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Not a Good Surgeon, Period - Palm Harbor, FL

Went to get a consultation for RHINOPLASTY. So he...

Went to get a consultation for RHINOPLASTY. So he scheduled me for just that. However, he also performed deviated septum while I was under. Saying he didn't realize I had a crooked septum. I'm sorry, a good surgeon would notice that PRIOR to surgery.

He tried to make us pay him for it. My nostrils came out crooked. I can't breathe right. He's a terrible surgeon. Do yourself a solid don't let him go near your face. End of story. I wish someone would have warned me about him. I would have never stepped foot in his office. And I would never recommend him to anyone.

I'm sorry you're not happy with your results, but I appreciate your sharing on RealSelf.

Oh it's okay, I live with it. I figured I would share this, because I only see good reviews. And the reality of it is unless someone wants breast augmentation he just isn't a good surgeon. Glad this community exists to protect people. TY.

My experience with Dr. Laufer was unsatisfactory...

My experience with Dr. Laufer was unsatisfactory and years later is still unsatisfactory. I have looked into getting revision Rhinoplasty so I can breathe normal and for aesthetic reasons. I will continue to post about Laufer and his unethical practices and that he tries to sue his former patients..
I am Dr. Laufer and I'm going to respond to this review because of the flagrant distortions brought about by this patient. Often times reviews in these sites are anonymous and are generated by interested parties but not this time. Andriana is real and she has been on her smear campaign for the last 8 years relentlessly under different user ID names and on different sites. The truth is that I performed rhinoplasties on Andriana and her twin sister Alexandra. Andriana's nose was "crooked" with a deviated septum and in such a case it behooves the surgeon to try to realign the septum. This type of operation is called septorhinoplasty and Andriana's consent form was signed before the procedure, without such a consent I would have not touched the septum .The septal repair is usually covered by insurance companies provided a documentation with objective proof is obtained prior to the surgery(which was done). Andriana's insurance paid us only for the septoplasty. It is my understanding that Andriana's mother approached our office administrator and demanded that refund. Our administrator made the point that the money should go to the surgeon but Andriana's mother came to the office on several occasions creating a scene. I witnessed one of those and instructed the administrator to refund her that money in order resolve this issue. Andriana did not show up to her postoperative follow ups and since 2005 has been on a mission to defame my name. Often her slanderous comments are followed by other bad comments just to make the point, like the one which follows this one. It is true that my attorney requested retraction of the falsehoods but Andriana called his office and treated his staff with profanities and epithets (including the F... word). I have been a plastic surgeon for 30 years, I try to perform to the best of my abilities and recently I opened a new office instead of retiring because I believe in what I do and I'm good at it. I specialize in nasal reshaping surgery and if in rare occasions I'm off the mark I invite the patient for a free revisional surgery. This was not the case with Andriana, because she was under age and with her mother it was all about the money. Not one single complaint to me or my staff about the nose until it hit the internet. I'm far from being a crook but in this new age of Internet access any one can bad mouth anybody with impunity. It really hurts when my children read it and are questioned by their friends. I invite each one of the readers who lives in the Tampa Bay area to come and visit me at 3129 Alternate 19 in Dunedin Florida 34698.Interview me and my staff and draw your own conclusions. I extend this invitation to Andriana ,as well. She was a teen at the time and with maturity comes a certain wisdom. So grow up. A final note,when presenting an after picture it would be fair to show the before photo as well and without altering it with PhotoShop. Please also read my response to the next review coming from the same source.
Yikes! I am sorry for the troubling times you have had with this client. How unfortunate. I am glad you have commented on their terrible review. best wishes, Dr.
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I didn't choose him. I was told he was one of the best surgeons in this area. How misleading I have written reviews about Dr. Erel Laufer before, and I am writing a review again. This time because he had his lawyer send me a cease and desist. Dr. Laufer performed a Rhinoplasty on me in year of 2005. I ONLY opted for a RHINOPLASTY. I was under anestesia for 6 hours. He had made it known after I came out of surgery that he had to perform a deviated septum surgery. I DID NOT OPT to have this, he did this at his own discretion. Not only is my nose crooked, my nostrils are two different sizes (I have photographic proof of this), but he tried to make my mother pay for a surgery we NEVER agreed to have him do i.e. a septoplasty. I have posted about this on MULTIPLE plastic surgery review sites. Everything here in is the TRUTH. I have witness from my family of this, witness of the poor job that left my nose and nostrils crooked. Not to mention I have not been able to breathe right out of the left side of my nose since. Every review I have posted has been completely honest to let people know of the poor experience I had. He now has sent me a letter from his lawyer saying that if I don't remove my reviews (which I have a constitutional right to do) that he will sue me for punitive damages. According to his lawyer and himself "my procedures were proper" and that this review along with the other ones are libelous. I will continue to make this known to other people seeking plastic surgery as well as the fact that he has now tried to silence me. His actions are unethical. Please save yourself the possible legal issues and choose someone else. I will be contacting the board about this.

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