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I'm exactly 2 weeks post op. I decided to go...

I'm exactly 2 weeks post op. I decided to go back to work yesterday, since I have been feeling fine. Even swept the house on Wednesday.

Went to work yesterday & I thought I was doing ok, started getting sleepy & tired. Came home for lunch to just lay down. Even then I thought I was ok, just tired. Left work & I wanted to just pass out. Last night was the worst night. My right shoulder blade was hurting really bad. Not sure if its from sitting down all day at work, if its from the BA, TT, or the Lipo. Point is I called in sick today, which like I said previously marks my 2 week post op.

My cousin also had a TT and told me about this website so here I am. Sorry so rude of me. I didn't even tell you all a little about me.

I am 32, have 2 beautiful daughters. My oldest is 12 & my youngest is 2. I'm 5'5" after my first I was thinner than before having her, varied between 115-135 but I had a lot of stretch marks & loose skin. After my 2nd child I went up close to 200. Crazy right? After I had my daughter I hit the gym hard, was on a strict diet for 2 years & I was 138.5 pre-op. My stretch marks of course were a lot worse after my second. My skin tummy was destroyed. Would get depress some days because I would eat healthy & workout so much to see no results in my tummy area.

What are my feelings so far. I know that in several months I will be ecstatic. But today I had one of my few breakdowns. Just felt a bit selfish sad because I can't do much with my baby & I'm missing my daughter's games & practices. I miss jogging. I use to run 3-5 miles 5 days a week. Feel like I'm putting a lot on my hubby's plate. He called me today from work to just tell me he loves me & to not worry about anything but getting better. I am very lucky to have his support, he was happy with me before, but I wanted this for me.

Well this where I am right now, I think I have made this long enough. Hope I didn't bore anyone. I have an appt with my PS next week on wed. Will see how that goes.

I will post pics as soon as they are email them to me.

Congratulations! I wish I was as far as you are! I have four more days to go! I can totally relate as I know it is going to be so hard to not be as involved with the kids, or be able to help my husband out with it all! Atleast you are on the mend with only four weeks to go! How exciting! I bet you look wonderful! Good for you! I too will miss the jogging as I run that much too! It helps the mind as well! I'm sure I will be talking to you here in a few weeks and you will feel great! Only 6 unusual weeks of your life and it will be so worth the rest of it!:) Congrats!!!!
Feel free to ask me questions. I will be here.

I went in for a follow up & they said the...

I went in for a follow up & they said the fluid in my tummy seems to be gone. Yippe they didn't have to drain me. Dr. Kahn said I looked great for all the work I had done. He said most people are still walking around "hunched over". Said my stitches look great, that Dr. Watt did an awesome job on my body.

I know I'm only 2.5 weeks out & my tummy is I hope still very swollen. I've seen other women on here and their tummy's look flatter than mine. ):

I know I haven't been how I should. I need to Ho back to my 1200 calorie intake.

I went back to work on Monday & oh boy! I can't seem to fond a chair that doesn't make my back hurt. By the end of my work day, I'm itching to get home & take my pain meds! Since Monday everyday seems to be better & better. I'm starting to feel hopeful & think this pain & discomfort is only temporary.

I really hope my tummy is swollen & goes down or else u don't know if all this money & pain was worth it. Hmmm...I found like negative Nancy. I WILL BE LOOKING hot in a few. This swollen tummy is just a bump in the road.
Yes, jogging is just my time. I love it. Thank you so much. And I'm so counting down for week #6!

At work today and I'm actually feeling pretty...

At work today and I'm actually feeling pretty good! My back hurts but NOTHING compare to yesterday and I haven't taken any form of pain killers! I'm so excited! I'm getting better! Now I just want to focus on watching what I eat. No point in getting all this work done to be bigger than before.

Today is 3 weeks exactly & I'm way bigger...

Today is 3 weeks exactly & I'm way bigger than before my surgery; is this common? Am I still swollen? I've gained 4 pounds! My right side is more swollen & it looks like my sides aren't even. Will this get better. I did have lipo done on my sides but it looks like my left side is smaller. Someone help.

Hey girly, just checking up on you. Hope all is well.

Photo Update

4 weeks, right?! Congrats!! What a wonderful feeling!! Ahh to be that far;)! Update me on your activity this week! I can't wait for a little bit more of that! I did do a little bit of shopping yesterday and it felt wonderful! I am tired today though. I went to my doctor appointment yesterday and got my drains removed!!! Oh how much better I feel already. I then did a little shopping and met my family at a restaurant for my mom and dad's 40th anniversary (boy were people watching me walk hunched over-I was sore by the end of the night). All that said I am taking it easy today!
How about you?? How are you feeling? Hope all is great! I am soo hoping you feel better in your stomach; i've told you I have the same fear! I am still quite a bit bigger pre-surgery and have these wonderful incisions now.. I really feel like I have eaten very well too! I'm sure it gets sooo much better, right;)!
FYI Ladies...Take weekly pics I didnt start doing it till last friday (which might be the reason why I cant see a big difference...Swelling) But my cousin had a had a tummy tuck and she said that HELLPED her out a lot. I'll post this weeks pics on Sunday.
I am very similar to you! I am hoping after all of this swelling my belly will indeed look better than before. That is the chance I took to remove a hernia and a small amount of skin :/. How does your swelling feel this far out? Hope all else is well! Did you get a breast augmentation as well?

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helloCJB,,,you look great wow.. hope fully i will have the same result as you surgery is onApril 13..and my pre op is on march is around the corner be here before i know many thing that i have to do , like cleaning my up stairs,dust organize my closet..but on my day off dont feel doing it at i also will keep u posted on my coming journey with this coming make over..ttyl
HI Lovelybone1,

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! The 28th! WOW! That is days away! I also did MAJOR cleaning before my surgery and my house... It's now a TOTAL MESS! LOL! Well not that bad, but the hubby & my pre-teen do not clean like ME! I'm a bit OCD about things! & Im actually doing ok with it! NOW! Well congrats to you!
Hi Mommy of 5,

How are you? Wow you must have been tired after all that.
So I woke up really thin this morning, I was in total love took a pic & posted it. Of course as the day progressed I got more & more swollen, but gave ne tons of hope! My PS finally sent my before pics. Oh boy, am I glad I did it, its so weird because I felt smaller pre op, because my clothes still do not fit me, not even my big jeans. My tummy was ugly. I'll post them just for you! My body was sooo nasty.

Yipppeee, I have hit my 6 week Mark! What! Let me...

Yipppeee, I have hit my 6 week Mark! What! Let me just say, all that crying, pain, & regret is over! I love my new body! My jeans are starting to fit loose. I still swell but gosh nothing like before! Girls trust me you will be there one day. Just hang on. My tummy look great. I bought my FIRST bikini top EVER IN MY LIFE yesterday. I'm still hopping to lose more weight before my Miami trip at the end of this month! How are all my ladies doing. Haven't heard from a couple of you in a while.

I have been hitting the gym this week. Only fast walking. Did 12 miles so far this week my goal is to walk 20 by Sunday! I feel amazing. Still can't do certain things but man do I feel great.
Wow I can't wait until I'm 6 weeks. It's good to hear the swelling gets better with time. I just made 3 weeks post op this past Wednesday. I'm feeling good. I went out to the club last nite with Hubby for his bday. We had a good time. I'm going to the Bahamas for my bday in May. I should really be good by then.

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THANKS for SHARING your EXPERIENCE!!! I would like to know if you received a Tummy Tuck or a Mommy Makeover for $7,000+? I am asking because I see mostly $13,000+...Please provide me with what exactly you had done by your PS and your PS information...THANKS!!!
looks perfect! 7 weeks and you look like a complete different body!
Hi..CJB..thank you for nice advice..i think you are right..counting calories is really the way to do just so hard..don't get me wrong i don't really eat big meal..snaking is what get's me..i love peanut butter jelly toast..and coffee..LOL..well i did it 2 years ago i'm sure i will do it again specially knowing we spent a lot's of money with this make over..I also love to exercise..i have my down fall from time to time..I'm getting so nervous of my coming surgery..i just go day by day i pray that i will be okey..and be with my family as soon as i open my the way i am gonna be a grandma older daughter is due before thanks i am looking forward to that ..well i will keep you posted on my coming journey..keep me in your prayers.TTYL:)
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