Bad Experience - my Butt Almost Looks the Same

My butt almost looks the same it was definitely...

My butt almost looks the same it was definitely not worth it, i did it 3 weeks ago thinking i would get a better shape and volume.

at first i was happy but just as cinderella's spell got broken, as time went by they deflated as to almost what they were and its only my 3rd week.

I feel like this only works for people with at least 40 pounds of extra weight.

Sorry to hear about your results. Usually after you have surgery with a doctor they don't grantee anything, but if you are unhappy with the results of the areas they did. They will go back in and for a very discounted price to adjust the area. For example, having to only pay the anesthesiologist, and surgery center,not the doctor. Look into this. Good luck!
Does anyone know how much a Inner zigh lift cost? I had smart Lipo and all I do is cry.
I had Lipo on my inner zighs and am so disappointed
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

He said i would have a good outcome and it wasn't true.

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