I Need Your Advice for Lower Eye Lids and Midface Lift - Palo Alto, CA

Hello everyone! I am looking for an advice and a...

Hello everyone!
I am looking for an advice and a great doctor who has a LOT of experience with GREAT results in blepharoplasty (eye lid) / midface procedure.
I need a good recommendation from someone who already did it. Please share this info with me if you can recommend me a very experienced doctor who focuses mainly on face/blepharoplasty.
I strongly believe in personal experience than in fake-looking anonymous online reviews where 5 stars from 5 without any details.
So, in short about myself. I am 38 years old white female and I life in California near to San Francisco. I always have a little “sad” look due to my facial structure under eyes, but before it newer bother me because it was not that noticeable. I have a dry skin under my eyes, and I guess it was a main reason why I started notice a deep under eyes wrinkles about 4-5 years ago. Those wrinkles always appear when I smile, and they make me look very old. It is genetic -my mother has the same.
What I already did so far:
1. Some research.
2. Found this great site with all great people here
3. So far I went to just one doctor consult:
with a doctor what I found online-American Board of Plastic Surgery (he also posted a few comments here), but until 2002 he mainly focused on hand surgeries. Due to my first time experience, I was not sure what I have to ask exactly.
This doctor was very nice in general, and he did not see problems with my terrible under eyes wrinkles, but he pointed out what I have a problem with uneven under eyes area that make me look tired and old. He said that I need some midface surgery together with lower eye lid blepharoplasty, and this process with involved 3 steps: from skin reduction to fat transfer (not sure about 3rd one?) with local anesthesia for a couple of hours.
He also said that I cannot reach a good effect with any other none surgical procedure such as Botox or fillers, but I can try lasik that will give to me very minimal effect.
In addition, I asked doctor if he could perform the surgery with protective lenses that will prevent any risks of damage my eyes. He said that he could do it, and it was a relief for me because I had an eye-cut accident 30 years ago, and I am extremely protective about my eyes since than.
After the consultation (such was $135.00) I realized that he did not show to me any of his previous work /before-after pictures, but did ask his staff twice. They told me that they will do so, but sadly they newer show any pictures at all. As result I did not understand clearly how much experience he has -specifically with this procedure, and this very confused /stop me to make a positive decision.
So folks, can you please share your experience, thoughts, and your great doctors info ? I am very appreciating any help.
The last question – does $7,200.00 is a very high cost for this type surgery?
Thank you in advance!!!
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When I started doing my research for my lower Belpharoplasty, I was so happy to find this site. I was able to find a double board certified surgeon that I felt very comfortable with. I highly recommend my surgeon, but he is located in Beverly hills and that would not be convenient for you. Just keep doing your research and I know you will find the right surgeon for you.
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Thank you for your respond. To be honest, for a good and very experienced doctor I am ready to go to other state. Can you please send me a name of your doctor, and contact info please?
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Just look at your pictures, WOW!!!! Such a great result!
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My profile includes information about my doctor. His name is Dr. Jonathan Hoenig.
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Thank you, already looked at his web.
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Okay, good. And thank you. I very happy with my results. It's only been two and a half months since my surgery so I am still healing.
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Thanks for sharing your doctor selection experience on RealSelf.  Personally, I think if you are feeling some hesitation about this particular doctor you should absolutely go and have some more consultations with other doctors.  It is worth the consultation fees.  If the doctor is on RealSelf, check their profile page because sometimes they offer a deal if you mention you found them on RealSelf.  Keep us posted!
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Thank you. I will post any news. I am started my research with double energy because I will be on Summer vacation form mid June for 2 month, and I want to use this time for recovery. So far I contacted with an ophthalmologist/doctor from Utah who is number 5 in US for eye lift. (I found this info from www.healthtap.com, not sure if I can use any links here, if not, please forgive me). I am thinking to go for a consultation.
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Nope not suppose to post links, but I'll let this one slide ;)
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Your smart to not jump into it. Definitely get more opinions! Some of the Drs on the site offer free consultations so if you see a Dr in your area with good reviews see if that is available. You sound too young to need all that work :)
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Thank you!
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