In love~ Saline, under muscle, inframammary incision, 270CC filled to 290cc/310cc

Hi gals, So I've been wanting bigger...

Hi gals,

So I've been wanting bigger fuller boobs ever since college, but only started to search on the internet for PS recently. I have only had one consultation but really liked meeting the doctor. She is relatively young comparing to most other men doctors in the area, but I like her because she operates with another female doctor together. They are both Stanford graduates and that adds a lot of weight to her experience in my opinion.

At first I was'nt sure to get saline or silicone implants, but more and more I read and look at before and after pictures, I think I'm more leaning towards getting saline now. That's what the doctor recommended me as well. I received a saline implants quote of $5300, and will have another "official" appointment soon. Will update after the next appointment, *fingers crossed*.

Had my "official" appointment today and scheduled...

Had my "official" appointment today and scheduled to have surgery on this Friday Dec 2nd. Finally decided on saline, 300cc on left and 320cc on right. I'm so excited and at the same time scared... I'm prone on getting dark scratch looking scars, hopefully the one inch incision wont look too obvious! *fingers crossed*

Surgery is tomorrow 9:30am! Wish for the best!

Surgery is tomorrow 9:30am! Wish for the best!

Hi girls, I had my surgery yesterday morning,...

Hi girls,

I had my surgery yesterday morning, 270cc filled up to 297cc and 307cc. I have to say, it was pretty painful afterwards, from the tight wrapping and muscle tightness. But after taking percocet (painkiller) and valium (muscle relaxer), i feel much better.

I just came home from post-op (taking off that choking tight wrapping.) I love the results, it's high and numb right now but I'm confident they will drop and relax more within the new few weeks. I don't feel pain now, just hard to raise my arms straight up. I will post more updates and pictures later. Thank you all for your support, especially Tori, I hope you had great results and not much pain!

So today is post op day 3, I feel better and...

So today is post op day 3, I feel better and better. The hardest part is really get out of bed, i have a really high bed and it's so hard for me to use my weak stomach muscle and arm muscle to push myself up. So I slowly maneuver and move off the bed, otherwise I ask my to help lift my shoulders and that helps a lot.

The boobs feel tight and I started massaging the top parts, gently and about 3 mins on each side.. Have no problem doing laundry, walking and even went to the mall to exchange something today. Tomorrow is Monday, I will go back to work (office job), just hope the painkillers don't make me drowsy tomorrow.

I like the size and shape, exactly how I wanted, not too big and natural looking. Tried on a 34c bra from H&M today, it wasn't big enough. I will wait for things to be fully healed then go on bra shopping, I think I will fit into 32D later on.

For those of you that are in the process of consultation or just thinking about it and doing some research, I strongly suggest don't overdo it, it should be an enhancement to your body and not a dramatic change. The bigger you get, the more complications and more risk of being uneven or further failures. Just do lots and lots of research and talk to your close family or friends on your thoughts and concerns before making any decision. And only do this for yourself, not for anyone else, it's your body, cherish it and love it!

Today is post operation day 5 for me (not...

Today is post operation day 5 for me (not including the surgery day), I've been working since Monday, my doctor called me super woman! Finished taking all the antibiotics, have a few more oxycodone and valium pills left. I absolutly love my new boobs, tried on my fav dresses and shirts without bras, and love my new look!! It just adds curves to my body and my bf is in love with my boobs too! Very happy!

The pec muscles are still sitting up high but I could feel them drop and soften little by little, hopefully by Christmas time they will be fully relaxed! If you guys know any good methods on how to speedy heal and drop faster, pls let me know!

It's Post Operation day 13, I feel great! Only...

It's Post Operation day 13, I feel great! Only time I feel sore or slight discomfort is in the morning. Went to Nordstrom and Victoria Secret for bra fitting and shopping, I'm a 32DD or 32DDD depending on the bras. So happy with the results, the pec muscles and implants are dropping and feeling softer day by day. Been applying kelocote scar gel on the incisions twice a day, the incisions are well hidden so I'm not worried even if they don't turn back to skin color. I will post pictures in few days. I'm one happy girl, 5500 well spent!
Dr. Angeline Lim

I had my surgery on Dec 2nd, 2011 at Duet Plastic Surgery Center in Palo Alco, CA. Dr. Angeline Lim and Dr. Jennifer Weintraub are miracle makers, they work and perform surgery together. Both of them are super sweet, caring and make sure to give the best and natural results for me. Always answer my questions and concerns right away and I just really enjoyed the whole process with both Doctors and the office staff. Highly Highly Highly recommended!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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They did a good job! I like how they look so natural. I was wondering how much do you need for a deposit?
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Looking soo nice!!
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Hello Kiwi,

I love your boobies. I am on the hunt for a trust surgeon and I am form the Bay Area too. So I would like to get in touch with you for more details about your surgeon.

Thanks in advance!

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you look great!
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You look awesome & like E777 I love that green dress or shirt so do tell.....where ; ) Are implants are almost identical except im 290 & 300 and I must say I am in love with mine too!!
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just wanted to tell you you look great! and i was wondering where you got that dress from?? i love it!
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Thank you! I got the grey dress from charlotte russe, and the green shirt from arden b. :)
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How are you looking a month out? Are you still happy w/ your results?
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Hi Natalie, It's been almost two month since my surgery, I'm very happy with the results. Officially 32DD, they feel soft and I cant feel the implants in me. Only problem I have is the scars, they are still in the healing process, smooth shortened but darker than my skin color. I will post more pictures later. Thanks!
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Glad your recovery is going so well! Are you still swollen at all? I'm post op day 10 and still feel swollen and its always worse when I get up and move around a lot or wake up in the morning. I'm also jealous of your size haha, I got 490cc and I think I will be lucky to be a 32/34C cup but I had absolutely no breasts to begin with.
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Hi thanks so much for the reply I'm getting the same brand of implants you are and am going to go the moderate profile as well I want them to look really far as the cc's I think I'm gonna stick with the 450 Just because of how big my hips are I think it will be nice and even foru proportions but thanks so much for the tip you're a sweetheart :)
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You are welcome! You are right, if your bone structure is wider, bigger will look more proportional and nice. Best luck to your surgery and recovery, keep us updated!
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hi there im getting my surgery jan 3rd and your results are amazing i cant believe how good they look i really hope mine look as good as yours :)..can i ask if you chose moderate or high profile?
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Hi Brittany, I didnt really ask for moderate or high profile, but I asked my doctors (two female surgeons) to give me natural and not high nor super cleavage results. That's another reason I picked saline over silicone, because the doctors have more control in adjusting the sizes during surgery (To correct any asymmetry.) To answer you question, mine are definitely not high profile, nor are they tear drop shape, just med/normal. The high muscle you see in my pictures will come down some after two to three weeks (doc said).

I looked at your page, I think you will have great results too, you have plenty skin and muscle to cover implants, but I really suggest dont go too big. We all want bigger, but bigger will definitely cause more complications and strech our your skin and nipples more. I think around 350cc would be nice, just a friendly suggestion, take my words with a grain of salt, wish you the best girly.
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Your new pics are amazing! I can't believe you are back to work already! Your a champ. Im feeling better everyday too, my 6 year olds birthday party is on Friday so I'm hoping I feel good enough for his party by then. I was able to walk around Walmart today after I went to my Dr appointment and didn't have much trouble so fingers crossed.
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Well I had my surgery yesterday at 9am and all I can say is OUCH! I was expecting pain but not that much. I was hoping to get high 300cc to at the most 425cc but ended up with 490cc yikes! The doctor said my body was just eating the implants. He said he started with a 400 and had to keep adding more. On surgery day I was 118lbs 5'8 and a 32a/v34aa. I was hoping to end up to be a 32/34 very small D. I'm hoping since I was so flat chested before I will still end up that size or a bit smaller. Praying I don't end up wit DD. Oh I also got silicone unders. The doctor said that was my best choice because I had so little breast tissue to hide the saline implant. Anyway I can't wait to read another update from you, good luck!
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Hi Tori, I'm glad you finally got to have the surgery! You are very petite and tall, so I think 490cc will look great on you. I read somewhere that every 210cc equals to roughly one cup size, so you will prob be two full cup sizes bigger after healing. I'm guessing you will prob be a 32cc/d or 34c? (Hot!!)

I wanted to choose silicone but was scared of having longer scars, because I'm asian and get dark scars that takes years to go away. Since I was a small 32c/34b before implants, I have enough fat/muscle to cover my saline implants and they don't feel hard on me.

The pain on the first day was really excruciating huh, yea I feel your pain! Keep on takings the meds every 4-5 hours and you'll feel better day by day. Dont eat salty stuff at all, water retention will hinder healing. I've been just eating milk and cereal, pan grilled chicken breast, apples for the past four days.

Take it easy, try not to raise your arms, sleep as much as you can, take good care of yourself girl!
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Thanks again! I'm glad I have someone to talk to that's going through the same thing I am. Thanks again for the advice I wouldn't have thought not to eat salty things. So far I am only able to eat plain rice chex and applesauce. I'm jealous you were able to get saline. I don't like all the risks associated with silicone but I try not to think about it too much because it just worries me. You had amazing boobs to begin with I didn't think yours could get any better but they really do look great with the implant in. I didn't have good boobs to begin with after nursing 2 babies I went from a 36E to a 32a or 34aa depending on the bra. I was lucky they didn't sag but I had extra skin that had to be removed so now I have a lot of scarring. Oh well I think it was worth the trade off. Now I'm just crossing ny fingers no capsular contracture, bottoming out, or infection happens also that they drop into a good position. Too many things that can go wrong.
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You are welcome Tori! Doesn't matter we got saline or silicone, as long as the results are good right? Don't worry about any side effects or things go wrong, all you need to focus on now is healing, recovering and love the new goodies! :D
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I would ask your surgeon about that one. Here's what some doctors have to say about flying after surgery. Keep us posted. Asia sounds amazing!

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You look beautiful. And thank you for your wise words.

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Thanks Angie! realself is really a great website, for people to share experience and comments. Thank you! I have a question, how long do you think it will take for my boobs to drop and heal? I'm traveling to asia for christmas, do you think I'll be much better by then? Thx!
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You look amazing! Congratulations! I am glad everything went well.
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Thank you Ploya! Wish you the best too!
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Your results look awesome already! :) I curious what bra size you were before and what you think you are now? I hope you have a speedy recovery. Keep us updated!
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