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Hi have had Ultherapy a couple of times awhile...

Hi have had Ultherapy a couple of times awhile back (I'm 43) and just had it done again. I have to say it matters WHO does it more than anything. I had "ok" results the first couple of times but this last time I went to someone new and she did an AMAZING job. I wish I had gone to her in the first place. Highly recommend it and it seriously works well on me. I feel like more aggressive protocols work and plan on repeating it again and again. Not super jazzed about the thought of surgery, so whatever I can do to avoid it I'm happy about. The one caveat is it hurts like a mother@#$%&...even with nerve blocks and meds. Totally worth it in IMO.


Could you please message me the name of the woman in Palo Alto who did your treatment? I'm interested in seeing her!
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What is the name of the clinic you went to ? If it's not the secret. Thank you!
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That is great that you are seeing good results! I'm so curious what made you keep going with Ultherapy treatments if the first couple of results were just ok? It seems like for the pain level and cost a person would want to see some really great results.

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