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49 yr old female who had had some bad previous surgeries - Paradise Valley, AZ

I am a 49 yr old female who had had some bad...

I am a 49 yr old female who had had some bad previous surgeries. I had a couple mid face lifts and one that left me with a smile that showed my gum line. I was very depressed and reclusive at that time with results that looked like I had surgery.
I found Dr. Daniel Shapiro and knew this would be my chance to look normal again. As soon as I had my pre op appt I knew he was the right Dr. He does fat transfer to the face, making the patient look many years younger, he corrected my smile by cutting the inside top of my lip and helping bring it to a normal position, he corrected both of my top eyelids so I no longer looked like I was staring. He did fat transfer to my cheeks, forehead, and under my eyes. Absolutely remarkable results that I believe could never have been achieved with any other surgeon.

My BEFORE Pics and more of what I had done:

The part of the upper inside lip that he re-mediated is called the frenulum. Also had fat transfer to lips . My lips used to have deep lines and were very aging to my face. He did fat transfer to my forehead to give it a more rounded look and no wrinkles. He added fat transfer to my jawline to give my face more of a defined jawline and cheek bones look. Here are photos before surgery. This has been nothing short of miraculous.

Post Op Pics

Smile correction done as well

What Was Corrected

I still have some darkness under eyes but am still recuperating it's only been 5 weeks. My "staring eyes" were corrected from a previous bad surgery, my deep lines in upper lips were filled with fat and corrected, my narrow face and jawline were corrected with fat transfer, my lines in forehead corrected with fat transfer, my skin age spots and acne scars removed with laser to face and chest. It was a challenging recovery after having so much done and recovering from the laser as well. But I have to say absolutely worth it. I felt very unattractive, my smile was ruined by previous surgeon and I felt old and invisible. This surgery has literally given me my life back . I would do it all over again and it was worth every penny. A large portion of the cost also went to the surgery center. Dr. Daniel Shapiro is absolutely an artist and has made the most miraculous changes in people I have seen in photos more so than any Surgeon I had researched. Just amazing !! I am sooo so happy I found this surgeon and you will be too !!

Profile Pics Before and After

Profile After Pics


Also had fat transfer done to lower eyes to fill in hollow appearance.

how I decided on a surgeon

When making my decision I got on real self and read tons of reviews. Make sure you can see real photos of past patients on here and that the surgeon has many or has several reviews. I contacted some of the review posts to confirm they were happy with results. Also Dr Shapiro has been doing this for 24 years. He has over 80 or 90 reviews on here I think. Then I met with him 3 months beforehand as well. I am incredibly happy with what I felt was a careful decision. I hope this helps someone out there because it's a big decision and I went thru several bad surgeons before finding Dr Shapiro. Be careful in your research !!!

My Eyes Had to be Corrected

My Eyes had been left with sn odd stare from previous bad upper and lower blepheroplasty surgery. Dr Shapiro had to add fat to upper and lower so it wouldn't look like I was starring anymore. Also they looked old and wrinkled and weren't the same. So he did corrective upper bleph to both. Keep in mind this was all one surgery. So he did several procedures all in about 6 or so hours. Including facelift fat transfer and laser resurfacing. Quite amazing really.
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what was the cost?
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Is your fat still lasting? Any lumpiness? The pics are not showing up for me anymore.
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Just checking in. How's the healing going? Still happy with everything?
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Wow, you look great! Thank you so much for sharing! Do you know how long your surgery lasted?
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Yes, I was in surgery for 6.5 hours about , but that was for full laser resurfacing of face and chest, face lift, which included under my chin, upper bleph on both eyes, fat transfer to jawline, cheeks, forehead, under eyes and above eyes... and remediation of my smile (cutitng the frenulum) so that is a lot of work having been done during that time. From what I understand he will take that long until he is happy with the surgery results.
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I think your fees were quite reasonable for all that you had done.
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I am surprised he did full face laser with a facelift? I have read it can be dangerous? Would love to see your pics I am considering a consult with him. Thanks!
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I am 4 months post op from a comprehensive FL wit Dr. Shapiro and am overjoyed! Some of the fat transfer and luminous glow is starting to dissipate, but hopefully most of it will stay. Also, the corners of my mouth still turn down a bit and there are some lines there. I tried some Juvederm and botox for the area, but it didn't really do enough. The mouth area can be very tricky because if too much is pulled, it can look very strange and unnatural. Congratulations on your new face!
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did you contact him about the loss of the fat? can he add more over time? I am still considering him. thanks.
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No I haven't had any loss of fat. That is something you'll have to ask his office. I have not had that experience. That was someone else ( bunnyman posted that) . Yes I think he has added more to some people over time.
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I have seen that his facelifts last for many years from other patients and I am very happy with my face lift as well. So whether the fat transfer lasts over time or not...I'm not sure but I am very very very happy with my facelift and other procedures. I'm happy with all of it !!
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Actually, it is quite minimal. The area that I notice is mostly around my mouth and forehead lines, and a tiny bit above eyes. These areas gets the most movement, so it is understandable. I didn't mention this at my last appointment, but did ask what percentage of patients need a fat touch up and he said, " About 1 in 20." I am sure he can add more over time. I just read about someone who had fat transfer/facelift and extra fat was frozen for later use. I think this is a brilliant idea and will ask Dr. S. his opinion on freezing fat.
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what did you think of him?
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how long did he say the fat transfers would last? did you consider Dr. Moelleken who does "live fill"? you look fabulous
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Thank you very much. You'll have to ask his office. I think about 6 years. He said this will age with me as I would naturally. But they post pics of patients on his Facebook page and I've seen patients at 5 and 6 and 8 years later in personwho look really good. His staff had some older surgeries by him. They looked awesome. Haven't heard of live fill. Will look it up. Very happy for now.thanks for comment :)
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I am happy to answer any questions and help anyone who has gone thru something similar. This is a big decision and it has to be a surgeon who has an eye for aesthetics and the ability to correct bad previous work.
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You've got a really good result...any idea exactly how he made the eye look less deep-set? It's a very nice change...grace60
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Thanks. It's getting better and better. Will post another pic soon. He uses your own fat from thighs or stomach and tranfers it to upper and lower eyes. He also did upper eyelid corrective surgery, upper blepheroplasty
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Was your eye a result of a prior bleph ?
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Yes I had prior work blephs done to upper and lower that had given me a "starring" look because too much skin was taken off. So Dr Shapiro had to add fat to upper and lower and he had to surgically fix my upper eyelids because I had small flap of skin that didn't look right.
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Congratulations! You look great! so happy that you found the right doctor, how are you feeling so far?
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Hi thank you so much. I feel really great. It took me about 5 weeks to fully recover to where the swelling has significantly gone down, but I had a lot of procedures done so it may have taken me more time than others on here :))
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