21 Years Old and I've Never Been in a Bikini - Paradise Valley, AZ

I'm graduating college this year and I'm ready to...

I'm graduating college this year and I'm ready to start my post college life feeling confident. I work out 3 days a week, but changes are very slow - I'm still wearing baggy clothes and still have never been fit enough for a bikini. For my graduation present I was told I could get anything I wanted so I decided to start liposuction.
I researched all around the area and Sono Bello kept popping up but the more people I talked to about it, the more I was warned against it. Finally I was recommended Derma Health. They do tumescent liposuction - which meant it would be under a light anesthesia but still have great results. I was really excited to go ahead and get this started. After a wonderful consultation with a woman who had the liposuction done as well I felt even more confident that I was making the right decision. We decided to do my middle section - so lower abdomen, upper abdomen, waist, hips/lower flank, and back bra roll.
I decided to get this procedure done on my fall break because: 1. I wanted to do this as soon as possible 2. I have classes that require me to physically exert myself so I needed to be mostly healed by the time I returned to school. Anyways, I'll keep you up to date as things progress.

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Day One

With tumescent liposuction, they fill you up with liquid to make your fat cells expand, and you should leak for 24 hours afterwards. Well I had to fart in the middle of surgery and since I was bare naked and my doctor was very close to my naked butt I told him I had to use the bathroom. Oh my gosh. When I stood up I was like a faucet! I was making a little river from the liquid falling from my injection sites! I thought it was amazing and fascinating, but that could have been the drugs.

On a less gross side, my medical assistant kept gushing about how excited she was during my surgery (apparently she's getting the same thing tomorrow). That made me feel good.


Looking good! How are you feeling today? Can you post a few more post photos?
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After Surgery

I don't remember too much about this day, but everything hurt. I was leaking like a faucet everywhere. I remember staying up all night trying tossing and turning but it was so painful. This was hopefully the worse of the worse.

I knew it was going to be worth it though.

The doctor said to keep the compression garment on for 24 hours after the surgery and then you can take it off to take a shower. When I took it off, I couldn't believe it was me! The love handles were gone and I looked so different.

I do feel a twinge of disappointment because I had hoped my tummy would be smaller too, but I'm hoping it's just the swelling and bruising that's giving it this look.

Just a note: I can't eat anything solid right now. Yogurt and tea are the only things acceptable to my stomach, and I'm hoping it will change because not eating as much is making me shake a lot.


There's a huge difference! Also most people keep shrinking after the procedure so dont give up hope with this is the final you. Please update when you get a chance!
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Finally seeing an end in sight!

It has been 5 days since surgery and I'm finally able to sleep for most of the night without waking up in pain. (Yay!)
I wasn't ever a fan of taking Vicodin, too afraid I would get addicted, so the pain has been pretty much a constant.
So being able to take a two hour nap and not waking up to the pain of a pulled, sore, or swollen skin was a relief!

On a different note, I have an odd reliance on my compression garment. When I take it off it feels like my skin is sagging and loose and I'm scared to go too long without it? Is this normal?

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Tired of Complaining

I took a break from updating this blog because I felt it would be one giant complaint after another. I definitely know that I would never do this again. It's just been a horrible process. But let me start from the top.

I was excited for my one week post op with my doctor because everyone just wants to see their doctor after a major surgery just for comfort and to hear that things are looking normal and all that jazz. But that wasn't how my post op was. I showed up on time and the doctor wasn't there. I find out he wasn't even coming and I was having my post op with one of the receptionists. She asked if I was feeling any pain or numbness and that's it. I never took off my clothes, she never examined me or anything. It took 5 minutes in total. If I knew that all I was going to do was answer some questions I would have stayed home and had them do that over the phone. Thank goodness my family physician was able to look over my scares and stuff and tell me everything was healing okay otherwise I would still be wondering.

The next thing I'm dealing with is this stupid compression garment. The receptionist said I can switch to spanx but whenever I take the compression garment off for more than 10 minutes I swell up like a balloon. I'm ready to say "screw it" and let me swell until the swelling goes away. This garment is very difficult to wear underneath clothes and I keep getting rashes from it. I've got to find a solution to it because Spanx isn't cutting it.

That leads me to the second thing - the swelling produces stretch marks. I posted pictures this week and you might be able to see them but I didn't use to have all these stretch marks. I'm hoping to find a solution for that as well.

I've started using a rolling pin to smooth out my fat because if you notice on the picture half of my stomach fat is at the top, then there's a line to separate the bottom of my stomach fat. It's wacky and as much as I rolling pin it, it hasn't changed.

For as much as I've been dealing with, I haven't noticed a difference in my everyday wear. I still look like a roly poly. The reason I got tumescent lipo was because I should have been able to notice a difference almost immediately but all I've noticed is that I am feeling regret. Regret that I spent $9000+ for nothing noticeable.


Any updates? :) How are your results now?
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I totally feel for you. If you read my review you will see that I went through the same kind of feelings. The emotional healing can be much more traumatic than the physical healing. Hang in there. Your body has definitely changed. The results are there. When you get to the 6 week mark things will start to settle. I am around the 3 month mark and I still get funny little areas that seem to pop out and then disappear again. It is all part of the healing process. You paid a lot of money for the procedure. Demand to see the surgeon if you have any concerns or are unhappy at all. My thoughts are with you.
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Are you sure those rolls aren't fluid from swelling?
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Almost 2 months


Long time no update but I'm feeling good with my body. It's almost bad in a way. I know I look so much better so I've been eating really bad lately. Since I had my 5 week check up with my doctor he warned me that while I'm still healing I should beware that the weight can go right back to the places that I had work done on so I've been working out a lot lately to make up for my bad eating habits.

I'm still not bikini ready. If you look at my side view you'll see the fat is not spread evenly. I was rolling a lot earlier but I've become kind of slack so it didn't heal evenly.

But this isn't it. The doctor did say I wasn't fully healed yet so I could still be going down.

Most people still wear their compression garment now but I stopped a few weeks ago. I blew up for a couple weeks and then went down. I couldn't stand wearing the compression garment.

Thank you to the people who remind me to still keep going with the posting!


You are now three months out. How are things going? I am looking forward to the three month mark since the doctor said I would see 50% of the end results. I am one month out.
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Girl do not ruin your results!!!! Put that compression garment back on!!!!!!!!
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I agree... What you do now will make a difference later.
Dr. Schuell

He was great! Great bedside manner, always checking to see if I was okay. Let me know about risks before the surgery.

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