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I'm 47 and have had implants since I was 19. I've...

I'm 47 and have had implants since I was 19. I've had capsular contracture and problems from the beginning, I originally had saline, and replaced those with silicone, over the muscle in 2006. I'm going to have them removed, along with the capsule. Depending on how I look, I might do fat transfer. So nervous!

Had removal yesterday! Pics so far.

Had the removal yesterday morning. I was crazy nervous! Thinking of all the worst. Got to surgery center. They quickly got to getting me ready. I tried to keep it together. When Dr. Greenberg came in to mark me, she was wonderful in calming me down. They started an IV and wheeled me in, last thing I remember I was chatting with Dr. Greenberg about kids birthday parties and then I was out. Woke up groggy with a bit of pain, but not much at all. Came back to hotel room, took one Tylenol and napped off and on. I kept waiting for pain but I'm so shocked, hardly any pain at all. Why did I wait so long to have this done? I've got drains but they are really not a big deal to empty. I've posted before pics as well as ones from my first day. I'm tightly bound with an ace bandage and that comes off on Thursday at my appt. with Dr. Greenberg. To anyone considering this, do it!! The pain so far is minimal. And I'm looking forward to not wearing hard, huge, domes on my chest. I also have a daughter who is 11. I want her to see a mother who is confident about herself as she is. Thank you to all the women who posted their removal stories here. It helped me decide on finally doing this. And the first hand accounts were invaluable. We are not alone!

Pics before and after surgery-same day

Photos right after surgery

So far, so good!

PS. I also had a full capsule removal.

My breasts were severely capsuled. I was the highest on the Baker scale. (A 4 I think?). They were hardened and very high and round, like two large softball sized rocks. I had lost nipple sensation in both, shooting pains. My PS found them both intact, my visible leakage or ruptures. She removed all of the scar tissues. And thankfully found no adhesions to my ribs.

Checkup day

Yesterday went for my check-up with Dr. Greenberg. She was pleased with my results. No bruising and very little swelling. She took off my ace bandage but I was too nervous to look! She removed my drains and wow, that smarted. But it was over quickly. She is pleased with my healing. She doesn't think I will have much sagging because I don't have much tissue! Before I had implants I was an AAA, like a boy! And guess that's the way it will be again just a bit more looseness. I'm now in a sports bra and ace bandage.

Let the itching begin

So 3 days out and I'm going crazy with itching. My skin in raw from having this ace bandage fastened so tightly around my torso. Changed into another sports bra and so far a 36B cup is huge! So now I need to find a 36A sports bra that fastens in the back and doesn't slip over my head. And pain? I'm only taking Tylenol. I have Vicodin but only took one so far. Tylenol seems to be enough for pain.

Say Hello to My Little Friends--Post removal boobies are cute!

Wow, so today was my second post surgical follow up with Dr. Greenberg. She is very pleased. Scars are healing well. The testing results came back with no cancer issues. (There is a type of rare cancer that can hide in the scar tissue surrounding the implant.) I've been faithfully wearing my sports bra non-stop. And a few nights ago I found the courage to peek at what lay beneath that new stretchy sports bra. Looking down I saw for the first time in 27 years, small, pert little boobs. They look a little beat up to be honest. And a tad angry. But wouldn't you if you'd been stretched silly with some awful silicone hockey puck stuck inside you for almost three decades? I did apologize to them for all the hurt and damage that I thoughtlessly caused. The nipples look flattened but I think that's more due to the sports bra compression. Looking forward to that magical "fluffing" that other posters have reported. Before I was an idiot and decided to implanted at 19, I was almost completely flat. Now that's actually worked in my favor, I don't have a lot of breast tissue true, but that means there is less to sag. Yep, small blessings! What do you think??

8 Days Post-I think I'm getting stronger

So glad to be Back home, I flew from LA to Palo Alto for my doc. Also she didn't want me flying soon after surgery due to increased risk of blood clots. I've posted pics. Both in my sports bra and without. As you can see my incisions are a bit red and scabbed. I'm applying Neosporin. Hope they will heal well. I chose to do incision under crease rather than underneath nipple. My Dr. Presented both options but I had both implantations via the nipple and there is an increased risk of it puckering after so many incisions at same sight. Glad I did but because I am so flat, there almost is no crease! Cannot believe that it's been 8 days since. My chest is still sore but only if I bump into something or one of my cats jumps on me! I'm settling into my new 47 year old boobs I think. Is this what they are like, natural ones? They move and jiggle. Strange sensations since that has never happened before. I was walking and actually felt a little bounce. Isn't it crazy that we have to get used to what natural feels like? Thanks to all the women posting and sharing. Your words help so much in the down moments of this journey.

Pics! 8 days and counting

Here are pics in sports bra and without. My nipples are so smushed from bra.

I'm the President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee!

And that's more than fine with me. Still want to work out so much but I'm limited to some walking, nothing hard enough to break a sweat. Maybe that's a nice change. I put an old workout top on top of my ever present sports bra. Wow! I look and feel like I've lost 20 pounds. I feel great, a touch of soreness. But slept on my stomach for a bit last night. It was magic! Only slight problem I have is that my incisions are red and scabbed. Going to have Dr. take a look at them next week. OK--I had no idea how much those oversized boobs make me look so much older and heavier. (Of course I used to judge my tummy bulge by comparing it whether it or my fake boobs stuck out farther!) I'm going to have to find another way to measure. My posture is so much improved, due to all the scar tissue and implants pulling my shoulders forward. Now I actually stand taller and straighter and I swear it feels like I can actually take a full, deep breath again. With the sports bra on, I am flat as a board and hey that's OK! That's me. 47, flat chest, strong legs, and even stronger determination. I'm now imperfectly perfectly me.

17 Days Post Surgery-Update and New Pics

Can't believe its been over 2 weeks. I love, love, love it so far! I'm still wearing the sports bra 24/7. Found some great Calvin Klein sports bras that slip over my head and are reversible. They are the most comfortable ones I've found to sleep in. My boobs are definitely smooshed and wondering how much they will fluff. In my case, I don't think much at all. I started out with not much breast tissue. The scars are a bit irritate and red. I am putting Neosporin on 2 times a day. Hopefully once the stitches completely dissolve. They will be less red. I'm healing well, I have more sensation and have twinges that feel like more nerves and sensation are returning. I'm a bit more sore on my left side, nothing big but I def feel it if I raise my hands too far over my head. Which is a big no, no. I have only been on walks for exercise. I'm really trying to follow instructions so I'll heal well. I am curious to see how much loose skin I'll have, but so far, all of my fears of being permanently disfigured have been for nothing. My boobs look like the boobs of a 47 year old woman, a bit more stretchy that they used to be before implants but nothing that is out of the ordinary I think. Once I'm back to working out again, I'm curious to see how my chest reacts. More tightness? Better muscle tone? How will that affect them? But so far, I feel like I look SO much thinner and YOUNGER. Wish that I'd found the courage to do this years ago. If you are considering it-I would say do it! You will be so pleased! Good luck to all the women who have posted here. You all gave me the courage to do this.
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Greenberg through another patient here who used her for fat transfer. I met with Dr. Greenberg originally for removal and fat transfer, but I decided to try to see how I look after the removal first. Then in 6 months or so, see how I heal and if I do want/need the fat transfer. Dr. Greenberg was patient and understanding. Completely honest and described the upside and downside of each course of action. I was impressed with her knowledge and experience. I live in LA, home to thousands of plastic surgeons but chose to travel to work with Dr. Greenberg. Why? She does many explants and was so supportive of my removal. I never felt pressured to re-implant. She is extremely up to date on all the latest research and studies and seems to genuinely love what she does. I felt so taken care of, and so trusted her to perform my surgery. I am so pleased with my results.

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Merry Christmas! Xx
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I've just finished reading your review, your looking great and have helped in calming my nerves. My explant is on Saturday and I've been trying to find pictures of women who had implants over the muscle and went onto explant. You have given me hope. If I look as good as you I'll be so happy. Thank you x
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Greenfingers--how are you doing? I am so happy and have been amazed at how much my skin is contracting back again. Our bodies are amazing! Are you also getting capsules removed? Good luck, you are going to love being implant free!
  • Reply look a lot more natural now. You must be loving the new you! I'm still shocked at how much breast tissue I still have...except when I lie down...ha! Oh well...I'm still so very happy after 30 years to have them out of my body and my life! My husband says; It was one of the best things we ever did by having them removed.
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You're so symmetrical!
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You look so good! I'm counting the days to my surgery, like a kid eagerly waiting for Christmas day for the gift she wants more than anything. I can't wait to be where you are, finally free of them. I, too, am curious about how it'll feel to work out again. I do a lot of upper body strength training and I'm sure it'll feel different for awhile. I'll probably wait a month or more before trying push ups, to be on the safe side. It would be great to hear what your experience is like once you start working out again. Thanks for sharing your story! ... And I totally agree, smaller and natural does look younger and more slimming.
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Hello, Just had to stop by and let you know how GREAT you look! I'm loving it everyday myself!
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You really look great. I just strike it up to another learning lesson in life. I could probably change anybody's mind about implant if they saw my left breast!
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You look great!! They don't look like 47 year old boobs to me! I didn't get any limitations after surgery.. just to do what I want when I feel like I can. So far I've done nothing but walk. (16 days out for me) I feel good but still feel pain, mostly on the left, when I pick things up or raise my arm up. Feels muscular.. I am going to wait until thats gone before doing any weights at all. I do plan on putting on a couple sports bras and attempting a run this week!!
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Hey Rascal, looking good! Did you talk to your doc about your scars? About your chest muscles; when you are allowed to work out again, ( probably only 6 weeks after surgery ) please don't use the same weights as you were prior to surgery but start with very light weights again and gradually increase. ( I'm a PT).
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Pink thank you so much for info! I hasn't thought about that but makes sense that I have to build back up. I'm going to Dr on Mon for her to check scars. I think at that point she might have me start some type of steri strips?
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Yeah i don't think you have the breasts of a 47 year old :)
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Thanks! Whew so happy and surprised at how my skin sprung back!
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I'm wondering the same thing about my chest muscles. I'm still taking it easy with my upper body, but my left side starts to hurt when I'm doing too many things. So, I'm wondering when I'm healed and I can start upper body exercises if my chest muscles will be normal again. Besides ointment are you covering your incisions at all with anything?
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Pink had some good advice that we should start back with lower weights. I hope to start something else on my scars. And I don't have much breast tissue to fold over and hide the incisions!
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Just has my 23 year old implants removed (I'm 45) and in Northern CA too - and soooo happy! Love the new flat chest too. My capsules were so hard that a pair of surgical scissors broke trying to cut through one of them?! Doctor stated that the calcification was almost plastic like - so I'm relieved to have it removed from my body...finally! I loved my implants for years, and they served their purpose, but were as hard as rocks and it just feels so good to not have the weight on my chest. The aftermath (albeit it's only been 3 days) is kind of scary, but seems to be improving, and is still better than what it was like with the implants. Congratulations and here's to flat chests - they rock!
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That is amazing how tough your scars were to cut! Did you have a lot of health problems?
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It is kind of freaky - especially because the Dr. made a point of telling me that he'd never seen anything like it before. I haven't had any health problems (that I know of) - other than just some neck/shoulder pain, I think, from the weight of the implants. I feel so petite without the implants (but worry now my bottom half needs to get in shape because I feel out of whack now!)
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You look beautiful!!! And you get used to the little belly stop seeing it when you stop looking at your boobs every 3 hours (took me a couple of weeks)!! Enjoy how free and natural you feel!!!
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So true. I watch in mirror to see how I look and to see if they have changed.
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LOL...I have to agree. As much as I instantly felt thinner I was immediately aware that my belly had a little pooch. I never really noticed when my boobs were bigger:)
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Ditto on the tummy bulge! Dammit ;)
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haha so funny, I judged my tummy bulge the same way!! Was kind of nervous about that part, but without the boobs I feel like I look so much thinner!! You look great in your top! I've actually lost weight since surgery even though I still can't work out. When are you planning your first run? I can't wait..
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I wrote about my tummy too! Its so great that everyone worries about it, but then feels thinner without the big o'l boobies! You all are gorgeous!
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Way to go! Your body does look younger. I feel the same way about mine and I'm not that far behind you in age. I've been walking as well every day and feel wonderful. I'm jealous though of your belly sleeping. I was told I can't side or belly sleep for another 2 weeks....I'm dying! My back is so sore having to constantly remain in that position all night....ugh!
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