Thankful for boobies!

Let’s see... I'm a 27 year old mother of one...

Let’s see... I'm a 27 year old mother of one with the desire to get breast implants for the last 12 years! Yes, since I was 15. I remember looking at other girls my age then, and thinking why doesn’t my boobs look like that. Unfortunately, my breasts have been unfortunate looking from a young age and the only way to fix this is to pay for it. I've been to 3 consultations, and all three docs have said I am suffering from mild ptosis. Ptosis, as we all know is medical talk for saggy boobs! One doc suggested a Benelli Lift but the doctor I have chosen does not think I need a lift. And honestly, financially and to avoid any scars, I am going with doctor who is not recommending a lift. This doctor has done extensive work on saggy boobies and I feel comfortable with his medical opinion. My pre-op appointment is October 10. My boyfriend & mother will be accompanying me and taking care of me afterward.

I guess after all this time my dream is coming true, but I can’t help but feel emotional! Something about all the money being spent and all the years of feeling inadequate are finally catching up with me. I also sort of feel guilty since I do have a 4 year old daughter and I haven’t figured out what I am going to tell her after surgery.
All together I am excited, and it’s a wonderful thing that I am finally in a place to do this but I am scared and feeling a little nervous…
Anyone with similar feelings…. I would love to hear your thoughts..

11 More days now- feeling like an eternity away....

11 More days now- feeling like an eternity away. To say I am excited- is putting it lightly! Pre-op was last week and went well. I am going with 375 mod profile saline- filled to 410-420. Filled my prescriptions (Valium, Norco's, antibiotic, anti- nausea & Singulair). Doc believes in the Singular business, and well he's the "expert". Also going under the muscle. Surgery was moved up two days- yay. October 24th can't come soon enough. I am so thankful for this website. Without it, I would have been clueless to what the "process" of implants is, especially that they don't usually look great for a couple weeks.

I added a topless pic- & picture (don't judge me) of Kourtney Kardashian- I believe her breasts are the perfect size. Really hoping to be around that size.

Ok all for now. xo.

6 more days! Yay! So I did something stupid. I...

6 more days! Yay!

So I did something stupid. I posted a question regarding my decision to not get a lift with my implants, and that wasn't the smartest thing to do. All the doctors, except 1 said I need a lift. And well, since I already paid my surgeon and felt confident that he is the expert- I should NOT have sought out more advice. I was really upset about the replies I got, but I guess if I don't like the way they look after only implants- I can always get a lift later. Somebody remind me to think positively please?

Besides being scared of the outcome- I am one excited mama! I'm having a "Bye Bye Boobies" evening on Friday. Couple good friends and lots of laughs to come! I've waited for this for sooooo long! Can't believe I am so close. xo

I've been sweating this surgery so much for the...

I've been sweating this surgery so much for the last couple weeks and I can finally say, after 2 weeks, I've let it go.Instead of worrying about all the things that could go wrong- I am excited! Come what may. If I end up needing a lift, well then I'll save more money and get one. For now, I am focusing on the realization of a dream I've had since I was 15. Feeling blessed and grateful to be in a position to do this.

On another note- has anyone tried those 'genie bras'? I saw them at Bed Bath & Beyond and they seem super comfortable! Think I'll pick some up when things settle a bit!

I've said it before, but thank GOD for this site. Its so helpful and a place I can refer to when my family is tired of talking about boobs! Good luck to anyone else going in this week! xo

I am currently 3 days post op and FINALLY feeling...

I am currently 3 days post op and FINALLY feeling good! Its been a roller coaster of pain and tears but I'm ready to share my current state of happiness.

We arrived at the surgery center on time but they were running behind and we had to wait for a bit- so I picked up magazine after magazine but couldn't really focus on anything. I just needed to get things started- and of course it eventually did. I was taken back, IV started, and reviewed size with doc. The last thing I remember is being rolled into the OR room and waking up wide awake after surgery. For some reason, I was a little chatty and awake after surgery- nurses were surprised. I guess it was all my built up adrenaline. I had drains put it and was wrapped up very tight- a discomfort that would only get worse as the night progressed. I got home took a vicodin and a valium later- and honestly the pain was excruciating and I couldn't get into a deep sleep. I was miserable, crying and regretting it all. I went to my pre-op the next day at 3pm. Doc took out my drains and tight wrap- which relieved a lot of pain/pressure. He also changed me from vicodin to percocet- because the Vicodin was not helping. The percocet on the other hand has been amazing. It really relaxes me and lets me get into the deep sleep i need. I ended up with 430 in the left and 460 in the right, unders-. and although they have a good amount of D&F to do- I love them! Can't believe how different my looks in general.

I am feeling pretty good today. Thinking I can switch to tylenol soon. My doctor is dead serious about wearing a strap, so I have been and will continue to for a few weeks. Next appt. with doc is Tuesday. My only concern- when will these saline's get a little softer?

Thank you so much for everyone who has been following my story- sorry it took so long to update.

So honestly, I think my doctor might be a magician...

So honestly, I think my doctor might be a magician. How the hell did my nipples move up so much? Now I know, they are not barbie boobs or super duper perky- but I really am content. I also think that I'd like to have another child in the next few years and a little lift might make more sense then.

Overall, they really feel like they are a part of me and although they aren't soft [and hurt], I feel like I should have been born with these! On another note, the shooting pains everyone talks about are not a joke, definitely a little uncomfortable!

I have a followup appointment with doc tomorrow. I haven't taken the tape off my nipples, was I supposed to?

I hope everyone is doing well. xo

Last Halloween night, I started to feel a...

Last Halloween night, I started to feel a squeezing feeling in my right breast. I attributed this to it being the breast that got an extra 30 cc's to correct asymmetry. The next day, the right side of my palm started to tingle or feel slightly numb. Still, I REALLY wanted to get back to normal life and tried to ignore it. Until, of course, Friday at 4:45. Luckily my doctor was in the office and arranged to meet me at his office the next morning (saturday). I met him at 9am and he confirmed all my research- I have extra blood in the tissues, a small hematoma. He does believe it is a small amount of blood and because of this, it should be reabsorbed by the body. But WTF! This happens to less than 5% of BA's. Why is this happening? He advised to avoid using my right hand and to either ice or use heat (whichever I find more comforting).

Needless to say I am very upset. I've gone from loving my new additions to feeling really down. If the blood is not reabsorbed, I will have to go under again to have it cleaned out. Recovery again does not sound like anything I want to do. Worst of all, I am scheduled to go back to work tomorrow, where I have to use my right hand! (desk job).Should stay home and rest longer? If anyone has any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

-2 weeks post op. Last time I posted I was very...

-2 weeks post op.
Last time I posted I was very upset, but things are looking up and the swelling in the right breast is much better. My next appointment is on Friday, so hopefully doc agrees that things look better. But, boob greed has now set in HARD. I feel like I may not have been completely honest with myself about what I wanted. I feel like they are still somewhat small even though I know 430/460 cc's on top of the little I already had- is a lot. My husband thinks they look proportionate and if I had gone bigger, i'd be crossing into the "porn" or super fake look. They seem bigger in pictures then they actually are. I am crazy or do other people feel that way too?

Other than boob greed- that morning boob is some seriousness. Its like I wake up with two parked cars on my chest. Its fine once I get going but that initial foot out of bed is like whoa. Also, excited because its my husband's birthday this weekend and we are going to dinner/drinks with friends. I'm going to need a real bra because I don't think a dress exists that compliments my sports bras- So I'm excited to go out and get measured. I'm assuming I'll be a 36c, but we'll see. Hope everyone is well. xo

I am almost 1 month post and happy to report I am...

I am almost 1 month post and happy to report I am content and loving my new self. I do still feel they could be bigger, but oh well- I'm just happy to have boobs! I'm measuring a 36D but not convinced they are D's. They look like C's to me. Sleeping on my side isn't 100% what it used to be, but is getting better. I'm trying hard to lose weight (30 lbs). The 30 lbs I need to lose, is the weight I gained AFTER losing baby weight & breastfeeding. I have a mirena IUD and sorta think its messed with my hormones. If anybody has any good tips on weight loss, please share : )
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Commons is a gentle man and excellent surgeon. I have so much respect for his style as a doctor and professionalism.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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You look great!
  • Reply Check this out and look up Kelsey Byers - she's amazing and has had an incredible transformation. Eating clean like this WILL do it! I think you look great by the way!
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I'm glad things are going so well for you. I think your size is great. Believe it or not, they will likely look a bit bigger as the fluffing continues. It seems they get smaller looking when the swelling is finally gone, then bigger again as they fluff. As far as losing weight, I put on 20lbs between quitting smoking and not being able to work out. I hate it!! But, evidently not enough to get off my a** and hit the treadmill. Small, low cal, frequent meals are the key, but hard for me to do. I'm a southern gal and my redneck hubby likes his pork chops, bacon, etc. Oh well, at least my waist "looks" a little smaller with bigger boobs, haha.
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You look good, glad everything is going well. I know I'll probably be like you and say I wish I had gone bigger, but I'll be glad just to have more than I currently have. About losing weight, just eat small healthy meals throughout the day. When working out make site you do your weight/resistance training and cardio. Put those 3 together and you'll see weight dropping off of you. Good luck!
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Loved reading your story and you are looking fantastic! The steps toward a BA and the recovery process is such an emotional and physical journey so its incredibly comforting to have this site to relate to other women that are going through the same experience. I'm addicted... Hope you had fun for your hubby's day, Enjoy your new body girl! You look great
  • Reply
Thank you!! I'm definitely happy and enjoying my new self! Xx
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Hi, just wanted to say your BA looks great! Your doc did an awesome job :)
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Thank you for your kind words! You are to getting close too! So exciting! How are you feeling? Xo
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You look great. I am sure you are happy. KK has great boobs too.
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Thank you! You look amazing. xx
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You look great
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Thank you! You do too! xo
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They look amazing! Don't get greedy. LOL I know it's hard not to, but I am just thankful for an improvement. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Take care!
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Thank you!!
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Boob greed is completely normal. Most of us look at pictures of our boobie friends and wish we looked like them. Give it some time, and you'll be fine. The fluff & drop is serious business and you will see big changes in the shape and size as you continue to heal. Two weeks is still very early in the process, I promise. I think you look fabulous already, but you will be va-va-voom gorgeous in a few months.
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So glad you're feeling better and yes, boob greed is very normal. Depending on what I wear I get it and I got 500cc's. I think I'm just anxious for the end result.
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I'm so sorry you are struggling mely. Hope the ice helps and you will not need to go back under the knife!
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Thank you Koo, I've been pretty upset about it but I'm trying hard to stay positive!
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Hey MelyMel!! So sorry to hear bout the hematoma!! I really hope your body takes care of it on it's own!!! Good Luck!!
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Hi Jenna- I hope it goes away on its own too. Thank you for your positive thoughts.
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I'm very sorry to hear you recent news. Does your doctor mean no using the right hand at all? If you feel you need to go back to work I would consider taking an ice pack and a heating pad with me. Maybe you can sneak away to use them. For me it would be easy with the way our cubicles are set up.
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Thank you for the comment. Bringing ice or heat with me is a good idea. I work in a small interior design office but I could probably sneak away at some point.
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Ps. I know what you mean about crying after the augment from the pain. I called the day off when I got home asking if I could loosen the boob strap!
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Congrats on the boobs!! They kinda look like mine since we had that weird tube boob thing going on. Isn't Dr. Commons the best? Elaine too! Hope you are well and nice boobs :)
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Hi doll! Yes, I do love Dr. C and Elaine. They are both wonderful. Oh and your updates look great! Stomache is fab!! Congrats!!
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