap, simple, thin bras ($10-12/each, bra seamless soft cup). I will bring them to my 1 week appt on Thursday to make sure it's ok to use those ones for work. I still use at night the bra they gave me after surgery. How is everything going at work? Not too hard at the end of the day?
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Thank you! Yes, it was hard at the end. I skipped school and took today off. I have back to school night tonight for my daughter and hoping I don't look too obvious...I can't wear a bra. I have those petals but they broke me out and gave me a blister. I feel a lot better today! Hope you're doing just as well!!!
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Just came from doctor and everything is well. I will be going for my massages they booked for me free of charge next week. Can't wait. I also found out I can wear any bra as long as it's not underwire. I just put on one of those genie bras. So comfy. Take care of yourself. Relax as much as possible. I know it's hard. But you must sacrifice and let others do the mommy work, the housework and your job will be there. When I had my C-Sections, 31 years ago I didn't take it easy. I had a one year old and a newborn and back then a domineering husband. I thought I was going to die. No more.
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I had 2 whole days of care from my boyfriend and now it's back to the same old same old. I am looking forward to a bra...I've broken out on my nipples from rubbing and petals. Im very tight tonight all of a sudden. Need some sleep. I'm glad your visit went well. I have mine Friday.
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The f..... genie bra is now killing me. The band is a bit tight. I will switch back to the front zip huge bra thing. Can't get comfortable in any bra. I think it's because I'm still swollen and I can't face that fact. When are these things gonna drop?
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I don't think I'm going back to a bra even when I can. I feel great without and I don't want to bother anything. I'm back to work and other than the people annoying me, I feel great. It's really funny how women react when it's obvious they are jealous. And the gossip....ugghhh...so obvious. Gad you guys are here or I wouldn't make it through my day!!!
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I'm using soft, thin pads from my sister's bikini top. I place them in between my fitted cami and boobs (I can't wear a bra for 3 weeks). Maybe something like this would work better for you? In had am event at my kids' school last night and I wore a cami with a loose fitted shirt over it and noone noticed a thing!
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U just make sure you support your girls, you'll need a lift by the time you're 50, gravity is a b****! I'm always here for u love. So are all of these Amazing woman, it's there loss! See you're a double threat now because you're gorgeous & now you have amazing breast! Some people can't rejoice with another sister, they can't be happy for someone else....it's sad. You just hold your Beautiful Head up (don't be a snob lol I know u won't I just had to throw that out there. ;) just be confident in who u are & the fact that u are beautiful inside & out! Our self worth doesn't come from our bodies because any of us could get breast cancer( I've already had ovarian cancer before I was 30) or have an accident that changes our outer beauty in the blink of an eye! I'm sorry that u are having this problem with jealousy & that people are treating u different! Xoxoxoxox I'm giving u a Big Virtual Hug right now (((((((((u))))))))) no tight Squeezes ;)
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Unless your dr says stay bra free. I doubt it those 475cc's are big :) (: I was looking @ them myself the exact size & profile! Xoxoxoxo
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I feel ya on that one! I too can't find a bra that's comfortable. After my post op appointment I wondered around Target and bought 2 "comfy" bras (1 medium and 1 large) just in case. They had the price marked wrong so I couldn't help myself. The tag on just those 2 said $6.97 when I think they were supposed to be $8.97 since that's what they rung up at the register. I pointed out the tag price and she fixed it. Love my Target card; additional 5% off. I looked at the genie bra too; too expensive and I'm not sure if you can return bras??? Still wondering if the shelf bras in my yoga tops would be considered enough support. I bought they comfy bras to go underneath them just in case. I'm hoping they'll hold true to their name!!!
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That's what my PCC suggested! So it really works??? like you can't see the little triangle through your cami?? While at Target I bought disposable petals (though I plan on reusing them and not using the adhesive unless I have to) and my PS also recommend nursing pads for my nipples that feel like they're raw and on fire. I'm wondering if those will also conceal the headlights too. Couldn't hurt to try!
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All this is like discovering that you have boobs again. It's a wonderful thing but I don't think I've put so much research and effort into anything for a while. It started with the sizing, that through me for a loop, then it was the surgery itself, then it was the healing and paranoia then the bra stuff. My goodness, this has been one hell of a journey. But well worth it.
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Isn't that the truth! I know my journey is different because I have had a major anchor lift... it's almost like puberty on steroids! I know if my nipples were on all of the time it would feel just like puberty... I hope you ladies can find exactly what u need bra wise. Xoxoxo
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So happy you finally pooped!!!! Yay!!! You should start feeling much better. 450cc's look great on you!!!!!
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Thank you!! Question...did you ever get weird numbness or tingling within the first week? I think from lack of circulation, or over doing it, I get tingling in my neck and head, as well as my legs. Nothing in my boobs though. It's almost as if they "fell asleep".
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If you're laying around all day i could understand the tingling, but no i don't have that except for the boobies get random aches, pains and zingers. You've not taken any pain meds (wtg!) So you know it's not that. I have my 1st post op appointment tomorrow; when is yours? Maybe you can ask your PS about it.
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My post op is this Friday. I'm actually feeling better. I just think I over did it at work. I never took pain meds, just muscle relaxers and tylenol. It was very surprising and easy for me. I keep thinking it can't be this easy. I think that's why I'm nitpicking every little feeling. Are yours still tight?
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I'm the same way ... especially days 1 and 2 were a breeze. For me I think it's the ever changing pains that bothers me. Or the adding of new ones. I wish I had the muscle relaxers instead of pain pills; although I think they both offer the same effect (and side effects possibly). Yes I'm still tight. Morning or from being still too long is the worst but its bearable. Almost like when they were engorged with milk. I can't wait to start massage to soften them up. They have dropped almost 4 fingers. I'm drop sure if I'm slow, on track or behind. My left nipple feels raw like an open wound. And my bra band digs into my bruised ribs. Those are my biggest pains now.
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Yes your body will ache when u overdue it. It's normally the upper body armpits, neck & shoulders. Just listen to yout body :) you'll learn when u are over doing it.
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Did u end up with 450cc?
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I feel your pain with be bloating. My 7 yr old son told me tonight I look like I'm going to have a baby because my belly looks fat :( I'm a runner and used to a nice flat belly so this is getting OLD. I started walking 1.5- 2 miles a day on day 4 but I still look pregnant. I'm going for my 1 week appt tomorrow and will see if they confirm if it is swelling/bloating. I've been very careful to watch what I eat to avoid gaining weight and no alcohol in 2 weeks I would think that would help avoid weight gain too. I'll let you know if they have anything worth sharing. At least our boobs look great!
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Same here. My five year old daughter said the same thing. I drank bottle after bottle of water and I finally feel normal today. You are right about the boob part...I love them!!
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You know sprouts sell this eaters tea that I being drinking double tea at night and that does the work, it makes me go two times at day so I really recommended.
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Thanks. I am regularly though, no problem there. At least twice a day since day 2.
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