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I had my first consult with a plastic surgeon when...

I had my first consult with a plastic surgeon when I was 19 years old. I am now 46 and just went for my second consult to address a weak chin. The first doctor told me they would need to break my jaw. I declined. This time Dr. Ceydeli recommended a large chin implant. He seems very nice and I loved his staff. I have read so much here, it answered many of the questions I might have had if it didn't exist. This site was so helpful that I have decided to share this journey with the other readers here. I will be submitting before and after photos.


I am so glad you started your story! That is exciting that your surgery is scheduled! How much downtime have they told you to plan for?

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I went in for my pre operative consult. They...

I went in for my pre operative consult. They ordered bloodwork including a test for Hepatitis C and HIV. They will call in my prescriptions (antibiotic, pain pill and something to sedate me) the day before my surgery. I have to pick it up and bring with me. It was also time to finish paying for my surgery. At my original consult I paid $1000.00 and then the 2750.00 at my pre operative visit.

They told me I would be swollen and bruised. Recovery time depends on the individual. They told me the rule of thumb is - however long it takes for a bruise to disappear on me is how long the my recovery period is likely to be. They also told me I would have skin tightening around my chin area that might be uncomfortable. I want that skin tighter so hopefully I won't whine too much about it being uncomfortable. LOL

They will be using a large silicone implant placed through a small incision on the inside of my mouth.

If I have not mentioned it before I am nervous, so my plan thus far has been to pretend that I am not having surgery. I am however going to have surgery and I plan on showing you a picture the first day, if I am not too loopy from the meds. to figure out how to upload them on here. Wish me luck! Next update scheduled for 4/2/2013.


Thanks Megan, I am excited and nervous. They said I would have swelling for a few days and the bruising would fade at the same rate a bruise normally takes my body to heal. For me, I would say two weeks, but we will know after my surgery if I am right.

Yeah, and I'm guessing that would be some pretty deep bruising, so probably best to figure on the longer side of things then be pleasantly surprised if you heal faster. I know you mentioned you will be getting a large implant, but did they give you any kind of estimate as to how much length or projection that will add to your chin?

He didn't give me an estimate as to how much it would lengthen or the projection it would add. He just told me that he wanted to use a large implant. To be fair the day I saw him, he was feeling under the weather, they offered to reschedule and it wasn't a question that asked. My main question was how much is this going to hurt. lol

I'm going to write more of an update when I am not...

I'm going to write more of an update when I am not on pain medication. I uploaded the pictures we took about thirty minutes after my surgery. I said I would share my journey it includes sharing pictures of the bruising and swelling I am having.


Its the 3rd April...any updates??
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Yes, I have the pictures as promised. LOL I am so happy I took one yesterday before I started swelling... I will try and update the pictures now.
There you go, Elle. What do you think?

The day of surgery, we picked up the medication...

The day of surgery, we picked up the medication that was prescribed, went to the office and they had me take a pain pill and sedative. They took me to a surgery suite and had me lie down. First they swabbed everything with Betadine, then the doctor started the injections. I have had many dental injections and these were no better or worse than those. After he finished with those I didn't feel anything except him pinching around my chin like he was molding it. I think the bruises come mostly from the injections but the ones underneath my jaw came from his thumbs. They covered my eyes with a small wet strip of something, I could hear some snipping and the thread was tickling my nose while he was doing the surtures, then it was over. It only took about 30-40 minutes.

I am relieved that my nerves don't seem to be effected, I can still smile though the swelling makes it difficult. The feeling has returned around my bottom lip, under my chin, but my actually chin is still completely numb.The swelling has gone down enough that my face is feeling normal again. (though it still looks pretty bad)

I'll be completely honest the first night was very painful. I was up every two hours putting hot and cold compresses on my face. Last night was uncomfortable but I only woke up when the pain medication wore off. Today I am just taking Alieve for the pain and it seems to be working. If I need a pain pill I will take one but they upset my stomach. I am on a soft food diet for seven to ten days and have my post op visit on Tuesday.


You look like a different woman. The change is incredible. It definitely balances out your face. Must say though, you are brave for not going completely under! I could never be semi awake for this procedure.
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Elle, Have you had chin augmentation or are you just considering it?
No I have had thoughts about jaw implants...but after reading about that changed my mind,,,I heard stories of shifting, infections is apparently a lot more involved than chin implants

I added week one - post op photos, it was amazing...

I added week one - post op photos, it was amazing how fast the bruising and swelling went down after the first four days. As you can tell from the photos I am still slightly bruised and swollen. It will probably take a few more weeks for the rest of the swelling down. I have another post op appointment in two weeks and I will update the photos then. I'm still eating soft food and have been told not to open my mouth too wide. My sutures are still there and if they have not dissolved by my next appointment he will take them out. The pictures of my face swollen look horrible so I wanted to assure everyone that it didn't last long. :)


Tremendous difference. Without seeing any of your other features, you can still tell that this made a very dramatic, positive change. The jawline just looks more youthful and in balance. Looks like a great result.
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Just had the surgery yesterday and your pics bring me comfort. I am a bit swollen, but see how well you healed after a week. I should add cold compressions. Any new pics? Thanks for post.
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You look lovely. Very nice result!
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I am thrilled with the results of my chin augmentation. If you click on my name you can see the before and after pictures that I took. Dr Ceydeli does beautiful work. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering surgery.

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