I'm 20 years old, female, and have a very recessed chin - Chin Implant - Palo Alto, CA

Just some background, I'm 20 years old, female,...

Just some background, I'm 20 years old, female, and have a very recessed chin and a pad of fat below my chin due to genetics. I'll put up pictures when I can.

I just had the surgery today, so I'm listing "Not Sure" right now because there's no way to tell if the result is good or bad. I'm pretty swollen, and there is already some pretty gnarly bruising extending down my neck. I wasn't expecting to bruise this quickly. so that's a litte worrying, but I'm sure it will be okay. I have thin skin and do bruise easily, but I wasn't anticipating having bruising this soon or this dark, or this far down my neck.

The pain and discomfort has been pretty substantial. I have pain medicine and Valium prescribed by my doctor, but neither has been working so far.

I can already see that my profile is definitely extended, but I'm not sure how much of that is due to swelling. I din't want to get my hopes up too soon! If anyone has experience with immediate bruising like I'm having, I would really appreciate it!

Before Pictures

48 Hours Post Surgery

Still a lot of swelling and bruising on neck and on chin.

48 Hours Post Surgery

Everything looks good, except that the front of my chin is starting to pucker. I don't know if this is temporary (I hope so!). It WAS like this before the surgery, apparently it's the muscle showing through. I was hoping the implant would fix it (the doctor told me it would) so I'm trying to be patient and not start to worry too quickly.

I can't open my mouth very wide and there is still a lot of tightness and numbness throughout my neck and lower lip.

3 Days Post Surgery

The bruising is a bit better, as is the puckering on the front of my chin. I'm becoming a bit disappointed, because my chin isn't as prominent as I would have liked it to be. Ideally, the forehead and chin should line up while looking from the side, and my chin is still not quite there. I understand that maybe this is something that could not have been achieved though, given that my chin was very far recessed to begin with. You can only push it forward so much. It's DEFINITELY an improvement though, so I'm happy.
I am still eating mushy foods because it hurts to chew. The pain is decreasing day by day, although I am still very swollen and numb.

One Week Post Surgery

All the bruising is gone, stitches are out, no more pain, and swelling is much better!
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Commons is a super cute man, and I knew right away that he would take good care of me. Never having had experience with plastic surgery or surgery in general, I asked a lot of dumb questions ("Can the lipo suction tube stab through my neck?") but he was always very patient. One thing I would have liked to know about: Pricing is going to be expensive because costs vary by region. So, depsite being a poor college student, because I live in a well-to-do-area, it automatically costs more. Secondly, Dr. Commons is old-school and does not use digital imaging. This might make some people uneasy, since many doctors can and will show you a projection of what you will look like after your procedure. Dr. Commons chooses to make the decision during surgery, and he tests out implants. he and his nurses decide which one looks best. I decided to trust him, but even then it's a little scary to have no say in the final product. Thirdly, patients are responsible for surgeries to correct or remove the implant.

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Do you still have numbness and tingling? I'm day one post op so I have a lot of it. Pretty swollen too but my Dr did mine intra-oral do I don't have much bruising. Just a lot of numbness in my lower lip, chin, neck. Btw, your new chin looks awesome!
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HI SMFca, You look great!! I think your doctor also made a wise choice in not making your chin too 'strong' to where it's too big or masculine- I think it looks perfect!! I wrote you a personal message on here too, but I had a question for you about the pricing - when you wrote it cost you $4845 for the chin implant and chin liposuction, did that include surgical fees/anesthesia, or is that just the doctors fees? If not, could you share your total costs for the chin implant/lipo? I live in the Bay Area too and am interested in this procedure - thanks :)!! Hope your recovery is going smoothly!!
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Hey, I just messaged you, but it might help others if I break it down here on the review as well. My quote that I listed was a grand total. The individual costs were as follows: $1,700 for the surgery facility, $720 for anesthesia (general) and $2,400 for the doctor's surgery fee.
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You look beautiful. You may have thought you wanted even more of a chin (to "line up with your nose", but I have naturally "strong" chin and it is NOT a feminine feature! So, your doctor wanted to make sure he did not go too far and add too much more chin. I think it truly looks lovely. Hope you are feeling well and recovering nicely.
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Thank you so much! I'm liking it more and more every day. I do love strong profiles though - if you google 'chin profile' all the ones that come up are these gorgeous people with strong chins. I'm sure you're beautiful! Thank you again for your compliment!
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You look better! I actually had more bruising than yours. By the 2nd-3rd week, it should be gone. I got mine 3 weeks ago and now most of the swelling has gone away. I still have the tenderness from the neck lipo. There's still a bit of numbing on the chin but I can say I look more like myself. I can smile bigger but not as BIG as before..Good luck with your recovery :)
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Thanks for the reassuring words - it's hard to be patient sometimes. I hope you're still recovering quickly and that your entire smile comes back soon!!
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