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If anyone has any questions regarding my breast...

If anyone has any questions regarding my breast augmentation with Dr. G, feel free to message me privately!

First, you must know, finding a plastic surgeon is like finding a soulmate, you have to date around to find out who's truly, "the one." You are exposing your innermost insecurities and blindly trusting this person to mold you a better version of yourself. I have invested a huge amount of my life working to be financially capable of paying for my own procedure and had declined countless nights out and shopping sprees in order to save for it. I'm typically the type to dive in head first when I want something. But I knew this procedure is life-changing and I wanted to consult with a good amount of doctors before settling with one.

For the next few months I visited 8 other different surgeons who quoted me 5000-7000 dollars for silicone breast implant augmentation. One of those consultations was with Dr. G, who has heavy experience and extensive knowledge on this procedure, as she performs 50-70 cases a year. She spent a generous amount of time clearly explaining to me everything I needed to know about the procedure. She allowed me feel the different implant types and on top of that, sent me home with a kit that consisted of different implant samples so I could place them in my bra to see what size I'd prefer.

She put my anxieties at ease and effectively helped me finally decide to get silicone implants, under the muscle and through the bottom of my breast. My boyfriend and I left her office knowing that she was, "the one." However, her price was a bit steeper than I anticipated, so I couldn't get the augmentation as soon as I wanted. (She does accept credit card, but I personally feel better paying in full. I'm sure she'd appreciate that as well.)

It's been almost half a year since my first consultation and I'm scheduled for my pre-op tomorrow. I'm typically a highly anxious person to begin with, but knowing that I will be taken care of by such masterful artist such as Dr. G, I hold nothing but pure excitement about my procedure. I am extremely privileged to have the opportunity to be her patient and I will update next month with great news of how my procedure goes.

(TWO MONTHS LATER) It's been a couple weeks since I had my breast augmentation and I am just elated. At first I was apprehensive about getting an incision under the breast since it's scarring is more noticeable than around the areola. But it's only been 2 weeks since my augmentation and my scarring is practically invisible when I face the mirror topless, all because Dr. G was able to make a small incision at the exact location under my beasts where it casts a thin shadow. Of course the scar is somewhat noticeable when lift up my breasts, but it has really only been 2 weeks and this is just a minor trade-off I was willing to take in order to get the wonderful results I've received from Dr. G.

I am in love with my new set of twins. They are absolutely perfect. I feel so much more comfortable, confident and beautiful and it all now beams through my body language. I am just go glad proceeded with the breast augmentation, now I don't have deal with skin irritations from stuffing my bra. This procedure took a load off my chest, ironic eh? haha! Thank you so much Dr. G. I am truly honored to be one of your patients!

why does your review says not worth it if you're happy?

I'm so glad this worked out well for you. It sounds like you were very thorough and got a great result because of your diligence! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

You were so bless for this result. I was convinced to have breast implants instead of a breast lift. NOT BY DR. G. but by a butcher. I was told it would be easier on my body and due to my small breasts an implant would lift the same and give me fullness. I agreed and stated I only wanted a full B cup as my main purpose for a lift was so I stop wearing bras. I was only a B cup already and at 60 yr old they were a little flat. Well the result is that I am in severe pain still after 6 months post op. My left breast is a C cup w/sharp stabbing pain under the muscle. It is softer and higher then the next. By touching my hip with my thumb and can make it move almost dance. The right one is a D cup, hard and lower by at least one inch, which really shows when you can see the nipples through the bra. Plus I have to lift the right a lot higher making wearing the bra very uncomfortable. Both nipples are very sensitive and can not be touch along with both breasts are causing me pain even just wearing clothing hurts. The surgeons, as apparently they were two, are now washing their hands of me but prior to doing so while I was still in their country, Costa Rica, they were unhelpful but always with a smile and kind word. ONE even told me that he did indeed have an answer for everything even if it was not a reassuring one and HE WAS NOT EVEN A POLITICIAN. I was convinced to have other surgeries at the same time and all turned out wrong and into a nightmare as my tummy tuck opened for approx. 9 inches horizontally and at least 2 inches plus vertically. I had to remain there for over 4 months as I couldn't fly out with an open stomach. Since they also did liposuction I am still in pain around my mid section, it's all lumpy and the skin feels like it was to slipt with tangling inside feeling of burning and severe enough pain, again after 6 months. Now I need to find someone willing to take care of all this for me in Ontario, Canada. So goind out of the country was a terrible idea, going to a private clinic was even a worse one even if I did a lot of research, had visited the clinic years before and spoke to one of the doctor. OH plus they do something that is humanly impossible they tell you that both are operating on you at the same time in for ex. OR # 1 starting at 8 am yet they tell another patient that they are both doing her surgeries in OR # 2 starting at 8:30 am Both patients are in there for several hours under the knife with who ever else but definitely not the two supposedly plastic surgeons who they were told would be. So you are paying for these expert to do the work while amateurs are and you then are paying the price with the results along with your health and money. Be careful, don't trust any one out of the country and above all in private clinics as they control what they want to. Even re-using towels over the next patient without washing them in between I witnessed it and called them on it.

Take care and good luck to all the trusting people who will have surgery.
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