3 Weeks PO!! **New Pics**

I am 27 years old and a mother of three beautiful...

I am 27 years old and a mother of three beautiful children ages 3, 5, and 6. I gained 100lbs with my first two pregnancies and that has left me with a body that looks like it should be on an 80 year old. I worked my butt off to get back in shape and I now weigh less than I did before ever getting pregnant. I want my a tummy tuck and BA. I have my third consultation today and have a really good feeling about it and hopefully this will be the PS that makes me feel at ease and comfortable! By the way, and I am totally terrified and have myself convinced I will die! Lol...lets hope not though!

Hello! I am a 28 yr old mom of three. They are 11-8-7. I am so afraid I will die and leave my poor babies! Ugh! It's scary and exciting. My date is March 8 and I'm getting MM. What all have you prepared? I'm using my regular bed, but a lot of ladies are using recliners, so that worries me a little.
Momofgirls - I was *this close* to renting a recliner but I'm glad now that I didn't. I used my couch with a bunch of pillows and it was perfect (I posted a pic on my profile of my "nest"). I was nervous with the recliner that I wouldn't be able to get in and out of it without help and after I had surgery I can tell you that I would NOT have been able to put the footrest thingy down on my own since you aren't allowed to (and won't want to!) use your ab muscles.
Hey:) just checking in to see how u r doing? We have 2&1/2 more weeks ahhhhhhhhhh! Can't wait, but getting nervous....again LOL

Well...I'm back. I cancelled my last surgery date...

Well...I'm back. I cancelled my last surgery date due to extreme anxiety and now have a new date of July 2nd! I feel more emotionally prepared now and cant wait for my day yo come! As soon as I figure out how yo post pigs I will!

Ok ladies...exactly one week until my MM!!!! I am...

Ok ladies...exactly one week until my MM!!!! I am so excited but I am also coming down with a cold which is not good. I called my plastic surgeons office today and they started me on a Z-pack so I hope that gets rid of what ever I am getting!!! Gonna try and post some pics if I can figure out how to!

Tomorrow is my day!!! I finally figured out how...

Tomorrow is my day!!! I finally figured out how to upload some pics and will keep in touch!
Awww thank you all so much for the kind words and support :) I will keep you all posted!
Best wishes tomorrow! I had my MM on June 21 and I was also very nervous going into it. My anxiety was mostly about the general anesthesia and not coming out alive, which is crazy but it was truly my concern! Having a good talk with my anesthesiologist right before surgery REALLY put me at ease. You'll do great! I won't lie and say recovery wasn't very painful (for me) but everyones experience seems to be so different. Good for you for doing this for yourself!
The weekend before my surgery, I told my 12 year daughter that I was scared about my surgery and she told me " mom you will be fine, you know you just need to pray" You will do great, see you on the flat side.

Well today is my day!!! My surgery is at 11:30...

Well today is my day!!! My surgery is at 11:30 and I need to be there at 10:30. We are leaving at 8 because its about a 2 hour drive. Crazy enough I dont feel super nervous right now but it might hit me once I get there i'm sure!!! I will try to update as soon as I can!

So today I had my.surger.,y, today and.I have t o...

So today I had my.surger.,y, today and.I have t o.say.I.don't.feel.too.bad. my. Chest. Is sore. Big that's about

It. My surgery lasted about 3 1/2 hours and when I. Woke Iup I was disoriented and sleepy but that's Abbott it t. My boobs look A MM AMAZING I LOVE them. Wish i could upload PCs from mmy phone :(. Well I will post more later.
See, you made it through!! Now it's time to rest & recover! Happy Healing to you!
Yay! Glad to hear you are out and doing well.
Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon.

So yesterday was my MM and I was feeling really...

So yesterday was my MM and I was feeling really good the.rest of.the day Nd.most.of.the.night. In.the middle.of.the.night.I.started.to.experience a little.increase.in pain so.I.upped.it.from one.Percocet every four.hi ours to.two. I am also able.to.get.up.and.go.the.bathroom.all by myself. Like.a.big.girl! Lol...I have to.say that I am.not in a lot ofpain its just soreness which I.can handle. I have my first po today so.I am.hoping.I get to have. A peek of my belly! Will post more later! Happy healing ladies!
Wow!!!!! Your new body looks incredible. Not a shed if evidence that you had a breast augmentation!!! Fantastic!!
Thanks! He did the BA through the arm pit.
Congrats! Glad you are on the flat side :) can't wait to see your pics!!

Ok so I'm at po day 2 and feeling good. Honestly...

Ok so I'm at po day 2 and feeling good. Honestly ladies, in my opinion, its not that bad. So far I haven't had any major discomfort or anything. I have kept up with my pain meds, 2 percocets every 4 hours, and have been fine. I am able to get up and down by myself " walk around, go yo the bathroom, brush my hair and teeth all with no problems. My yummy is a little rumbley though cause I have not had a bm yet. My hubby has been so wonderful stripping my drains, massaging my boobs, and making sure I keep up with all my meds. He also surprised me with an awesome new coach bag when I woke up from surgery!! He is such a sweetheart. If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask. Also, I forgot to mention I am 5"7 1/2 and weighed 150 lbs before surgery.
Wow you look awesome. No wonder your husband is helping with the massaging lol.. Glad everything. Went good
you look amazing!
looking good what type of implant and how many cc's?

So today is post op day 3 and boy am I swollen. I...

So today is post op day 3 and boy am I swollen. I got my first shower today, my hubby shaved emy legs, washed my hair and blow dryer it. Looking at myself naked was not that great. My stomach is soooo swollen and so is my vajayjay. I still haven't had a bm I took some MOM last nite and my stomach rumbled all night in pain but nothing happened...hoping it will soon. My pain still hasn't been bad I am down to one percocet every four hours and its working for me. Moving around is getting easier everyday. The one thing I don't like is that I have an appetite...and I don't wanna get fat! Since yesterday was the fourth my hubby made delicious ribs, brats, rice and grilled veggies and I ate it all...which probably contributed to my swelling today :( oh well...will post more later! Feeling good and loving life! Happy healing ladies!
I got the silicone, under the muscle size 600 and 650cc's. And thanks!! I love them!!
Your boobs look great even so soon after surgery! What size and kind did you go with?

Alrighty, so today is day four and I woke up with...

Alrighty, so today is day four and I woke up with this annoying little headache that lasted all day! I quit taking the percocets today and only took some tylenol this morning and ultrams this afternoon. I got out again today and went to the pharmacy and as soon as I walked in there I felt the urge to go to the bathroom, so I moved as fast as I could to the bathroom and had another BM...that would be my second one so far and I am sooo happy about that!! After the pharmacy we went to gamestop, and to wal-mart where I started to get a little tired so decided to ride on one of the automated carts! It was pretty cool because I have always wanted to ride one but it was a little too slow...I am usually a fast mover so I cant wait to be getting around at my normal pace! If it wasnt for this stupid headache I have had all day I would feel awesome. I also did a no no and stepped on the scale...I weigh 160!!! OMG that is like 10 lbs more than what I usually weigh..but I am quite swollen and I was wearing my wrap and robe so I am sure that contributed to the rise...I hope! Also, my drains have slowed down a ton today which is a good thing too I guess! Well, I am about to put in a good movie and relax with my hubby!! Unitil tomorrow ladies!!

So yesterday was my 5 day post op. I still woke...

So yesterday was my 5 day post op. I still woke up with that little nagging headache...I dont know if its my allergies or what because I also have a slight runny nose, so I dont know! But, I didnt sleep very well the night before its hard to get comfortable sleeping sitting up in a recliner. And since I am not taking the narcotics anymore that knock me out my sleep hasnt been as good. I ended up taking an Ativan at about 2 AM because I was wide awake. I spent the day relaxing by myself while the rest of my family went out to the beach :/ I got another shower, which was nice, and took a nice little stroll outside. But, it was sooo hot out that I couldnt stay out for too long. I really have not had any pain at all just the soreness. So, I think by bowels are completely awake now...yipee!!! I stepped on the scale and it was 160...later that afternoon my stomach started to rumble and I went to the bathroom about four times!!! I stepped on the scale again and it said 156!!! When I woke up this morning I stepped on the scale again and it said 155 so I am pretty happy about that! I think my swelling is going down because it was really bad the other day. Friday night I decided to watch one of my favorite funny movies, The Heartbreak Kid, and that was not the best idea...it hurts BAD to laugh!!! Also, when you brush your teeth and brush your tongue and start to gag a little hurts really bad too so just a heads up!! I hope my posts are helpful to someone out there and if anyone has any questions about anything let me know!! Some of the most useful things I used for this first week of recovery are: the toilet seat riser, stool softener/miralax, alcohol pads to strip your drains, a shower chair, heating pad for your back, kindle fire, timer for meds, and a chair in the bathroom for brushing teeth and what not!! Hope this helps! PS...I bought a walker and havent used it once!
Wow you look great wonderful!
Thank you so much :)
You look good even right after your surgery. Your on day 5 post op now, it will become easier and easier. After day 5 you no longer experience hell, now your making your way in literal baby steps to recovery. happy healing!

Yay!! So, it has been exactly one week since my...

Yay!! So, it has been exactly one week since my MM!!! And, it hasnt been too bad. For the past two days I have gotten out and walked a mile to a mile and a half and it feels great! I havent really had any pain except for my left drain....its been burning, and hurting and leaking blood. I cant wait for these drains to be gone because they are such a pain in the butt!! Also, this swelling has my body looking crazy!! I dont want to post pics because it looks so terrible :( I am hoping I start to look a little better by this weekend because I have a birthday party to go to and I know all my friends are gonna be checking me out and I dont wanna look all swollen and puffy. My boobs feel so big and are taking a little getting used to. My hubby absolutely loves them though so that makes me feel really good :) Everytime he gives me a shower he is trying to cop a feel ;) Thats about all I have to report for now!! Happy healing to all you ladies!!
how did it go? did it hurt? now your gonna feel more normal hhahah happy healing
Ummm yes it was.painful and. really weird. feeling! So glad its over!
My drains hurt and burned very badly when they got taken out or should I say while they were takin out and then relief no pain when theyre out of your body! take a tylenol or moltin before u go I wish I would have. Also stitches around drain kind of hurt to get pulled out too. Good luck!

Soooo today is day 9 and I am still doing good! ...

Soooo today is day 9 and I am still doing good! Yesterday I walked a mile and a half again, which my nurses encourage me to keep doing so I will, and I felt good! But, I cant wait to run again...although they said I probably wont be able to run until six weeks out!! Omg...that totally sucks! I decided yesterday I wanted to do my hair, makeup, and look nice....Well, the hair and the make up went good but considering I still had my drains nothing made those look nice. We headed to Destin where my doctor is and stopped by the Coach store and I got two new really cute purses than went to McDonalds. I know that is the last thing I should be eating but it was sooooo good at the time!! After McD's we went to my appt to get my drains out. The nurse and doctor checked me out and said everything looks really good even though I have all this crazy swelling. Pulling of the drains...NOT FUN!! I was so nervous I was sweating...So, its not a quick pull they do they did it little by little. They had me breath in and than pulled a little out and stripped it and did that until the whole thing finally came out. It wasnt like excruciating pain but it was very uncomfortable and felt really weird. It felt like it was kind of stuck in there and they were tugging....ewwww...I hated it. Soooo happy that is over with. Now I am just waiting for my incisions to close where my drains were which should take like a day they said. I also have to stuff my belly button with gauze. And, my PS wants me to wear Spanx and my binder for the next like month...Yay me!! I live in FL and its hott as heck and I am gonna be wearing endless layers!!! Oh well, whatever helps me to get the best results! They also showed me some new exercises to do for my boobs like walking my hand up the wall and another one where you hold the wall and turn. So far everything is going good!!
yes indeed , now the fun begins hahaha happy healing

So today is 11 days since my MM and I feel fine. ...

So today is 11 days since my MM and I feel fine. I honestly have not had any problems thus far and have had very minimal pain (knock on wood) I am hoping everything keeps going so smoothly. I am still swollen which sucks because you cant see how good you look at all...I have been staying busy all week and my body has not had a problem with it! I drove to see my therapist this morning for the first time since my surgery and had no problems. I also walked 3 miles this morning before my appointment...still cant wait to be able to get back into the gym for real!! The only thing that is irritating me lately is the fact that I have to wear these tight spanx all day with my binder over it!! My binder keeps sliding up the spanx, and it gets all bunched, and its a pain in the butt to fix and so on...I cant wait to be free from the binder and spanx!! I went out on a date with my honey yesterday, we went out to one of my favorite restaurants and to see Spider Man in IMAX 3D. To anyone who is having an upcoming surgery my advice would be you can do it and as long as you take care of yourself and take your meds you should be fine. Its really not that bad...I have a low pain tolerance and the pain has been minimal....more soreness and less actual pain. Good luck to all you ladies out there!!

So today is day 13 everything is still going good....

So today is day 13 everything is still going good...feeling good, moving good, and just over all good! But, my boobs look soo uneven :( I am hoping with time they will start to look better. Yesterday was my first day by myself, with my 3 small children, while my hubby went back to work. It was not bad at all. We did a little shopping, took them to lunch, took a little nap, and went to a birthday party! I was a bit tired by the end of the day but thats to be expected. My back was actually hurting during the night so I had to have my hubby get me the heating pad. I am soooo tired of sleeping in this stupid recliner I cannot wait to get back into my bed. I just feel like I cannot get comfy at all anymore.



I thought this link may help 
How has your swelling been coming along? Any change in the uneven breasts? Does the PS think its "just swelling"? Seems to be the answer for everything......grrrr
He said.it just hasn't.dropped.yet and that I need.to massage it more...we shall see!

Ok...so today is exactly 3 weeks since my MM. All...

Ok...so today is exactly 3 weeks since my MM. All in all I feel good except for my left boob has started hurting for some strange reason. My right boob has not dropped yet and my left boob hurts. I think I am gonna call my PS today and see if this is normal because it wasn't hurting before. Last week was my first week by myself since my surgery because my hubby went back to work. On Monday I did wayyyy too much and pretty much paid for it the rest of the week. I took my kids to the pool, and almost passed out in the heat because of my spanx and binder. And then I had to take all 3 of my wonderful children down to my college because I had some last minute papers that needed to be turned in. After walking all over the campus I was pooped! I also walked a total of 23 miles last week. I walked 4 miles for 5 days and 3 miles one day. I just dont want to gain any weight because I love to eat and thats not gonna change any time soon! I will be starting my scar therapy soon as soon as this one little scab falls off of my incision. I was told I could start doing more than just walking this week like the elliptical so I might go to the gym and do that...getting a little bored with just walking. My boob has really been aching enough that I need to take something for it at times...Any of you ladies have that problem this far out??
Please , please, please listen to your body. You may be doing too much, I am five weeks today I just started walking and I only did two mile. lile you I do not want to gain weight but you have to think that you just had major surgery. You had this surgery because you couldn't get the changes you wanted through excercise. I am not saying don't do anything but let your body be your guide.

Forgot to write you look great! The size of your boobs is the size I want!!!

I would def call your PS. Mine told me to call about anything. Better to be safe then sorry. I have not had my surgery so we will see if he meant it after surgery! Hope everything works out. Keep us updated!
Dr. Ennis

I havent had the surgery yet so I dont know if its worth it.

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