7 weeks post op and healing nicely! New pics

I was a 38H before my reduction, and now I expect...

I was a 38H before my reduction, and now I expect I will be a 38C. I was very nervous before my surgery, but it has been much better than I expected. I'm one day post-op and the pain is not too bad at all. I'm taking my pain medication every 4 hours, so I'm sure that makes a big difference, but even still it really isn't that bad. I had a follow up appointment today, and the PS changed my steri-strips and took out the drain on my left breast. They gave me a sports bra that hooks in the front, which I will day and night for the next few weeks. This bra has been the only thing to cause me pain, since it goes over my incisions. Even still, the pain is much less than I feared. Most importantly, I am elated with my results! I feel liberated with all the weight removed. I had nearly 5 pounds taken off; 1024 grams on the right, and 1200 grams on the left. I did not need a free nipple graft either. My breasts are perky, full, and round! I was worried about having a flattened, smaller breast, but these look almost like implants. My PS was able to do a superomedial pedicle which left me with a lot of roundness. For anyone that is afraid of pain or worried about the outcome, I highly recommend doing it.

I'm now 3 days post op, and I feel great! I could...

I'm now 3 days post op, and I feel great! I could go back to work on Monday (it is Thursday now), but I'm still going to take the next week off. The recovery has been much easier than I expected. Today, I went to the grocery store and picked up a 10 pound bag of bird seed, no problem.
I have a litle bit of itching and minor pain along the suture line under my breasts, but I think that's mostly from the sports bra going over the suture lines. I'm feeling great!

I had a rough night yesterday. My pain wasn't bad...

I had a rough night yesterday. My pain wasn't bad at all, but for some reason it's gotten worse. I think it's just from the healing process. I have a lot of pain at night, when I try to go to sleep. Finding a confortable position with a billion pillows is such a challenge! The band on the sports bra really hurts the sutures under my breasts, and along my under arm area. I'm feeling much better today though. I have an appt tomorrow with the PS, which will be one week post op. I'm not sure what to expect. It's probably to early to take my stitches out, right? I will be happy with a change of the steri-strips at least. They were driving me bananas yesterday, and I sprayed them a bit with bactine which seemed to help.

Lots of tears at one week post- op. I think it...

Lots of tears at one week post- op. I think it was a release of physical stress that came out emotionally. Feeling much better though.

I got new steri-strips from work and decided to...

I got new steri-strips from work and decided to finally reveal the boobs without the sutures covered. It feels good to switch the steri-strips every few days anyway. Today's reveal was good and bad. The right nipple looks a lot better than lefty's, and I hope eventually they even out with the healing. The sutures along my breast and the T-zone look completely sealed! I'm sure it's not really sealed since it has only been 10 days, but it makes me optimistic about how these scars will look in the end. I think they will hardly be noticable. Anyway, the left nipple is struggling, but that's about it. I have one sore spot at the end of my suture on the left breast. I took the opportunity to clean it with soap and put some bacitracin on it. I have added a few pics of today's escapades.

I tried on a few bras at the store, and I was...

I tried on a few bras at the store, and I was fitting into the D sizes! Such great news. To be honest, I was a little distressed about the fact that I've been fitting into DDs. It must mean that some of my swelling is going down. Yay!

Well, things are healing nicely. I took the...

Well, things are healing nicely. I took the steri-strips off and had another look. I'm relieved that the left side looks significantly better!! It looks as though I might end up with a little dog ear in my right cleavage. I think it's no big deal to correct later, so that may be in store for me, but maybe it'll go away. Anyway, I went back to work last week. I did a lot of paperwork, but it was still a lot of moving and activity. By 12-1pm, I would end up with a burning sensation that would last the rest of the day. I'm not sure if this from moving in a sports bra that's one size too big, or just regular healing. It's not too bad, but it's uncomfortable. I might try wearing a bra in a 38, my regular size since my sutures underneath are pretty well healed now.

I can't stop flashing people! hahahaha! Call Joe...

I can't stop flashing people! hahahaha! Call Joe Francis, I need to get on Girls Gone Wild! I flashed 3 coworkers today. I feel like they need to see the new boobies as they look better and better. I'm very pleased with my healing. I was a little concern about having flat nipples, but that has started to diminish. They are finally coming back to life!

I have been feeling back to my old self. I have...

I have been feeling back to my old self. I have some itching, but oteherwise things are healing well.

Not much is new. My itching and random pains have...

Not much is new. My itching and random pains have stopped. I'm really looking forward to summer this year & all the new clothes I can wear!
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You are looking great!! I too was a 38H, now I'm not sure if I am a 38C or D. Still waiting for the swelling to go down. The healing process has been good, although I believe I still have some sutures left in me. Hopefully, I will be able to post pictures soon.
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You are looking great. I am six weeks po and i too have rather flat nips. Worried because the left one has left the building!! I have sensation on the right, but my prolem left boob isnt very happy. I am encouraged that you are having a return of sensation..
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You look fabulous, happy summer clothes shopping!!!
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You look just great.love the bathing suit. It's almost like gaining 15 years on your life. What a wonderful operation
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The suit looks great on you and I LOL'd because of course your husband picks the suit with the plunging neckline. He must be happy about the new girls too. You look amazing, I have boob envy :)
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Thanks!! I wouldn't even be upset if a wave hit me and a boobie popped out, lol!!
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Your swimsuit looks incredible! Getting a cute one-piece that isn't laden with underwire is something I am looking forward to the most! You look great :)
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Bathing suit looks awesome. You look awesome!! Very happy for you :)
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Congratulations looking fabulous!!
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Thanks! I'm feeling better too. How are you?
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I'm doing fabulous except the soreness and hardness buts learning its from overdoing it to quick . First day dr released me l went way overboard. Yoga work and cleansed house .. ..! Arnt out boobs just amazing!!!
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I meant when he released me last week not when he released me from the hospital lol
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Hey ladies.. I know y'all probably wondering where I been.. Lol.. I am now 9 days post op and feeling alot better then I was about 4 days ago.. My swelling is going down.. My breasts are not hard as rocks from swelling and I'm finally able to sleep.. Been having problems sleeping.. I have also noticed about mid afternoon after wearing the sports bra all day that I get this ichy burning feeling around the outter bra area near my neck line.. I just think I'm more sensitive now after the surgery.. I know my nipples are very sensitive.. I can't even stand in the shower and let water run on them lol.. Or let the sports bra brush up on them.. I have a 4x4 gauge folded in half running down the front of my sports bra to cover my nipple and incision lol cause of the sensetitivey .. Lol everybody seems to b doing great.. Keep your head up..
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I get the burning to . Must be healing because its a daily thing usually late in the day' I switch between 38 and 40 sport bra . 40 feels lose but tie 38 seems short to cover entire breast . I never had strips or tape but te gauze is so annoying il be glad when I don't need that anymore it's irritating but better than those loads I was carrying around and this gets better everyday
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You might want to try surgical tape on your incisions; it will make them heal flatter and thinner. You can buy it in any pharmacy. I wonder how long this burning will last....
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I will ask when I go Tuesday ' I couldn't use steri strips or tapes so far because my skin was to thin and stretched so I've been only allowed bacitracin and gauze since the surgical wrap came off., now I'm down to a dime size drain spot so maybe at my appt il graduate to what the rest of you girls are doing! Thank you for the tip can't wait!
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Hi Rachel , Natalierw and Carolinagirl I had a breast reduction and tummy tuck with lipo, the full monty Wed 20th March. I just want to let you know that the thin tape is what I have used on my tummy incision with Fucidin ointment as my Irish fair skin was red raw after the surgical tape. Then I have the same thin tape under my breasts across and around and also in a square along the perimeters of my nipples. I didn't have that burning sensation you mentioned. I hope this helps ...just wanted to share! Happy Easter hols...Anna ;-)
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The burning is getting less this week. Some padding in the bra helps too. Great news about your body overhaul !! I'm so jealous!!!
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Hi Rachel V, many Thanks for your support! This is my 3rd week since the op & my nipples have become sensitive to the surgical tape, so I'm inserting sterile gauze inside my bra to cover them! I hope that works effectively! Just venting! ;-) hope all in this chat forum are feeling better & healing well day by day....
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looking great!!! yeah try a sports bra a bit bigger and that might help. plz dont try to go back to work too soon. even at 3 weeks my body would scold me for being to active. hope all goes well :)
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hmm. So you think I need bigger? I was wondering if I should go smaller. Please tell me your opinion, since you have been down this road. I usually wear a 38. I bought a 40 based on my PS's advice. I'm fine in the am, but my nipples and breast feel like they are burning and irritated by afternoon. I have some relief when I get home and take the bra off, but it takes an hour or so. I was thinking I needed a smaller bra to prevent my breasts from moving in the bra, but maybe I need bigger if I feel better with it off. I can't keep it off too long, as that causes them to ache too, lol. Can't win. It's not that bad, just bothersome. My PS told me I would have burning, and they seemed surprised at my 2 week appt that I didn't have it then. It started maybe 2 weeks later. I'm also concern that I have almost no nipple projection. I wonder if that will return. I don't want the headlights on all the time, but maybe a little sometimes, ha!
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oh- about work :( I had to get a traveler to cover my position at the hospital, and she's was only there 3 weeks after surgery. My PS was misleading in how soon I could go back. He estimated 10 days, and his office manager who had a BR said she was back at work 3 days later! Ridiculous!! Anyway, I needed to prepare for an inspection coming up in May, so I went back to write policies last week while the traveler was still there. If I hadn't gone back, I would have had to write those policies every weekend for the next month (7days/ week). I'm worried about next week though, since I will be back in my regular dept, while is fast paced. I will be asking people for help!
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Try putting some surgical dressings or something padded on ur nips ... Hopefully that will help.
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I tried it and it does help! Thanks!
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You look wonderful. Nice job by ps and some great healing on your part
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