5 weeks: New Pics

I'm 35 years old, married with two kids...17 &...

I'm 35 years old, married with two kids...17 & 11 yrs old, both via C-section. I has hit six years ago by a truck. I sustained a hematoma on my right buttock. It became infected because the doctors didn't want to drain it. So after the back and forth I had lipo done and the PS removed to much fat. Over the past 8 months I lost 50 pounds.

I came across RS and I just wanted a TT. Then after going to a few consults I decided I wanted to do a breast lift as well. So my hubby said why would you do everything else and not do your butt? Honestly most ps said I would not benefit from it. I would need a butt lift. That was and is not an Option for me. I had to do my homework and show him pictures of the scars. There is nothing that will hide that come summer time.

Long story short, I would love to go to dr. Jimerson but he is just not an option for me right now. My ps is dr. Gartner. He is double board certified. I see there are a few ps on here that do their thang when it comes to BBL. I have to be very careful when it comes to my health. I have Lupus and even though its not active there's always a chance. I was lucky enough that my doctor caught it when it first came about.
I'm happy to know that someone within local limits has the capability to make this happen for me.

I had my second consult yesterday with dr. Gartner...

I had my second consult yesterday with dr. Gartner. BBL is all set for March 1. My pre op is set for February 20. So ladies what do I need besides a boppy pillow?

I did my blood work on 2/1/13. I just called Dr....

I did my blood work on 2/1/13. I just called Dr. Gartner office and I am all cleared for my bbl. Im so happy, I thought I might have to redo my blood work. I have all my supplies except my foam pad for my belly. I received a phone this morning, they said the foam pad came in today and I should have it by Friday. I have my pre op on 2-20. So after my pre op, the count down will really begin and maybe I'll start to get excited...that's just me.

Well, I had my preop yesterday. Everything is paid...

Well, I had my preop yesterday. Everything is paid in full. My husband made sure Dr. Gartner knew where and what needs to be filled in. I kinda felt like a test dummy...lol. He said I have a lot of loose skin, which means more filling in. Idk if Im happy about that. I want my bootay...to be nice and round, yes eye catching not an eye sore. So, I'll be getting my bra roll, which he said will be a 70% improvement because that area is hard to get 100% flat. I can live with that. My flanks and abdomen area lipoed. My hubby pointed out that my hips dent in. So Dr. G said he'll add fat to my hips as well. So I'm thinking now, I'll definitely be noticeable come to summertime...I'll be wider and rounder....hum. As per Dr. G, he's gonna give me an "S" curve. He'll add fat to the bottom to fill out and round off, a little to the top and the rest to my hips as well as being very aggressive in the lower back aera to give me a v shape. He said I will need some type of tuck down the line, which I'm planning to do as well. I'm glad he's aware of what needs to be done and there's no extra cost.

My supplies: Boppy pillow Female urinal Cane...

My supplies:
Boppy pillow
Female urinal
Cane seat
Dial soap and body wash
Arnica pellets & gel
Bromelain tablets
Bio oil
Palmers coco butter
Compression socks
Bacitracin ointment
Alcohol pads
Gold Bond anti itch lotion
Skin firming lotion
Summer Eves wipes
Super maxi pads
Ann Michell Tabla (board 4belly)
Squeem miracle vest
Percocet (I didn't get it filled) waiting on another script

I'm not excited yet...the last two days I've been in the gym. So I asked the manger if they could suspend my membership for 8 weeks cause I'm having surgery as of Friday. They were real nice about it. They said just give us a medical note. Okay, now wth is this note suppose to say... lol. I called my ps office to see if they faxed it over as yet and the young lady said, would you like me to read it to you...my dumb behind said no, now im wondering what it said, smh to myself. I'm as ready as can be. Time is moving slow. That's all for now.

Now I'm excited ...8) D) I'm doing my last...

Now I'm excited ...8) D)
I'm doing my last running around; grocery shopping, last gym work out, laundry that type of stuff. I think my hubby is more happy than me. I know he's worried at the same time but I love him and I know he's got my back as always.
Tomorrow can't come quick enough

So I'm 5 days post op...idk what I expected but...

So I'm 5 days post op...idk what I expected but damn. No drains. I wore a binder the first day. Then I was able to shower the following day and into my garment. Uggh...my ass is WoW at this point.

I went for my first follow up yesterday and ended...

I went for my first follow up yesterday and ended up needing to have my belly drained. Dr. Gartner said this will help to feel better. Needless to say I got light headed, sweaty and started throwing up...only me. He removed a lost but I have to go back on Wednesday to see if more needs to come out...which it will. I never had a flat belly to begin with.
So I had 5 liters of fat removed...belly, flanks and lower back. I received 800 cc's in cheek. I'm feeling pretty good today. I ordered two new garments off of eBay last night. I'll post pics and info when they come.

I received both garments yesterday that I ordered...

I received both garments yesterday that I ordered from eBay. Needless to say one fit and one didn't. So, now I have to bother with returning. I'm happy with the one that did fit, it's holding me really nice and giving me the compression that I really need.
I saw Dr. Gartner yesterday and once again he had to drain more fluid...smh
I don't know what it is but once he filled up the first needle I got lightheaded and nauseous. So all in all I filled up two needle worth. It wasn't as bad as last week when i filled 4 to 6 needles. I'm a little sore under my belly but I can deal. Btw I gained 10 flipping pounds after sx and I have only lost 4...not cool at all, but as my husband would say " it's all that Ass" 8)))
That's all 4 now bbl sista's

I didn't have to get drained, thank god. My ps...

I didn't have to get drained, thank god. My ps said I'm looking good. I don't have to come back until I'm six weeks. He gave me the ok to drive but no more than 30 minutes. I drove for the first time today. It was very uncomfortable. I tried the boppy pillow then this hard ass foam roll. The boppy pillow won hands down. I miss being able to get up and go.
Have a god weekend
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

I actually found dr. Gartner on a internet search which lead me to Realself. My husband and I were impressed with his work. So now all I can do is put it in Gods hand.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking good girlie that ass is like Pow!!
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Thanks sweetie
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Congrats!! Looking good!!
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Thanks Hun
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hey mama. can you post before pics of your waist? it looks really small now. i want to see if it is because of the doctor, or if you already had a small waist to begin with also, can you comment on how your booty is now. why did he only put 800 ccs? that's all u wanted? i was ready to choose this doctor until i saw this thread: http://www.realself.com/review/paramus-brazilian-butt-lift-bad-experience
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Hey, I already had bootay to begin with, lol. Do to me having my accident an getting a hematoma causing a deformity and then weight loss, the surgery was just to round me out more evenly... Yes, he did enhance my waist. I still need a TT because I have extra skin from having my kids via c-section. I checked out the review...idk but she never updated or replied back to anyone. I had a moment the other day...I felt my butt had improved but was still noticeable uneven, my hubby came home and reassured me. I feel dr. G did a very good job but I still have a lot of swellen. I'll put before pics up tomorrow .
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Hello...u look good great,child ya ass busting all out the dam garment...CTFU ..I said wow wow..I love ur supply list...thanks for updating rest well...great weekend to u as well.
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Nice booty! Many congrats!
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Thank u
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You look fantastic! Thanks for posting your supply list! It helps newbies like me get everything together!
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Thank u and your very welcomed
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you look great
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Thanks moma
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Hi hon...you look amazing! Wow I really loved Dr Gartner's bedside manner. He was so informative and detailed. I'm so happy you had the surgery and you are looking great. How long are you staying out of work? I may need to wait for the end of the year for my surgery...it's quieter at work
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Hey, thanks... I'm a stay at home mom :), so I'm lucky. He told me no sitting for six weeks... To treat it like grass seeds...lol. I saw him today, he had to drain more fluid. This is a process.
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wow look at your @$$!! and they say the surgeons don't do it as well in the states. how come he didn't use drains?
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Lol, he left one of the incision slightly opened... It only had one stitch, that's where I drained from for the first 24 hrs
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girl, you got some cakes for sure back there! lol you look great and happy healing
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Lmao...thank u, my ps goes yesterday now lets how things look....once I undress and turned around he says " I like the way they filled out" with this big ass smile on his face, rotfl
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Thats suppose to say (Lets see)
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You look Amazing what type of garment is that you have on? IT looks like it opens from the back
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Aww thanks, I feel like shit... Idk, it's the one my ps gave me. It's a thong and has an opening in the middle.
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Your butt looks great. Big...huge is exactly what I want.
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Thanks... I'm don't even know how many cc's I got. Smh, ill found out today at my post op and update
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That booty is looking super juicy! Don't fret on the size. It surely is round and siting high just as you desired. Good luck on your healing. No before pics?
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