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Im 38 years old, a mother of 4 children, and so...

Im 38 years old, a mother of 4 children, and so tired of my mommy muffin top. Not to mention my hips, thighs and flanks. So I decided to try smart lipo triplex. My appointment is Friday, May 25th and I feel like I'm counting down the minutes. I am currently 5'7, weigh 164 pounds. I carry my weight on my hips, flanks and thighs. It wasn't until after baby #3 that I started to have that crappy muffin top. I do well on weight watchers, but I never can seem to be loosing where it counts most. So Im hopeful that smart lipo will give me some curves back and maybe some confidence as well. :)

Today was my procedure. Since Im still wearing my...

Today was my procedure. Since Im still wearing my girdle and super swollen I am unable to truly see any difference. I was under full anesthesia for 3.5 hours and my Dr. removed 6,000 cc's of fat (which weighed in at 15 pounds!). The only thing that set me back was the amount of pain I felt when I woke up. Enough pain that I cried all the way home, and that doesn't normally happen. I received morphine at the surgery center and then have percocet at home. Its probably the drugs, but I am starting to feel slightly better this evening.

The girdle is actually quite nice for being a girdle. My only issue being my thighs feel super itchy. They are still numb from the procedure but itch and are painful. Weird combo.

When I touch my flank area I do notice that it is much smoother than before. So Im excited to feel a bit of fat gone.

Day 3 Im feeling so much better today. Skin...

Day 3

Im feeling so much better today. Skin feels very tight, like a sunburn. Im still moving at a turtle's pace since each movement is a tad painful. However, I am so happy with the results! Just right before the procedure I was weighed at 165. I was told that the fat removed was 15lbs. Due to swelling, on the first night I weighed myself and it was 175. Super swollen! On day 3 I now weigh 160. My measurements are coming down. My waist is down 3 inches, hips down 3 inches and thighs are down 2 inches each. Since Im no where near my final results - I am super happy! Pain and all... it was worth it!

Day 9 I saw my Dr. on day 7 for my first post op...

Day 9
I saw my Dr. on day 7 for my first post op and stitches removal. I weighed 159, which I was very happy about. He was very happy to see my results and how I am healing faster than he thought I would. He also believes that I am carrying about 10 pounds of fluid still which he states will leave in about a week or so. So I will be about 150 once the swelling goes down. My goal is to be 135 and I will be estatic!!

Im still very sore, but Im walking around a lot which leaves me very tired by night time. Yesterday I was able to wear my size 8 clothing. yay! I measured 3 days ago and those measurements were that I am down 4" in hips, 3.7" waist and 2" in each thigh.

I am supposed to be massaging the areas, but honestly I don't even want to touch my body. It hurts to put pressure on my skin like that. So he stated I should buy a massager and sit and do it every night. I started to laugh since Im sure running out to the pharmacy to buy a massager will look like I want it for other things. :) So I may order one on Amazon instead.

I definitely thin it was worth it up to this point, even with all of my complaining. :)

Adding day 9 front pic wearing the same bathing...

Adding day 9 front pic wearing the same bathing suit as my pre op pics.

Day 11 My Dr. prescribed Phentermine which I...

Day 11
My Dr. prescribed Phentermine which I began today. Its 2:20 and I just ate something for the day. So I suppose it really works with cutting down your hunger. I also started the Arnica Montana Pellets (order on Amazon... lower price!) a few days ago. All my bruises are gone. So I have to conclude that it works. My Dr. never mentioned I buy them, but I kept reading on this site that they work.

My measurements budged slightly overnight. My hips are now down 4.5 inches. Im wearing a size 8 and medium top now. So happy with that.

I have not begun any type of massaging yet. When I search over my body there are no lumps, etc that I keep reading on here. I don't feel like Im not spared this, but I wonder when they may happen? I ordered a muscle massager on Amazon which will arrive in a few days. Dr. stated that I just use it to rub over the areas I had done and that will make a difference.

Still very happy with everything and highly recommend. Please note that I went to a board certified plastic surgeon. Do your homework and compare the plastic surgeon versus cosmetic surgeon. I think his body shaping expertise has really helped me. (my humble opinion..)

Day 12 After one day on Phentermine Im down 2...

Day 12

After one day on Phentermine Im down 2 lbs. For me Im still hungry while taking the med. but I lost weight overnight which hasn't happened in about 7 days. So maybe a coincidence.. maybe not. I have no side effects of the med (yet?) so it doesn't bother me to take it.

I did try on some clothes that I wore 10 years ago and they fit! Infact I look better now then I did before having 4 kids. Whatever is working... I am thankful for.

Hello, Im at day 17 and feeling much better. Im...

Hello, Im at day 17 and feeling much better. Im definitely back to my normal activity which is generally chasing after little kids. Over the weekend I was playing volleyball with my daughter and she kept saying I was moving 10 times faster. I never told the kids what I got done, rather, they knew I had a crash c-section this past year with my youngest and so I told them I had to get it fixed again. With that said, I keep asking my daughter to take more pictures. She replied in her 7 year old sweetness "you look the same mom". haha.. I keep looking for little differences of course.

So as of today I weigh 157. I am down 9 pounds since the morning of my surgery. I am also taking phentermine which I don't think works at all for me. Im hungry all the time which is the complete opposite of what the med is for. My measurements are still the same as well. I did get my massager from Amazon and have been using it every day for 30 minutes. I could feel two lumps low down on my stomach so when I use the massager they dissipate after about 5 minutes. Every day those get better. :)

I conclude I must still be swollen since its been a short time, but I don't feel swollen if that makes sense. Im back in all my old clothing which has been great.

I added some pictures although I believe I look exactly the same from the last set.

Day 23. Hi, saw my Dr. last thursday just one day...

Day 23. Hi, saw my Dr. last thursday just one day shy of my 3 week check up. After examination he was very pleased with my results. I still have no bumps and he stated that my recovery looks as if I am 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I have lost 10 pounds so far and he believes I have about 5 more to go with water weight. I have my lymphatic drainage massage this week which he states will make a visible difference afterwards.

I do have random soreness on a daily basis. SOme body parts are still numb as well. I have also worn my compression garnet for the entire 3 weeks. I now only have to wear it one more week for 12 hours at a time. So I wear it at night since our days have been so hot.

Very happy with my decision. :)

Hi, I think I am at day 30? I am currently down...

Hi, I think I am at day 30? I am currently down 12 pounds and feeling great. I love my results. I had my Lymphatic Drainage Massage on Friday and to be honest, Im not sure if it made any difference. The therapist kept saying I barely had any swollen lymph nodes and that my healing is really advanced of my surgery date. She stated there was some swelling near my arm pits at the lymph nodes but other than that I had nothing else. So I suppose that is why I felt nothing really happened after the session.

I stopped wearing my compression garment but I do use my massager every single day for 30 minutes. On some days I use it up to 3 times a day. After I use it, I feel so much better. So I know its helping tremendously since both the Dr. and now the therapist have both stated they are surprised how well Im doing.

My measurements are slowing working their way down. On the day of my procedure to today, I am down 5 inches in my waist, 5 inches in my hips and 3.5 inches in my thighs. Im not sure if my current pictures show a change, but my clothing definitely tells me so. :)

Im at 2.5 months post recovery and I am soooo...

Im at 2.5 months post recovery and I am soooo happy! I am down 20 pounds and wearing a size 6 now. I had no lumps left over and just minimal soreness in my flank area. If you read all my updates I really had little bruising, little lumps and overall a very good experience. I would recommend my Dr. in a heartbeat. His skills were worth every penny.
Dr. Vistnes

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How did you end up liking your end result? I know it's been awhile but i was curious as i am in Mtn .view native and it would be great to see pics now. current ones Thank You
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You look awesome!!!! Just had my inner and outer thighs and flanks done today. Having upper and lower abs done in the morning. I hope I get outstanding results like you did.
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Great results.
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Thank you!
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hey your results look great. I'm looking to get smart lipo done this coming wed. im super nervous so I went to another plastic surgeon to get a second opinion and he told me that I would probably have loose skin and rolls when i sat down. i think he was trying to push regular lipo. I'm not grossly overweight and don't consider myself fat. i exercise regularly. im 5'6 155lbs. do you have problems with loose skin?
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Ur last pic looks awesome! What compression garment are u using? I'm wearing a spanx that my doctor recommended.
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Hi. Im not sure what I am wearing since I purchased the garment directly from the Plastic Surgeon. Sorry, not super helpful but wanted to answer your question.
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Hey Nicole, what is your garment brand name? Also, which massager have you been utilizing? I will be have my procedure on Tuesday morning...
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Hi, Sorry, not sure the brand of my compression garment. I purchased it as part of my package with the procedure. Since I had so much done, it covers from directly under my breasts to just above my knees.

As for the massager, I purchased it on Amazon. I love it. Its the Wahl 4296 deluxe wand. It is $26 (free shipping and no tax). I use it every night for at least 30 minutes. At first it feels painful but afterwards my body feels so much better. In the morning I feel slightly sore but after a few minutes of movement it goes away.

Good luck tomorrow!!
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Thanks; I'm 3 days post. When did you 1st begin using you massager?
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Hi. I started using it at week 2. I was in so much for for the first 10 days that I really could not have imagined using the massager any sooner than that. Hope you are doing well!
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Hey Nicole, I'm get my lymphatic massage today :) also, my doctor cleared me to workout on my elliptical yesterday.....I am happy. He said no sit ups. I am 9 days post.
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Ohh, tell me what you think after you had your massage. Im curious about your thoughts. Im on the fence about how I felt for mine.
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U look great :)
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Thank you
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I am thinking of having this done. But how pricy is it? Do they consider each area a different treatment with an additonal cost? I want the bra buldge, tummy and love handles done plus thighs.

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I beg to differ! You definitely look tighter and leaner in your latest picture!
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Thank you!
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Best reply EVER!! NicoleAndCo - your results look amazing!! Seriously, between the pictures and your running commentary post-op, I think you've got me sold on both the procedure itself and your Doctor. Thankfully I live in SF, so Palo Alto is close enough - it would probably take me just as long to get to downtown SF as it would take to get to Palo Alto from where I live.

On a side note, do you know if your doctor has any hospital affiliations or if he accepts any insuance for the procedure(s)? Did you get the procedure done onsite or did you have to go to a different facility? Were the compression garments included in the price or did you have to pay for them separately?

Thank you again for your honesty and for openly sharing your experience!!
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Hello Abrady21, So exciting for you that you may have a procedure! Hopefully I can help answer all your questions. :)

So I live in Marin County and chose to drive to Palo Alto for Dr. Vistnes. I did however research different Drs all over the Bay Area. What I liked about the Dr. was that he had rights to perform the operation at Stanford Hospital. He said not all Dr's have those rights. He also has an operating theater next door to his office which has been in operation for 30 years. The anesthesia Dr's are all from Stanford and have been working together for years.

Since I chose to have so much work done, Dr. felt it was best that I be fully asleep for the procedure. It took 3.5 hours under general anesthesia. In regards to the payment, the entire procedure is charged by the hour. So let's say you have smaller areas to be done (then me) then maybe the lidocaine may work and no need for the additional fees of the anesthesia Dr's, etc.

I did not use any type of insurance for the payment. We paid by credit card. There were 3 different payments made. Dr. receives his payment 2 weeks before procedure and the Anesthesia Dr's were 2 weeks after procedure.

The girdle cost was $100 which was included in my total bill. Its actually a nice one which I like wearing. :) Another thing included will be my lymphatic drainage massage which is 80 minutes long. They gave me a gift certificate which will be used at his Skin Spirit in Palo Alto.

I do hope this info helps you. :)
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lol.. thank you 30yeartuneup. :)
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You will find that it is extremely easy to lose weight fast on Phentermine. I believe it is because it raises your heart rate. I lost weight taking it even when I didn't do anything. I liked how it surpressed my appetite and gave me extra energy, but I couldn't keep up with the monthly payment for it. When I stopped, most of my weight came back ;( It's ok though because it was causing me to have tachycardia and a-fib even worse than I already have, along with insomnia. I am going to sign up for the gym and count my calories like I used to, hopefully to keep it off for good.
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