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I have struggled with oily skin my entire life....

I have struggled with oily skin my entire life. When I was 27, I went through a traumatic, life-changing experience. The roller coaster emotions I was experiencing manifested themselves through an explosion of cystic acne that forever altered my formerly smooth skin. Although I had had acne here and there and some cysts throughout my teenage years, this onslaught just wouldn't STOP, and even after they were gone, the disfiguring scars remained. Every time I look in the mirror I remember what happened to me.

I went through all sorts of medications, homeopathic remedies, lasers, microderms, chemical peels, OTC and prescription washes, creams, potions, blue light treatments, etc. You name it, I probably did it. I saw all sorts of doctors...some kind, some not. I was at a loss and scared to do Accutane since I was already so depressed. A former dermatologist prescribed spironolactone, but since I didn't see an immediate improvement in my acne (I wanted it, and I wanted it NOW!), I stopped taking it.

I was denied the Fraxel Re:Pair that I really wanted for my scars because the doctor stated my acne was not under control. Although that left me angry, I believe it was the best thing she could have done. Several years later, through my ARNP, I met a fantastic dermatologist. In the past, I had to wait months to get in to see a derm. I got it quickly with this new doctor, he was attentive and personable, and he prescribed me 50 mg of spironolactone. I had been on it years before, but thought I'd give it another shot. Thank GOODNESS I did. I actually upped it to 100 mg myself. When I went back to my dr and told him, he went ahead and prescribed the 100 mg pill. Spironolactone is a godsend. For anyone who doesn't know, spiro is a blood pressure medication. I have no BP problems, but a side effect of this medication is decreased testosterone. The medication binds to the hormone and it is excreted. Although my blood tests have never shown I had increased testosterone, I learned that some women are extremely sensitive to it. Perhaps the hell I endured when I was 27 affected my hormone levels...?

The medication has drastically decreased my oil production and acne. Spiro also helps reduce the growth of body hair. Although I still gets stressed out, my blood pressure doesn't spike like it used to with the medication, and my anger/aggression has decreased, as well. I still have the occasional breakout when I get severely stressed or around that time of the month, but the cysts have disappeared and the breakouts I have are much more manageable.

I have to get my potassium levels checked periodically due to spiro, but I've never had an issue with my levels. Although everyone is different, I highly recommend anyone suffering from oily skin and acne to speak with their derm/general physician about it. Find a dosage that works for YOU, and stick with it. I saw an improvement in my mood, decreased oil production, and fewer breakouts within a few weeks.


I had no clue what was going on with my 41-year old skin. I've never suffered from acne. I inherited great genes from my mother. Her and her sisters are beautiful, hardly wrinkle, and flawless skin. I always received compliments about my skin. I didn't need make-up/foundation (I was told that by a make-up artist with her own make-up line!!!) Until, the last year!!!!! I'm sure my acne is not as bad as most, because I don't feel like staying in the house like I hear most say, but it was still embarrassing. Here I am 41, walking around, teaching 13 and 14 year old students with acne, and I have two or three big zits too!!!! I finally decided to go to the dermatologist....my appointment was today. She was explaining to me, all about high testosterone. She also noticed my hair on my chin. She prescribe Spiro. She told me to research it when I got home and explained it is used for HBP, but can also be used for this type of acne. The acne has left scars on my cheeks and chin so I now wear plenty of foundation everyday to help cover the scars... (I just went out and purchase various kinds)! I am excited about finally getting some help! I'm anxious about the weigh gain though, because I've fought so hard to lose 35 pounds over the course of two years!!!! And I don't want to gain any weight. I also am afraid of the "initial shock" acne outburst, so I am hoping and praying, those side effects won't affect me! (join me in prayer, lol). My derm has me on 50 Mg for the first week and then 100 Mg after that. She told me to give it about two months, but hopefully, I will see positive results quicker than that. I'm not on BCP, but I do have a Mirena IUD, which I read can cause acne (but I've had it for several years without the problem). I will post my updates! Thanks everyone for their posts!
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I am so glad you found us pfamily426, adult acne is a common thing, I suffered for years with it. Please share your story by writing a review as well, this way you will get support from the community. Also I thought you might find this helpful:
Has anyone noticed hair loss while taking aldactone? I've even decreased my dosage and haven't seen an improvement.
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