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I have set up my consultation with Dr. Gartner ....

I have set up my consultation with Dr. Gartner . Im so excited, although I wish it was sooner. I decided that I also wanted the bbl. Does anyone have any feedback on Dr. G, I would love to hear what others think. I hope that I can schedule my procedure soon after that. Also I'm not sure of how much to transfer to my butt. I'm 5'2, 34 c, and already have a big butt, but want a little more umph. Any suggestions??

I saw Dr. Gartner and liked how he explained...

I saw Dr. Gartner and liked how he explained things but his price was $8300 and I saw seen many reviews on him. I also saw Dr. Heller in NYC and liked his work too and his price was $5600 . I would really like what you ladies think about both of them please. I plan on having my BBL in 1 month and any feedback about these doctors would really help.


What I'm starting with...want more projection and a rounder butt.

Body now -_-

Want my abdomen completely flat and my love handles gone!!

wish pics

Want an huge butt, with Lipo to my abs and love handles and maybe a little Lipo to inner thighs, want my waist to be way smaller...I just want the pretty hourglass figure!!! Still debating on dates and to get my vacation time from work.
Dr. Heller or Dr. Gartner

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Hey, I chose Staten Island because it was cheaper. I'm from NJ and he stated that NJ charges taxes so it's more expensive. OH! I'm also doing it in secret... (he -he) Only one of my friend knows and she will be the one that will be with me on that day. However, since I have a 2 year old, I might need help at home, so I might tell my sister. :-)
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Ooo okay, thats good. Lol the secrets...I also told one of my friends about more person isn't bad to tell, as long as they keep it as if it was there own secret :)
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What Dr r u going to in stain island jos725
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Hey, I'm also in the same dilemma. I'm just starting my research and have my first consultation with dr. Heller in Edison , NJ 5/7/13. Based on reviews that I found, it seems like dr. H is the least expensive, so I'm also looking for reviews. I don't care much if their nice, I want great results. Good luck and let me know, where have you decided to go. Jos
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From the reviews I read about Dr. H, he's seems to know what he's doing. I've seen some good results. I read 2 reviews on Dr. Gartner and one person said that she saw no difference and another said that his Lipo work was uneven. Thosr reviews scared me. I'm leaning more towards Dr. H, I have to call and see what the next steps are. I want to see about payment plans with him.Thanks Jos
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Hi again, I'm also leaning towards Dr. Heller. I'm still doing my research but also want it done. I messaged with a past patient who was pleased with the surgery, minimal/fast recovery BUT he's not really a big on BiG /full type butts. He seems to be very reserved by not putting a lot of cc's (300-400). How did your consultation go with him? I'm actually aiming for surgery in July, how about you? Have you made a choice.
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Hi Jos....thats what I liked about him a fast recovery and I already have a decent size. Butt to begin with. I also read about a patient going back and adding more cc's to her butt. My consultation went good, he told me he can give me a smaller waist n lipo all the fat from my abdomen also give me a rounder butt n bigger too. I want to do mine towards the end of June. How was your consultation with him? I can post up preop pics later. Both Drs said they can give me good results. Going with the faster recovery n cheaper one. :-)
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I had my procedure done with dr gartner and his staff was wonderful. They answered all my questions and got back to me in timely. The ps helped me with any thing I needed to answer. My only problem I had with the procedure was I asked to get 900- 1000cc per cheek so I was told gain weight but the two pre-op visits I saw doctor gartner and he saw I didn't have enough fat to achieve my results I do think he should let me know I needed to gain more weight to get what I asked for. He should told to wait at least another month to put on a few more pounds. So I got 860cc per cheek and I have lost a great deal of volume and protection. My butt doesn't look much different my butt is still very flat and square. So I have been very disappointed about it. I didn't want to have to have it done twice
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They definitely are nice in his office , I hear u on the the gaining more weight part. I read a few stories on rs so I gained a few lbs before I even went for the consultations. Oh sry, that is not good, thats another thing I'm worried about. I have read on rs that some ladies lost some projection and weren't happy with their results. Also as far as cc's how do you know how much is needed, I know I want a bigger butt but dk how much cc's to even put in :/
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Hello ladies, Update: I booked my bbl for July 10th with Dr. Heller in the Staten Island office. I will have my pre op appt on June 4th and I will hopefully get all my questions answered. During my initial consultation, I didn't get much information because it was brief. So I hope to get an idea of how many ccs he can insert and what can be expected. I'm also opting for a quick recovery so I'm ok with him not OD but I do hope to have a thinner waste and decent butt. BB24 have you scheduled an appt.
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Hey jos, thats great!! Yes he definitely is brief with his consultation. Now why the staten island office, is it closer to you? I read somewhere that its cheaper, have you heard anything about that? How much is yours and is the facility price included in that price? I forgot to ask him. Unfortunately I haven't scheduled mine because I ran into a bit.of a situation, I wanted to put down 2600 n finance the rest, but its not going in my favor. I'm trying to find a cosigner that I can trust with this secret but its hard. Nobody knows about me getting this done, so its hard to find someone that will keep my secret. :( so I'm still trying.
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