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I am Chinese, 28 years old, 5'4", mother of a nine...

I am Chinese, 28 years old, 5'4", mother of a nine year-old, and have an athletic build. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved breasts. I have always joked around about getting a "boob job" since I was a teenager, but never thought I would actually do it. How "selfish" and "vain" would that be, right!? As well as, how could I ever spend that much money on myself!? My fiancé (who loves my body)) actually talked me into finally making a consultation locally in Southern Oregon (2 hours away) to meet with a plastic surgeon. I consulted with Doctor #1 in March, loved him and was obsessed with getting them. I remember being almost in tears when i was trying on the sizers, and having the realization that I could REALLY make it a reality if I wanted to. The obsession however got put on the back burner for a few months, and it wasn't until early August I had another consult with Doctor #2, also in Southern Oregon. I was instantly on boobie fever, and thought of nothing else. I contemplated and obsessed with placement of implant, and which doctor to go with. The doctors were both amazing, but I still felt uneasy. After all, this was a HUGE decision for me, and it would change my body forever. I had a friend of a friend refer me to Dr. Ben Maser of Palo Alto, CA. I booked the soonest consultation they had, (the end of August) had my consultation, and scheduled my surgery the same day. I couldn't believe it! (I'm a gal with commitment issues. Ha!) I loved their staff, and felt at ease meeting with Dr. Maser. He answered all my questions thoroughly, and I truly did not feel like he was just trying to sell himself, and had my goals and best interest in mind. It has been a looong couple of months anticipating this surgery. I've even went back and contemplated canceling, and going with one of the first two doctors I met with due to cost and travel, as it would be a 7-hour car ride. I really think i had too much time to think, and over analyze! However, I stuck with my initial decision, and my date is next Friday! I can hardly believe it. There has been much sleep deprivation, and anxiety leading up to now, but at this point I just want to get it done already. Lol. I've personally talked to at least 10 different woman about their journeys. I have felt multiple sets of breasts, silicone and saline, under and overs. I am ready! :D I plan to get silicone gel implants, under the muscle, inframmary incision. They will be between 300-350 CC's as the doctor will be making the final decision in the operating room.

Thanks so much ladies for taking the time to stop in, and be a part of my journey. XO. This is an amazing community.

Congratulations with your desicion! You have an increadible body and I am sure it will be striking with your new breasts:) Best of luck!
hello asian_girl. I'm super excited for you Im also scheduled for surgery next friday Nov 16th in Oklahoma. Im starting to feel very nercvous and can no longer sleep thinking lol. Can't wait to hear your updates
BabyloveG, we'll be recovering together!? ;) I know what you mean about the sleep deprivation. Have you tried taking melatonin to see if that helps? I'm looking forward to seeing your results. To speedy recoveries!

I can hardly believe the day is almost here!...

I can hardly believe the day is almost here! Surprisingly enough, I've slept just fine. It's been much better than my insomnia I was having weeks ago!? Good luck, and happy boobies to all the ladies out there! Ha!
Surgery is today...I'm completely terrified! Got in late, and only 3 or so hours of solid sleep. My stomach has flipped hundreds of times, and my palms are sweaty as I'm typing!! It'll be ok, right!? I've waited, and anticipated so'll be worth it...right?! Ahhh!!
Sweetie you will be just fine! Just relax and it'll be over before you know it! Update when you'll be ok! :) xoxo
Best of luck to you! You must be excited. Hope all goes well.

Had my surgery yesterday at 4:00. I tell ya, the...

Had my surgery yesterday at 4:00. I tell ya, the anticipation, and nervousness was by far the worst part! I felt pretty good all day today, just super sore and tight. The girls are riding high, as expected. I will update more later, as well as post some post-op pictures. Happy healing to all you ladies out there!
Congrats! Can't wait to see what they look like
Glad it's overwith and you're good ... yeah, the anticipation is a killer. I wasn't nervous until the night before. Take it easy. Your swelling may be worse tomorrow and then it is just a waiting game.

Today is Day 5, post surgery and I surprisingly...

Today is Day 5, post surgery and I surprisingly feel great! Everyday just gets better and better. The pain the last few days has been manageable with just ibuprofen. The girls are settling slowly, but surely. I can see the subtle differences from day to day, so exciting! I can hardly wait to see the end result! What a journey this has been.
Glad to know you are recovering well. We had surgery same day and I'm also doing very good the anticipation was way worse than the actual procedure lol. What size did you end up getting?
Most definitely the worse part, goodness! I had TOO MUCH time to anticipate it. This sounds funny, I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure I got 320.
You look great!

I feel like a little girl who got the bike she...

I feel like a little girl who got the bike she always wanted for Christmas, but it's missing the handle bars! Ha! I want these girls to drop...patience is a virtue, no? On another note...I'm not a back sleeper, but have been sleeping rather well on my back. Had my one week post-op appointment yesterday, and the doctor said I could sleep on my side if i wanted to. However, it feels like my boob is going to slide off my chest if I do! So, sleeping on my back is just I also got the okay to sleep without a bra at night--it's amazing to take it off. Ahhh... I have never known the meaning or relief of taking off the bra 'til now. Ha! Anyway, hope everyone had a happy holiday!
How are you feeling?! How are things going? :)
Congrats Asian girl!! I go to my post op tomorrow. It should've been Thursday but they were closed for the holidays. Glad to hear your doing good! I'm in the same boat with you, I'm NOT a back sleeper and my shoulders and back are telling me about it. :-)
How did your BA go?!
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to him by a friend of a friend. He was my third doctor I had consulted with. He was very personable, and professional. I truly feel like he has my goals and best interest in mind. Dr. Maser was never in a rush to talk to me. He truly cares about his patients, their feelings and concerns.

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