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Today I had my first cool sculpting treatment on...

Today I had my first cool sculpting treatment on my back fat. I felt no pain when the suction started, and no cramping or anything until the procedure was over, and the frozen fat was massaged. I started to feel nauseated (this is from the thawing and heat coming back to the frozen area, and I also felt like I had worked out hard. Nothing unbearable! I am 10 hours out, and feel fine, just like I had a hard workout. A bit sensitive if I lean back in my chair...but so far I am feeling great. I will keep you all updated, and will post pics when I can get someone to take some for me. :)
I am 5'4, 154 lbs and I have been on low dose prednisone for several years. This is an attempt to reduce the fat I acquired from the prednisone. I am feeling confident that I will have a successful result.

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Day 7 post cool sculpting

Its about 7 days post cool sculpting, and I am still doing well. I have not noticed any changes yet, but I wasn't expecting to. I am feeling some tenderness, itching, and pins and needles. I feel like I jumped in freezing cold water, and I can feel my skin is tingling. Its not pleasant, but its not something I can't handle. It bothers me at night, and I have to take two tylenol to get to sleep. Keep ya posted


Thanks for sharing your story so far. I haven't read of many people getting CoolSculpting on their back so I'm looking forward to following your progress. :)

When is the itching and tenderness supposed to go away?
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My pleasure, I will be sure to keep this updated as time progresses. :) I am not sure when the itching, and tenderness is supposed to stop, but since I posted yesterday it has become more intense. I did not sleep at all last night because the burning sensation has kicked in. I was not able to wear a bra today, so I wore a bandeau instead. I keep remembering there is an end goal, and that makes it more tolerable. I hope this is helpful to others to have this info.
Absolutely. I know it's helpful to me. :) Sorry that it's started burning.You might want to try exercise -- this is helpful for some (but worse for others, so take it easy at first). Of course, ask your doctor if that's okay. :)

Day 14...i think.

So today is about two weeks. The burning, tingling, and tenderness are essentially gone! Yay! I still have itching periodically, but nothing major. I don't feel like I see any results at all, but my Mom swears she does. Its only two weeks, so I don't expect to see anything yet. Life is good. Im hoping to see results because Id love to know that it will work on my hips as well. I did read that if you are on prednisone (as I am) that there may not be a result at all...I knew this going into this, but I am one who needs to try it to see for myself. Lets just say, I learn the hard(and expensive) way. :)


Hi Sunny Dee! Itching and tenderness after CoolSculpting, when it occurs, can last a couple of weeks just as you have experienced. Very rarely there can be a day or two of significant discomfort (as it seems you are now having) at about 2 weeks. This always resolves within a very short period of time. If you are still having any discomfort please give us a call so that we can address you needs. In general ibuprofen and compression garments such as Spanx help! Keep us posted:)

Seeing Results

Woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and I see the start of results. I have no more pain at all, and am excited to see that the procedure is working.


Please tell us what results you're seeing now. It's been 2 weeks since your last post. I'm so curious!!!
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Thanks, Dr.Van Dyke. The pain is all gone, and I am seeing results. :)

Seeing results

I am happy to report that I am seeing some results, the pain is gone and the itching has stopped completely. I still have time to go for more results, so I am eager to see the final results.

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Absolutely fantastic!

I just wanted to do my final update. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my cool sculpting on my bra fat. It has been a wonderful experience, with tolerable discomfort. I am so happy I went to VanDyke Laser in Paradise Valley, Az. They are all wonderful people, who do professional work. I will be going back after I pay off my Care Credit bill soon. My tops look so much better on me.


Thanks for the update! We'd love to see pics of your final results, if you don't mind sharing. :)
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Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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I'm so pleased to hear you're happy with your results! It will be 6 weeks post procedure for me in a few days. I hope at 8 weeks I'm just as happy as you are! Thanks for your update.
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Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon

Grace did the procedure, and she is bright, patient and well educated on this procedure. Dr.VanDykes office staff are a very well educated, proficient, and kind people. I would highly recommend them for any procedure.

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