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I had liposuction of my chin, arms, abdomen,...

I had liposuction of my chin, arms, abdomen, flanks and inner thighs in January 2010. I loved my new silouhette...but, sadly put on weight really quick. I was taking Lexapro, and not weighing myself. My clothes were fitting differently from the procedure, but I went up in my bra size...It was easy for me to think it was only 5 pounds. I came to find out I had put on 15 pounds in 8 weeks, so I quit the medication cold turkey. Then I got pregnant! So I put on even more weight. Now my baby is 15 months old. For the past 6 months I have been watching what I eat, and exercising as much as having 2 kids allows me - I'm actually very active. I am considering re-doing the liposuction (except chin and arms). My friends think I'm crazy, and my husband is worried I will be addicted to plastic surgery. Really want to experience no belly rolls!


u look great the way u are wish i look like that
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Hi Davida,

I completely agree with the others here! You really do look great! I don't see any difference in your body between the last two pics, and I am being honest, not just trying to be nice. You really have a good body, there is nothing wrong with it.
You fixed yourself up after your first two pregnancies, and then you had an unexpected pregnancy and perhaps you thought you had to start over again? I say your third pregnancy doesn't show on your body at all! Congratulations, you look great!
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Working on losing weight the old fashioned way. ...

Working on losing weight the old fashioned way. Not going to have the procedure in the immediate future.


Please show us the chin pictures. That's what I want to have. Removal of fat below my chin.
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You look great. Don't do anymore lipo. Lipo is not intended for losing weight. I say you look perfect now, keep your curves but if you only want to lose 10 pounds that's not hard at all. It's not worth taking the risk of having another surgery.
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I'd stir clear of any additional Lipo. Your silhouette even tho' 10#'s heavier as you say still looks the same. Your body must evenly distribute the weight when you put it on. I wouldn't risk developing scar tissue or other complications with another surg. Just stick to a good healthy natural diet, eliminate as much refined sugar & flour as you can & keep exercising. Include the kids & hubby as much as possible, you'll be setting a good example for them & you'll have a healthy happy family to boot!@!
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