Day 16 post op- new pic

So I just finished playing college basketball this...

So I just finished playing college basketball this year. My coach broke it the last week of practice back in march and I am finally getting the surgery in two weeks. I have actually had a procedure done 3 years ago when i broke it also playing basketball but they just straightened it back up. This time the doctor told me that he could fix it however I want it since I am done playing basketball. I have always hated my nose and thought about fixing it so therefore I was alright with doing this. I am though super nervous with the aftermath of the surgery. I have already told my close friends I am getting the procedure done and even it being after my nose has been broken many of them think there is no need to get it done and think it is a bad idea. I already know that there will be a lot of talking behind my back which makes me uneasy.

Luckily, My boyfriend and family are very supportive with it. My biggest worry is that I am now grad assisting for another college team and I don't know how to deal with this new nose in a work area. I am really excited to get it done and not nervous for the actual surgery since I had the one before even though it was minor compared to this. I am nervous about peoples reaction to the aftermath. My nose will not be super subtle since I have a big hump and I have a wide tip that is going to be thinned and the septum moved up. If anyone could let me know how their experience with the aftermath would be much appreciated!

Go for it ... do what makes you happy. Your nearest and dearest will notice the change but they will be supportive ... they are the ones who matter in your life.

Just told my coach today that I would be getting...

Just told my coach today that I would be getting the surgery and I will be missing a few days of practice. Went well since he already knew I broke my nose. I don't think he understands the extent of it but when the time comes lol
Good luck with your surgery! Be carefull about playing sports right after surgery, my doctor told me that i should avoid strenuous activities for at least a month after the surgery (i.e. avoid rising your blood pressure and pulse in order to avoid edema). Again, best of luck to you! looking forward to seeing the new you:)
Thank you guys! I'm hoping! And yes From my first surgery I had to wear a mask for my nose while playing since I was still in college. This time the doctor told me no getting my heart rate up for 2 weeks and I'm sure I won't be able to play basketball for over a month. I feel that will be a rough one for me lol
You're gonna be fine. You're already beautiful and it's only going to enhance you that much more! I was worried about people noticing but NOBODY noticed anything! Only 1 person said "Did you cut your hair different?"

So if anyone could help, I am curious how people...

So if anyone could help, I am curious how people dealt with their nose job in their work place. For me being a grad assistant and therefore having to play to help out I do not know how my other coaches and head coach will react on this different look even though they know I am getting the surgery, just not to the extent I'm getting it to. If anyone could let me know how their situations went and help me that would be great! I'm starting to get really nervous about it.
You are very pretty and with enhancement of rhino you will look fabulous!
I just had my nose job 5 days ago simply for cosmetic reasons. It's taken 10 years for me to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, and just do what I want! I can already see that it is petite and oh so cute! My nose looked allot like yours preop, do what will make you love it! I am proud for you! Email me if u want before and after the bruising heals pics!
your gorgeous and your new nose is going to make you look even better! good luck with it hun. ive had mine worked on a few times as it seems to keep changing on me. (tip dropping etc...) im going to start a thread on it soon.

One week away from my surgery! It's getting so...

One week away from my surgery! It's getting so real! I hope that everything turns out great! I have my appt with the doctor on Monday so I will have to ask my final questions then! Anyone have good questions I should ask him to make me feel a little more at ease?!
Advice would just to go over your priority goals again. Do you want your tip lifted? My doc suggested it because he had a slightly different image in mind than me. I didn't want it lifted on purpose. He respected it but had I not told him, I bet he would have done it since it was "his idea" of what would look good. Be sure to communicate exactly what you want and don't want. My nose is lifted a bit more than before pics because tip procedures already can cause lifting on it's own doing. Good luck, you will be fine!
thank you! I will definitely ask him that tomorrow =]
How exciting for you gorgeous girl! I can't wait to see the results. From what I read, oddly most people don't really notice the change. All the best :)

The day is almost here!! one more day! (2 more...

The day is almost here!! one more day! (2 more nights) til I go in! I went out today and got all the supplies that I will need after the surgery! Does anyone have any items that they have used that has helped them out a lot? I'm getting pretty nervous! Today I woke up thinking it was surgery day and I totally forgot about it! Two days too early! lol hoping everything goes well. I will only be out for 5 days and my coach wants me back in on the 6th. We will see how I feel I guess. I hear a lot of people take off two weeks! Sadly my job wouldn't allow that =/ I will keep you guys updated! Not quite sure my surgery time but I have to be there at 930 am . Hopefully I can get some sleep the day before. (wishful thinking) all of tomorrow I'm not going to have another thing on my mind! Finally not a broken crooked big thing in the middle of my tiny face =] I will be able to look at my whole self and not just focus in on my nose (which I'm sure I will for awhile after being I will be looking at how different it looks) but I'm sure after I get used to it I will feel a lot better!
Hope everything goes great for you, I just had my surgery on Sept. 17th and recovery has been really good so far. My advice would be to keep on top of your pain meds, and keep lots of water and cough drops handy. I felt really congested the first 2 nights and breathing through my mouth gave me a sore throat so the water and cough drops really helped. Also make sure to ice as much as possible. I have been healing well because of it. Good luck Tomorrow.
Thanks so much!! I just want the healing process to go well! I hope your recovery is going smoothly :)

Tomorrow is the day!!! Gah! Freaking out idk if I...

Tomorrow is the day!!! Gah! Freaking out idk if I will be able to sleep! Just stopped my food and water. I'm hoping I can get some rest but it doesn't look like it as of now!
How exciting. I hope it all goes smoothly and you are rapt in the results. Remember to update and add pics. Go girl! :-)
Thanks! I sure will! I'm headin there now! Ahhh :)

Well I am now on day 2 post op! Not going to lie.....

Well I am now on day 2 post op! Not going to lie.. Yesterday was horrible. The surgery itself was completely fine but when I woke up I was extremely hot. I kicked the blankets off and was fanning myself like crazy. They had to get ice under my neck and switch my gown. Not a great thing to wake up to. Then my body did not do well with the general anesthesia. I felt soooo sick from it. I felt so nauseas and they gave me extra nausea medicine before I went into surgery because I told them before I threw up after my tonsils were taken out. Afterwards they gave me two types of medicines to calm the nausea and it still didn't work :( It also didn't help that I has to pee Sooo bad when I woke up too! I peed before they hooked me up to the anesthesia but I waited for over an hour before they took me into surgery and decided not to go again. BAD idea. They had to help me to the bathroom and I was gagging on the way there since I felt so sick and i Bleeding on the ground because of my nose (oops) so I would def say go to the bathroom RIGHT before you head into surgery so much easier when you arent drugged up and sick! My surgery took 4 hours even though it was meant to take 3. They had to put a donar's cartilage from their rib cage since I've already had surgery on my nose when I broke it the first time. The doctor talked to me about this before just Incase but I didn't think my nose needed any but he says he has never had problems with it so that's good. Weird I have somebody else's stuff in me lol I was in the recovery room for about an hour and a half because I still felt pretty sick. Finally I thought I was goo enough to leave because I wanted to go Home so i sat up and I wanted to throw up so bad because I had been feeling like I needed to for the past hour. Only thing is I had nothing in my stomach so I was gagging and I finally threw up the blood that had been dripping in the back of my throat into my stomach (the nurse said this could have also been why I felt sick. The stomach doesn't like blood in it and makes you want to throw up) I finally got to the car and still feeling sick and of course I had the worse drive home because I was in bumper to bumper the whole way back! That's what I get for living in the bay area :( that did not help my nausea at all! I had to focus on my breathing and keep talking to myself that i just felt tired and tried to sleep. After an hour in the car which normally only takes 30. We finally got home and I threw up right when I got to my bed but once I got In and got it out of my system I felt a lot better. It took me awhile to fall asleep but it just felt so good being in my bed! I've been in my bed ever since and I feel so much better this morning! No more nausea! Yay! Now time for the waiting game :)) I will keep everyone updated on the rest of my healing process
Thinking of you and hope your tummy settles down.
Sorry you had a rocky start, hang in there, and hopefully you'll feel better in no time. I just got my stitches out today and the cast comes off on Wed. I can't wait! I'll be recovering with you, so know you aren't alone and it'll be worth it. Good luck with your recovery.

Day 3 post op and Im feeling a lot better! I did...

Day 3 post op and Im feeling a lot better! I did swell up a lot more today than I was yesterday. That is my only complain from the day. My eyes are tearing like crazy and I've been icing all day. Ive been good enough to be able to be downstairs and move around which is a first. I've been laying in my bed the last 2 days. I hope that my eyes start to swell down tomorrow. When I get on my computer I will have to upload pics! I can't tell what it looks like yet so Im still nervous!
sounds like a rocky start! Glad you are feeling better! thanks for sharing :)
the same thing happened to me on the first day. I was so nauseous the first day & also threw up blood & the second day I still felt some nausea, but not nearly as bad as the first day & by the 3rd day the nausea was gone. It really sucks having to go through all of that, but when the first week is over you won't even be thinking about that anymore :) it will all just be a memory because you'll be so happy. You're going to look great =]

So day 4 and I am feeling a lot better. My...

So day 4 and I am feeling a lot better. My bruising has turned yellow. So pretty... Haha can't wait to get the cast off Wednesday! I have noticed that my doctor put down about the cleaning of the dry blood around my nose and I was wondering if Anyone knew if I was able to clean inside the nose where the dry blood is. Like right by my nostril. I'm confused by my instructions. I'm going to email my doctor too just Incase! If anyone has an idea please let me know! Thanks
Thank you everyone! I appriciate it!

Got my splint taken off today... And I definitely...

Got my splint taken off today... And I definitely had an anxiety attack when I saw what my nose looks like. I feel like I look like pinnochio now :( also that it looks off. I know that it's all swollen but it's hard for me to get my head around... There is still a little bump and my doctor already told me he will get rid of it if it doesn't go down by our next appointment. Now it's the waiting game I have to tell myself that it won't look like this forever. =\

Just uploaded more pics!

just uploaded more pics!
don't worry it's just swollen! It will go down & in a few weeks you'll love it :) it takes time. mine looks completely different from when I got the cast off & still continues to change. don't sweat it =]
Gah! Wish it could be sooner! I feel like everyone is just staring at my nose! Thanks! I hope so :)
I feel the same way, wish I could fast forward a week or two. I have been obsessing over it to the point that my anxiety almost made me sick to my stomach. I'm trying not to look at it to much. I keep telling myself to give it time and to calm down, I'm not sure if I'm over reacting or if it is really that bad. My family says it looks good, I guess I'm just not used to it, after all it is smaller than before and the swelling makes it look wider and fatter. I feel like I'm experiencing some dysmorphia. Its still to early to tell, we must be patient and optimistic. I guess I'll keep myself busy so I'm not in front of the mirror 24/7. Time will tell. Hope it all works out for you, I understand exactly how you feel and I know it's tough because we waited for this day and the nerves, and everything that has already been put into it, not to mention the money paid, so we should be happy with the result and it's disappointing to second guess yourself. Hang in there. Your not alone.

Day 8 post op. I'm feeling a lot better about my...

Day 8 post op. I'm feeling a lot better about my nose today. The swelling has gone down a lot and I can finally imagine it when it gets smaller! It actually makes me excited :) still can't smile because it hurts and my upper lip is like frozen anyways. Does anyone know how long that takes? I can't wait til it doesn't feel like someone glued a nose to my face and it actually feels like my own!
Glad to hear you are feeling better. My swelling is starting to go down also, I actually wanted to smile when I was looking in the mirror. I have noticed tonight that it is really starting to look better. I hope you enjoy your new nose.
Nicole & all u recent rhino grads. Be patient the swelling does make for distortions. It does take some time depending on How much work done esoecially on the bridge and the tip. Nicole the stiff non movement upper lip should start to feel normal at 2 weeks. Yes when nose narrowed and tip work there more space between upper lip and columella. I had to get used to. all of a sudden your upper lip looks bigger! But it's all good. Be careful on court with your nose. You don't want to injure while healing. Healing can last 18 mos in some cases. Is anyone probably going to notice your new look? Most definitely, you are very pretty and this rhino will make you look fabulous. Some people will think you have new hair style, tell u your skin looks good or did u lose weight. Haha. Some just might say your nose looks great! Thanks for your informative details it helps new rhinoplasty girls and those thinking about it. Hang in there with the swelling. To all u girls. Xxoo
Maybe you went back to work too soon. You are still VERY swollen. Give it time. You will be happier when it goes down a bit. Don't worry, you will look beautiful ! I know it's easier said than done. : /

Day 9 post op and it's feeling a bit better! I had...

Day 9 post op and it's feeling a bit better! I had a problem today though where my dog head butted me hard in the face and it really hurt! =\ idk if it messed up anything. I was looking in the mirror and I'm thinking the little bump I already had (that he's going to remove) got a little bit bigger. Idk if it is my imagination or if it really is bigger. I'm already trying to see my surgeon this week. Does anyone think I could have really messed up the healing process?

I just showed my mom and she thinks it got bigger...

I just showed my mom and she thinks it got bigger too! :( I'm freaking out!
I'm sure your nose is fine, the dog bumping you in the nose definitely could cause more swelling and tenderness, but I don't think it's enough to mess up your surgeons work. I have heard of many people who bump their nose after rhinoplasty and it's still ok. Try not to worry about it too much. If you do get in to see you doctor I'm sure he'll be able to reassure you it's ok. My surgeon told me it's pretty hard to mess up your nose after the cast comes off, unless you are extremely forceful with it, that being said I'm not sure how hard you were hit but if it didn't bleed then that's probably a good sign. Hope it all works out for you!

Day 10 post op. the bump on my nose looks bigger....

Day 10 post op. the bump on my nose looks bigger. You can definitely see it more on the left side than the right =\ it still looks straight so I'm hoping that it is just swollen. I'm worried though since the bump is hard. Guess I just have to wait for a reply to my doctor. The waiting is driving me crazy!

Uploaded a pic of before the hit and after!

uploaded a pic of before the hit and after!
I can't see a big difference in the picture, and it doesn't look bad. Have you been able to get a hold of your doctor? Your profile looks good from the picture btw. Hope your healing well.
I'm hoping so! My profile looks different now so it definetly on my mind a lot now. I keep checking in the mirror hoping its just my imagination but it's not. It sucks because the last time I broke my nose it didn't bleed so I have no idea what is up with me nose! Hoping for the best!

16 days post op hey guys! So im finally loving my...

16 days post op hey guys! So im finally loving my nose! All my friends have seen it and think it looks great and not even noticeable! Its super straight and I can wait til all the swelling is down! I do still have problems with the mucus in my nose since I can't do anything about it and it still hurts to laugh and yawn! Im hoping that goes away soon but besides that.. no complaints! yay! I posted new pictures so everyone can see the progress =]
Hi knicole! Im so glad you like your nose! It looks great! Just wondering if you had any constipation? bloating? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank You!!
Gorgeous new pic. The thing I notice about you now is your eyes.....not your nose. It's looking terrific already & only 16 days post-op!
Your nose looks great! I hear a lot of people say they didn't feel that much pain after surgery and everything went super smoothly blah blah. It's so refreshing to hear the other end of that spectrum (I'm probably going to be the same!) So happy to hear everything worked out in the end. Your profile looks so natural!
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