I've always wanted bigger boobs ever since I don't...

I've always wanted bigger boobs ever since I don't know when but at a very young age. I love clothes and fashion and I love nice boobs to go with them. I am currently barely a 34A to 34B but I've always stuck by 34B push up padded bras from VS. My goal is to fit in a 34 full C to a D. I am 5 ft short weighs about 107lb. I have done my research and studying and interviews with people I know who had got theirs done. I know what I want and I am aiming for somewhere around 350-400 cc, high profile, saline, round, smooth, either through the nipple or under breast fold. I'll leave the incision for the PS to decide and recommend.

After the research and looking through many PS website with the before and after photos, I have conquered my nerves and called one of the PS around my area for my very first consultation. Schedule on June 30!! Whoow, I'm excited to hear what the PS will say and recommends. I will update you all after that.

Hi Sissy...thanks..i just checked your review on your breast implants and yours look awesome! i can see the curve!! that's what i need! ehehhee i am soo excited about the consultation.! can't wait to update.

I'm not sure how many cc;s yet..i'll wait till go in and try on those sizers. i do want to go half fake half real looking type of boobs. kinda like almost porn star-ish ehehehhehehe... not too much where i tilt forward LOL
Good luck ! I hope all goes good on the 30 th . Mine are high profile saline 420/435 I was a c I'm now a 34DDD . When I get some of this weight off I will most likely go down a cup size .i can't wait to hear how it went :-) !
Thanks Angie!

Hello All, A couple more days to my...

Hello All,

A couple more days to my consultation. Last night I had a nightmare about my boob implants gone wrong. I guess it's because I've been thinking too much about it. But I have posted a current pic of my chest, as you can see not much going on there and that is with a padded swim top.
good luck hunny
Good Luck on the 30th!! Do see more than 1 and find out if they are board certified and for how many years and check them out on line too. Find out how much experience they have personally. One clinic I know of states combined experience between two doctors. I am going for the armpit incision on July 25th! I am thinking 350 - 375 cc to get me to a 34 C. My pre-op is on July 23th.
wow63...thanks! i have been doing the research...the 30th will be my first consult. I have scheduled 2 more appt. hopefully all goes well!! July 25th wow!! ...doesn't the waiting period seems forever and ever!! I would be sooo anxious everyday thinking about it!!! I can't wait till it's my turn!! Good luck on your surgery. I will follow your updates as well. Hopefully my surgery will be i can stop having nightmares, anxiety, and just constantly thinking about boobs! Just get it over and done with .. geeessss lucky you!!

Okay so my first consultation was yesterday... not...

okay so my first consultation was yesterday... not too sure about this PS.. since she said she just got board certified last november. I'm a bit iffy about that.. but she was super sweet and nice! anyways so she recommended i go with silicone since im very thin, petite and small. I was really going for Saline until i met with her. I did more research and readings on silicone and weigh out the pros and cons..i am now aiming towards silicone.. i tried on the sizers she only had silicone samples at the office. I didnt get to get a feel of the saline... But i really love the squishie with the silicone gel.. kinda in love with it actually.. my one question between siliocne and saline is will the silicone make my boobies more natural looking and saggy? i really love to get the half fake and half natural look..i also would like to still be able to wear a skimpy tank or lingerie and still have my boobs hold up there without a push up.. so the doctor said HP would give me that look .. and thats the only that will fit in since my BWD is only 11cm... and perfect because HP is what i really wanted.. and she quoted me at $7100 for silicone... i thought that was a bit too pricey for a newly board certified PS....

I have a couple more consults to go to.. i'm really hoping i find one soon and hoping to get this boob journey over n done with by august!!! oh yea i just tried the rice sizer today with my hub. he helped me find the perfect size i tried 473cc and 400cc and we both fell in love with the 400cc.. i noticed a lot of ladies said that when you go under the muscle you loose about 50cc i'm thinking at about 425-450cc...i've also been reading that a lot of ladies have booby greed .... so im just going to get it big as i can just so i wont get that booby greed feeling..since i know how it feels when you're not satisfied with what you want... thus i might just op for 450cc...btw again keep in mind im 4'11'' and 107lbs... i may look a bit top heavy with the 450cc but i prefer that then going too small or just too perfect .. theehehee im not sure if i made sense but i may be getting a bit of a booby greed right now... any of you had this issue? My BA Idol is Holly Madison and Kendra... somewhat of a playboyish look...

Here is a pic of the rice sizer with 400cc
Polkadoties.... Consider this: The women that want to go bigger AFTER the surgery are writing - why, because they just had this done in most cases. Sometimes after a procedure women have, what is referred to in this case as Boob Greed. It is a normal physiological response. It is a phase. Some get over it some have resurgery. A PS said here in the Q&A that “nothing will guarantee a re-surgery more than a re-surgery” And going too big increases the risk of heartbreaking complications. There are quite a few that are having a re-surgery to get smaller too. Look for those and read their stories too.
I think you are an over you have Boob Greed prior to surgery! Haha
Implants are wide and will give you a D cup just by the nature of the beast on a small frame. You have to think about that matronly look in a few years and/or what you call that fat look; I am also taking that into consideration being around 5'3” and pretty proportionate my legs, torso and such are normal not abnormally long or short. I have to think about my skin – stretch marks (I have seen that happen too) If I were long chested, had a long torso or broader chested, the dimensions of the implant would be a mute point mostly. Have you seen the girls that are small and the implant looks oval and up to the neck? It HAS to go somewhere in the body - they are round by the way - unless you get the anatomical – anyway, they are Oval in these women’s bodies due to the pocket formed by the doctor making it as big as it can be, it can’t be too close together. OMG do not let a PS dissect the muscle to give you more cleavage I have read HORROR stories! Off track again sorry, ANYWAY….Those girls don’t have the width of chest to accommodate the width but wanted BIG, and it goes UP. Sometimes it also goes DOWN (bottoming out) due to over-size like that or just the weight of it and the fact their pocket cannot handle it. Think about lugging them around – do not know if you have an active lifestyle? Back pain etc – the reasons natural gals get Reductions done. I learned much between my research and my consultation. I had 3 pages of questions for my consultation. I like to be informed and go into things eyes wide open.
Hey the 90% of PS only can ONLY recommend, then do as the patient wants – the customer is always right approach. Then there are the 10% like mine. He said, if you want that go to Vegas! I respect that! That is why I chose him but, hey it is a business, I am sure he is not going to turn me away either if I want them big! He would just stretch it to the limits to please me and try to get a good result within his more natural looking approach and use the biggest he can get away with for my body – but, at my additional risk.
I have not had my pre-op and he has to measure me to see what will fit and what will look proportionate. I am going to listen careful not to edit his words to my liking. You know – selective hearing!
I too wanted big breasts just like you. I Got caught up in that whole thing society put upon us women. Look at my pictures we are a lot alike I think.
Get a caliper tool adjust it to the diameter of the implant you desire. Google the brand and dimensions: I googled ‘Mentor Saline implant dimensions’ there are charts. Hold the caliper to your chest. PS say the width of the implant must be a little smaller than the existing tissue or you will have/will risk rippling, you will feel the edges, look fake, and risk a double bubble. You can’t have them touching in the middle either or force the implant to be oval and up to the neck. (Do you want the big boob look in clothes and look a little freaky naked? More complications: Have you seen women that get too big and the weight and being so close together detaches the skin at the sternum – some call it uniboob - symmastia or synmastia)! That is Gross no matter how you spell it! I guess it is hard to fix that too!
Do not want to scare you just be informed, we only have one body. Assess the risk and talk to your husband about the what ifs. Have money set aside for a revision. We want to feel good in our own skin but, hey it is expensive! I felt like why not get a once in a lifetime upgrade – right?
Just make it the largest up-grade that is safe for your body type and REMEMBER it IS all relative to your body measurements. 325cc may look like someone else with a larger space to fill at 400cc!!
Maybe if you want the fake push up bra look without a bra you want a high profile implant (stripper boobs) which you can get bigger with a smaller footprint?? Some people love that look. OR somewhere inbetween with a moderate plus – that can look quite natural on a small frame and you should consider it too. Think about weight - OK, so here is a calculation for you:
Silicone: 1cc weighs 0.0375 oz.
If you have two 300cc implants then: 300cc x 2 = 600cc total
600cc x 0.0375 = 22.5oz
22.5oz divided by 16oz = 1.40625 lbs. for both implants
Saline: If you have two 300cc saline implants then:
300cc x 2 = 600cc total
600cc divide by 29.574 (to convert to ounces) = 20.2880 ounces
20.5338 divided by 16 (ounces) = 1.268 lbs. for both implants
Don’t get me wrong, I am STILL struggling with the say stuff as you!!

Here is a good website:

Hope that helps you.
Good luck.

that's an eye opener!!! Thank you very much for giving alll the risks, really scary indeed but You are right though I am a high achiever, ambitious for the most part. That's why I'm worried if they are not to my liking that I will do whatever it takes to fit my want, needs and desires. and being OCD doesn't help either... but you know what I will reconsider the ccs.... nothing over 400ccs definitely! Thanks mucho!!
Whatever floats your boat girl!!!!! Who knows, You could be in the next issue of Playboy ...Take Care:-))

Ok so I am no longer on the hunt for a reputable...

Ok so I am no longer on the hunt for a reputable PS. I have booked myself with Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL. With mounts of research and rave reviews about this doctor I have been convinced to fly out there and get my boobs done. The price is not a factor but the reviews and recommendations sold it! Also, the before and after photos, results and the complication rates are major factors as well. I have searched low and high with the PS in my area or even 2-3 hours away but none of the PS's before and after photos and reviews were convincing.

I will be flying from SFO to AL on Aug 14 for my pre-op, 15th for my Operationa nd 16th for my post op. I am soooo looking forward to this!! excited, nervous, anxious, I couldn't sleep last night after I booked my surgery date. Just thinking about everything.. gosh.. i just want to get this done and over with... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

BTW, i'm thinking of saline, unders, through TUBA.. anyone experience with TUBA please advice..thanks!
So glad you are using Dr. Hedden! I am using Dr. Shaffer in his practice for my BA in 2 weeks. They are both talented surgeons and amazing at what they do!
HappyMOM!! One more thing I found here.....try this copied link below.

Angie left this link for someone else it is a list from: Ilovemydeepseadiver she had lipo and a BA! I hope that link works. Copy and paste in your browser! GREAT list!!

Sounds like me... I had a great recovery so far!! Good luck with yours!! I ended up with 375cc. I LOVE THEM!! Look just like my picture. Knowing what I know now after mine I think you should go for 400 in moderate plus or HP for more projection to get the look of your picture.
Sorry I sent this to: HappyMom first and pasted it here for you as well before adding my personal comment to you polkadoties about your size. Sorry it is confusing
Dr. Hedden

Referrals, samples of before and after photos.

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