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Hello Everyone, I've been obsessively looking at...

Hello Everyone, I've been obsessively looking at this site for the last 2 weeks as I make my decision. I finally made my decision , and pinned down a date!! I am now both extremely excited and extremely anxious!! I swing between extreme guilt at spending so much money on myself and fear of dying to can't wait till it's over and I have my new and improved self!!
You're going to look great! I was so afraid as well. Everything worked out great.... Go for it you won't be sorry, good luck!
Your pictures made me feel so good!! you look awesome!! thank you for your support and I will keep everyone posted on my progress. I will soon be taking the "before" pics .
I'm so glad I can help. I could not believe it. I don't know what I was expecting maybe to get rid of the stretch marks and have a flat tummy but never could visualize it. So I decided to take the Bikini pic. I was two weeks post op. I did swell a bit after. Still it's an immediate difference my kids call me "tiny"

Bye facebook, hello Realself!

This is the new facebook for me, I am still constantly stalking everyone here for updates and new info. I'm obsessed!
Welcome never to late. It sounds like you did your research! This has been my Facebook for the last month too! Besides helping me emotionally reading and sharing stories I also learned a lot of pre and post op tips that have helped me so much. I love the way women band together to support each other with positive energy! I don't have any friends in my circle that have had PS so if it were not for Real Self I would have no one to talk to about my feelings as I go through this experience. The journaling format is very therapeutic as well. My tummy tuck was in 2006? It was a rough recovery and I often ask myself if I really needed it because I was thin at the time and just had loose skin. I wish I would have looked into a granny makeover (haha) instead as I'm sure my boobs were not as big of a hot mess back then. But my tummy tuck scar is very low and barely noticeable. Looking back my weight gained after TT is what caused my discomfort and swelling. I was an advid exerciser before tt but became depressed and convienced myself i had lost all core strength. There were other life changes that triggered my depression but this past January I got back on track health wise and I've lost 27 pounds and working on the last 10. Best to you on your upcoming surgery. The forums here do not have much chatter but comments under the reviews do. It took me awhile to figure that out. I will be following your journey:-)
Thank you Newme! Yes, I love all the women here! everyone is positive, supportive and yet at the same time very honest and frank about their experience and so generous with sharing information. I do hear that a good number of women go through some sort of post-surgery depression/blues. It's good to know that ahead of time in case it hits me so I know it's temporary too. I hope to have enough energy during my recovery to continue posting. If I do, watch out cuz that's probably all I'll be doing for 3 weeks!
I can relate to that feeling of being both extremely excited and extremely anxious. It's like that with me too. I'm now at the point of no return and WILL proceed no matter how anxious I get!

About 6.5 weeks to go!!

Ok so I cannot stop thinking about my surgery date. I swing between two extremes - either schedule it earlier and get it done or cancel! I look into the mirror and think, i guess i can live with this flab, maybe I should just starve myself and workout 3 hours everyday and then I think, Hell NO!! I want to enjoy the rest of my life without having these thoughts about my belly and not kill myself with diet and exercise. I also get this guilt about spending so much money on this, especially elective surgery. I keep thinking I'll be punished for my vanity. At other times I am so excited and can't wait to see the transformation of my body. I feel that at this point in my life, I deserve to do stuff for me (even if it's for my vanity). I raised 2 kids, both are over 21 and live pretty much on their own.

I live with my BF who says I don't need this and he thinks it's a waste of money. Men, they just don't get it. so now I am trying to line up my girlfriends who will help me through recovery as my BF will not be able to take time off from work. I also am not telling my family because I just don;t want to deal with their judgement and snarky comments. I hope I can keep this a secret and just tell them next year when I will be wearing bikinis that I've been "working out" wink wink.

I read about so many of the reviews here and I am so grateful for this online community. It has helped me a lot get more informed and prepared for this intense surgery. Everyone's experience is unique - recovery times is quick for some, and long for others. So while I am keeping this a secret from family and friends, I have all you lovely women who have been through this and are so generous and supportive. I am on this site so much it feels like an addiction :) I've seen so many before and after pics that they swim in my head even when I'am not looking at them.

Anyway, I will try to find the guts (pun intended) to take some before pics and post them soon.
I love you name, and I guess it gives your age away. LOL I am 54 and had my tt Oct. 18 of last year. I will be 4 days short of my 1 year post op the day you have your tt. I am happy to see that your getting it all done at one time. I didn't have my muscle repair and regret it so much. I know that my tummy look a lot and I mean a whole lot better than before my tt. But wish I had the mr. It is something I am now working on. I plan on losing more weight and then going for my only. That is if I still need it after the weight loss. Looking at your pre op pictures, I would say you are going to love your results. Like you I have been on this site a lot. I have seen so many womens livee change for the good and their self esteme fly after they get their bodies the way they should be. I just wanted to wish you luck. I am finding more and more people our age and even older recently I think it is great.
I think we all go through a lot of the same feelings and question ourselves. In my case I had to have this revision even though I wanted to anyway. Most people in my life are supportive but there are also snide comments about how I brought all this on by ever doing such a stupid thing to begin with...yadayada. I hope you do have friends that will support you during your recovery. We will all be here in spirit.

Some doubts

Ok so today, I woke up feeling less fat and had some doubts about goin through with the surgery but, by the end of today, after yoga, drinking lots if water and eating, I decided to take some before pics and then BAM! Doubts gone!!

More pics

I think you'll look great too! I have mine in 3 weeks and I keep thinking I should just lose weight.. but, still that darn skin is going to be there and ill be ready to do this! So, I'm not waiting any longer than I have to.
I think we have the same body - I am so excited for you. I will be following your progress daily (if not twice daily LOL) this site is so addicting!
Thanks JeannieM! I know, but as they say, better late than never!!

More pics

Not too shabby covered up

But lift that shirt and small children will run screaming in fear

Back view for the record

No ass, and when I wear a bra, I have back boobs. Lets see how it looks after Lipo.
Good luck with your surgery! I got rid of fb !! Lol and I had a few days thinking my stomach wasnt so bad, but ummm look at my before pics! Clearly, I was day dreaming when i thought maybe I dont need the surgery! I am so happy!!!
And I yours! I think you look smaller than me. But I have a hard time identifying my body type. I think I find one then see that the weight is ~50 lbs more than I am.. you will definitely look great!

Oh, my stats - forgot to add

Height: 5' 4.25" (yes that 1/4 inch matters!)
Weight: 120 lbs give or take 3-5 bs either way.
chest: 33"
waist: 31"
hips: 33

So basically, I have no shape - pretty straight.
Can't wait until it is your turn for all of the positive reinforcement - you rock!! For 52 you look fabulous - but I love all of these women realizing they deserve this - very inspiring!!
You can do and now it your time to shine girl. It's not vanity it self improvement .
LOL! yes, I know better now. When I have those doubts again, I just have to look at the mirror.

Different strokes for different folks

It's interesting that there seems to be a lot of philosophical approaches to surgery and recovery by the different PSs. My PS told me that they recently did a study on CGs. They had a control group - one with and one without compression garments. The result shows that statistically, CG did not affect outcomes. My PS said that he found that CG is more for the psychological support than actual physiologic impact. He told me that a majority of his patients prefer to wear the CG long past the recommended time because it makes them feel "better." And so I've found that to be true here as well. While most folks wear CGs there are a few who have not and they seem to go thru the same healing process anyway, swelling, seromas, etc...

Also, another thing that i really am happy about, my PS takes the drains out either on day 1 or day 2. I loved his comment when I expressed my concern he said, it,s safer to stick a syringe in every other day and pullout the excess fluid than to keep the tubes in because it is a huge pathway for bacteria to get into the body and an infection is way more serious than seromas or fluid build up (which has a very easy fix).

Then when I asked him about the fat grafts to my butt (I posed a question here about having that at the same time as TT) Several doctors said they wouldn't do it at the same time because "you're not supposed to sleep on your newly grafted fat" well, once again, My awesome PS just poo pooed that and said first, you can sit because you are not sitting on where the fat is injected, second, you can lay down and sleep in any position you like because no matter what, the fat survival rate will still 50-70% and it is mostly dependent on how your body heals, not whether you sit or sleep on it.

Anyway, I dig his philosophy - similar to mine. It's just interesting how even doctors have different beliefs :)
U r going to have awsome results! U r slim already so having that flat stomach will complete the package!!! Good luck
Thank you sexybrunete! I hope I heal as fast as you but in case I don't I have a story all ready for my coworkers..." I had this hernia operation...." or maybe" I had an emergency appendectomy..." We'll see what comes out of my mouth. Hopefully, I 'm off the drugs by then otherwise, my filters will be off.
Glad you're going ahead with it. Despite early post-op status, and with limited mobility and swelling, I can palpably see a difference in shape. Regarding "vanity surgery", well of course it is, but not doing the surgery is like using makeup remover to take off a mole. No amount of diet and exercise will remove loose skin...and *bonus* better living through chemistry has given us the option of sculpting the body in the process. Some people are satisfied with their body after multiple life changes, and I say more power to them (whoo whoo!!), but there are others (namely, 99% of people on this site) who would like their body to reflect their efforts at healthy living. Neither is right or wrong, and when I realized that, I was ready to go! Taking pics of myself and really looking at them helped immensely (and this need not be more than with a cell and a mirror and yourself!)...not picking out what was "wrong" per se, but identifying what had been ravaged by time and life events helps to define your wishlist. Recovery is not bad..in fact, some things are much better than I thought they were going to be, some things surprising... BTW, hi to Palo Alto people. I have a number of friends who live out there (Palo Alto, Mountainview, San Jose and Pleasanton as well as SF bay area!) Good Luck!

Ok, I forgot stuff

so..a bit more about me. Isn't that what this whole thing is about anyway? :)

I am 52 (if you haven't figured that out yet), had 2 kids, both are over 21 now, son was 9.5 lbs at birth and daughter was 8.2 lbs so I was all tummy (my hips are kinda small) At the time of my first pregnancy, I was around 95 lbs (you might say I was one of the lucky ones who could pretty much eat anything in any quantity and not gain weight) Note the past tense. That all changed of course after pregnancy, starting with the 65 lb weight. since then, in order to maintain my weight, I had to run a minimum of 5-6 miles everyday. The lowest weight I got back to was about 110 but still had the flabby belly - that seemed to not change regardless of weight.

For years, I kept hoping if only i could loose more weight, exercise more, blah blah blah...I was also afraid of the surgery AND the scar. Not to mention hanging on to the hope that as I got older, I would also be wiser and less vain. Until menopause happened. uh huh, over the last year of hot flashes, drying skin and expanding belly fat (aka mid life crisis), I decided, no more killing myself with exercise, accept my vanity but not my belly, and be ok with the scar. luckily, thanks to my vanity, I am also in good health.

And so here I am, and I luckily found all of you on this site! So yes, RS is still my addiction, can't stop perving everyone's profiles, looked at hundreds (possibly thousands) of before and after pics and enjoy reading everyone's stories - all the ups and downs, the joys and tears of this process. It really has helped me to be more mentally prepared for my upcoming surgery (I still get those flashes of fear and doubt)

So thank you ladies! I have had side conversations with a couple of awesome ladies now and I really just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your intimate and emotional experiences. You ROCK!!!
Your update is great! You deserve this!! I can't wait for your results- it's definately an interesting recovery- but I'd do it again!! Wasn't any worse than having a kid :-) You have been following my story and being so supportive- it reminds me of how I wish my mom had your thoughts and determination to reclaim her body--- my mom is your age, has had 5 girls and that includes her last pregnancy of my twin sister and I- she is about 5'8" and weighs 130lbs- very active in general and at the gym- also eats healthy. She has plenty of the extra skin all of us ladies have but she feels she's now too old to do anything about it- your story is very inspiring and I hope that one day my mom also realizes she deserves this - like you have! It's time she does something for herself! :-)

Question for you ladies

What are your thoughts on equipment - a recliner and/or a wedge pillow? what would you say?
1. Eh, optional if you have money to throw away,
2. If you like, it helps a lot so if you can afford it, highly recommend (which one recliner or wedge pillows)
3. Absolutely necessary for survival after TT surgery, you must get ....
This list is copied from D37. check out her review if you have not already. D has a lot of helpful info and she has had a beautiful result. Her review is insightful, informative and full of humor. hibiclense pre-op (antibacterial soap is fine) I just prefer hibiclense - I'll wash with this (or the antibacterial soap) for 5 days prior to surgery. Helps decrease infection. 4x4 gauze ( not sterile) several packages- use for cleaning and covering incisions as needed) Antibacterial soap for cleaning incisions post-op (don't use peroxide- kills good and bad germs- sometimes leads to infections) alcohol ( to pat on incisions to dry moisture after shower- helps keep steri strips on longer ) Hand held shower head (already have) Cheap lawn chair ( to use in shower to sit in while showering) Paper tape Large Sanitary pads- I'm having smart lipo - these work good to absorb drainage and are cheap Extra stage 1 and 2 compression garment ( you can take them off and go without while washing by I swell bad and it feels better with one on all the time ( had a little lipo done once) the garments are supposed to air dry to keep the integrity of the materials and it takes several hours ). The stage 2 I get is very comfortable and ill wear it when I return to work maybe up to a couple months until swelling stops. Vitamin C 1000 mg time released Multivitamin Arnica (pre-op 5 -7 days prior) Bromelian (post op for swelling) Turmiac Heating pad Stool softener (I'll start that the day of surgery) Gas x or other simethicone product Silicone strips for incision (ill start that as soon as Dr says I'm good to) Few extra large safety pins to secure drain to binder Palmer's Coco butter Gatorade (lower sugar/ salt) for the first 3 days to replenish my electrolytes - helps with lipo) I'm using extra extra large pillows to keep my head raised instead of a bed wedge so I can sleep in my own bed. Then use bed pillows to elevate my knees/legs. My back hurts if I try and sleep In a recliner :( this way I can sleep in my back, tilted on my side and be more comfortable. I've actually done this and for me works. Food items: Greek yogurt, low sodium soups, berries, nuts, protein powder (I don't eat meat), lots of cut up fresh veggies for snacking, whole grain english muffins, liquid eggs, alternate bagels, greek cream cheese, (I'll eat pretty light, heavy foods after surgery are hard to digest causing gas and the pain meds constipation). (I know I eat weird!) tons of greens/ fruits/ veggies for my smoothies- I don't juice but blend. (Some i will blend and freeze in ide trays for. Easier access later) Good nutrition! Down loaded ebooks Started recoding movies and shows I will enjoy catching up on. Will study training modules for my new job :) Continuing education for my license I may get a toilet raiser- is hard to get up from sitting position after and surgery. Clothes: I have a bunch workout pants, tees until I return to work the. I'll use maxi dresses. Much of what I will use I already have, like I said I am only going to buy what is necessary.
I'd seriously consider some form of a recliner---
Seriously consider getting recliner or in my case an electric temperpedic type bed I vote number 3. I rented mine for $600 for the month. You will not regret it. It really helps me in many ways I can easily adjust my position with a button and it supplements my yearning for sleeping in the fetal position. Seriously worth every penny. I didn't have this when I had my BA 4 yrs ago or my 2 c sections and this is night and day from my regular bed with 10 pillows.

For the record

My size 24 jeans - collecting dust in the last 2 years

Mommy jeans for now

"think, i guess i can live with this flab, maybe I should just starve myself and workout 3 hours everyday and then I think, Hell NO!! I want to enjoy the rest of my life without having these thoughts about my belly and not kill myself with diet and exercise" ---- love this ! My thoughts exactly! You're so small - you're going to look amazing. I also believe the CG is like a security blanket. I'm scheduled for Oct 16. See you on the flat side.
Hi Dijon! Oh wow, we are 2 days apart, and we pretty much have the same type of surgery (no boob job for me ) and our bodies look similar (other than you're quite a bit taller than me). You will look amazing too! I'll be tracking your progress here as well. See you on the flat side, very soon!!
Nevertoolate- I'm so glad found your blog. If we don't do this for ourselves now --when? I live in SF. I am 49-(ugh 50 in Dec)- I have one, daughter 27. Her college (Masters and Law school) is all wrapped up- so this is time for me- :-0). I have told one friend about the sx. Very Much like you, I think friends will "poo-poo it/discount it etc"/while they all secretly want to do it-right? I need to update my page...I am doing a breast lift with implants, TT, LIPO on the bra roll, back, flanks and stuff and a BBL. Since my doc will "harvest all these lovely fat cells" to be fat transferred to my BBL, I asked him if he could take some of the fat cells and fill my Nasel folds-- you know those lines by your nose cheeks and mouth? And he said YES! I usually use filler there-but a fat transfer will last much longer. Ask your doc about it. Well, "fillers" are the street drug to plastic surgery right?-lol I am excited your sx is right ahead of me... So I will follow your blog. That's what makes RS so wonderful! I just did all my blood tests last week + EKG. I should get the results this coming week; I expect everything will be fine.

Someday soon, I'll be doing yoga in a bra-top and low waisted yoga pants

so today I'm thinking of all the bikinis and yoga tops I'll be buying... :)
Oh my! Your thoughts are soooo identical to mine!!! We are also close in height/weight btw...I am a little shorter and stouter :-) 5-3 1/4 ( yes that 1/4 matters :-)!! Haha,, On a serious note thx for posting in mine. When I checked your pics And read you have kids over 21 i literally thought u had teen pg :-). From your pics I can't tell you are 52. Seriously you have great skin tone. I'm sure your TT will rock !! I went Dr. Behmand in walnut creek. I work in palo alto !!!! Who knows we may have crossed each other at some point on the signals ! To your questions - I'm going to rent a recliner from rent a center and not buy. Checkout pre-op list from solesister. I plan on definitely getting a walker, toilet seat riser. I will post my list soon. Btw I went with D Behmand in walnut creek. I needed the extra assurance of cosmetassure for any postop complications. Had huge postpartum hemorrhage after my second one (OBGYN says it was a freak thing to happen). Talking about exercise I went down to about 108 3 yrs ago and looked sickly and still has flabby skin. I was strong to lift 22.5 lb overhead presses so I then realized that as we are getting older losing significant weight makes our faces look haggard and does nothing for sagging muffins (of course there are some who bounce back better)...so after going back and forth for 5 yrs in my mind I scheduled this for myself...I wish you all the best!!!! Will be in touch! Who knows I might cross you on 101 or 280 freeways or plain old university ave :-)!!. Good luck!
Gosh, maybe we should have lunch somewhere on university? I went to rent a center here in redwood city but they didn't have a working electric recliner, I will probably go back one of these weekends to try it out. So many recommends it. Early on it was 50-50 but now more have commented and recliner is winning! Yes, we have the almost the same bodies that gave birth to 2 big babies. I am sure your results will be awesome! So excited for you too!
Yay, ur getting close. Funny u went through all the same thoughts I did. Guilt about money, dying, I can live with this ;)!! I literally called to cancel, but office was closed. Took my underneath belly and said no matter how long I work out never gonna have a flat belly and always back pain from severe Diastasis... Glad ur moving forward ;)!!!! Lots of pillows/wedge is a must I think. U need to be propped. Recliner killed my back, but is your bed a good height/comfy? My bed was perfect height to roll, throw legs over touch the floor and pull up with arms on a night stand. With 2 c sections I knew how to pull up and not use muscles. If ur bed high or low/not comfy u may wanna do recliner..

I love all my TT and MM sisters here!

Just thought I'd say it again - I love this virtual support group. I just wish there was a face to face one ( you know like the AA meetings, "Hi, my name is xyz, and I am going to get a TT, lipo and butt fat transfer on Oct 14 and today, I'm feeling happy anxious.") Some of you live nearby so for those in the SF Bay area, wondering what your thoughts are on getting together pre-op in person? I am sure post op will be out of the question as we will all be busy doing the hunchback shuffle. Just wondering...

Anyhoo, here is a pic of me in my yoga attire, I am hoping one day to get rid of the t-shirt. I can't even bear to take a pic of me in the plank position, my tummy probably just barely touches the floor.

Slowly prepping my house for my recovery. Just moved the bedroom furniture in the spare room - this will be my recovery room. I want to get my brother to mount the TV on the wall, but he's so busy with his work... will see if I can beg for a weekend. Bought a bidet which I am also waiting for my bro so he can install, I tried doing it myself but unscrewing that connecting ring was too hard for me. Just started a cough a few days ago aargh!! I hope I am super well and healthy - I certainly do not want to get sick after surgery - not for the first month at least!
Hey girl, so excited your date is almost here!!! About your 9-6-13 post, I didn't buy any additional equipment. Sleep in my own bed (with a ton of pillows) wore the clothes I already had (loose gym pants/tops) the only supplies I bought was hibicleanse, antibacterial soap. 4x4 gauze, polysporin, stool softener, arnica, bromelain, turmeric, baby wipes, sanitary pads (for padding up my binder so it didn't rub, I highly recommend a cami or soft tank tuned inside out under your binder. Most all I did is on my blog too. (((Hugs))) and best to you!
Hey d37! thanks! Yes, getting more excited and still have my bouts of anxiety and nerves, but over all, I can't wait and in the meantime, I'm on lots of profiles like yours as they are so encouraging and supportive! glad to hear you survived the surgery with minimal equipment. I decided to get those triangular prop pillows and I may need to buy more pillows as well just in case those work better. My PS says I don't need anything! How did you get yourself out of bed? Or did you need help the first few days? I am hoping that I can somehow swing my legs to the floor and push myself off the bed with my arms so I won't need to coral my friends to sleep over :) And when in dire need, wake up my BF :)
I bought this soft felt material at the fabric store and cut it to size for my bra binder and stomach binder. It was so soft. Your absolutely right about it helping with the tenderness of the incisions. Plus it made them more comfy.

Beware of "doctoring google" and "astrotrufing" by doctors

Hi everyone, Just thought I'd share these websites that I found on working mum losing weight's profile. I was quite shocked to see that Dr. Rajagopal has a profile here and it's mostly positivet when she pretty much cuased the death of one of her patients due to negligence - she was operating in a non-certified facility, injected may too much lidocaine, caused the patient to go into a coma and eventually die 2 years later. She had to call 911 because she had no anesthesiologists on site, no emergency equipment, no nurses to help the poor patient. Buyer BEWARE!!

Here are the URLs:


For California you can look up your doctor here: http://www.mbc.ca.gov/lookup.html
I've been wondering WHO IS THE VIKING LADY.... I hate when I'm out of the loop LoL. Don't keep in in the dark!!!!!! Knock knock Let me in.... Hope you are Hangin' in there. I've had a good day 7 days ago....I had my surgery.... this afternoon I went for my 2nd Post-op appointment .....both of my 2 drains ( i was calling them my Gonads) were removed... I have my fingers crossed that the fluid does not build up .... My Doc reassured me he didn't think if would....and if it does its somewhat normal...hummmmmm. Fingers crossed.... The stitches were also taken out of my new belly button....to think it was only 7 days ago that my new belly button born.....( I have not been able to see my old belly button for years). I am soooo HAPPY YOUR TURN IS COMING :-) ((((Hugs))))
LMAO!! You always manage to make me LOL! I think we will keep the secret a wee bit longer about viking lady...NOT!! I was referring Blubberbelly No More, but then I also thought, hey, I could be viking lady too and now that you ask, so are YOU! and all the strong, brave and supportive and beautiful women here on RS. One gal said to me "if anyone tells me I am taking the easy way out by doing this surgery, I would smack them silly." Seriously, going through the decision making pocess, then going through recovery, dealing with the pain the emotional ups and downs, snarky comments from some people -- It's a tough ride, it’s not only cutting up, cutting off, and putting back together again our bodies but also our spirit. So here's 3 cheers to all us viking ladies with vampire blood for getting on this ride and seeing it through!
ps., yay for no more gonads and stitches!! I think you will be fine, you will swell of course but your body will figure it out. have faith in the awesome healing powers of our bodies. Thank you, I am mostly excited for my turn, coming up soon!!

My List of Questions for Pre-Op Appt

Hello everyone, below is my list for the 3rd time I'm seeing my PS.

1. What are your thoughts on IV Vit C? Can you order it for me?
2. How long to be hunched over?
3. Can I sleep on my side?
4. Will it hurt the stitches as I get in and out of bed?
5. Why or what causes dehiscence? Can it be prevented?
6. What should I be doing the 2 weeks prior to prepare my body as best as I can for this surgery? What shold I not eat, drink, etc..?
7. Caffeine – should I wean myself before? Can I drink it after?
8. Please walk me through the order in which you are going to perform the surgery. I am asking this again because I want more details and I have more questions at each step.
9. What areas will you do the regular lipo? Will you be doing the vaser lipo right after?
10. What percentage of your patients get seroma?
11. What are your thoughts on lymphatic drainage massage ?
12. How and where do you typically mark/make the incision? I plan to tell him exactly where I want mine and will draw it (I'll borrow his marking pen).
13. Where will you be inserting the lipo cannulas? Do I have options as to where to put the holes?
14. How many follow-up visits do I need? Will I be scheduling them now?
15. Compression Garments and binder – how long should I wear them?
16. How soon can I shower?
17. Do you use glue to glue back the skin to fascia?
18. I read about lipoabdominoplasty and that sounded like what you described you were going to do but you didn’t use that term (yes I know it’s a marketing term). Is that essentially what you typically do?
19. MR - do you use absorbable or permanent sutures or both?
20. Stitches or staples or glue on the outside?
21. When do you release the bb? before cutting the abs or after?
22. Garments = what are you providing and what will I need to buy?
23. Fat Grafts (BBL) – how and where do you inject the fat? Will this be right after the lipo and before TT?
24. How much fat do u think you will get out of me to graft?
25. I heard about some deaths associated with fat grafts - they said it was fat cells clogging the arteries – urban legend?
26. Face lipo - how much time will this take? (I am asking him because I want to do a wee bit of lipo under my chin to tighten the skin and want to know if we can add this on or schedule it separately as an office procedure.
27. What are your thoughts about drain free TTs?
28. When will my dressings/bandages to be removed?
29. When will my stitches be removed? Which ones?
30. Does your anesthesiologist monitor brain activity as well? How will you know if the patient is getting too little or too much anesthesia?

Past questions with answers:

1. What is the order of the surgery? lipo front, then lipo back, fat injections, Tummy tuck
2. Is it ok to sleep on the butt where the fat transfer is healing? Yes
3. What medications will I get/take? None apart from antibiotics on day of
4. When will pain pump be removed? Day 1 or 2 post op
5. When will drains be removed? Day 1 or 2 post op
6. When can I go back to work, do chores and exercise? For the TT, at 2 weeks, I should be 85% good, by 3 weeks 95% and can for sure go back to work. Lipo swelling and full healing takes 12 months.
7. Can you provide a patient reference who has had similar surgery (TT + lipo + fat grafting) – I used to do that but my patients who volunteered got too many phone calls and it was quite disruptive for them and so I stopped. I know that doctors that still do that these days typically pay them or give some compensation because it is work. I did not want to do that because then since you are paying them, they may feel obligated to give biased opinions.
8. Do I need to rent a recliner or buy anything for recovery? No
9. Do I need to buy any garments? No, all will be provided
10. What supplies do I need to buy? None, all will be provided
How did it go today?
Are I really 52!!!? Ur body looks so young!
aww hun, you make me blush! thank you I am really 52, my kids are 26 and 21. How are you doing? Loving your boobs more?

Pre-OP done! All paid for, they have my money now.

It always help to talk to the doctor. Had a ton of questions so I had to go over them kinda fast. doc said I had some very good questions. I was afraid he might think I was nut case (even though I am) .We spent a lot of time in the room with him poking and pinching my fat and thinking about how he was going to do the surgery, he was deciding if he needed the fat from my belly or if I had enough on my back side so he would not have to flip me over twice.

so here are some of the answers I can remember from my list above, I forgot to ask him a few!

1. Low Sodium one week before and a month after.
2. Cafeine ok
3. One drain, and pain pump, below incision on the side (not on mons)
4. No glue - he said it doesn't increase better results and it's expensive. Stanford docs don't use it as a practice.
5. CG wear about a month for the TT and 2 weeks for the arm lipo
6. Lipo cannulas 2 inserted the upper back and one lower back (I was only concerned about the holes in the back not front.
7. He provides all the garments.
8. He said I could do drain free TT but he prefers to do at least 2 days because of the lipo fluids he injects, those have to come out.
9. stitches are all internal with a few (maybe 4-5 knots on the outside. then glue and steri strips on top of incision wound.
10. He said no vertical scar!! yay! after lipo, my skin will be like rubber that he can pull down.
11. he uses permanent sutures for the MR - those are the same ones that orthopedic surgeons use to stitch ligaments together, or for heart surgery. He thinks he will have enough fat from just my back for the BBL.
12. Lymphatic massage is ok, doesn't really affect outcome but it helps patients feel better. Ok after 2 weeks.
15. He said seroma incidents is probably 5% more since he takes off drains in 2 days. but he prefers to aspirate the fluid if it happens than risk infection.
16. He said his last infection from TT occurred 24 years ago and it was minor.

I forgot to ask the rest!! DARN! But no worries he gave me his home phone number, his cell phone and his personal email account. He said call anytime with questions. Ha! Little does he know his phone will be buzzing. I'll try not to bug him more than 2-3 times before my surgery date :)

He also gave me all the prescriptions today:
60 norco
60 valium
anti nausea
Anti-itch and tingly - he said docs don't know how this particular med works but he prescribes it to lipo patients and they are a lot more comfortable
antibiotics to start day after surgery

He said have MOM or dulcolax and fleet in stock :)

I told him about my fear of dying and he was very kind and took my concern seriously. He eve said tha ta few years ago, when he had shoulder surgery, he had the same fears. He said I'll be fine, don't worry, I'm in good hands.
Good luck! You will be fine! Can't wait to see your after photos!
Thanks for all the info. With me only being 2 days behind you, it's all been very helpful! I'll be thinking about you on your day!
Getting closer !! I can't wait to see your transformation !

Topic for today - Arnica, which my PS said is a waste of money

It's interesting to note that there are so many testimonials and claims that Arnica is effective for bruising and swelling and yet not one single clinical trial has confirmed this. with that said, I am still gonna buy it and like D37, will do some testing on my own body, I'll put it on one side and just either coconut oil or vaseline on the other and will post my progress. Why? because inquiring minds want to know. I know that my PS is such a scientist and he does not buy into any of this but I also don;t think that western medicine is the only one truth in terms of healing. However, I will at least follow the recommendation that Arnica is approved only for external use (since it contains a toxin) so I will not be drinking it.

ARNICA -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnica

Medicinal uses[edit]
Arnica montana has been used medicinally for centuries. Arnica is used in liniment and ointment preparations used for strains, sprains, and bruises. Commercial Arnica preparations are frequently used by professional athletes.[3] According to The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, clinical trials "suggest benefits of arnica for osteoarthritis and reduction in postoperative swelling and pain." [4]
A study of wound-healing after surgery to treat varicose veins found no statistically significant proof of efficacy.[5]
Arnica contains the toxin helenalin, which can be poisonous if large amounts of the plant are eaten, and contact with the plant can also cause skin irritation.[6][7] If enough of the material is ingested, the toxin helenalin produces severe gastroenteritis, and internal bleeding of the digestive tract.[8] Homeopathic preparations of Arnica 24X dilution or more are neither toxic nor effective as negligible amounts of Arnica remain.[9][10][11]
Homeopathic preparations of Arnica are widely marketed and used. In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has registered the product for sprains and bruising under the National Rules for Homoeopathic Products (2006). These rules allow claims of efficacy for these conditions to be made on the packaging in the absence of similar evidence to that required for conventional medicines under the Medicines Act 1968 and 1971.[12] A systematic review of clinical trials showed that homeopathic Arnica was no more effective than a placebo.[13] In some quarters, the fact that homeopathic Arnica has been the subject of published clinical trials at all has drawn criticism grounded on the allegation that the basic premise of the high dilutions used in homeopathy would be inherently flawed.[11]
Checking in with you. I think your TT is fast approaching? You'll do great!
OMG! You are gonna fall in love with your body all over again!
I always forgot to take it and didn't really believe in it (had not found this site). Almost no bruising or swelling...I think my almost no-sodium diet was a lot more important, honestly. I did not buy a recliner, was in my bed from day one. No wedge, no toilet riser...didn't even know to get such things. My husband got me one of those $25 pillow seat things that people use to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, and I just piled three pillows on it and used that to sleep sitting up and it worked great. I slept sitting up for at probably three or four weeks? I'm fuzzy on when they told me I could try sleeping on my side, still using the pillows but ditched the chair type one. Anyway, don't go crazy. Your doctor is probably your best resource.

Cancelled 10/14 to be re- scheduled soon

Hello my new BFFs!! I miss you all but I have sad news, my dad passed away oct 4th quite suddenly. He was in good health, no, illness. He was 78, he did have a pacemaker but his last physical was less than a month ago and his doctor gave him a clean bill of health. I'm with my family now as we all had to fly out of the country to my dad. It's been a few days and the reality is slowly sinking in.

Anyway, thought I'd drop a short note for now to let you guys know what's up. I'll be back and will plan and re-schedule my surgery date. Hugs and kisses to you all. Please don't forget to tell all your loved ones how much they mean to you - you never know when you will not have that opportunity anymore.
Thinking of you!
My sincerest condolences!!
I'm so sorry for loss :(.. heartbreaking. Sending hugs and prayers ur way...

Not so sure anymore about this

Hello everyone, thank you for your loving messages of condolence. My life feels like it's been turned upside down. My dad's death made me wonder if he timed it as such to tell me something. I also just read mommyof2 recent post and it really made me wonder about all this....
Arnica-??? I have zero bruising in my back and butt- and I had LIPO in my back and flanked and butt done- I also are fresh pineapple the month prior to surgery! My back is spotless -amazing!-who knows right?!-lol 
Hey there 50 going on 35! You sound happy and I saw your profile and it seems all is going great with your healing! There have been others who also did not use arnica and had no bruising. It's a hit and miss I guess, could be genetics :). Happy healing!
Hello Hun! Thinking of you and your family I hope you are ok :) Go with your gut regarding the surgery. I will tell you this at 3 months you can't expect to be normal but with in a year you will be. It's a long road to recovery but I never regret doing my tummy tuck. This is the way I've always wanted to look.

I may have a new date and a revised game plan

Hello my dears, I am back, though down with a bad cough and sore throat. i went to talk to my ps yesterday to discuss what I was thinking. I decided that I don't want to do so much work. I basically am not doing about half the stuff that I previously planned. The original plan was to have TT, MR, Lipo to arms, flanks, my whole back, and front and back armpits and then fat graft to butt (bbl). This required starting with my back, doing lipo on my whole back then injecting the fat to my butt. then flipping me over to do the TT and front armpit Lipo.

S the new plan is to do only one side, no more flipping over. Do only TT and MR, Lipo to armpits in front, he said he can do my arms without flipping me over. I was thinking of doing a bit of vaser Lipo on my jawline and parts of the upper neck to tighten the skin. So after, I feel a lot less anxious, and I hope my recovery won't be so challenging. I heard Lipo recovery can take months and also, that is major trauma to a large area of my body. So I feel a lot better and less anxiety about this surgery now. I'm still having some doubts so I haven't pinned down a date yet. Also, this throws off my whole work schedule and vacation because I used the time off that I had blocked for this surgery to go home and bury my dad.

Anyway, I thought I'd update you all, I miss having our conversations but I'm starting to get caught up on everyone's profile again.

I also read mommyof2DR's review again and the second time around, I am just feeling sad for her that she regrets the whole surgery. I think perhaps she did not think about it or research as much as she needed to prior to surgery. I do pray that she will in time feel ok with her choice or find a good solution to her concerns.

Happy Friday everyone! Xoxo
Glad to have you back!  We are here with you every step of the way. 
Thanks dijon! your progress is amazing and I hope I heal as well as you have!
I think doing one side sounds like a good idea! I think you will look great. :) 

So I have a new date, I just confirmed today

December 9!! I'm feeling excited again and less anxious about the surgery. Now that there's less work, I'm hopeful that my recovery will be a lot faster.
Ooo dec 9!! Awesome!
good luck
Thanks BIEE! Your date is a few days after mine! good luck on your search for a place to stay! Have you asked your PS for suggestions?

3 weeks to go!!

Last night i couldn't sleep, i was so worried, scared, excited and anxious about my upcoming surgery. This morning, I woke up so tired but calmer at work. I'm glad I have some distraction! Been trying to run at least 3 miles on the treadmill 3-4x a week and yoga another 3 times/week since i got back from my trip and gotten over that nasty cough. so far, in 8 days, I worked out 6 of those days. Gonan try to not be so lazy....

Hope you ladies who are way ahead of me are continuing to heal fast and enjoying your flat tummies!!
Your working out will help. I was doing something similar--and I can tell you my Recent plastic sx, was a breeze-really! And you know I did THE WORKS!! I can say this now because Monday (11/25) will be 4 weeks for me. Hindsight is great right?- I tried to plan as much as I could, it payed off -you'll do good. Now I just had my bunion surgery yesterday and got home 9 pm last night. And now I am in bed for 8 weeks with my leg propped up, to try to avoid swelling and pain. :/ just trying to plan everything out again-lol! You'll do great-you got it covered! ((Hugs))
Hi 50 going on 5! I know!! you are super smart and planned your recovery really well. I asked my doc about the clubmedical thing and he doesn't want me to be far from him the first 10-14 days after sx so I guess that is off the table now but I do have plans for phase 2 for next eyar to get the otehr half done (my back side lipo and BBL. I am not as brave as you to do the works at one time! But I am very encouraged by your recovery so I am hoping, my recovery will be as uneventful and amazing as yours! btw, happy healing on the bunion surgery - that sounds painful owieee!! Happy continued (awesome) healing to you. xoxo and hugs
Talk to your PS & don't be nervous..we all make it thru great. I'm 100% positive you made yourself clear as to what you want! LOL :)

I just wanna say, I love my Doc!

I emailed him about some concerns about the pain pump (my irrational fears again about overdoing on marcaine) and he put my mind at rest right away. I love that he is so accessible and responsive to his patients.
Oooo... just about time. You are going to look good. I can't wait to see your results!!
You are going to love your new shape! You look fit to begin with. I am so glad I had the lipo with my TT. It gave me a waistline by getting rid of the back fat and side fat. I was a short waisted rectangle with a 33.5 inch waist before the surgery and now I'm down 4 inches. My PS said I would go down a minimum of two inches in the waist, so this is icing on the cake for me. Drink lots of water post op and good luck! You are really going to LOVE your results!
Hi! You will come out really well! Exercising and keeping good blood flow is important. Try to get some nice massages done before your surgery to feel relaxed and not sore going into surgery. My PS said no garlic 3 days prior to surgery and no multivitamins no fish oil 10 days prior. Good luck!!

2 more sleeps!!! It's almost here and I'm so nervous and excited

So 2 more nights and on Monday morning, I will be heading to the surgery center at around 6:00am. I still have my moments of panic, especially when I spoke to my yoga teacher today and told me no more backbends for you. And so as I was doing backbends at yoga class today, I seriously thought of canceling my surgery. BUT as always, vanity won! i saw my flabby jellly belly and decided, enough is enough. spent too many years wishing it away. I think for many months I will have to slowly work my way back my exercises and yoga poses.. I do recall my PS telling me I should be able to do everything again. I probably will be emailing him a few times this weekend. also , i will tell him that if my muscle separation is less than one inch, to leave it that way. I don't think aesthetically less than an inch will make much of difference but will mean quite a bit in terms of recovery. Will see what he says.

I also am planning on pooping a Valium tomorrow night so I get a good nights sleep.
I'm so excited for you!! Best of luck !
Good luck!

1 more sleep!! Did any of you TTers have any thoughts of cancelling surgery the night before?

Woke up today feeling anxious. I think my anxiety is mostly because I haven't told my kids about this surgery. I think I will tell them today. I'm just such a wimp about dealing with their judgement and I am afraid they might convince me to not do it. "mom, why? you look fine and you're old anyway...why do you want to look like a hot mama..?? and so on. LOL ah well, when I ask these very same questions to myself i say, why not? I am expecting to live at least another 30 years, I want to spend those years not looking at my tummy everyday and wishing it gone. I want to be able to feel comfortable and good in jeans and bikinis. I spend so much time everyday looking at my tummy and wishing it flatter - I want to spend the time instead wondering what I want to do for the rest of my life instead of obsessing about my tummy. So glad I don't have to explain all that to you, my TT sisters. so nice to be in the same boat as tall you awesome ladies. love you all.
Good luck! You're going to be just fine!
Hope u r well......
Hi thinking of u...hopefully everything went well!

Hi everyone!! I made it!!!

Sorry for not posting yesterday as I had zero energy and was very loopy. So I was in the pre op room where they put in the iv fluids. Doc said he was just going to put a little med to,relax me but that was the last thing I remembered. The next thing I knew, I was waking up and feeling a burning sensation along my incision. No pain otherwise other than feeling the tight binder. I hired a nurse to take care of me for 2 nights, I thought that was better than spending money on a recliner.

So today is post op day 2, went to see doc to take off my face bandage as I had a wee bit of Lipo on my chin and neck. Feel much better today. It may feels weird to be so helpless. I will plan on taking the MOM to,or row as I cannot imagine trying to poop right now. Peeing in itself is a challenge. So the worst thing right now is my back. It hurts like a mofo.
Also they put this stuff in my hair that made it all matted and gross. Can't wait to shower tomorrow. Drains and pain pump,is supposed to come off tomorrow. Dr. Said everything went great - will try and take pics tomorrow.

Thank you dear sisters for your positive vibes - couldn't have done this without you .
So good to hear from you! Congrats & Rest up :)!
Glad all went well. Happy healing do tey n yake it easy I neen pushing myself a lil too much and swelled up so much felt like I was ginna pop... rest rest rest I know its easier said then done
sounds like all went well, get lots of rest, be good to yourself, great idea hiring a nurse, best of luck, keep us posted !


So bruised up !
Hi!!!!! You are back!! Glad to see your pics! You look great! Don't worry about the line above the bb. I had that when I came out of surgery too. Swelling + compression garment. Rest up. Will check in again. I'm on day 10. It will be become easier. Hope u have a raised toilet seat installed at home. That really helps. Btw I hunched for 3-4 days but my doc said. Not to hunch and then back pain Qa home poof. Now it only only pains when I bend fwd (due to lipo on flanks)... Gets better i promise :-). Congrats!!

Norco is my new best friend

I'm trying to not take so much pain meds but when I miss my s he dulled dose, I start feeling really tired and depressed so day 3 is not as bad as day two and its so true what everyone says, it gets better everyday. Had some chicken breast and quinoa last night for dinner and today just drinking lots of smoothies. Drains came off yesterday and was able to take a nice shower. That gunk they put in your hair is nasty. Daughter is coming bybina bit to make me a kale smoothie. Happy healing TT sistas!!!
Yay your going to look great really soon! wow lots of brusing girl. Does your PS think anyhting else is going on?
unless you are having side effects you may want to continue pain meds so you don't get hurting too bad and then it would take a while for them to kick in but if you are doing okay without them, then great for you, you do look pretty bruised, but some people get that bruising, glad you are able to eat healthy and are feeling better, it looks like great work !
Hey girl!!! Glad you're done :) geez... You are bruised :( arnica cream and tabs may help. Bromelain for swelling. Thinking of you!!

I guess I bruise easy

Call me Barney
Fast fwd and your going to be soo hot girl! Dont worry you did it happy healing!
Wow !!!!your bruising is bad they must have go a little rough with u lol

Here comes Debbie downer

So it's 6 am and been to the bathroom twice ( I guess that's a good thing) but seeing all this bruising is a bit freaky to me.. I'm going to take pics and send them to my doc and see what he says. Wish I could fast forward two months
Looking good already. Your a bit purple, but your gonna look great when it subsides.
Don't freak out about the bruising! I've seen lots of bruising (worse than yours and on very old people) and it ALWAYS goes away eventually. I had lots of bruising too (although not as much as you) and only two weeks later most of it was gone without me using any products for it. Thanks for posting your latest pictures! You're going to look fabulous and I'm sure you'll be very happy!!! You'll get stronger and feel better every day from now on. Remember, time flies and all the pain will soon be a distant memory.
My amount of bruising freaked me out too. I don't know why but I didn't expect so much either.

Day 4

Ok going to backtrack a bit since I've been incoherent in my last posts

Day 1: miserable day, woke up feeling pain along incision. I was feeling tight, loopy, and in pain and freaked out about my bruises

Day 2: went to see doc to take off my chin strap as I had a bit of lipo done on my jawline. Doc took out stitches in chin cleaned out my incision and put on a new tape

Day 3: went back to doc to get drains and pain pump removed. Asked doc if it was ok for me to try walking upright as my back was killing me. He said sure, no problem.

Day 4: today, mad myself some breakfast an egg and toast with hot chocolate.
Btw, had 2 BMs yay! Taking half doses of MOM as the first one was explosive lol Sorry for the tmi


Hopefully my bb opens up its a small slit right now but happy that the bruising seems to be getting less

Clips up of BB

Oh an I've been pretty much standing straight since yesterday. Doc says it won't hurt anything

Showered yesterday and it felt amazing

Gonna shower again today, doc said I can shower everyday waiting for my gf to come over and help me shower
being able to shower this early is a major plus, I know that feels much better, get lots of rest, relax and you will be good before you know it
Yay! You've got a fee says "under your belt"--it does get easier day-by-day...your tummy bruising looks lighter too!
Congrats! Are you happy with check/neck? Probably way too soon to tell. Are you taking Arnica? That really helped me with the bruising and pain.

Day 5

Had a fried egg for breakfast and it add me feel yucky after. I think I'll stick to my fruit and liquid diet for a few more days

Armpit and arm lipo

Very scary :) weirdly, no pain and minimal swelling

Neck looks worse and also feels more sore

You look great! I had a ton of brushing from the lipo too. See my early pictures. I'm at nearly 5 weeks and 98% of it is gone. It's faded to a very very light color. I wish I had done a little jowl lipo but I didn't think to ask the PS at the time.
I bruised a lot from the lipo too ! I think the arnica helped it fade fast though. Your belly looks nice. & flat too! Happy healing to you!
I think you will end up really liking the neck, also did you have lipo on your arms and your arm pits ? interesting

Day 6 - third visit to Dr. C

Last night, had another shower. Although dr. C says shower everyday, I think I can manage it only every other day. He also told me not to cover anything, let the soap and water run through the incisions. Today he said no more antibiotic ointment on bb, use 1% hydrocortisone cream instead 1-2x a day. He also gave me this new garment which I could not get over my thighs. Not sure if he has this mental image of a 12 year old. He redressed my wounds, snipped and pulled off a few stitches and put a new tape on my belly. He said I can start putting moisturizing cream on my stomach skin and asked him if coconut oil is ok and he said yes.

He did say I was a pretty colorful person noting all my bruises but he said everything's fine and healing well. I've been walking pretty much 90% straight and asked him if I can sleep flat on the bed now and he said sure.

Had my first trip out of the house to the store with bf to buy more food supplies. I told doctor C that the hardest instructions he gave me was the low sodium diet. I am dreaming of salty fish fried rice every night.

My arms are not swollen anymore but they are a gorgeous purplish hue all the way to my fingers. I'm trying to take the norco in longer intervals. Today, it was 10 hours. My face however still looks like I had a tussle with a few short kids and lost.

Here comes barney!

Looks like ur coming along, great results! Cant wait to follow ur journey
I wonder why some people bruise and others don't, not sure if how procedure is done or just the person, probably a little of both, you are definitely bruised, did they suggest anything for this? well I guess if doc thinks it is normal it must be, did you have lipo on your arms, my arms are getting larger than I would like, did this seem to help a lot ?

Day 7 post op

It's been a week!! Today I woke up all slow and tired and achey. And then I remembered it was because my last pain pill (my BFF norco) was taken at 2 am this morning. I'm trying to see how long I last before popping a norco and for the last 2 days, I'm down to taking 2 a day (as opposed to the previous 8/ day). I am not taking any Tylenol,or Advil (hate those things and they are so bad for the liver and tummy) and I think I had only one Valium in the last 2 days. Going to target today to find more control top tanks I do not like the marena garments my doc gave me the side zipper does not lay flat bunches up. I want something seamless so that I don't get any marks on my skin . Hope you all are healing well. Hugs and kisses to you all
ok thanks

Day 8 - bit concerned

I had a coughing fit and sneezed twice all at the same time last night. Boy, my belly hurt like heck and had to take a pain pill (it's good to have an excuse). Today, I feel a bit of a ridge on the right side above my BB. I'm also worried about this line that doc says will go away. I have another appt this afternoon and will make him swear in writing that this line will disappear.

Here are the pics

Forgot to mention, went to target and Cosco today with my mom

And I had to keep reminding my 74 year old mom to slow down as I was slowly shuffling behind her. To force her to slow down, I grabbed her arm and yet she was almost pulling me. Too funny.
Looking good so far! Super-skinny!! That line will probably go away. I see your bruising is subsiding too!
You are looking wonderful!!!! Glad you are able to get out and about some :)
Thanks for your sweet comment! Us old ladies need to stick together, haha! At 47, I am feeling more confident about myself then I have in years. Older, wiser, and definitely flatter :) You are looking good, although quite colorful! I think your results will be awesome!

Back from doc

So he took out my BB stitches and swabbed it first with hydrogen peroxide then 1% hydrocortisone cream. He also changed my steri strips, cleaned out the wound, applied some glue ( I think it's glue) and put new steri strips on. I told him about the bumps in my under arms and he said that's normal when the lymph glands are regenerating from the Lipo he did there. I also told him my arms hurt the most - I think the Lipo is probably more invasive and disruptive than surgery. He also said I should take 2-4 advils per day to help with the swelling. He also gave me 2 new garments to try, biocorneum cream, his own brand of scar creame (retin a + hydroquinone) to use on the Lipo sites (I have 3 on each side near my armpits) I am seeing him on dec 20 days to take out the rest of the stitches and another check up on dec 30. Sheesh! I saw him 4 times in the first week after surgery and now 2 more times in the next 2 weeks. He is such a lovely dude. He treats me like his daughter (he has a 42 yr old son and a 30 yr old daughter).

I think my scar should have dipped down about an inch

But this will do since it's still covered by my bikini bathing suit. And maybe in time it will drop
You should get your self some arnica montana tabs can get on amazon it would help with ur bruising I took it 3 days before surgery had very little bruising. It looks painful. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00020HTTS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1387340445&sr=8-1
I did get arnica cream but my doc says its all hogwash. He says its a waste of money and if you google research on it, you will find that in some case studies, some got worse results with arnica. Anyway, I didn't want to defy my ps completely so i have been using just the cream. i used it on my neck and chin and it got worse. :( . The bruising on my thigh however has gotten better and I just started using coconut oil.
Hi there, u r looking tight and good ;-). your scar seems quite low to me. perhaps when you have the energy, you can model your bikini ;-)! sometimes they say if the PS doesnt have much skin to pull down they prefer slightly going up so they can avoid a vertical line...

This is what I was hoping for

I think it looks great and when the swelling goes down it will drop down a bit. Sometimes they just cant pull you down as low as you want it. I think you look great and in a year there will be no visible scars. You look so good considering it's just a few days now xo
Thanks pharmsales! I sure hope it drops cuz I don't want anymore surgery! ( well until my facelift LOL). How is the kelo cote working on your scar? Do you think it's better or same as biocorneum?
You are looking better everyday!!! It does get better each day. :-)

Day 9- itchy itchy day

Here are a few pics. Hope all my TT sistas are healing well!
Looking good and way less bruised. Yes everything will smooth out. It's just the patience with the process that's hard. Soon U will be able to rock your flat tummy and toned arms :)!

Trying some apps

From pre op to post op

Hi mamaQ! I hope my scar healscasvbeautifullynasvyour! I'm at the nit picky stage and finding stuff i don't like like how long the scar is

Day 10 post op

So yesterday, I went for a short walk around the block with my mom for about 35 minutes. Then went to groceries to grab a few more supplies. , that one hour excursion pooped me out. Last night I wok up in the middle of the night with my arms hurting. Took a norco cuz I was achey all over. It's so weird, my arms hurt the most! And not even the upper part where he did the lipo, it's my forearms and hands weird! So today, is gonna be sitting on my lazy azz all day

More day 10 pic

Otherwise known as nothing better to do than chronicle my daily progress
you are doing so well lady!!! 35 minutes walk??? wow. you go girl, i can barely manage a 10 minutes walk right now. i have to rest and rest in between, my back still hurts every time i walk as i am still hunched over. happy healing dear
You are looking good the swelling will go down in time had a tt and mr will be 3 months post op on the 25th welcome to the flat side

Day 11 post op

Had my appt with my lovely ps.mhe took out the stitches today - now that hurt a bit and there was a sore spot where the skin had really grown around it. He pulled out about - 10 inch long blue thread from each side ! So I'm all taped up again and he said for Christmas, I could remove the tape and start scar therapy.

All seems to be healing well except my forearms are still bruised and painful. Gonna try 3 advils tonight ( took 2 last night and no effect). Now that I'm more experienced , I am on the hunt for seamless t shirts to put under my binder. I hate the ridges on my skin from the seams of my garments.

Stitches coming out

Also, so far , I'm not any more swollen today than I was since day 1 and thankfully no Ken doll effect... Yet.
You seriously look AMAZING!! Are you fully upright when you walk? I am like 70-80% and can walk like 10 minutes at a time only!
You look great! Your line above your bb will give you definition and it looks like you aren't swelling much at all. Keep posting those pics ;))
Thanks lisalicious!

Day 12- mission impossible: to find the perfect seamless shirts OR compression garments.

So I have 13 different types, 6 of which my ps gave me (marena and maidenformmbrands) and only 2 of the ones he gave me are comfy enough and do the job. I bought others but I hate how the seams dig in and leave so many marks on my skin. And also, the most important compression is around the lower belly by the incision (not the waist) and most garments cinch the waist. These days, here's is how inbound myself up

A bit dad that I cannot wear some bikinis

So here are other day 12 pic

Marks on skin that I hope to be able to eliminate with the right undergarments

Hi miss molliemichelle and sx sista!! When not on any pain meds, I walk at 70-80% like you but on my narcs, I can be probably 90-05% straight. I can sleep now without too many pillows propping me up but i need to keep,my legs bent a bit - still Cant lay fully flat on my back. When I am sitting down though, I can sit pretty much 100% straight.

Mission accomplished!

I was able to find 3 seamless tank tops at Target. Target rocks!!. I also went out on this little adventure on my own, drove for the first time but made sure I popped 3 advils before heading out. I'm now back home, in the comfort of my girl cave , warm, lots of pillows and a view of my backyard with a very satisfied shopaholic's smile on my face.
Thank you for sharing your adventure. I'm just three days out from surgery and it helps to know what to expect as we go through the healing process. You are looking great, even through all your pretty colors.
you are awesome, I love your whole review !
Why thank you so much Kathy! I loved reading yours and i always follow your updates.

Day 13 -

I woke up this morning and realized thatbmynbinder rode upwards, essentially being useless in terms of compressing my belly but my belly thankfully remained the same, it didn't swell up. Now I'm wondering if I can just ditch the darn thing and just wear my semi- snug seamless tank tops
Tummy is looking good! :)
You look great!

Day 14 - two weeks!!

So I had ages concerns that ice been emailing my ps about:
1. Lumps in armpits he sad that's normal since I had Lipo,in the are - will resolve in 4-6 weeks.
2. Belly button crease - doing a little experiment of pouting tape on it to see if that flattens out the crease and it seems to be working! Yay!
3. Binder - asked doc about being able to go without binder for a few hours and he said I can do whatever I want. It's there for swelling so he said if I swell, I can put it back on but regardless, everything will heal with or without binder. And I recall,there were a a few studies that showed no difference in outcomes with the us or non use of CGs.

So today, I decided, I'm gonna try my best to stop worrying about evey little tng, let my body heal and give myself time. I need to keep reminding myself final results take 6-12 months
if you had that much lipo I'd wear tight serious compression for 6 months
Glad you are doing better each day. Healing is a process that can not be rushed even if we want it too. One day we feel real good and over do it, that sets us back a day then. I saw how you split up you binder. How is that working for you now? To me it looks as if it would be more comfortable.
Actually it was my ps who didn't. I guess he could see that I had a short torso and also he wanted to double up the compression around the incision and most of the binders and CG s compress the waist area more. This way, it was easy to wrap myself up with pressure in the right spots

Tis the season to be thankful

1. I am thankful for menopause, one less icky thing to deal,with during this recovery.
2. I am thankful for target, Ross, and Marshall's where I can buy cheap CGs, and cut them up and possibly destroy them to get just the right fit without feeling too guilty.
3. Thankful for no complications as yet.
4. Thankful that so far, no swell hell. My tummy swelling is pretty much the same today as it was day one. I know as I get more active it will swell,more but then, I will be thankful for being able to exercise more.
6. I'm thankful for the little things like being able to lay flat on my back in bed starting last night even of for a short time.
7. Last but not least, I'm thankful for all my RS comrades, my girls girlfriends, my ladies circle, my femme fatale friends - without you this process would have been AWFUL.

Ps. Not posting pics today because not much change. Maybe after Christmas...xoxo
Looking good, happy healing!
glad you are doing well, Merry Christmas
Thanks Kathy and Merry Christmas to you and your family too!!

Day 15 - slept without binder last night!

Merry Christmas everyone! I decided to sleep without my binder and voila, my tummy looks the same, not more swelling. It's my arms I still struggle with. CG on/CG off. Sometimes it feels,better with it , sometimes better without it. My tummy on the other hand has that funny tight feeling like as if my binder is still there even if its not.

Anyway, my personal experiment ( with my doc's knowledge and approval) to go use the binder and arm compression CG less and less. I am hoping to not be wearing them in 2-3 weeks at all.

And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!!

Sending you all LOVE - the best healing power of all!!
Looking good!! Merry Xmas to u too!

Swelling, yes it happens

Thankfully, it's not more than it was since day one. I've lost about 5 lbs but in this pic, I cannot even button my fat jeans.

Oh and I wanted to add a few other notes I forgot to chronicle
1. Back hurt like the worst pain ever but it lasted only for 3 days. So on the 3rd day when doc took drain out, he said I could start trying to stand straighter and so that really helped
2. I am stated walking 5 days a go, a few minutes at a time. And yes my dear ladies, it does get easier.
3. I had a moment of panic yesterday when i was finding it hard to take deep breaths. I had all sorts of images (like pulmonary embolism, heart failure, etc) come to mind. I decided to continue with my mall shopping and told my bf that in case I passed ,he knew whatnot tell the medics. I almost asked him to take me to urgent care as i was feeling really bad. As it turned out, one big burp and I felt so much better. GAS ladies, it's can really f@@k you up. So I am trying all sorts of things to make sure I don't get this gas build up again. Like yoga poses, carbonated water and would you believe, eating solids! So now I'm good!
4. Went to the mall for a little stroll and also to get a taste of the Christmas spirit. It was such a nice little stroll
You look awesome and defenatley have more bruising then I did. My dr wants me go walk more but I'm not really sure how much....
It definitely looks more comfortable. Mine doesn't bother me too much. The drain tube just irritatesy side a bit and if my binder shifts it pulls a little. Hoping my drain can come out on Thursday.

Day -16 Xmas morning unwrapping

Another night sleeping without SH and I finally see my scar
The scar is healing well! Congrats!

After 24 hours of not binder and eating salty food..

Binder is back on tonight !! Although Tummy dosent look too much bigger, it feels quite tight. I walked around a lot today and feel a bit more sore around my incision. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the incision has healed quite well while under wraps.

I do have those hard spots right above the incision and to the right of my bb. I am guessing all that is normal swelling. Can't wait to see my ps on the 31st when he gets back from vacation - need to have a professional,say my healing process is on schedule and normal.

Been slowly attempting some stretches and yoga poses as my muscles are all crying out from lack of use. Been doing the downward dog and that feels soooo good. I am want so badly to do some twists and side bends.

I'm enjoying my time off, having a great excuse to not do too much and hang out with family

Things tomdiscuss at my next appt that I'm concerned about:
1. Since he did lipo, I'm worried I might have that uneven dimply areas.
2. The ridgesgelf above my incision - I hope this is just swelling and that it will flatten out later.
3. The crease above my bb - I really hope it's because of the mr and the swollen muscles underneath and that this will flatten out in time. I tried putting tape on the skin and that seemed to make the skin better but the ridge is still there
4. Right side of Babis more swollen than left.
5. Lumpy areas. In armpits are still there

Happy healing and hope ya'll had a great Christmas.
Your scar is looking nice. What kind if therapy are you using. I'm really trying to stay away from salty foods, so I don't have too much swelling. I go in for my next post op in the morning and I'm hoping they say I can get rid if my drain. I know it us just one drain, but it can be such an annoyance some times. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.
Hi JoyD! You are healing really well! I know, everyone seems to hate the the drains. I'm glad my ps uses only one and he takes them out after 2 days. Fr scar therapy, my doc gave me biocorneum but i also bought kelo cote and doc says they are both the same - difference is that biocorneum has sunscreen and he says people are less compliant using the kelo cote cause it has to dry first otherwise its sticky. I started using the biocorneum in my bb but that seemed to make it red - may have been irritated by the sunscreens. So I switched to kelo cote.
Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has healed quite well.

Day 17 - I am having a tough time with CG, having some fear and doubts

today, I'm looking at my belly and when I bend over, I can see the skin wrinkling in a few spots. And that's with me swollen!! So now I'm thinking that the lipo will leave my tummy with that typical dimply uneven surface. Ugh. Can't wait to for my next appt which is in 5 days to talk to doc about my concerns.

Also, I have all sorts of compression garments and the full body marena ones, those that are like long panties that you pull up , or anything that's really tight, but I find it hard to keep any of them on for more than a few minutes. The only thing I am comfortable I are the tank tops that are body shaper types. I'm just gonna give up on the CGs , ill just use these tank tops and occasionally use the binder on top when I feel a bit more swollen.

Did anyone's pee stream angle change?

Mine did! I think the mons skin got pulled up when he stitched the top and bottom parts and now, my mons is less fatty/puffy ( I think my lil kitty looks better) and when I pee, the angle hits exactly in the gap between the toiletseat cover and the toilet bowl that I've pissed thru the toilet bowl and hit my panties or watch the pee stream down the front of the toilet bowl. Oy!! So now I have to remember to sit back far enough so pee stays in the bowl..

Pee stream also is now one nice stream whereas before, it was all,over the place (I think giving birth really does a number on our bodies) . Hope this wasn't TMI. :)
Hi thanks for finding me, you look fantastic and you are healing really fast. I just read your whole review and really related to alot of it. I don't like the mareena cg either. Stupid things I bought two and they give me a dent in the side with the zip and start collapsing my ribs when I'm out and about. The line going down the middle you have is from the garment compressing everything together. I've seen it lots here on RS and that makes your bb look like its narrower too. When things settle in and you aren't wearing the binder so tight or often you will see things smooth out. I discovered this when I fell asleep accidentally without it on and woke up all symmetrical and my bb was round for the first time. My whole vulva has had a lift too, that was a nice unexpected surprise, some of the Nov TT's said on the forum that when they put in a tampon the whole angle of their vagina has changed too. Its really interesting what your ps says about the cg study. I wish there was more info like that around for us to ponder instead of listening to all the wildly conflicting advice and ways of doing TT's. Of course we have to do what our ps says because if we don't their insurance won't cover us, having said that, it doesn't mean that we are getting treatment that is based on accepted best practice or long term scientific results as there just doesn't seem to be much consensus does there?! I saw one Dr here on RS that doesn't use a cg at all and insists they restrict blood flow, cause complicatrions and delay healing! I am 7 wks now and still have two hard spots on my incision in the middle, that are getting smaller with massage and the join in the skin and the bb is getting softer now too. There is a lady on here called MamaQ who's surgeon told her to put a swimmers silicone earplug in her bb to train it to be rounder and give it the silicone like the incision. Have a look at her if you haven't already. Her healing is really good and her bb definitely went rounder after using the earplug. I've been using it and I definitely can see a difference since. I just tape it on. Your scar looks really good and I can notice how the shape of it is evening out. Mine did that. Once things settle like the swelling on the mons and tummy the skin starts to settle into place. I can even feel now that the highest tension points on my scar are changing and I can feel where it is lifting my upper thigh skin higher now that the incision is strong and I can walk straight. Give it time, it really does change weekly. Thanks for a great review, I'm sure its going to help lots of ladies. x
I remember when my belly was so big I couldn't see my 'girl' when I was peeing!! Lol. I'm sure the stitching and less abdominal weight on that area is less compression when relieving ones self. TMI!!! But we keep it real here don't we :-)
Looking better every day!

Day 18- a short shopping spree once again in search of that ever elusive CG

Went to the mall with a short detour at the Gap to see if I could find more of those legging jeans in stretchy corduroy for my daughter. She nabbed one of mine today so I thought I'd try and see if I could get some more for her. Score!! From $60 to $16!! Then I went to Macy's lingerie dept and came home with 2 maidenform tank tops for "firm" control they they're the only seamless ones that looked tight enough. Well, I'm home now, all showered, popped half a norco (love my narcs) as my incision always has that tight, achey, weird feeling after walking around a lot.

Now I'm catching up on everyone else here on RS and see how everyone's doing. I didn't take photos today as it pretty much looks the same still.
Yes, about that tight, achy feeling at the incision after walking around a lot….same here…..and that's after more than three months post op! I still have the occasional twinge too but other than that I'm ALMOST 100% okay. I'm a bit obsessive about my upper abdominal roll (when bending and sitting) and wish it wasn't there but maybe I'm just too much of a perfectionist??? I thought it was because of swelling due to liposuction but now, such a long time post op I don't think it's swelling….just that the skin hasn't been pulled down far enough! I just might need a revision but not sure if I want to go through all that.
I think your scar looks amazing for the time! Keep on healing! I think the compression garments I'm going to have to wear will cover my legs too. It looks really uncomfortable!
Hey there secretdiva! Thanks so much! this tt recovery is such a process isn't it? and reading about all the different doctors' preferences and practices just amazes me. Clearly, there's really no hard science behind any of it because they are all different! I think the body heals in its own pace regardless of whatever technique. I think the most important part really is finding a surgeon who cuts and sews cleanly and has had many years of experience so they know what will work most of the time :). Yes, I know MamaQ chatted with her quite a bit early on. She does have amazing results. I will ask my ps about the earplug thing but he told me that my bb will round out when the swelling goes down. He also said the crease will resolve in time as well. I've been putting tape on the crease and it does seem to make it better, I'm just afraid of the skin folding here and becoming permanent (and I known that is an irrational fear as skin renews itself and will follow the contours of what's underneath. Happy healing to you and I will continue to watch your progress. Thank you for keeping us posted- it is definitely super helpful to be able to read about each others experience. Xoxo

Day 19 - still bruised

Darling BBNM, as you can see, I'm still bruised, skin above incision so much darker. But definitely looking better everyday
You are looking great, minus the brusing. Have you thought abour trying Arnica Cream? I started using it this past week. And it has helped with my LIPO locations greatly. It also helps with the itching as it heals.
Yes, now I see that you still are a bit bruised but considering how BADLY bruised you were you're looking GREAT! I'm very impressed with how good your incision looks already, less than four weeks post op!
Looking great!! Ur scar looks great already. I'm sure it will fade nicely..

Day 20 - almost 3 weeks!!

Today seemed to be a turning point in feeling closer to "normalcy." Energy level was up, felt more positive and appetite seems to,have returned ( not too happy about that) . I went shopping with my daughter and I always,ove spending time with her, the had an early dinner with my sis and her hubby at a Vietnamese restaurant - I think I had a lot of salt today. Felt quite swollen soon after. Came home , took measurements and waist is half inch bigger than this morning. Not too bad.
Wowza!! your flat stomach looks amazing!
glad you are feeling mostly back to normal, it takes a while doesn't it !
I did use arnica but I did not see any changes in my bruising. When is stopped, my bruising comtinued to lighten at the same rate.I think my level of bruising was way past the ability of arnica to be of any help.

Day 21 - I made it to 3 weeks!

Things to note:
1. Been sleeping without any compression for the last 5 nights. I put the binder on at the end of the day when I feel really tight and swollen the take it off after a few minutes or an hour.
2. I can sleep on my sides - but im not a side sleeper so I do it to relieve my back right before I sleep. I stay on each side for an hour or so then l try to,lie flat. I can lie flat for a few minutes then the tightness starts to get more intense so I still have a pillow under my legs and one one each side if I feel,like folding them.
3. I look like I'm walking straight but I know I'm not 100% straight. The hardest part is moving after sitting. It takes a while for the tightness to,lose up so I can walk normally.

I see my ps tomorrow and will talk to him about my concerns. I'll note them in the pics here

A few more befores and afters

I try to remind myself of what used to be there every time I get hyper critical

More pics

For the record
You look great!
The AFTER looks so much better than BEFORE. It's great to see those side by side shots!
Thanks miz BBNM! I need to remind myself of the before pics especially when i start down the road to being hyper critical of the results.

Day 22 post op - Doc appt, he said I'm good to play football

So I asked doc about all my concerns ( see earlier posts) and as expected he said all will resolve in time. He also said, I look good and no more CG! But he did give me a band to put right on the incision line where it's still firm and swollen. He said no more compression in the upper abs so that crease will straighten out.

I had to loosen the band a short time later tho as I could feel the the pressure going upwards and my upper abs started to feel achey I need to not be achey tonight for the New Year's Eve party I'm going to.

Anyway, I love how confident my doc is with his surgical skills and stitching. He said there's nothing I can do at this point that will rip anything. I didn't post any pics as today looks pretty much the same as yesterday's. my next appointment is end of next week. I guess I'm going to plot an exercise routine that will work for me and let my body tell me the limits.

P.S. BBNM, how did you know LLB was gonna be posting soon?
You look great
Thanks sammiejoe, so do you !!

Day 23 PO - too much in one day

So yesterday, was up all day, did my usual 1.5 walk around neighborhood, got dressed for the NYE party at my aunts was at the party by 9 pm, ate too much, got home at 2 am this morning and I still had to shower and put on all the stuff. Got to bed prolly at 2:30. Got a wake up call at 8:30 am to pick up my daughter from the train station. I'm TIRED!! But it was first nights sleep,without any meds. Slept like a log. I think I will take it really slow today.
You look amazing!!!
Hello NevertooLate_52 I've been catching up with all the details of your journey TT / Lipo everything you've been going thru....wow impressive pictures.... talk about bruising ( you get the prize ) You've had a very good surgeon & transformed yourself . You look marvelous! L@@king g@@d my friend :-) I've missed kibitzing with a lot of my friends here on RealSelf ... HAHA... now ya know... cats out of the bag... Yep!!!!! I have ESP. LOL I needed to stand down and regather my thoughts, Reflection made me want to keep in touch. I am Soooooo happy for you my friend we'll chat soon. ((((Hugs)))) LoveLoveBelieve
Lol! I think my pee stream is better, I'll make sure to check next time! Ive always had to lean fwd so it wouldn't shoot tween the seat. Just a habit now! Happy new year!

Got a wee bit paranoid so I changed my profile name

Now that my brain is not clouded with drugs, I got a bit paranoid about all my pics online as they are public. I may delete those that have my face in it - the pics of my chin/neck. I am happy to provide more info on the chin/neck lipo and in general, that experiment so far is a fail. No change. I was hoping the lipo would tighten the skin around my lower jaw and possibly make me stop thinking about a face lift. I'm happy to email you pics if you like.

On the TT front, pretty much the same except that I was able to lay flat on my back and sleep last night!! yay! It's funny though that standing up, my tummy feels a lot tighter than when lying down flat. I feel much better today after doing very little and not taking my walk yesterday. I may go for a longer walk today. Will try for 2 miles.
thanks d37!! and you know that you do too! you're one of those amazing transformations that get us all hoping we would end up looking like you!
Hey LLB!! Sooooo HAPPY you're back! Yes I think of all the hundreds of reviews I've seen, I do take the prize for the most bruising!! I have not seen anyone come even close. My belly is still dark from remnants of the bruising.
Ps. I changed my name cuz I got a bit paranoid, just letting you know.

Day 25 POD - overdid it yesterday walking 3 miles

I think I overdid the exercise - I walked 2 miles at brisk pace (2.6 mph) yes, that's brisk for me at this point and another mile a few hours later. I felt my tummy really get tight but figured it was just the swelling for the exercise.
Well, last night I had a minor freak out. After my shower , I noted that my BB was red around it and bleeding a little. I swabbed hydrogen peroxide and the q-tip had a little blood. I probable used 5-6 of those until I gave up, they all had blood. I put antibiotic ointment and figured it would heal by tomorrow. This morning it looks less red and has dried blood inside. I guess that's a good sign. I emailed my ps last night cuz didn't think it was an emergency. Lets see what he says when he gets back to me. Gonna leave bb alone and take it easy today.
I have the same thing worh the hips... think one of my hip bones is more out and bigger than the other or maybe its just swelling
Hi Pharmsales! yes, i don't know maybe I'm just not even - technically, no one is completely symmetrical on both sides. So maybe this surgery just made it more obvious. Hope its swelling though! We do sometimes swell more on one side than the other. nothing seems to be even!
yes the fatty hips disguise it. you look amazing don't you dare obsess over that.. I don't even see it!

Some scar pics

Pics of red bloody bb last night and today
Me too lol I got to sit right back otherwise I pee on floor!! It's because our mins has been pulled up so not drooping under!! Lol fab
lol, yes and it looks so much better too.
Ok, I am dying over here about your post with the pee angle changing because MINE TOTALLY DID! In fact, I was telling my friend about it yesterday how I have to lean over more when I sit on the toilet or it will shoot out! Or the fact that yes, I have peed in the shower, and it streams out like a dude! LOL!!!!! So glad you posted that and you are not alone! P.S. --- You look awesome!!!

Day 26 post op- I think I will be very happy in 6 months

When all this tightness, soreness and swelling is gone. When I get back to work on monday, I will let the work out routine play itself out as I don't know what my energy level will be like.
Your results are beautiful! I have a slight crease above my BB and love it! I hope it doesn't go away. Funny how we all like different things! Yours is more pronounced, but you're only 26 days out, I'm SURE it will lessen. I just glanced over my progress pictures and noticed how swollen I was at your stage. Give yourself at least another month and you will look back and see how much you have changed. I'm still working on lipo areas that hurt more now than earlier in my recovery. My skin is waking up and now I feel more of the pain from their swelling everyday. Something new comes up at every stage of healing. By Wednesday of my first three weeks back at work ( weeks 3, 4 & 5 for me) I was fairly whipped and going to bed 2 hours early. At 8 weeks now I think I have much more stamina. I took two weeks off over the holidays and go back Monday again myself! Good luck!
Glad to hear you're doing well! I had similar CG conundrum around the same time as you. I think it is because you now have the energy to get out and actually shop for one. I found the best thing that worked for me (at Target of all places!) was a Hanes Boyshort bodysuit. The markings on the inside are T273 and then below that are RN15763. It didn't have much for seams, it had an open crotch ( I still wore seamless underwear under it) and it didn't ride up or down on the abdomen because it doesn't move that way. It is not high grade post surgical stuff, but I found that it seemed to offer enough compression to be comfortable. Re: the toilet use...was having real issues with NOT peeing on the CG. This took some major practice. You look great. Just keep the faith!
I went snowshoeing for four hours today and am feeling very tight along my entire incision. It's been three and a half months now but clearly there's still some healing needed before I feel totally normal again after exercising. You're looking great!

day 28 - 4 weeks!! Now back to work UGH!

I am now back at work...I forgot to bring my 3 inch incision wrap/binder and smoothies so we will see how today plays out. Thankfully I have a desk job and can stand when I need to and move about.

When will this tight/ swollen feeling stop??!!!!

Well, I survived my first day back at work. I did leave early (8am-3pm) cuz i didn't want to push it. I was feeling so swollen, like i swallowed a basketball. I want to do a back bend so badly my back curve is gone and I look like a box. I'm going to try to hit the tread mill tomorrow after work and see how that goes. Hope everyone is doing well, just feeling a little tired and cranky.

Other updates:
1. I'm not on any meds for over a week and starting week 2 , it was only half a norco at night and week 3, maybe only twice that week.. But right now, I'm so tempted to pop a pain pill.
2. Scar treatments started Christmas day when I took off the strips. I'm so thankful that the incision healed well with no complications.
3. Last night, I pulled out a stitch from my bb, which probably was the cause of my bleeding bb a few nights ago. No blood at all and bb looks completely healed.
4. Upper arms have that sore tingly feeling from the Lipo, underarms still tender and swollen and lumpy from the Lipo. I have full range of motion now from my shoulders. Lumpiness is slowly resolving, my lymph nodes are healing.
5. The hardness in my belly is getting smaller, it's now a triangular area from my bb as the apex to about a 5 inch base right along my incision.

This recovery is really a test of our patience!! Yes, every day it's a little better, some things continually get getter then you get swollen and tight at the end and it feels like you're starting over and never getting out of this cycle. I know in my head its just a matter of time...

Thanks for listening my dear TT sisters!! Xoxo
In regards to your #5 bullet point: Same thing with me! Just a small triangular spot now. It feels full and HARD after I workout. So weird! Looking great though!!
Glad your doing well! Ive been laying around for a few days now since my back decided to throw me a curve ball, and my scar is super tight like early in the recovery. But if I'm up and about I still have some tightness from the Mr, but it is quickly getting better. The hardness is near gone about my bb.
How it going? Im glad you survived your first day back at the ol grind stone *wink* You are looking great by the way! Happy healing!

One month anniversary PS appointment

Today is my one month anniversary! Saw my PS today and:
1. He said I shouldn't be looking this good at one month :) (It sounds like docs like to say that to their patients) but he was really happy with my progress. He said whatever i was doing, to keep doing it.
2. I asked him about exercise and he said I can do whatever i want. He said your muscles may hurt, but you can't hurt it at this point.
3. I told him about the piece of string I pulled out from my BB so he put on his glasses poked around and pulled out 2 pieces of string from my BB - that was so weird seeing him pull them and snip it. I was freaking out and told him to not cut it but pull the whole thing out and he said it will just break -apparently they are absorbable sutures. He said the BB is the most delicate part of the whole TT. They are fragile, and so they typically heal last.
4. I asked him some about allergic reactions to stitches and he said not the ones he uses, many years ago there were a few suture materials that caused allergic reactions. The ones he uses now never do.
5. I asked him about my lumpy armpit area and he said I could massage it but regardless, it will go away and he said usually 4 months. aaack1! this whole thign is a real test of patience.

All in all, he's very happy with my progress and I see him next month.3. Today is my fourth day back at work and each day, i seem more tired at the end of the day. I have not had any time to do any real exercise. I do walk around a lot and try to stand after sitting for over an hour.

Some other things :
1. I never had nausea after waking up from surgery. I think my anesthesiologist was awesome.
2. Never felt that dry throat thing or felt like coughing after surgery either. I did cough later but that was from chocking on food. I also sneezed a few times - boy did i see stars then.
3. Lost about 8-10 lbs since surgery (depending on time of day I weigh myself). Not good cuz I'm still swollen so that sounds like muscle mass disappearing! anyway, I can build those up soon enough.
4. Yesterday, I had brief encounter with the ken doll syndrome. It went away this morning and after work today, no sign of ken - yet!
5. My arms are still sore. and today, seems more swelling and soreness than yesterday. grrrrrr. when will this be over????

Hope all my TT sisters are healing well too! I cannot imagine going through this without all of you. Thank you all for being so generous, caring and supportive! xoxo
thanks AmyS33, good to know that this weird hard spot is not just me. you look awesome btw!
THANK YOU! Does your hard spot also feel tingly sometimes? So weird!
Hi elijanh! sorry to hear about your back! hope it's better now - just take it easy.You don't have to work so hard cuz you look great anyway ;) I'm glad to hear that the tight feeling gets better faster with time. I just am so over this! I don't like feeling this tightness, soreness and swelling 24/7!

Forgot the pics

Pretty much the same. These shots are first thing in the morning before the swell. Also, I was 114 lbs this morning. On morning of surgery, I weighed 124. Despite my appetite and my ability to fill up my tummy has returned, hope I can keep it off!!

One more with panties

That cover my scar
You are looking great!!
thanks fineliner!
Hi amys33! No, it's still so numb, but that in itself is weird, it feels like I have a piece of cardboard glued on.

Oh hi Ken, when are you leaving?

Some pics to compare morning flatness with end of day swelling. I also found another stitch poking out of my bb, so I took my tweezers and scissors and did what my PS did, pulled and snipped it off. Bb was a bit red and swollen on that spot as I had tried to pull it out, I may have tugged the string a bit too much before giving up and just snipping it off.
Looking great both in the morning and afternoon. That swelling will subside. I think I'm pretty much done with the swelling but still feel tight in my lower abdomen especially after any activity. Yesterday I did three hours of snowshoeing, much of it uphill and on ungroomed trails and that was quite a workout. I had just a little bit of swelling after I was done but this morning I was flat again. I still do have a tight feeling and some numbness in my lower abdomen. I'm pretty sure my surgeon really double tightened me up below my BB! I never did walk hunched over so I was probably not tightened up as much as most TT gals.
You look fantastic!! congrats
Your results are so good looking! You really transformed and i bet you are excited. I hated the swelling but look at the bright side - this won't last forever..hang in there bc new lifelong habits start to stir up as a result of this gift we have given ourselves! You look great! xx

33 days - GYM day!!!

This last week was my first week back at work and was too tired at the end of the day to exercise so today, hit the gym.

15 min, 1 mile - elliptical
26 min, 1 mile - treadmill at 3% incline and 2.3 mph average
5 min - rowing machine
Weights - 8 lb dumbells on each hand, bicep, tricep and delts 3 sets of 10 reps each

Felt awesome after despite being swollen. Gonna try yoga tomorrow.
Wow wow wow u look so gr8:-)
You look great!!!

5 weeks today! - Did Bikram yoga yesterday

Well, I sure had nice 90- minute sweat session - I forgot how much i could sweat. I was able to do about 60% of the poses and in those poses probably I only did it at half the effort. It was also the first time i lay on my tummy! It was fine. I was dizzy and exhausted after , then had a birthday dinner to go to with my GFs. Got home at 9:30 pm, washed up and crashed in my bed. I had the best night sleep so far. Today, I woke up almost at 115 lbs - 1 lb heavier than yesterday. I am guessing I either ate too much salt (had fried calamari last night) or muscles and tissues are swollen or both). Today, I woke up with a bit of tightness along my incision. Hope I didn't pull anything out of place.
You are looking fabulous!! What are you using for scar treatment? I have gone for walks around my neighborhood, but haven't been released to go to the gym yet. I'm looking forward to being able to work out. But like you said after going back to work for the first time. I have been to tired to work out. I find if I stand too much at work I'm swelling where I not getting enough compression from my garments. I still haven't found anything better than my binder I can home with.
You do look great! I think a pound fluctuation is well within normal. My muscles swell after excersize too. Yesterday I walked 3.3 miles and had to let my belt out seroiusly! I still get the ken doll every now and then, crazy!

Short workouts today

Walked slowly 30 minutes at lunch (about 1.5 miles) then a short stint at the gym for some weights on the machines - biceps, lats, delts, traps. Then 15 min on this new type of elliptical for 15 minutes (1.2 miles).

Belly button became red after workout, I felt something pulling around that area, hard to tell cuz I'm still so numb there. If its still red tomorrow, gonna call PS.

Happy Monday!! Xoxo
Thank you JoyD! . PS gave me the biocorneum, but I bought the kelo cote because I didn't want all those other ingredients on my skin all the time.and kelo cote is 100% silicone. I started with kelo cote at night and biocorneum in the morning. Now I'm getting lazy so just using kelocote at night. On the swelling, I think the garments and binder just make us feel less swollen but they don't prevent the swelling. No matter what, we will still swell ( with or without binders and CG). I do agree that when I needed compression, binder is much better. Lately tho, Im just letting myself get used to the swelling, I don't use any compression anymore.
Thanks elijanh! You look great too and I still love how low your scar is. Yes, this swelling and tight feeling is so crazy! Can't wait for it to go away. I feel tight 24/7 and it feels worse when I swell. When will this end???!!! :).
Thank you!

37 days PO - BB trouble

Ok so my BB was red around it last night so I put the hydrocortisone cream that doc says to use for redness. Well this morning, it looked less red but I saw a little spot that looked raised and when i cleaned, that spot started to bleed. Hope it's just a stitch poking out. Maybe I've been exercising too much. Gonna stop for a few days. I have appt to see doc tomorrow.
How's the bb? I read through but didn't see any update. I hope it's just those darn stitches working their way out. Your in my thoughts and get some rest.
Those darn desolving stitches are always the culprit. I hope it's okay.
You looking wonderful. Try taken it easy your body still healing inside. Hope ur bb be okay. . Stitches are a pain. I had some problems with them. Set me way back. .

BB is better.

So I went to see ps yesterday because there was a pimple like puss thing when i woke up in the morning and so i squeezed it out just like I do all my pimples. Doc says it looks fine, no infection. Doc said exactly what you ladies said, prolly the deeper dissolving stitch. They do sometimes cause inflammation cuz the body still tries to reject them. He said clean itch hydrogen peroxide and can put antibiotic cream or hydrocortisone cream. I used the antibiotic cream and it looks healed, and not as red today. Doc said bb takes the longest to heal. Thank you my dears or thinking of me! I'm sure the good vibes helped me heal!
Bb much better today. Looks like everything is closed up and not as red. Thanks sammiejoe for sending the good vibes!
Your welcome! Have an amazing day. I'm going shopping for some new clothes. Yay! I'm so excited.
You are right , that's what doc said! Thanks or thinking of me!

Almost 6 weeks- not much change in appearance

Looks pretty much the same, these are my morning pics. I hope that soon they can be my evening pics. The tightness and swelling is still there pretty much as soon as I start eating and sitting. So I'm just going to ignore that and start stepping up my workouts.

Maybe I spoke too soon

Looks like things are changing and moving around. I decided to try on the bikini bottom that was below my scar and today, it covers it ! How did that happen?

More just cuz I'm so amazed

More of the same
I still dont believe you're 50 something! I'm 4 months and my scar is still moving lower. You are so friggin cute! Can I be you? LOL!
wow, thanks elijanh!! YOU are cute! I just checked out your profile - your scar looks awesome. Mine is squigly and it got darker but you know what? I'm not gonna fret about it now that I know it will be covered anyway!
Great positive attitude Hun

Yesterday - walked 4 miles, today bikram yoga

I find that I slept better and tummy feels better after I exercise so I stepped it up a little. Prior to yesterday I was doing 2-3 miles on machines but yesterday I managed to jog in spurts during the 4 mile walk which took me 68 minutes. Then went out for dinner with my girlfriends and sat for 4 hours, now that made my tummy hurt and swell more than exercise.

Today went to bikram and tried to do more back bends. It's so frustrating. My yoga practice is so bad. My body is so stiff and tight, worst than the very first time i did yoga 15 years ago. I'm even embarrassed to go back to my regular yoga classes since I can barely do bikram. So my self assessment as of today is that cardio is sad, and flexibility is even sadder. I hope in time I can get back to where I was.

This whole recovery is indeed such a TEST of our patience!! I just want to feel normal again.
Thank you for continuing to update! It helps us followers out! :)
Oh btw, I have been practicing bikram for over 6 years and can't go back since I goto Sunstone yoga. :) Bikram is rough!!!!
Im with you! Ugh I was biking 25 miles no prob before the tt, now im done at 7.5. So hard to get back where we left off. I read that it takes equal time to regain. Where you left off. So a month off, a month to get back. So depressing since I haven't really done any thing in a good while..

6 weeks post op today - hiked 4 miles again

So Lipo areas in arms are still numb but lumpy areas slowly going away and smoothing out around my armpits.
Belly button tends to get red and swollen after I exercise but incisions look closed and healed.
TT scar got darker and I think it's starting to get thicker in the middle part. I've been trying to do more stretches and I all this activity and swelling is putting more tension. So today, I bought scar away silicon sheets and gonna try those. The kelo,cote and biocorneum is just too much effort 2 x / day and I have to wait for it to dry. Now that I'm back at work and trying to squeeze in time to workout, I know I need scar therapy that's simpler. So trying the strips. Lets see how that goes.
Still numb about a 1inch strip from sternum to belly button then from bb to incision it's a triangle of numbness. The hardness of this triangle seems to soften every time I exercise. I've found the worst thing is sitting for long periods of time. The other night, I sat for 4 hours - it was girls night out. I had shooting pains in my groin area and now my mons area feels sore. Weird. Still feels tight most of the time but I have periods of time now that I don't feel it.
I'm just bummed about how this TT and MR set me back in terms of flexibility . I feel like I'm made of stone and can hardly bend in any direction except forward. The side bends pull on my incisions by the hips and it feels like I'm gonna tear it apart. The backbends, forget it, just not there. So gonna focus on cardio and weights and slowly start the bends.
Happy healing everyone! I love all my TT sisters!
You look fantastic!
Just fyi- Knt8873 & I are on myfitnesspal app. Another tt-er work out sister! She is karen8873, I'm beheyb.
*correction - TT-ER sister who's slacked on her workouts. & needs to get back at it! ;)

My finicky BB bled again

I think I may have to tone down my exercise program (yes elijanh and knt8873, i may have to slow down). last night as I was cleaning my bellybutton with Hydrogen peroxide, I noticed a pimple like bump and when i swabbed it, the top skin came off and it bled. I also tried to press on it to let the blood come out and i think a small bit of the dissolving stitch came out too. I dried it and put antibiotic ream and then hydrocortisone cream. Today, when I woke up, there was a bit of yellowish stuff that I cleaned again and stuck a bit of gauze in there so that there was some pressure. It looks better now at lunchtime. I'm keeping an eye on it. I also emailed my PS about it. Hopefully, I won't need to come in again. the last time it healed fine. this is in a new spot in my BB and I hope it heals well like the other time.
I love reading your reviews! Your so detailed! So did your BB just out of the blue start giving you problems? Thats so crazy
You look fab and hope your bb is ok tonight
Oh yea! I'm on the way to cardio class ;)

OK, BB is all dried up and looking fine again. grrrr

So yesterday i was going to the restroom every 2 hours to check my BB - just in case it got worse and it was still during the work day so I could hop in my car and barge in on my PS office (LOL). I have this image of me rushing into his office (possibly with a patient) and screaming "you must look at my belly button now!!" anyway, I woke up this morning, it all looked good. cleaned it again with hydrogen peroxide, put some antibacterial cream and hydrocortisone cream. Just checked now and it still looks all good - oozing,no more redness. whew!
Hello my friend, I feel like I want to talk to you like a Dutch Uncle ( something my Pop used to say) I've got a few years on you ... I feel your mad desire to be healed completely, your BB is talking to you my friend.(((Healing))) takes time what you see in the mirror l@@ks healed but inside all the MR and internal stitches need more time....please slow down a bit THE Gym isn't going anywhere it'll be there, tone down the exercise... Let your inner body (((Heal))) Ok enough Crap from this old Woman this morning LOL I know you planned long and hard to get to this point....you l@@k so good. You've been thrilled with the outcome. Now Savor the moment (((hugs))) (((chill))) LiveLoveBelieve
hello my darling dutch uncle. You are absolutely RIGHT! I know I overdid it, I guess i tend to test my limits. Now I know. I have scaled back down. Last night I only did 2 miles on the treadmill and upper body weights. My heart rate stayed at 70% of max (I usually keep between 85-95%). And voila, no bleeding BB! I will wait until after my 2 month mark then try and step it up again. And I will not even attempt any ab exercises until after 3 months. Are you excited for your next adventure?? I am so excited for you!!
I hope you DO slow yourself down a bit. :-) We'll chat soon. (((Hugs))) LLB

The good, the bad, the ugly

Alrighty, here are some pics of my tummy that makes me not feel so good

End of day swelling

Almost like pre op
Ya I think you'll find that on even a 10 year old girl. But It will smooth out some still. Without a little extra skin it'd be hard to bend in any direction. Ive noticed the biggest changes this month (4), no way I expected that. Reserve judgment. You'll be ready to sport that bikini thus summer!
I'm the same Hun when I stand or lay down I look flat then when I sit I have some rolls or indentations but unless we have backs and sides lifted there is always going to be skin.. It it's heart breaking but I sort of realised that before I had it done. We all have excess skin at the back unless of course we had a complete lower body lift..you look fab!!!

Then there's the first thing in the morning joy

No, no ladies it's not THAT, it's the morning flatness that makes me happy
Oh wow looking so good girl and u know those arms are going to keep on firming up!!!!!!
If it's any consolation, take a peek at MY sitting photos and my bending over and pinching my extra skin photo, and you'll see that your rolls are NOTHING compared to mine!!! My latest photos were actually taken first thing in the morning. For a while these rolls only appeared later in the day but now they're there any time of day!
My first set of pics were also in the morning. the swelling makes it one BIG roll. Since you are 2+ months ahead of me, I suspect when all swelling is down and my MR softens up, my rolls will look exactly like yours. However, I think it's my job now to exercise the fat off me. I think doc pulled down the skin tightened it enough (it looks great standing up) and it's up to me to get rid of the remaining fat. I know I will still have folds even then, but as long as they are small folds and not big jelly rolls, I'll be happy. Have you seen the profile of "helene's transformation" ?

7 weeks today - and I'm still not 100%

This recovery is taking so long! My tummy feels tight all day, it still hurts when I cough or sneeze, I can't bend, yoga practice has regressed so far back it's worse than my first time. The only thing that's almost 100% is my energy level. I can get through a work day and still work out after and not be dead tired when I get home.

As you can see in my last pics, most of my tummy skin looks stained from all the bruising - still have faint streaks and spots that are purplish/brown. The area right below my bb is still hard and bruised. BB is still spitting stitches but thankfully, closes back up as soon as I pull or rub them out. They're kinda crumbly bits and pieces.

but I really can't complain much as I've not had any complications so far. Hope all my TT sisters are healing well too. Xoxo
Lookin good! Mine is still gets sore too. I just started stretching anticipating a yoga class. Rough! I got back in compression .

Morning skinny in my work pants

So most of my pants are loose - in the morning. I'll show pics later at end of day
Love your results! Your scar looks Really good!