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Dysport = HELL!! Please Don't Use This Product - Palm Springs, CA

I had 75 units of Dysport injected on March 5,2011...

I had 75 units of Dysport injected on March 5,2011 in the forehead area. This was the third time I had Dysport injected but previously had less. I decided to try Dysport because I found Botox didn’t work as well on my “elevens.” After having the Dysport injection, I began having side effects the next day; sinus pressure and headaches. I thought they were allergies because I kept hearing we were having the worst allergy season in the desert.

On March 19, I woke up with very red, irritated eyes, with matter coming out. For the next week my eyes hurt, felt dry, and extremely red and irritated. I went to urgent care and received a steroid shot. I began having very extreme anxiety, which I thought was a side effect of the steroid shot. I went to Psychiatrist and allergist to treat symptoms. Allergist did two rounds of allergy tests and found I was allergic to NOTHING!! I had CT scan of my sinuses and found NOTHING!! Symptoms kept getting worse. I had really horrible headaches and eyes were painful, irritated, dry...woke up to almost a sand paper feeling inside my eyeballs. I went to eye doctor (best in the area). He gave me eye drops (three different kinds over the course of 3 visits and one month). Allergist kept giving me stuff too even though I didn't have allergies. He gave me muscle relaxers because he was convinced my headaches were TMJ. After more than a month of this horror, I made an appointment with my primary doctor who was useless. She gave me more allergy meds even though I told her I did not have allergies according to an EXPERT!!

I changed primary doctors and found a nurse practitioner (NP) who was a good listener and gave me headache medicine and she ordered an MRI of my head. The headache medicine did not work. At t his point I had a headache for almost three weeks with no break. The pain on a scale from 1-10 was consistently between an 8 and 9. Because nothing worked for the pain, I had no relief and often felt emotionally drained and devastated. There were days I just cried endlessly. Finally, my sister suggested it may be the Dysport. I wasn’t able to see it because I had it done previously with no side effects. I had Botox for almost 8 years with no side effects. Once I began researching on line, I found everyone whose symptoms matched mine. Finally – an answer. I went to the dermatologist who injected the Dysport and although he appeared supportive initially, he acted clueless. He said the manufacturer would not tell him if people were experiencing side effects because then he would not use the product on his patients. He claimed he didn’t have any one else experience side effects (I doubt that). I filed a claim with FDA but never got an answer or update on that.

I am happy to report my MRI results were negative – not surprised. Although I updated my NP about what I felt was actually happening, she had never heard of Dysport so she was at a loss for how to help me. The most frustrating part is that the doctor who does have experience with the product claims he doesn’t know anything and the other doctors who never heard of Dysport do not know how to help. I just wanted someone to tell me it would eventually go away. When would the nightmare end? But no one, not even the manufacturer, would do that.

It has been 3 months since the shot and I finally had the courage to write this. I wanted to write it when I can offer some hope to those who go on line looking for answers. I didn’t find many so I wanted to provide some insight into what to expect and what would be helpful.

The eye irritation stopped after about a month. The eye doctor did mention it appeared that my eyes were exposed to a chemical (at that time I hadn’t thought it was Dysport yet). The best eye drops for this were actually the natural tears. They were just soothing and I still use them. Sinus pressure continues although it’s very mild so regular Ibuprofen works best now. The headaches are now accompanied by neck pain and it may be due to all the stress not Dysport; although, it is also a side effect. I am having regular massages for the neck pain and it works wonderfully. I am off all medication I was given. The only thing that ever helped me was exercise. I practice Bikram yoga and I continued to do that. There were days when I had to drag myself there but for a brief period it offered the only relief. I did not experience fatigue or insomnia. I did have that from some of the medication I was given so I stopped using those meds. Nothing I was given helped any way. I also began praying and meditating. I am an extremely healthy 40 year old woman. I work out 5-6 days a week and eat a very healthy diet. I don’t drink or smoke. I never get sick. This was a nightmare and I don’t wish this on anyone. My doctors were useless. The NP was actually the only one who listened and suggested things that were reasonable. In the end, however, I was my own advocate and expert. I knew my body and realized that this was a poison running through my system and there was nothing I could do. Detoxing does not work. I work with nurses and one finally said to me that until the cells all reproduce in my body, which takes 6 months, I would probably experience some side effects. I am happy to report that after three months, I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have better days and headaches are less frequent and less intense. I had days when I thought I would have this nightmare forever but I had amazing people reminding me that was not going to happen.

To anyone who is beginning this HELL…it does get better. Do what brings you peace. This experience changed me. I am a therapist and I now empathize with so many people living with chronic pain or terminal illness, which I remind myself I do not have.

In fact, I am thankful for this experience and I realize I am a better person because I lived it but I don’t wish it on anyone. Don’t use Dysport!! It is not the same as Botox. It has a smaller molecule and tends to spread easily to other parts of the body. It is only meant to be injected into a small triangle shape area of the forehead. The doctor should not administer more than 60 units into the area. It should not be used anywhere else on the face. The doctor should start with less Dysport and work his/her way up do see how much an individual needs. Doctors are using it like Botox and are not considering that it is a different product. They are advertising it as the same and it is NOT. The amount used for Botox should NOT be the amount used for Dysport. I will never have anything injected into my forehead. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way but I hope many of you don’t have to do that.

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He is as good as it gets and I would use him again. I have to take responsibility to do my own research and not trust someone just because they have a medical degree. I am the expert in my own body.

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I had Dysport in oct.2013 and had bad side effects with swelling of the throat I can't swallow food very well and my shoulders hurt really bad -the day she gave me the injections i felt it leak into the back of my throat - i didn't understand why my shallowing was so bad then i figured it out …Dysport ….I don't recommend this stuff i have asthma symptoms now never had problems before i eat healthy go to the gym on a regular basis and non smoker ….this stuff sucks i will never do it again …I almost chock to death a few times and on christmas day i had to get Benadryl to help me breathe …it comes and goes some days r better i wish i knew how long this junk last - I want my life back………..!!
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Thank you so much for your post. I had 60 units of Dysport injected into my forehead a month ago. I have had headaches ever since. I just thought it was a tension headache that kept lingering. Also I had Lazerlift done to my neck 2 months ago. So I was wearing a neck support that went up around my head at night. I thought the headaches were from my neck support. But now that I think of it and read your post I also think my headaches started with Dysport. There are days when it isn't bad but the idea that it has gone on this long has got me concerned. I did not get headaches the first 2 times with Dysport but it was a lesser dose. I did have a problem with eye floaters with Botox however that whole issue has been resolved now (vitreous detachment when the fluid in your eyes dries up and causes floaters). Botox never admitted that it was from their product. But in any event I am living with lots of floaters in my eyes but I have adjusted to it now. So I am a little reluctant to go back to Botox. You really have helped me a lot here. Thank you.
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Dilee, You are welcome I am glad I was able to help. Of coarse they will say they don't think the floaters where caused by the Botox. Funny how you didn't have them before, but know you have them. Not saying Dysport doesn't work for everyone. When I first started using it I was like finally it will take away my head tremors and headaches. Yah right. I still get headaches and my tremors are worse. Did they every give you a list of possible side effects from the Dysport?
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Thank you for sharing. I have been having Dysport injections since January 2012 in my neck due to head tremors from an auto accident. I have always gotten a really bad head for a few days after, then it goes away, and then I am good until the next round. I have had everything from severe headaches, eye discomfort, sinus pain, and trouble swallowing. I recentally had another dysport injection. The only thing I did differently this time was I went to workout. Not sure if that triggered anything or not. This time I have had trouble swallowing, horrible headache, eye and ear pain, TMJ symptoms, my nose hurts, muscle spasms, and my neck is so horribly painful this time it hurts to wear a scarf and chew my food. I called my clinic on 2 different occasions with no return calls, so I decided to email my doctor and finally got a responce. They now want me me on a muscle relaxer and steriods, to try to get everything to relax and bring down the inflammation. I started having the Dysport to calm the head tremors, but with all these symptoms I am starting to think it wasn't worth it. Very frustrated. Supposed to have another round in 3 months, extremely hesitant to have that done again. There has to be something to relax these muscles and spasms with out all the side effects.

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Thank you all for sharing. I've been having headaches, migraines, sinus problems, swollen eyes, blood-shot eyes (for days), irritation in the eyes, etc. I immediately suspected it was Dysport, since these problems started right after I had Dysport injected. Now I know it is Dysport that has been causing these problems.
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I'm so glad that you are healing. Your experience was similar to mine, however, mine was much worse. I too being a non smoker & an athlete. I think you should read further about my experience from day one & with all of my research before my deciding on trying the minimum of Dysport. I had never even had botox as it's a poison. I researched thoroughly about this product before I had the injections 12/09. I too immediately started out with swelling & extreme irritation to my eyes. It wasn't anything like seasonal allergies. It scared me so bad & hurt feeling like a sandblaster was blown into my eyes. It progressed & within the next week I lost all ability for tearing [zero tears]. I was literally traumatized & couldn't cry. I was told by the nurse & doctor that it would wear off after about 5 months. The doctor in the beginning was more concerned to suggesting that I might have an eye disease not related to the dysport. Check this out~ As time passed I started googling extensively about all that I was going through. It was totally wrong & all related to the dysport, the injections & faulty information provided to me! BY LAW, doctors are suppose to know about the FDA, so called BLACK BOX WARNING. WHAT THIS MEANS~ is this warning protects the doctors, clinics, etc. from any serious complications, if they occur. How convenient with such timing. When I had my injections in 12/09, Dysport was new to the U.S. since 5/2009 & was intro special with a coupon. This doctor had a mass assembly going, so it seems. Doctors have to know about the FDA regulations, like the clever black box warning. I was so sick while researching, the only thing giving me hope was I knew damn well that I was right & felt like I was so victimized. What a drama. I happen to love life & was going to school. I also was trained by military standards in hi-tech, for quality control, so I knew enough by simply common sense, & self values. Anyway, in 2010 -2011 when I could barely see, I then found out alot about the FDA, deaths of 16 kids!, & over 250 serious side effects reported. This was before it was FDA approved, to be used, but with a black box warning. Timing has alot to take into consideration & the fact that Doctors DO KNOW by law & the FDA about the black box warning, if they're using it for such purposes which is allowed. They also need to make this known to their patients, otherwise it's malpractice. Of course everyone needs to know their own body & to do research. Like most people though they'll trust professionals, read their reviews to assure that they are doing their job & can trust that they know their products & the body, etc. I've been fighting for my life & justice since I was able to move forward & regaining strength.
Cancer remission of the tearducts, still zero tears, had a double severe pneumonia & then diagnosed with emphyzema [I don't smoke & had been an athlete since 1990]. Emotionally, physically & mentally it's hell. I had never thought evil seriously & [very seldom]. This has pushed me so past the limit. The FDA, doctor & the manufacture will pay for all that I've gone through & there's no dollar figure high enough, for simply not to cry
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I am filing a compliant with the FDA
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OMG DYSPORT IS POISON! POISON!! POISON!! I THOUGH I WAS HAVING A HEART ATTACK!! I had dysport injections twelve days ago, it was my second time getting and the first time i only got it on my eyes, this time i did my forehead and eyes, it is the worst thing I ever experienced, instantly i did not feel right I had instant insomonia and massive tightness of the chest and pain, but then after about four days hear palpitations, migraine headaches, neck and chest pain, pain behind the eyes, diareahea, stomach pain, sinuses totally blocked and anxiety, I called my doctor and she said there are no case studies with my symptoms which is totally BS and that all my symptoms are unrelated...now after about eleven days of drinking detox tea, tons are water and taking herds to detox and probotics, I feel somewhat better i am still having a strange pain in my heart area.. I going tommorrow to get an EKG! I have slight double vision and gunk coming out of my eyes and they look swollen!! This is POISON!!FDA is killing and so are these doctors, its all about greed
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Hi Andee,
First off I'ms so sorry you suffered so much! OMG! I'm writing my story on a few blogs only to share my story with others and it could possibly happen to you... I was so scared to have Dysport because I'm a purist vegetarian I do yoga and I'm super healthy I had an scratch test to see if was allergic to Dysport, within 48 hours I had a headache, difficulty breathing, which really scared me I also had stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and just super sick I had to stay home for two days because I was so sick. I took tried some naturopathic remedies. For about one week now My eyes are dry and burning red, I'm using naturopathic no perservative eye drops . All I have to say here is I had a SCRATCH test and I'm still having symptoms two weeks later! This stuff is deadly to my system and I think if I had the full on injections I would not be writing this today because I would of died! Anyhow please everyone reading this PROCEED WITH CAUTION! I would run the other way as fast as you can, expecially if you are health is comprimised in any way and/or you are highly sensitive to chemicals.

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Hi Andee,

Wow, that is a lot. I'm glad you are feeling better. Your story sounds like others who have had the same reaction to fillers. I'm glad you have come out of it feeling stronger and looking on the brighter side. You might want to check out the Dysport Forum, your info will probably help others dealing with what you have gone through. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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