27 Yr-old - Rhinoplasty and Chin Liposuction - Paoli, PA

I drove two hours to met Dr. Hove last week after...

I drove two hours to met Dr. Hove last week after reading many wonderful reviews about him on this website and others. He truly cares about your expectations and he spent plenty of time with me to be sure that he knew what I wanted. We reviewed and edited my photos repeatedly until I saw EXACTLY what I wanted. Dr. Hove is by far the best surgeon that I have met with and I have met with 4 surgeons throughout the New Jersey area over the last 7 years. I have FINALLY decided to do rhinoplasty and chin liposuction. :) I just scheduled my surgery for next week- 9/3/2014. I am SOOO excited to see the results. $5000 for rhinoplasty and $1000 for chin liposuction. I will update this next week :)
Wow congratulations!! I am having almost the same except mine is rhino and chin lipo and neck lift. Good luck with your procedures. Please keep us posted.
Thanks so much for your support! I just provided an update. I go into surgery this Wednesday :)
How exciting! Please keep us posted. Would love to see your photos, even if only the lower half of your face. :)

Only 2 days away...

I am thrilled. Dr Hove has been so helpful, calling and checking to see if I need anything before I prepare for my surgery. I cannot wait until Wednesday! I just posted my before photos that I took with my cell phone in my car to give you an idea.
I appreciate everyone being so sweet and supportive. I am really concerned what my family will say but so far all of my friends have been supportive as they know how important this is to me.
I want to achieve the following:
1. A smaller projection.
2. Less fat under chin (No matter how much weight I lose, this NEVER goes away!)
Hope everything went well! I am actually considering him for a revision rhinoplasty and am curious as to your results so keep us posted when you feel up to it!
Thank you! Everything went very well! See the photo I posted above. So far, no bruising :)
I must say, if you're considering Dr Hove, don't hesitate! He is such a wonderful man and had the best price that I could find!

Update - 1 day post op :)

Hi everyone :) my surgery went so well yesterday. I'm blessed to have so my friends and family check on me so I haven't had a moment to get online and update my progress. Dr Hove was truly wonderful. He did not have to pack my nose so I am breathing with no issues at all :) I'm thankful for that! So far, I have no bruising at all. The only pain that I'm experiencing is from the chin liposuction, but that's normal. My nose feels great. I can't wait to take the nose splint off next week :) if you're hesitating at all, don't!! Dr Hove is the best :) :)
Congrats!! Your results are amazing.
You look different already!! Looks stunning. Congrats!!
WOW! You are Beautiful even while healing.

Later afternoon - 24 hours post- op

I just wanted to post one more photo to show you already how good my chin looks only 24 hours later :)
Can't wait to see your new look!
I PMed you with a question. :)

Day 4 Update!

Well, it's the evening of Day 4 after my rhinoplasty and chin liposuction. I am so far thrilled with the results. I saw just slight bruising under my left eye, but with a little makeup, I covered that up and was out all day, resuming normal chores. :) I know I should have been resting today, but I was getting cabin fever on a beautiful, sunny 90-degree day. So happy I was able to get out and about because it really lifted my spirits! I can't believe I get my nose cast off on Tuesday (only 3 days away!!). And again, I must mention- STILL no major swelling or bruising! Pleas take note that I have ONLY been taking Tylenol and NO Advil or painkillers. I have been icing my face periodically throughout the day because it feels really good, but doesn't seem to be totally nessasary. Can't wait for Tuesday :)
Good luck today!

Got stitches and cast off today!! YAY

Okay here we go everyone :) Cast and stitches came out today! I am THRILLED! Yes, I know my nose still has significant swelling, especially the tip, but considering I had my surgery last Wednesday, I am SO SO SO happy with the results so far!!! I've attached some before/after photos - all new photos were taken a few hours ago :)
You look beautiful!!!! And please post more new pictures!! I'm thinking to do surgery too and so need someone's great results to motivate me!!!
You look absolutely wonderful! No bruising I am jealous. I have my surgery on the 16th hope I have minimal swelling and bruising as well. But I tend to bruise easily so I probably will look beat up.

2 Week Post Op Rhinoplasty Update

Ok, I'm two days early for my two-week post-op update but I was pretty excited to share this before/after that I made today :) the tip of my nose is still firm and my nose is sensitive at times, but I have no scars and essentially all healed :) just waiting for the last bit of swelling to go down :)
Love the transformation! :) New nose looks Fab! Happy Monday!
Paoli Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hove is the best! He sets real expectations and has an incredibly warm personality which is a must when you're about to go under the knife. I couldn't be more excited to see the "artwork" when my surgery is complete.

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