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I'm a 50 year old woman who just started my...

I'm a 50 year old woman who just started my treatment with Clear Correct. I should have had braces when I was little due to my cross bite but didn't. Big mistake! Eventually through the years the cross bite effected my teeth buy moving them in a crooked position. It's just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, as I finished all my kids Orthodontic treatments and they are now both in college, my husband and I decided it was time to fix Mommy! :D Soaaaa... here ... I .. go! I am currently wearing Phase Zero which are the Passive Aligners. They do not move your teeth just yet but keep them from doing more damage and also help you get use to something in your mouth. You have to wear the aligners for three weeks and then you are ready for another set. I am almost ready to change mine soon and I am very excited! I must say it took me about two weeks to really adjust to these aligners. I now have it kinda down to a science. I believe I keep them in more the 22 hours a day. (They say wear them as much as you can only taking them out for eating, drinking, and brushing) After I do take them out I have a 'Brushing Kit' on me at all times to brush and put them in immediately. I do drink lots of water with them for your mouth does get quite dry. I'm a huge water drinker any way so it's all good. I would like to update my progress as it goes to see if this really will work and how my experience will be. Hopefully I can help others and maybe make some Clear Correct friends! AWESOME! Thanks again and I will up date as I go!


Hello and welcome to the Clear Correct community!  I hope you get the support you need here.  Everyone is very friendly :).  Whenever I see someone from the Palm Desert area, I have to give a shout-out, cause my mom lives in La Quinta!  I love Palm Desert.  Especially Luscious Lorraine's :D.  We have an Invisaligner who is in Palm Desert too, though with a different doctor.  She's called mskitycity and she had beautiful results (she was in her sixties when she started!)  Do you live there through the summer, too?  Much more rare, yeah :)

I can't wait to follow your progress!!!!!
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Why thank you for the warm welcome! I thought I would talk about my adventure with Clear Correct just for me! I'd rather not give my Doctors name as I have not consulted with him to do so. If that is a problem and I can no longer write this journey than that would be fine, too. It's like my kinda therapy going through this and to help others who are around my age. I actually live in La Quinta but my Doctor is in Palm Desert and can you believe I have never been to Luscious Lorraine's? I know! Crazy! I live her all year long but travel a lot. I also met a cool person on here named JWortham. She has responded on another thread I started writing on. She is very nice and jumped right out, like you, to follow my progress! :D I will continue my progress with pictures as time goes by. Thanks!
You can put in exactly as much (or as little) information as you feel comfortable with!  Some people put even less info about their doctor than you have.  It is no problem at all :).  For those of us far removed from you, it is much more interesting to follow your progress than to know about your doctor.  Only those considering a doctor who are near you may decide to ask you who you went to, either in comments or privately via the private messaging system (PM), as a way of getting a recommendation.  And if that happened, that would be your decision, whether you wished to share or not.  So no worries :).  There aren't that many people in the Coachella Valley here on RealSelf who'd be asking you :D.

JWortham is a sweetie :D.  But everyone is suuuuper friendly.  A lot of people just come on and answer their comments though, so they only meet new people when people say hi or ask questions on their reviews :).  Some others come on like one every two or three weeks (like when they change their trays) and take a look around then.

Here are some of ours who've updated in the past couple of months (most more recently than that):
Jrowe8274 (tray 2A), Bbop (tray 3A or B), ClearCorrectMyTeeth (tray 1C), Donein12 (may still be in passive), clcorrect89 (maybe 1C), and LittleJessica, who's been going over 9 months and is has seen beautiful results.  These links all go to review pages, so you can look at their stories at your leisure and say hi if you feel like it.  It's a great way to meet people.

Aligners 1A

Well, I got my new Aligners 1A this morning. YAY! This will be the beginning of some real movement! I am beyond excited. I know things will progress slowly but I am so okay about that. (Heck! I've had these teeth for over 40 years! I can wait!) They were real tight getting them in but understandably so. I did take some Tylenol so I could ease into this as there was some discomfort but now it is evening and all is okay. I think that's a good idea every time you change to your new aligners. Take some pain relievers about a half hour before your visit. Then you can ease into them with comfort. My Dentist told me that was perfectly fine. It has only been one day but I think all will go well. I'm very optimistic and will keep in good spirits. I was going to post my experience on each aligner but I think that might be a bit much. Instead I will post when things are moving along and I can take pix of the new movements. I also am writing a Journal as I go along just for myself. I have all the Digital pictures my Dentist gave me in there so I can look at what my teeth will eventually look like! It makes me smile and feel happy. I am happy about waiting... because all good things come to those who wait. Thanks for listening! Updates will come as things start happening!


I found that putting the new aligner in just before bed was a good way for me, because then I didn't have to take them off soon to eat and I had time to settle in them.  But my doctor said as long as I left them in for at least 6 hours the first time, that it'd be good enough.  So days when the doctor put them in during an appointment, I didn't eat all day :(.
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You are too sweet to answer my thread! Ty for all your advice! I appreciate it very much! Obviously you have been through this and are very knowledgable. If I have anymore questions I'll be sure to ask. If you chat privately let me know. I do have some questions I would like to ask but not in an open forum. If you do let me know. If not it's all good. Just thought I would ask. Thanks again !
You can always PM me :).  Just click on my name and there will be a thing that says Private Message.  You can send me one.  I can't give medical advice, but I can speak from my own experience.  We also have several RealFriends who have been around a long time and know their stuff.  I'll give you their names too:  mlb502, PreOrtho, and viktoriajv.

Aligners 1A

Well, I decided to come clean and tell you I had been in pain for three days. Around the fourth day the pain had subsided and it just still feels tight. At least I know now that every time you change to new aligners there will be pain for approximately three and a half days. Well, for me that is. I did take pain relievers to help me along and then once the pain started to diminish I stopped. I'm not going to let this get me down and keep strong. If I quit because of this I will never do this again. Never. So I'm going to give this all I got. I still have some FIRE left in the 50 year old! Thanks for listening!

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My Dental Kit Goes Everywhere I Go.

I carry this 'Dental Kit' where ever I go. It has toothpaste, tooth brush, a small collapsible cup, floss, toothpicks and tissues. So, whenever I need to take my Aligners out, I am well prepared to put them back in. I am not fond of using Public Restrooms but sometimes it's my only choice. I try and use their paper towels as much as possible so I don't touch too much. I have become very used to this habit in a very short time so my Aligners are not out for very long. This kid really helps and reminds me to keep my teeth and aligners super clean!

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Proof Read my Reviews

I should really proof read my reviews! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I seem to write a lot of typos! :D

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Sad News Update and a Farewell.

For the last few days I have been in a lot of pain on the left side of my jaw with a swollen lymph node. I wasn't sure if it was my Fibromyalgia or my Clear Correct. (Sorry, I had not disclosed I had Fibromyalgia. I should have but did not. Just briefly: I was diagnosed in 1999. It's a nerve disorder that causes a lot of pain that moves around to different parts of your body. It erupts in some people from an emotional or physical trauma. In my case my Rheumatologist believes it was from my two pregnancies. They were very difficult as I had 10 pound babies in a size one body. Of course, I had two C-sections and many complications after that. My body was never the same and after my second I could not have anymore children. Ever again. Needless to say, my life has not been an easy road with surgeries, pain, aches, and illnesses. There is no cure and you just have to live with it. So, that's what I do everyday. Live with it.) So, where was I? Oh, back to my pain in jaw. Well, I went right away to my Dentist to see what was going on. He took an panoramic x-ray which they had never taken before and said one of my wisdom teeth ( I have only two left, both on the bottom) was really low and deep in the nerve. They believe that since this first set of aligners are the actually moving aligners it has triggered this wisdom tooth which in turn has put me in a Fibromyalgia flare. What's a Fibro Flare, you ask? Well, it's when your symptoms are exasperated 10 times worse! I have been in flares before but they do not happen very often. Man, this is just AWFUL! My Dentist told me that my wisdom tooth was irritated but not infected. He said it did not need to come out, which it good because it would be a VERY dangerous procedure because of my age and how close and deep it was sitting in the nerve, but to be carefully watched. He gave me a few options but I knew right away what I was going to do. I always have listened to my intuition and it has always, and I mean ALWAYS, been right. Despite what the Dentist said and he's way around all of this I am quitting CC. Done. Finished. It is not CC's fault by any means it all lies with me. I refuse to risk any damage to my wisdom tooth to avoid any surgery so close to the nerve (which could possibly paralyze my left side of my face if not taken out precisely). I will not play with fire and that's exactly what I would be doing if I were to continue treatment. Well, you can't say I never tried because I truly did. But unfortunately somethings should be just left alone. I am willing to keep my pearly whites just the way they are and except them for their imperfections. I am willing to suck up the monies I spent, too. Come on... let's face it, we all have imperfections. Everyone. And I guess that's kinda cool in a way because it makes each and everyone of us unique. So, I'll take it. I want to shout out to TwoPlusOne who was so warm and welcoming! We had lots of PM conversations that were interesting and informative! It was fabulous meeting this great lady with lots of strong will. I loved reading lots of peoples stories on here that were really inspiring and interesting and I wish every the best with their health and healing! Thank you all for listening as I really do appreciate it. At least you can say I gave it all I had but what I had was not enough. Thanks again!


I'm sorry this won't work for you, but happy that you are satisfied with having tried.  You will never have to wonder if it might have worked if you'd just made the attempt!  Frankly, your teeth aren't even that bad.  I'm gonna miss you!!!  The one thing I do wonder is, did they offer to continue with just one arch of treatment?  Since the wisdom tooth is only on the one arch? 
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Ty, TwoPlusOne! I will miss you, too! Yes, my Dentist discussed many options, and in fact encouraged me to not give up and fight like a boxer (who am I? Sugar Ray Leonard?) but my mind was made up as soon as he showed me the panorama x-ray. I'm actually quite content with my decision as I am still in pain with my Fibro Flare and am trying to recover from all of this. It will take time, I know, but I'm sure things will come together and all for the better! It always does. Peace and love to you!
You, too! xoxo
Dr. K

Love my Dentist! He's very helpful and supports me a lot!

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