As far back as I can remember I've wanted bigger...

As far back as I can remember I've wanted bigger breast. It wasnt something that was super important to me but now that Ive had three children and a grandmother of 2 I think Im ready to take the plunge. Im currently a 34/b looking to be a 34/d to balance me out. Ive chosen 450cc mp saline unders! Yeah for me!! Obviously this is a personal choice a woman makes but I believe if its something you want and can afford go for it!!! I do strongly suggest that any surgical procedures be done by a board certified PS. When it comes to your body money should be no object. In spanish we have a saying "The cheap way will always cost you more in the longer run". Ive done my research but only this year did I really start getting serious. I first thought I would have it done in Miami, FL. I contacted a couple of doctors who got back to me right away, but I figured what if something went wrong do I really want to fly back and forth and also have to travel after the procedure. So I focused on finding a doctor in New Jersey. I found Dr. Gartner on the internet and scheduled a free consultation. His staff was wonderful and he was very nice too. I went in with the thought of going 300cc saline but after the examination and consultation I realized that 300cc would not fit my expectations. Of course this was only with the the doctors help and explaining what look I was looking for. I figured I already had breast tissue of my own so I only needed to go to 300cc (based on pics I saw) He explained that 300cc fit different body types differently and that i would not achieve the look with that. On his web site he does not post details of what size or anything because again its different strokes for different folks. He does encourage you to look at pics so you can explain what you are looking for but he then tells you what would suit you best.
Ok enough of the doctor and alittle more about me. Im 42, 5'5" and 150lbs. My surgery is scheduled for 5/23/13 and I am hoping to lose about another 10 pounds before surgery. I fill out my clothes pretty evenly with the exception of my breasts, but i work it well with the wonderful bombshell VS bras. But after a while its just not the same. So I made the decision to have the surgery done. I have my pre op on May 1st so I guess Ill give you guys an update then.


Keep us updated girl! Yeah are close in the consult i tried 400 which looked good. But i want the best for my bod so my doc did 350 idk i like em.
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Im definitely going to let the Doctor be the final judge. I want big but not fake and like you said nothing that is going to stretch me out so much that recovery is going to be brutal Im freakin out already LOL!!!! I can probably get away with the 450cc since I definitely dont want HP so lets see plus I do have alot of my own breast tissue. I dont sag much (then again how can I with 36A hahaha. I went up to a 36D with my last pregnancy and totally loved it. All I ever said was if I ever get a BA thats what Im going for. And years later but here we are going for those D's. Im ok with whatever the doctor feels is proportionate but definitely not any size too small that i end up with the boobie blues or boobie greed hahaha

Im so afraid of the jelly bean look and also the...

Im so afraid of the jelly bean look and also the morning boob thing. Anyone know how long these things last?


hey hun my revision surgery is on may 3rd with dr gartner! your going to look amazing don't stress!! keep us updated :)
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Please give me updates on your recovery!!!!! And ofcourse your thoughts on him as a surgeon. I am super excited and cant wait!!!!!
I def will!! so far he seems like a great surgeon from consult and pre op but so did my previous surgeon lol so we shall see.. ill def keep you updated and post pics !

I found this article and thought it would be...

I found this article and thought it would be helpful to share with anyone pre-op:

Start with a healthy liver

In the case of operations involving a general anaesthetic, the liver is the organ that takes the hardest knock from the drugs used. A good form of preparation for an operation would therefore involve restoring the liver to optimum health prior to undergoing surgery. Avoid alcohol and saturated fats. Wake up to a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into it. Eat grapefruit with your breakfast and plenty of fresh fruit with lemon juice squeezed over it. Eat lots of fresh, raw or lightly steamed vegetables, especially the colourful varieties. Drink plenty of juiced carrots, beetroot or any other vegetable juices you can tolerate. These will very effectively detoxify your liver.

Sulphur containing foods best

To prevent the after-effects of anaesthetics, such as hepatitis, eat foods rich in the sulphur-containing amino acid, methionine, such as free-range eggs, brazil nuts, fish and meat. St Mary’s thistle which contains the active ingredient, silymarin, is excellent in protecting the liver against anaesthetics and so is dandelion root. These also help to regenerate liver cells if there is damage to the liver.


Plenty of anti-oxidants are needed to neutralize the free-radicals which result from all the chemicals in anaesthetics and other drugs that may be prescribed. Mopping up of these free-radicals depends upon your levels of beta carotene, vitamin A, C and E as well as zinc, manganese and copper levels. Take a good plant-based green leaf multivitamin and mineral supplement such as AIM’s Barley Life for a few weeks before the operation. Your surgeon may insist you stop all vitamin supplements just prior to and immediately after the surgery. This is fine, however do try to get back onto them as soon as possible to give your body a fighting chance against infection. Prior to surgery eat plenty of pawpaw, beetroot, carrots, broccoli, apricots, all citrus, even the pith, and green, yellow and red peppers.

Preventing blood clots

For at least a month before your operation take a pharmaceutical grade fish oil capsule daily to keep your blood thin and prevent clotting after surgery. You will need to tell your surgeon you are taking these as he may wish to put you on a blood-thinning drug such as Warfarin and the two should not be taken together as this may cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Continue with your fish oil capsules as soon after surgery as possible.

Healing of wounds

Build up your liver stocks of beta carotene a week prior to surgery with carrot and beetroot juice which will also detox the liver. Beta carotene converts to vitamin A in your body and will improve wound tensile strength, thus preventing possible tearing. Eat lots of apricots and watermelon if in season. Vitamin E promotes healing of ulcerated tissue and helps prevent hard scar formation. Use it mainly as an ointment rubbed on the scar after the wound has closed but the vitamin E in your plant-based multivitamin supplement will also be of great benefit.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes elastogen and collagen formation and prevents pressure sores. Mouth ulcers, common after surgery or chemotherapy, heal faster with 250 g vitamin C at meals and 500 mg at bedtime. Eat broccoli, pawpaw, kiwi fruit and oranges pre- and post surgery. Throw in bioflavanoids to strengthen the integrity of mucous membranes and zinc for the correct formation of collagen and elastogen, particularly for leg ulcers.

Cancer patients

Cancer patients should try to avoid infections after any surgery as infections will only hinder recovery. Supplement with buffered Vitamin C, 2g per day in divided doses, 20 mg zinc, 2g bioflavonoids). This same program may be used by all patients going for surgery.


Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, reduces oedema and inflammation. Either eat lots of pineapple or take bromelain in supplement form. If undergoing plastic surgery you could minimize bruising by using Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and zinc before surgery and bromelain after.

Help from food

In general then your diet pre and post surgery should include fish, meat, oysters, brazil nuts, eggs, pawpaw, apricots, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, all citrus including pith, pineapple, carrots, beetroot, brussel sprouts, broccoli and capsicum (the pepper family). Following these guidelines should take you comfortably and safely through surgery and lead to a speedier recovery.


Hey maybaby! Congratulations on booking your big day! It will be here before you know it! I know the last few weeks were a crazy roller coaster of emotions for me, but hopefully you won't experience that. :) I'm kind of an anxious obbsessor, so I knew I'd get that way! Sounds like your really prepared and educated with a lot of support, so I bet it will be smooth sailing for you! I was really dreading the Kelly bean look to! So far I haven't really experienced that (thankfully!), but I have had what I call torpedo boob! They are very swollen hard and high and I think look kind of bolt on ish, if you know what I mean. But even so I am thrilled! Now as far as morning boob, I feel like I have it off and on all day! I'm only six days out, maybe that's normal? But to me it feels like Braxton hicks contractions of the boobs! Annoying, uncomfortable, but not really painful. The more I do the more I feel it! On Saturday I took it really easy and wasn't in much pain, so I was really relaxed and they actually started feeling a lot softer! I was so excited, so of course I jumped up tried on clothes and picked up a little... Sure enough I went right back to hard boobs :(. I say take it as easy as you can for as long as you can. Every time I push it I pay for it almost immediately! Also I think your size choice sounds perfect for what you are looking for! Well, I have definitely gone on long enough! Good luck and keep us all posted!!
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obsessor is my middle name hahahaha!!!! Its been 12 years since I felt the braxton hicks but I sure do remember them!!!I think I can handle it thanks for the warning. My last pregnancy was a planned C-section so no contractions there. If my boobie come out looking like yours that is my ideal look YIPPIE!!!!Please keep us posted on your recovery and I will be sure to so the same!!!! 31 more days till boobieville!!!! God I think I just got butterflies thinking about how fast a month normally goes but with this anticipation IM betting it will feel like an eternity
Hi! I am super excited for you!! Yay!:) so the jelly bean look or frankinboobs hehe it lasted for a few weeks, swelling went away around 5 weeks or so and morning boob sucks!, it last awhile and it just kinda depends on your body. Just get up and move around and stretch! I am 10 weeks post BA and the girls look great now, feel free to check out my progress/pics, that really helped me out at the start of my boob journey :)
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Ok so I need to stop reading about CC it is truly...

Ok so I need to stop reading about CC it is truly freakin me out. Statistic show its actually a very low percentage of women who get it but it seems like it's much higher!!! I just got all my prescriptions for blood work mammogram blah blah blah so I guess its becoming OH SO REAL!!! Then I read about the women who have had them in 5 days and want them out and wait it out for 5 months and still feel the same. I know this is not for everyone but JEEZ these stories are scaring me. (Which by the way Ill get over) just venting and wanted peoples opinion on it. Please no negative comments Im not looking for people to convince me not to have the procedure just wanted some insight. Thanks


I've worried about all those same issues. I have two little ones to look after and it's killing me about all the things that could "go wrong". I think it a normal part if the process. I initially felt guilty about doing such a "selfish" thing but I think feeling more womanly on the outside will finally match how I feel on the inside. Congrats on your decision..keep posting!! :)
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I worried a lot about all the same stuff. Then I decided to take the risk, knowing that it is actually a very small risk that I'm taking. I even got my self worked up about the anesthesia and when I said goodbye to my kids had horrible morbid thoughts like how sad it would be if I died and they had to live knowing their lost their mom because she wanted big boobs! I say that only to show we can let normal fear and the knowledge of a measured and low risk get out of hand and irrational. The reason we hear stories like what you said is because they are the exception. They're rare. That's why they're worth repeating. For every scary story I'm sure there's thousands of women who got implants are happy and didn't even tell anyone let alone share their "stories" on real self. That's why it can seem so like a much higher percentage have a negative turn out. Working in customer service I learned when people's expectations are met, they almost never share their story. When they are exceeded, about 1 in 10 will share their stories. And when they are unhappy, about 50% will share what happened. That puts what we read in line in a little bit of perspective. That being said, I also realized doing this I ran the risk of cc or hating them, or whatever, but more than likely I would end up happy that I finally took the plunge and did this for myself... I finally decided I would take a small risk for complications later, and ending up back where I started out some money, rather than DEFINITELY NOT getting something I really deeply wanted and have wanted for a long time. Sorry to ramble so long, I hope that helps a little and at the least makes sense :).
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Ramble on woman!!!LOL that made me feel so much better!!!! That whole break down on how people share their experience in terms of expectations made so much sense (so much for having a masters degree) HaHa. Once again thank you so much Newboobs. Now I can rest easy and just sit back and enjoy the ride to boobieville. PS the morbid thoughts started about 2 weeks ago for me and that is exactly what I said my kids were going to have to say "My mom died because she wanted bigger boobs" haha How strong the mind is. I do feel that mind set is key to a happy recovery so Ill have to start working on that. I have a friend who just had a BA April 2 and the girl was like I feel like i was born with these 5 days out. So there is light at the end of the tunnel, I was just freakin out because I was afraid that 1/2 of these women were so sure they wanted a BA and the regretted it. But once again thank you. No more negative vibes for me, have to get ready for the birth of my twins LOL.

25 days to go!!!! I wish I was more excited but...

25 days to go!!!! I wish I was more excited but honestly I've been so worried its hard to get past those feelings. For a week now I have not been myself at all. I am a very busy person so normally I have no time to mope around but thats all Ive done this week. I have dance in which I have a recital June 8 and didnt feel like going to class, im finishing up my semester for my Masters and have papers that still have to get done I have my grand daughters baptism in a week that I need to do the favors (which i absolutely love to do) and have done NOTHING. Im hoping its because Im still in vacation mode. I just got back from Aruba for a week and literally all I did was relax no kids no work no worries. I did have my period this week and even that was worse then ever normally 5 days this month 7 and bleed severely for 3 of those days UUUGHHH!!! I just cant shake it. I went shopping yesterday and I was literally dragging ass in the stores. I finally got home around 5 and went to sleep like i worked in a coal mine. hahahaha. Well I figured Id vent and start of my Sunday on a happier note. Anyone else go through this?

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So Im happy to say that I finally shook off that...

So Im happy to say that I finally shook off that horrible feeling. I woke up Sunday to start some serious spring cleaning. I did laundry and went to costco which by the way I ended up spending 500 bucks on VitaMix. I have read so much about juicing that I figured what better time then the present to start on my healthy journey since instead of losing weight I actually gained LOL!!! But I definitely got out of that awful funk I was in all week. I did my blood work today and Mammogram scheduled for Wednesday which happens to be my pre op appointment also. Now I can say I am actually getting excited. Im not quite sure where I read it but they say mental status has a lot to do with how well you recover. So I am focusing on keeping myself up beat. Ill make sure to update you ladies after my appointment. Have a wonderful week.


hey you how did it go with the doc today?? any exciting or diff news?!?!
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Well I almost had to postponed because I have a dance recital June 8-9 and he thought it is best to be 3 weeks post op before doing boobie bouncing but I've taken all the blood work and mammogram which are only good for 30 days. So since I'm not doing flips or anything in the show ill take my chances lol!! So on a good note I'm def getting 475cc's moderate plus. He only puts an ace bandage for a day then you can shower so no horrible surgical bra!! Braless lol so they can settle quick and he only gives you antibiotics and pain mess that's it!! Now I am super excited. When is your surgery again.
that's awesome your getting the exact same implants that I have in at the moment!!! yeah I know I asked him about the compression bras and what not and he said that he only wants us to wear the ace bandage and go commando after that haha but then he told me since im going with a much larger inplant that I should start wearing sports bras 2 weeks post op basically everyday and night for the rest of my life to prevent too much sagginess!! sooo ill def be on the hunt for comfy sports bras haha.. and my surgery is on Friday!! may 3rd at 730am!!! im ready to just go an get it over with I wana start healing!!! lol and as for booby bouncing im sure you will be fine just make sure you wear a tight sports bra or something on the day of your recital so that they aren't bouncing everywhere and so that they are being held tight haha !

Ok so yesterday was my pre-op I asked the doctor a...

Ok so yesterday was my pre-op I asked the doctor a 100 and 1 questions Haha. I did another try on session and made up my mind with the 475cc's. I paid the balance in full (counting the hundreds hurt)LOL. After signing my life away I had one more question I have a dance recital June 8-9 and he suggested I postpone my surgery until after but I explained it wasn't like I was going to be doing flips or anything. He wants no boobie bouncing for 3 weeks. Oh well, changing my date wasnt an option for me. Anyway that was about the only update other than my emotions are under control for now.

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Is anyone else having a hard time on this site...

Is anyone else having a hard time on this site today? I can not view alot of the pics and when I try to post it says there was an error and that has been happening a day long. Weird.


The sizers look great!! I think that size looks natural but filled out! Love it :). And I agree w the hair appt idea! If I had it to do over I would have had hair, nails, the works! Anything to help feel pretty after :)
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475 looks great on you. Are you going saline /silicone , under /over?.
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Saline under moderate plus!!!

So I work up this morning pretty motivated!!! I...

So I work up this morning pretty motivated!!! I finally set myself up to use my Vitamix LOL!!!! I use shakeology from beach body (for those of you who are not familiar with it, its a energy supplement shake) I use the chocolate flavor.I added spinach, baby carrots, strawberries and low fat milk. I probably didnt have to add the veggies as the shake is full of the nutrients I would need but hay the more the merrier LOL! I was pretty happy that I lost about 3 pounds from just watching what I ate, so i cant imagine how much better Id do if I actually fed my body and started working out more consistent. I have 2 weeks today until my surgery (OH MY GOD THATS 14 DAYS). Every Thursday I swim for an hour (because I am training for a triathlon in August) but stopped going to the gym on a regular basis. So today I will swim for an hour and then do cycling for 75 mins. And Im hoping since I am coming so close to surgery and know I will not be able to work out any time soon I need to make up for it for the next 2 weeks. Im not worry about gaining weight after surgery as most dont eat much anyway. Ill make sure i have recipes ready for my Vitamix so I can get the nutrients i need to keep me healthy and heal faster. I took done my pics for now I was kind of freakin out and paranoid about having them up (I know pretty silly) but I will def put them all back up after surgery as I know seeing pictures of the berfores and afters made this process so much easier.


I think I want no less than 550CC's now , Especially with these under jitters. I dont want any boob envy at all after this recovery. oohhh,, this may be tmi but I was discussing the BA , and the time frame with my fiance and figuring when I had my period last and of courseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mother nature will impose on my day ....errrgghhhhhhhhh
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If i bleed like i did last month ill have it during mine too lol! Im sure the doctor has seen it all so oh well! Ha
I totally agree with the pictures and freaking out with them up.. i have a nosey friend and I could see her looking on here which would really bother me, thats just too personal!!!!! so I get that. Are you getting super excited? it's coming up soon! Thats crazy you are doing a triathlon!! awesome =)
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Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies!!! 11 days...

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies!!!
11 days and counting oh my!!!


I have my appointment scheduled for May 22nd...I am so psyched , im unable to control my excitement . I have wanted boobies since I was i am 38 (this week) I am going from a 36B to 36d-dd . I am like many, i am torn on if i should go bigger then the 550 cc . I am 5'7 and 150 lbs . Im not fat..just a little chunk age on sides and thighs. All i know is I WANT BOOBS!!!! LOL
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Awww Happy Early birthday Mine in May 17 I'll be 42 (although with old age Ive been saying Im 42 for the last couple of months hahaha I have to think about it when they ask me how old I am) Well with all the reading I have done with your height I would say 550 is a good STARTING point hahahha def nothing smaller. When you go for your fitting wear a light color shirt and take alots of pics with the different sizers on. I made the mistake of wearing dark gray and although I still got a good sense of the size I would have had a better idea with a lighter color on. Im only 5'5'' so I think the max I would go is 500cc only because I dont want to look fat. Although Im hoping that with bigger breast Ill look better hahaha. What saves me is that no matter how much weight I gain I never get love handles I gain my weight in my belly (or baby pouch) area which I can easily hide. I hope it improves my hour glass shape.
happy early bday to you also!!!

Pick up Meds

I filled all my prescriptions!!! I was wondering if my insurance would cover the meds since i read alot of woman complained it wasnt covered. Well I paid a whole 5 bucks for all my prescriptions, my department does provide great benefits, so I was pretty about that. Emotions doing great and as I get closer I get less nervous and more excited!!! 7 days and counting!!!


LOL Totally understand the picture stuff! They would probably be like whooaaa she has those hidden under her every day clothes lol. I kinda wish I would have taken before pictures but I was so nervous they were so ugly but now that ive been on this site they really were kinda nice..ah what did I do?! lol frick. You are getting closer to the date!! I think you will be healed for your triathlon for sure. I think when you do work out more often pre op you heal better post op.Maybe thats why I suck at healing?That's awesome you only had to pay $5 for your meds!!! I paid $35 which wasn't bad but I basically threw them all up anyway so it was a waste lol
Oh Im pretty sure Ill be throwing up mine too!!! When I had my C-section I couldnt take them and I sucked up the pain so I am hoping I can do the same for this operation although something coming out is different then being put in LOL!!!
hahaha no shit, we are stuck with the uncomfrotableness of something inside until we get used to it. I hope you can suck up the pain, I don't think throwing everything up is worth it to be honest. effing hurt without pain killers but so does throwing up and feeling like a zombie. but fingers crossed youll do better then me!!


Not sure if anyone would have the answer but thought it was worth a shot to ask. Im still not at my ideal weight and being that I am 5 days away from my BA YIKESSSS!!! If I lose weight (10 pounds or so) would my boobies be affected (get smaller) like they normally do when I lose weight (first thing to go normally for me) will it create stretch marks???? I just wanted to mention again 5 days away hahahahaha!!!!


ooohhh according to my post Im actually 4 days pre op JESUS LORD hahahaha
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I added this to my comments by mistake HA

ooohhh according to my post Im actually 4 days pre op JESUS LORD hahahaha


4 days omg!!!!! Wow hey!? are you fully ready do you think for this transformation? I am super excited for you!!! it will be amazing!
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As ready as Ill every be but I wish I could stop eating like its my last meal hahahaha!!!! It doesnt help that its that time of the month and all i do is crave CARBS for the first 3 days UHHHHGGGG!!!!! But other then being a little porky pig right now I am super excited. Not looking forward to recovery but definitely ready!!!! How have you been feeling better I hope about your results!!
You too with the Food???? Omg! I am so upset about how iv'e been eating all day. Munchies galore. And like ,monthly is around the corner, if speaking from last month, literally 3 days around the corner ohh joy !!! The same day of my BA , I am expected to have cousin "IT" smhhh uggghhhh

BA week of 5/20

Good Luck to all my ladies that have surgery this week!!!!! We will all be welcoming our twins and moving into BOOBIEVILLE I cant wait!!! Happy Healing and remember lets stay positive!!!! Hugs and Kisses XoXo


congrats and good luck on ur surgery! im new to this site and stumbled upon ur post. Im getting my ba done on june 14th and everything about our stats are EXACTLY the same! im 5'5 150 lbs, am also doing 475 cc under the muscle, mp, saline. I HAVE to know how everything turned out for you! im also freaking out after reading alot of the posts on here! your the only other person i found that is my same body shape and doing the exact same type of ba. PLEASE let me know how everything turns out and how you like the size, and what cup size you end up with! any info you have for me post op would be GREATLY appreciated! Im worried im going too small. im looking to be a d or dd and im currently a small c! thanks so much and again good luck w the surgery!
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For about every 200 cc's you gain a cup size. I am 5'5 and 145 pounds. I also am a small c. I am looking at 550-650 cc's. But you will have you're before I have mine!
when is your surgery ? so your going for DDD or E?

WoW May 23rd got here in a flash (I say that now hahaha)

Well ladies tomorrow will be my last day in little boobie land. I will try to update one last time tomorrow night with all the things I got to get ready for the big day. Once again Good Luck to all the MAY 22nd BOOBIE GIRLS!!!!


yes please list the things, i like getting ideas. I showed my dr that wish pic you have, I love hers also. GOOD LUCK!!
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Good luck one more time my friend! It's so exciting. Wonderful. Scary. Life changing. All the breast at the crossover! See you ober there soon. Xoxo
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My supplies for surgery

Im at work trying to remember all the things i bought to prepare for surgery so if I forget something I will add it tonight.

prescriptions (of course)
arnica gel (GNC told me the gel/cream was better then the pills) we will see
this is for swelling and bruising
frozen pineapple (or fresh) bromelain ingredient for bruising and swelling also
12 new sports bras (my surgeon doesnt use surgical bras i actually will be braless the first month according to the PS)
I read they recommend going 2 sizes up so I bought 38's (or ex-large)
2 reusable ice bags (you fill it with ice and water and they are leak proof)
body pillow
baby boopy (I didnt buy this it was my grand daughters) ill use it for my neck if I have to
Ester-C (vitamins) Helps boost your immune system for faster healing (so they say LOL)
bendy straws (makes for easier drinking when your'e sore)
back scratcher (you never know)
Snacks and foods I guess you can buy whatever you enjoy. (of course try to stay on the healthy side)
I plan on juicing alot during recovery
Well I think that about sums it up for me. Depending on how I feel I will post as soon as I can even if I feel crappy Ill try to post something I know I waiting anxiously for updates LOL!!!!


Great list!! Back scratcher is a great idea. Look like your pretty much set. One more day for you!!! Wow time flies!! So excited, you will do great and heal faster then you know it!:)
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Cool did he/she say with the 400 filled to 480cc's give you close to that look. What are you measurements (height/weight/bra size) I added the list for you all

Few more Items I remembered

pill box (i heard trying to open medicine bottles is near to impossible LOL)
pill cutter (just in case you want to take half a dose
palmers coca butter cream
vitamin E oil (I bought both the serum and oil)
neosporin (not sure if we can use that on our scars to heal ask your PS first)
cough drops if you are being put under they say your throat is sore from the tube down it)
have gatorade in the car for after surgery I hear you wake up super thirsty.
Ok I think this will be my last post pre boobies LOL!!! Good Luck my ladies see you in Boobieville!!!!


Good luck with the procedure.
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Good luck Missus. Don't worry too much, all will go well x
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Good luck! I just had mine today and I feel really good considering I just had surgery! Not too much pain but lots of pressure.
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Pre op pics


and GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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just read ur pre op food/juice list and im definitely starting some of these tips! my surgery is 4 wks from today so id like to be as healthy as possible, i eat like crap now and know my body is lacking in a lot of nutrients, so thank u!!
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Oh such good luck lovely ladies. May we all be happy with our results x
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All Done!!

Ok ladies can you believe it's 945am and I'm already back in the car going home!!! Woohoo took a quick peek lookin good and I went with 500cc's lol scared I would have boobie greed! Can't complain I can lift my arms I could walk by myself and now I'm just going home to relax!!! Send update soon. So girls honestly there is absoutely nothing to worry about.


Awww mababy Good for You hun.sounds like your doing great. Take it easy * rest up ! Updates when your up to it,
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Lol you make it sound like a breeze!That's awesome!!!! You are a strong lady!!!:) get some rest and I can't wait to see your pictures!!
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That's awesome. Not bad huh? But you don't know till you go thru it. ;) rest up. Don't try to over do it
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500cc's saline moderate plus under


Very nice chica... How's the healing going for you ? Are you getting the burning sensation ? And all your wearing for the time is your bandage ? no bra for now ? They look terrific. Do, you know if your a D cup yet ?
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I will add an update in a few on pain and stuff. No bra for a month and just the bandage until tomorrow and then i can remove and shower SOOOO cant wait lol.
They look very good! Glad you are doing well.
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Ok so on a scale from 1-10
I can get up out of bed by myself use the bathroom by myself (struggle to pull up my pants hahaha)
I can open my medicine bottles
The doctor gave me anti nausea medication and thank god because no problem what so ever with the pain killer meds.
I am taking tylenol in between so literally i must be managing the pain pretty good cause I have none.
I do have abit of burning but it feels more like it from the pressure.
Sleeping..... I have napped with no problem with my body pillow I'm going to try and find the name i ordered it on ebay the best thing ever i put it under my head with 3 other pilllows to sit up slightly and place my left arm on it and wrap it around my legs i dont move an inch. My back is a little achey but again nothing unbearable just uncomfortable. I think that is about it for now,


Please do post the name of pillow! Puppies look amazing!
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I totally , have not had an bowel movement ?! TMI ? I know . just saying, this is what you girlies gotta be on the look out for. I have been eating small meals, soup, cinamon rasin bagel etc.
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You look awesome!
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Total body pillow


That pillow looks amazing! Especially for those nights my husband is working 3rds....would still feel Luke I was being spooned!
I posted a pic and name of the pillow!!! I must say I woke up about every 4 hours but slept pretty well!! I feel alot tighter today and hunched over but other than that not too bad. Meds really do manage the pain enough to be comfortable!! I get to take off the ace bandage today and shower so ill post new pics. I took a peek again and looks like I have a little frankenboob look going on they just look slightly high but don't feel like they are all the way in my collar bone or under my arm pits so I am super happy for that. Slight nausea because of the meds. That's pretty much the update for today.
Milk of magnesia and daily stool softener. It's the medications causing it.

Feeling awesome day 1 post op


Looking amazing girlfriend. I might need to wear the band too. I have my first time today with morning boob and they are very swollen and need to drop lol.
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Woo hoo!! You look awesome! Congrats :). The size looks perfect! So excited for you... Welcome to the other side!!
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I must have prayer so hard for nice results like yours you were the first one I thought of when I saw them lmfao!!! I am super happy with them!! Can't wait until the drop and fluff!! Did you put new pics up?

The Key

So as you all know the key is keep up on your pain medication. I take them weather i need it or not. I alternate Percocet and tylenol so basically I take it every 3 hours so I never feel the pain. The morning was the worst because of morning boob but everyone said it felt like engorgement during pregnancy so I knew what to expect. With my pain medication I feel great. I make sure not to over do it even if I am feeling great. The high light of my day was go out to dinner with my family they have all been so great. My husband slept in the livingroom because my 11 year old slept with me. My body pillow takes up so much space my daughter fits better LOL. She was amazing she got up the whole night with me to give me water and give me my medication LOL. My youngest daughter is 9 was like whatever hahaha. I napped less today but I have been taking it really easy so that I can go back to work soon. I technically took off until Wednesday but if I need to I can be out until 6/3. Ill have desk duty so I dont have to be out on patrol so I should be good.


I only has to wear the ace bandage for the first day now Im braless. I just wear a tank top.
That morning boob is a annoying to say the least. i only wore my bandage two days. no just have on sports bra.
Go big or Go home LOL!!!! If you read my story i started with 300 and ended up with 500 LMFAO!!!!

Day 2

Not much different. Morning stiffness alittle more today but I still was able to get out of bed by myself (it did take me about 3 mins haha)
Thank god for this site ill say for the 100th time it's so nice to know the stages of these boobies and not get freaked out!!! My worst fear was the frankenboob look but funny I'm just like oh here it is!!


            you look great! 
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How painful is it to lift your arms? I noticed you had on a sports bra and wondered if it was an ordeal to put it on.
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If she's like me, I was able to step into mine and pull it up. My doctor told me to leave me arms by my side, only bending at my elbows, until Monday. Btw, that pink bra is super cute. :)

Day 3

Well what can I say everyday just gets better and better. Morning boob is a bitch but that lasts about 5-10 mins. Once Im up and take tylenol Im good. I forgot to mention I never iced my boobies. I was never in that much pain WOOHOO!!! I did gain a WHOLE lot pounds lol. I think like 8-10 pounds but Im taking into consideration no poopie all 3 days and the weight of the new boobs. I am so not upset about it though. My boobies are softening up already top portion is still hard but the cup itself so squishy. They look bigger (so for you girls that are worried they are not the size you expected def wait at least a week) and I say a week minimum. Im only 3 days post op and can see the fullness kickin in already but there are other girls waiting up to 3 weeks to see fullness so no worries. I might have to slow it down because I literally have acted like I didnt just have surgery. I cooked and cleaned yesterday like nothing. I am resting a lot so it has affected me but I never really asked my PS what my limitations were. I guess just listen to your body ladies. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Jersey its kind of cold :0( . Ill post another pic too.

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Pics day 3

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Keeps getting better... Looking great. My back is aching today. Blah. But boobies very great. :)
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I bought tiger balm pads for my back i put them on when i got to sleep and it helps tons.
I'll have to look those up. Never heard of them. Thanks for the suggestion.

So Well prepared

Ok Ladies its day 4 I am in absolutely no pain didnt wake up with morning boob. I can lift my hands over my head like nothing I can sleep on my side (thank God) I put so much effort into making sure this was a smooth transition that it has so paid off. But in all the preparation I forgot to take one little thing into consideration. WHY DID I THINK MY UNIFORMS WERE GOING TO FIT!!!! Oh my God I am literally busting out of them. I was ready to go to work already and said oooh let me try on my uniforms NOTHING FIT. All me and my finance could do is laugh. I called my mom and she was like Ya what were you thinking you went up 2 cup sizes hahaha. So its memorial day obviously the uniform place is closed and it takes up to 3 days to have them made. HAHAHAHA. I never thought busting out of my uniform would bring me such joy!


So happy you made it to the better side of the world! Boob world! Lol just read your story it is great! You look great! Did u actually do a lot of the Preparations before the surgery? All the vitamins an healthy food antioxidant stuff?? I'm so curious if I should start doin all that now?! An what is morning boob? Lol
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I really tried to eat healthy prior to surgery but I wouldnt say i succeeded 100% I'd say 75% but I felt great. I really prepared more thoroughly with the items I felt or read I would need. Morning boob is getting up and you feel the tightness and pressure more like you are lactating. I really only had it a couple of times but once you get up and start moving around it goes away. Ive slept through the night since day one. Then again I can sleep through a bomb hahaha. The first 2 days Id say I slept 75% of the time the other 25% i was like I never had surgery. A lot of girls say they feel or get really tired even a week to 2 weeks post op but I really feel 99% back to normal already.
That's a good problem to have!! I am so glad there's no pain today. Thank you for sharing your story. As I prepare for my surgery on Wednesday you have been an awesome source of info and so positive. I am really, really hoping mine goes half as smooth as yours. I will definitely follow your tips on staying ahead of the pain. :) Good luck with the uniforms!!
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Day 5

Not too many changes. Slightly dropping!


Fabulous! :) glad you're feeling great. You're going to look great in those new uniforms ;) Where did you find the danskin zip up bra???
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I ordered them on line from walmart. I want to say you can probably find them at the store but I never looked. I think I paid 12 bucks from them I bought a white one too!!
whoa baby!!!!! looking good lady!!!!!! love the results so full and big i love em!!! how are feeling?
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It's been great no complaints

I've lost track in what day I am post op but the post will show it! It seems like I've had these babies forever. I feel totally myself. I even went to dance class on Wednesday and did my whole routine with no pain what so ever. I went to my first post op and had the steri stripes removed and I had pretty bad marks obviously an allergic reaction I spray Benadryl on it and it was fine. My scars are a bit dark and raised but I'm not worried. It's only like 1.5 weeks. I was given the dreadful band I just sleep with it and if I remember I wear it a while in the house. My girls are looking good and can't wait until they fully drop!

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1 week


Dance class already! Holy crap! You put my healing to shame hahah. Glad you doing so well:) you look amazing!
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I can honestly say I only had 3 days of discomfort and I would barely call it that. I was back to work on day 6. I don't even feel like I got boobies (until I fill out a shirt lol) I have had such a wonderful experience! I just hope it continues!!

Day 11

I know most girls have said that their dominate side took longer to drop but my right (my dominate) drop much faster then the left the left is still sitting a bit higher then the right. Of course Im not worried as I know everyone is different but I thought Id share. My skin is actually feeling alittle more tender then it had been the first week (maybe I was numb) and now the feeling is totally returning. Other then that not much to report!


Hey there! Looking good. I'm day 11 today and wow-wee at the weird sensitivity. Like I can't feel my nipples, but if I touch them or something rubs them wrong... Ouch. Definietly burning as well. Totally worth it though. Tired of wearing a bra 24/7 but I suppose I won't complain :) Take care. You look great!!
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Frig I feel the same way..... I think I'd rather have the no feeling cause i think the same thing is happening to me... Week (almost) 2 stinks!!
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I think week two is almost more uncomfortable. It's not pain, just weird discomfort. You think your all better and then BAM a pain or a burn. ;) feel better!!!!

Seem small to me :0(

I never thought that I would be unhappy with 500cc's. My left side is still a bit higher than my right. The right seems to be dropping. But I was under the impression that I would be even more thrilled once they dropped and started fluffing but they seem
Too small now. Not that I'm thinking of a revision or anything I know they are way bigger than they started off but fluffing is doing nothing for my mental image. I'll ill post a pic and although they look big in the pic they really aren't. I figure maybe losing the 15 pounds I want to lose will help but then I started reading that losing weight after breast augmentation will actually make them look smaller Ugh smaller then they are now!!! Booo


I'm having 450cc on the 19th ... worried they would be too big but as you can see, I have very little breast tissue as it is. Yours are beautiful! Now that I've seen your results I am thinking 450cc will be just fine! Thank you!
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Yes 450cc's look like they will be just fine for you!!!!
You look big to me!! Way bigger than mine! I think our frame of reference just changes a lot. And I think dropping is one thing but when they soften up they seem bigger because they're not so perfectly contained! Enjoy!
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17 days Post op

Things are looking pretty good!! The sunburn feeling is slightly still there but no as uncomfortable. I was able to complete all 4 dance shows with no problems Woohoo!! Now to take it easy to make sure the healing process continues. Today I start my triathlon menu plan giving it another 2 weeks before I start running only because I didn't really follow the doctors orders if no boobie bouncing for 3 weeks. So ill just start speed walking, swimming and spin class this week. Well hope all is well for all my girls recovery with me and good luck to those up coming surgeries!!


Gees! You are on fire! Lol. I'm glad you are doing fabulous that's a motivation . I started brisk walking twice a day ( no job yet) taking advantage of the beautiful weather here in Hawaii. I'm jealous of you all, you all have pretty flat tummy! You go girl and keep us posted.
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No flat belly here!!! I still have my baby pouch going on and my last pregnancy was 10 years ago LOL!!!
LOL slow down lady you are making me tired just reading what you are going to do for the workouts! ha! I feel so ashamed I've done hardly anything since my surgery, i'm too scared too move them too much. Glad you are doing good and are able to be so active =) I am envious!
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I bought ScarAway (Any comments on how well it works)

Scar Away is silicone sheets that are placed over the scar. They seem to be helping all the way around. It says it helps with diminishing the scar (Obviously) relieves itching and discomfort. And it sure is doing at least 2 out of the 3. Id have to get back to you all with updates on scar improvement. I did hear mederma works wonders but since some of you know the story of me running at day 5 (LMAO) I think the sheets would be best. I cut them in half and they are actually reusable. The box says the 8 sheets should last you 2 months but since I am cutting them they should last much longer. I got them at rite aid pharmacy they were actually on sale for 19.99 LOL.So for a 2-3 month supply I think thats great. Has any one else use this?


thanks for all of the great advice..and lists of stuff to get! By the way congrats you look awesome!!!!
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Hay dont rush it, This is just my personality. You'll probably heal much nicer since youve followed the instructions of your PS who probably told you to keep it cool for the first month or so LOL. You will be back to normal soon like I said everyone is different . I am active even in my sleep hahahaha. My fiancé makes fun of me because he says Im like a demon at night (he says he's scared of me) hahahaha.
bahahah you are too funny! Do you think you could send some energy my way please?;)


Ok so yesterday was my 3 week post op appointment (holy crap time flies) so he said still no bras and that I'm healing nicely even my incisions hahaha. He showed me how to massage OH MY GOD!! I was in more pain then I was after surgery. He said to do massages 3 times a day. I have a high tolerance for pain but I sure as hell won't be doing it that hard. I felt like they were gonna pop ha. He said dont worry you won't do anything to them. The pain was more because my skin is so sensitive right now. It's better this week then last but still feels weird. I don't have to see him for another 3 weeks. He cleared me to be as active as I want ( little did he know I already was doing the whole boobie bouncing thing hehehe. Wishing everyone well!! Oh I also asked him about losing weight he saw no problem in it but then again I really didnt express I didn't want to have my boobs shrink. So I couldn't tell you if they will be affected or not!!!


so happy you are coming along so well!! keep up the good work!!! so great! i can imagine that the massages suck. i have to do arm raise exercises every hour until i am 6 weeks post op since the day of surgery and lay on them on my bed every night before bed for 15 mins. the arm raises are cake but laying on them STILL feels so super weird. like im balancing on top of rocks! lol
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I have been able to sleep on them since like the first week and on my side. I just find myself cupping my boob to like lay it comfortable LOL!!!! I cant even feel the implant when I am massaging I guess thats how much natural breast tissue I have I thought for sure I would feel it. And they say saline is much harder Im glad I didnt pay the extra 2 grand for silicone sine they are super squishy and you really cant tell. I keep forgetting I am only 3 weeks and that as time goes on they only seem to get better so as of right now I am loving them even size wise. They say they dont get bigger when they drop and fluff but they do get fuller at the bottom I guess creating a more natural looking breast so they are starting to look bigger to me.
they look great!!!!!!!! : )

So I'll never complain about my size again!!!

I went to Victoria Secret today and got sized 36DD so I don't think ill say I'm not that big anymore haha!!!

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Another bra


There is NOTHING little about your new boobs!!!
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maybaby you are going to have to change your name to whoa baby! I mean seriously you are only 4 weeks out and already having some serious boobage!!! you are going to be a DD for shiz if not DDD. the bras look hot and the boobs look great!!
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Haha!! Thanks!! I know they say it takes months for them to drop but at 4 weeks I think I've dropped 90% already!! Weird but true so I don't think ill get any bigger so DD it is!! I def wanted to be a D never put too much mind to DD but I'm so happy I am cause even with the DD I feel pretty small but they do look fuller since they have dropped. But they don't look bigger. I got exactly what I wanted a very natural look but apparently I really wanted the more fake look WHO KNEW!! Haha

1 month update

With every passing day I am happier with my new additions. I have some what gotten use to the size and think that they have dropped very quickly for bein only one month out. I've taken so many pics with clothes on that I figured I should take a pic of the actual boobies themselves. Hope all is well for all my friends in boobieville!!


how long till they started to soften up? im 2 wks now and the tops and sides are still hard as rocks.
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I think it really depends on how much natural breast tissue you had prior because I started softening up by the 2nd week and after that they felt like I was born with them and I am only 1 month post op. But again little by little they will get there and all of a sudden youll forget how hard they ever were. I dropped fully already so again everyone is different. Good Luck
makes sense! thanks!

5 weeks

I had a post op appointment last week and my left side incision had been bothering me. It seems all the sutures didnt dissolve so it felt like I had a splinter. The doctor removed it with tweezers and it was much better. There is still some suture that didnt make its way above the skin so those weren't messed with the PS said they will dissolve in time. I occasionally have sharp pains in that spot but really only when I tense up. Other then that everything is great he said I healed like a maniac in such a short period of time. Which really goes to show you that your mental state really has a lot to do with it!! So good luck ladies!!


I am at the bad massage stage (and whining incessantly I might add ). I believe that helped you drop and heal so beautifully, any recollection of when this is not so terribly painful? I have to do then ten times a day!!
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I didn't hav to message until about 3 weeks out if that it might have even been longer it seems like months ago lol!! Honestly I felt fine 5 days out the boobies didnt look normal for about 1 month but after the one month mark I had already fully dropped. My doctor was pretty amazed but like all the girls on here say everyday gets easier and they atart to look great. What size did you get? Good luck with recovery!!
They look great congrats. That's what I'm hoping happens to me after I do the va I lose weight. So far I went from 224- 204. I'm hoping the boobs will give me confidence and make me feel sexy then ill stop eating from depression. Did u do a lift as well or just ba. I love the vs bombshell bra I have so many but I'm tired of taking off my bra and feels like my boobs r sad. I'm d but not full I would love for my boobs to look happy again. Urs look extremely happy I love em. I'm goin to see 2 drs on the 31st depending how much they say I might do it in florida. For 4500 a ba n lift I don't really want the lift I'm confused
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Wow 2 months plus

How time flies!! Not much to update since I dropped and fluffed so early on but I did have this dress that I could never fill out happy happy joy joy!!!!! Hope everyone is have a wonderful summer!! Oh and Sunday is finally the day of my first triathlon wish me luck ladies I'm freakin but probably not as much as I was for the BA lmao!!!

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Oops I guess it's been 3 months hahaha

Time really did fly!!


You look awesome!!! Perfect results!
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Awww thanks wish they were bigger lol
but they look great my friend was telling me the same thing she went from a C to a D.n now she wants bigger too. out of curiosity how much bigger did you want them to be? because right now I'm in between a C -D but I want a full d she said I should do a DD or else I'm going to want to get them bigger later on

Feel like I was born with the boobies!!

Aside from the fact that I wish they were bigger I am very happy with my results and actually forget that it can take up to 6months to a year for your true results!! I think I was blessed with wonderful results as early as 6 weeks. Just thought I'd put up a pic of the girls in a bathing suit top!!


Hey I went to him today and at other doctor when I left Dr gartner I was sure I wanted him then seeing someone else has competely confused me can u tell me more about him and why your happy you chose him please!!! Thank you so much! You look amazing by the way!
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Well first of all when I first met with him I had done all my research so I knew pretty much what I wanted which for starters I wanted saline. He explained both options and I felt very comfortable with his consultation and I def didn't feel he was trying to convience me to go the more expensive route. He said I was a perfect candidate for saline and should have no problems. So that alone made me feel he was going to give me what I wanted. The only negative I could possibly say about him was if you went in not knowing much you are going to leave pretty much in the same way. He was informative because I had all the questions lined up if you didn't have much to ask he didn't have much to say hahaha. But I am absolutely happy with my results I was in and out in like an hour and a half and recovered almost fully in 5 days his staff is sweet ! My results were amazing with the second month. So if you are well prepared with questions and feel comfortable with his answers I def recommend him. I even. Changed my mind a few times in size and he was more than happy to accommodate my requests. So good luck it's not an easy decision but I'm glad I made it. Feel free to ask me anything if you have anymore questions or and he did an awesome job with my incisions. Almost gone (scar wise) a little discoloration but that just might be my skin tone.
Thank you so much! That's a huge help! I can't decide what type I want! How realistic do the saline feel? Or in other words how do they feel? And what size do u reamcmande I'm a small b now and want a large D thank you so much for Everything it really helps!!!

One year anniversary!!!

I must say it went by fast!!! I wouldn't change it for the world (ok ok maybe a little bigger) one year later and still have boobie greed ha! No complications they look and feel natural dispite what people may believe about saline implants. I'm super happy and I hope you all have the same amazing results I did! The scars could be better being that I applied absolutely nothing on them. They were never an issue for me!

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Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing. I love my results his staff is wonderful. And at the last minute I wanted to make adjustments to what i agreed to about size and he was like no problem and took time to explain what the change would represent. Thanks Dr. Gartner

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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