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8 months ago Dr. Commons did a full tummy tuck,...

8 months ago Dr. Commons did a full tummy tuck, lipo on thighs, tummy, hips, back and arms, and a fat transfer to a lopsided breast. I couldn't be happier, he did an absolutely stellar job.
The entire process was smooth and easy as his besides manners are stellar and his staff is above and beyond any another practice out there.
BUT suddenly, my new youthful body no longer matched my aging face so this time, I went straight to him and we decided on taking a bit of fat left from my tummy and transfer it to my face as well as doing a deep plane facelift.

So it's been 3 days.
I look and feel like I've been hit by a truck of course but I can already see that my neck is tighter and smoother, that the bruising is already fading ad that everything is on its way to look more youthful.

Make no mistake: Dr. Commons is a realist and very conservative in its approach so he won't make you promises to go from Quasimodo to Angelina Jolie and he certainly won't go scalpel crazy on you.
He will simply aim to slow down the clock and make you look rested and youthful.
Like you, but better.

That is what is has done for me and I am tickled pink with he results already.
His post op care is off the charts, he makes it sure that his patients are his number 1 priority and will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

You can't go wrong with Dr. Commons.
Can't wait to see how you progress --- rest my dear!!

Always follow Dr 's orders...

After a facelift, do not - DO NOT - sleep flat on your back. The fluid will accumulate in your face, the swelling will be so intense your face will feel like it's about to crack and split open.

It took me all day of drinking water and staying upright to get things to calm down and boy do I feel stupid now, lol.

Still bruised. Still swollen but less. And I worship the painkillers prescribed by Dr. Commons.
Can't wait to see my new face emerge, though.
Oh gosh, sorry about the back sleeping! Do you use lots of pillows or a recliner at night to keep the swelling down?

Thanks so much for starting your story. I hope you'll keep us posted as you continue to heal!
For me a recliner is best. I had a pretty good night last night and amazingly enough, this morning, no pain: only a little soreness but not enough to need pain killers. I am sporting all the colors of the rainbow, I look like a prize fighter that lost the match but I do feel a tiny bit better. One day at a time... :)
I hated hated day 3. Had to go in for suture removal of my lower eyes. Looked like crap -- didn't want to get into a car ----Started getting tired of all the pills --this pill that pill ---- and I think even in week two I laid somewhat on my side and left eyelid all swollen ---- ok, then -- guess we still need to be propped up. Hang in there --- and keep us posted :)


Today is Friday, it has been exactly one week and this morning I look like a drowning victim... Seriously wth???
Last night the Milk of Magnesia finally kicked in so I will spare you the details except to give a comparison:
Have you ever seen a fire hose operating at full strength?
Yeah... That was me. All evening, most of the night.
So for comfort, I didn't want to sleep all alone in the recliner, I decided to sleep in bed with my husband and prop myself up on the zipped off half foam wedge I had used when I had my tummy tuck.
Bad idea:
I slid down the wedge in my sleep and ended up flat so again, this morning, fluids accumulated in my face and I look like a week old drowned walrus:
Bloated, purple, blue, black, greenish... NASTY.

I hate this!!!

I guess the plan today is to take my anti swelling pills, stay upright and drink a ton of water.
The upside after last night though: my tummy is flat as a pancake, smooth, firm, like a good tummy tummy tuck should be lol.

Still... I have a life to go back to, I need thus to heal, already...
hey! how are you doing?
Quick update before heading out of town: everything healed beautifully!!! My face is firm and smooth, swelling and bruising are gone, jowls are gone, cheekbones are back, I look younger and well rested. The only problem was underneath my right eye, the swelling persisted, so Dr. Commons injected a bit of steroid something and that took the swelling down. So after all this, I'm done. Satisfied and done. Since last June I've been healing from tummy tuck, lipo, fat transfers, facelift and more fat transfers to the face, in between I've also had PRK surgery to correct my vision, I need to get back to having fun, now. But everything I went through since last June was well worth it. Now I'm good for another 50 years, lol.
wonderful! would love to see pics!
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Dr. Commons is easy going, friendly and reassuring, but he will not just tell you what you want to hear: if your expectations are unrealistic, he will let you know immediately. However, he does deliver what he promises, he's very clear about what he can and cannot do and leaves no question unanswered. His staff is awesome, everyone goes out of their way to ease what can be a very intense process.

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