31year Old 3kids Ready from Mommy Makeover! Breast lift with Augmentation, Tummy tuck with Extended Lipo - Palo Alto, CA

Hello Realself fam! Getting ready for Mommy Makeover...

Hello Realself fam ! Getting ready for Mommy Make over! Its been a roller coaster for the passed few weeks not really knowing what size Implants to get!! And if I wanted a lift or not. A week ago decide that a lift would be best with implants.

Everthing that I'm getting is Bilateral Breast augmentation with Silicone gel implants & lift, abdominoplasty with extended Liposuction…. Turns out to be 9.5 hours! My my my okay I'm nervous!!
More about me I'm 31 years old 5'4 135 ponds I'm trying to get to 130 before surgery, would be nice :) Today I went back to Doctors to pick a size I'm going with 339 cc under the muscle. I'm a C 36 now in size but saggy C36… I'm thinking 339 cc's will bring me to a nice D cup ! I had a choice of 270 cc's 304 cc's also might be too small but not to big.

My Pre-op is May 20th getting real close! My surgery date is June 6th :) Cant wait for this to come and be over with because i been thinking non stop about sizes driving myself crazy!!! I will post pics everyone! I don't know about how I look now but after pics for sure Ladies. :)


TikiTango :) Thank you! Yea finally decided too. Remember my date was for the 20th I change it to the 6th even sooner!
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Yay! Welcome hun, glad u made a page! Best wishes on ur sx...i ll be following!
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Thinking too much on size again!

I'm really don't know what size again! I'm so scared of becoming a DD it's just not for me . So do I go with 304 cc's I know that won't get me a DD... Since I'm a C already it's hard to pick size. 339 might be to much since I'm getting a lift . Me and my Doctor talked about it 304 or 339. I did say 339 . but not sure again. :/


Hi I'm having a BA with dr. C next Wednesday , I'm a 34a now and want to go for a full B or small C, I'm still debating on how many cc to put in :(
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Hi sunshine97! Me too I'm having the same problem :( …… Good luck hope you can decided soon it is hard!
Thanks! I'm going to see dr again on Monday before the surgery, I think I'll get 330 cc, but still need to discuss with him. I'll keep u updated :). Good luck to u too!! I'm starting to get sooo nervous >_

Feeling better on Size !

Well putting rice in a sock helped me to decide so instead of 339 cc's I'm going with 304cc's……. So May 20th I will let my Doctor know on my Pre op……….


You're going to have great results:)
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Hello newmetoobe!!! I already had the surgery done yesterday 5/14. The surgery went well I had 315,330 putted in . After I got home they hurt like hell!!! I felt to much pressure on my chest that I couldn't even breath. I can't imagine how painful it would be if I had bigger implants in. So I'm glad I chose the right size, actually dr c chose it during the surgery, I wanted the 340, he told me today 330 was the biggest he could put it :(. We'll I think the 304 will look great on u :) since u already have more breast tissues
You did!!! :-) Yay!! glad the surgery went well! So you were hurting huh…. Doctor did mention to me about how the surgery will mess with my breathing……. 315 , 330 wow yea I think 304 is perfect size now or even 270 , my pre op is tomorrow morning at 11 am… I rather have small boobs then big...

My Pre Op

Had my Pro Op was a couple days ago May 20th it went well... Doctor gave me a list of meds to get…. So on size 286 cc's or 304 cc's i felt good in both sizes 286 ccs did feel a little better and again the smaller the implant the less the problem :) both will put me at a good D cup….. i just want to look natural as possible….. So my big day is about 4 days away I think wow 9.5 hours still gets me nervous! But so ready!!!


Hope you are doing well! Keep us posted when you're up for it. Rest and healing is your first priority.
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Thanks newlook2014! I sure will !
So close...bet you're excited and nervous. Good luck! It's so worth it! :)
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One day Away!!

Today was a busy busy day for me, still is... packing all my things to stay at friends ……My doctor today did all the measurements and I have blue ink all over my body right now lol ….. don't think i will sleep much …… I'm going with 286 cc's i went with smaller Implant since i am a 38 C already …. Okay ladies I will keep posted and take pics as much as i can…..


excited for you! you may want to pop a valium tonight so you can sleep well. I know I asked Dr. C if I could and he said sure :) Don't worry, you are in the best hands.
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Excited for you! Can't wait to see your beautiful results.
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Resting and healing

Ladies Im doing alot of resting right now surgery went well .. I almost fainted last nite while getting up to uae the bathroo, that was scary. .. Today i went in to see doctor he used 265 ccs on me .... Love that he made a great decision on me and went with what was best.


Happy to hear you're doing well and resting! Glad you're happy w/your implant size. :) Are you feeling any pain from lipo? Can't wait to see more of the new you! xoxo
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Not much pain at all TikiTango.... I'm healing really well and moving around pertty good. Only feel a little pain in the stomach getting up is a little hard but I'm able to do it on my own. Yes will have pics soon ! Thank you xo!!
That is awesome Newmetoobe...not much pain! I assume you had muscle repair and that is why your stomach hurts? What kind of painkillers were you prescribed? They sound like they're doing their job! lol Take care honey!

My body is back!! :)

I'm at home now! Moving around on my own pretty good ……The first 2 days was really hard for me! The doctor already took the stitches out drains are out as well but he put the tape back on me and i will be having this garment around me for 3 weeks more long time ! The only real pain i feel is when I laugh to hard and some in morning…… I went to Victoria Secrets yesterday to try on bra size ….. I measured out to a C cup still ! Sooo I was a deflated saggy C before and NOW a nice full perky C….. LOVE MY SIZE! So I'm on 6 days of receiving and I was able to go Shopping on my own . GOt some before and afters of how my breast looked and stomach .. I really just want to put up after pics lol but it's good to see the great work my Doctor did !! Doctor George Commons is THE BEST!!!!!


You are doing so well and healing fast! that's awesome! I think having the tubes out early really makes a difference in the healing process. Your incision is super low (perfect!) and I love how natural and perfectly sized your boobs are! happy healing!
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Hi! I've been following your story because of the length of your surgery. Mine will be a long one, too. 8 hours to be exact and I'm terrified of that length of time. Did yours end up lasting 9.5 hours? You look so great already!!
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Wow you're already shopping!? This is my 11 days post and I still walk really low that my back hurts!! Are you walking straight already?? Btw you look great!!
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7 Days after Surgery !

Body is healing well … I had no pain meds at all today… I didn't feel I needed them plus my Doctor said if I was going to be driving not to take nothing , so I was outside for a while today and still no pain now ….. Been sleeping really well at night too ,the only thing I miss is sleeping on my stomach but last night I was able to turn to my side and sleep …. sooo happy about that !! :-) So I'm recovering pretty fast! Again I had Breast lift implants 265 cc and tummy tuck with muscle repair and extended lipo and lipo on flanks I forgot to add that! My weight before surgery was 138 and today I'm at the same weight didn't gain or lose . Still want to get to 132 so I will be Happy with that but in time after body my recovers… I'm 5'4 so can go down a few pounds…


How are you progressing in your recovery?mare you getting all the swelling?
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Hi. So long we don't hear about you. Hope your doing well! :)
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Hey girl did u start massaging ur new boobs yet? Can you feel the edge of the implant?
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