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Cankle Liposulpture Mother of 2 Hairstylist - Palm Clinic, Auckland, NZ

Hi there I'm 39 and 5'2" New Zealander and have...

Hi there I'm 39 and 5'2" New Zealander and have suffered from having ankles that don't fit the rest of my petite frame all of life. I exercise regularly and ran 2 half marathons last year and still had chunky ankles. I have dreamed of being able to wear skirts and shorts and not feel super uncomfortable and discovered last year that Lipo was my solution. I'm a hairstylist and mother of 2 so I was very concerned about the recovery time but it didn't put me off having it done - it was more when not if.
So after reading some reviews on this site and finding them incredibly inspiring I decided I would like to share my journey too so I can hopefully help some people down my neck of the woods in the south pacific.
Beautiful result!  You must be so pleased :).  And thank you for sharing your story with us here.  I don't know if I'd call them cankles, because your actual ankle area is quite petite, but the calf doesn't taper as quickly as one expects on a petite frame.  I'm always surprised that there is fat there to be removed--it looks like muscle when I look at your legs--but of course it had to be fat if they sucked it out :D.  I can't wait to see how your results progress over time.  

Are you swollen yet, and do you wear any sort of compression garment?  What was the pain level like, and were you standing or seated or lying down during the procedure?  And how long did it take?  Have you seen any of our other leg lipo members?
Hi twoplusone, thanks so much for you kind words. I've been keeping a diary which I will soon post so I have each day fresh in my mind. I was laying down during the procedure and he got me to turn over and side wards several times I had to stand up so he could have a look at my proportions and then lay back down again. I certainly don't want to put you off but I thought the procedure really hurt it actually took me off guard but hey we've had kids so we know how to channel the pain and it doesn't last long and it's totally worth it. The whole lipo time was about 2-2 1/2 hrs. I'm wearing compression socks and yes I'm very swollen I feel like I'm wearing really tight thick knee high boots even when I've taken the socks off. I've been totally obsessed with Lulugrrl posts she has been my mentor and has been giving me hope that my legs will continue to shrink down. They're already 1/2 cm smaller even swollen! Keep the questions coming I'm happy to share my experience with you!
I saw that Prettyeyes0904 did legs too, but regular lipo.  I wonder if her results will be significantly different.  

I'm the community manager for smart lipo, so I'm always looking for information that will be particularly useful for others down the line.  The procedure you've had done is much less usual than abs/flanks/bra rolls so I want to make sure I wring as much info from you as possible ;).  I'm also going to hyperlink Lulugrrl's name.  

I have always had legs opposite of yours, very skinny ankles, too-skinny calves for my shape.  Everything was around my waist and my upper thighs.  I went with a TT though, because stubborn fat wasn't my problem as much as a huge diastsis.  I much prefer the lipo scars, but I'm still pleased with my results :D.

Day one (procedure day)

Nerve are not to bad I think I can't believe the day has come.
The nurse took me through to a small private room with a lazy boy and I signed a few extra papers got changed into my a gown and took my sedative and 2 panadols.

After a while I walked through to the theatre and Dr Barrett took some photos and drew all over my legs the nurse then wiped my legs feet and toes over with anticeptic wash and I lay on the table.
Dr Barrett then placed injections in all the places he was going to puncture for the cannulas to be inserted. Dr B then slid the tumescent liquid up and down my legs under the skins which was incredibly unpleasant and was apparently the worst part. That went on for about 1/2 hour 40 mins until my legs felt like the were floating with liquid.
At this point the actual liposculpture started which felt about the same as before getting me to turn in several different directions. I hated every minute of it! Dr B then got me to stand up and re drew on me again and then went back to reshaping the last parts.
My nurse then covered up my incisions and wrapped loose tubes over my legs.

They then took me back to my little lazy boy and got me a sandwich and cup of tea. I waited there for about 20 mins before my partner picked me up.
When I got home I elevated legs off and on, having small children doesn't give you much down time. I think the sedative really set in after dinner as I couldn't stay awake so I went to bed at about 9:45 which is so early for me. I slept all night and woke about 5:30am!! (that was it bit annoying)
Congratulations on the journey to new legs! I can't wait to see your progress! How are you doing? Is there a lot of pain? Did the doctor leave your holes from the cannula open or did he suture them up? My surgery is June 18th 9 more days for me!! Happy healing :-)
The incision holes are so minimal that there's no need for sutures and they were left open for drainage. I think they'll pretty much disappear completely. Please let me know as soon as you have your procedure I can't wait to hear how you get on :)

Day two

Lots of liquid came out over night but I slept really went, I think it was the sedative from the day before. Today my legs feel like I have sunburnt them really badly due to the swelling and tingly prickly tight feeling, almost like I'm wearing really tight knee high boots. I'm going back to the surgery to be fitted for compression stockings and for Dr Barrett to do a check up.

Day three

I had another great night sleep. I have lots of swelling in my ankles and feet it's not exactly painful just really uncomfortable almost like I have gaffer tape wrapped tightly around them. The compression socks are good support but the top of them is sitting right under my knees on my incision holes which feel odd when I walk but unfortunately my Dr said I have to wear the knee high - boo!
I have to go to a concert that I bought tickets for 6 mths ago and forgot about, Dr said I'll be ok if I sit most of it so wish me luck!

Day four and five

So I survived the concert getting in there was bearable but the actually concert was great it took my mind off my legs.
I walked around the mall this morn but after about 2 hrs I felt like my body was getting vertigo so went home and put my feet up. One pair of compression socks is a pain I have been taking them off when I go for a shower and wash them at the same time then dry them with the hair dryer then painfully put them back on, but wearing dirty socks is a way worst option.
I've re-measured my legs today and even swollen as they are they're 1/2cm smaller so that's reassuring.

Day Five

Today is very much the same as yesterday I went out for brunch and a movie with my husband it was a bit if a date day for us as the kids were at daycare and he took the day off to look after me but I'm pretty much functioning normally again so we had a lovely day. My ankles felt a little bit more flexible today the gaffer tape feeling is lessening but they're still sore but the pain when I move is definitely getting better.
Ohhhh now I'm getting all mixed up just ignore me!
LOL!  No worries :D

I see you're still swollen, but it still looks a little smaller to me.  Maybe it's the lighting.
Thanks for your postivity!!

Day Six

Today was my first day on my own which was a bit boring. After getting the kids and husband organised and out of the house and reorganising my pantry for an hour I felt I needed to put my feet up and that's pretty much all I did for the rest of the day.
I decided not to do the whole compression sock washing thing today and just did a cloth wash at the basin so I don't know what my legs look like today but yesterday I did notice in the shower a slight bit of bruising on my calves so we'll see tomorrow. As not much is happening at the mo I'll update in a few days so chao for now.

bruising (finally)

I finally have a bit of bruising to show for all the discomfort! I couldn't believe I didn't have any bruising until now as the procedure was fairly invasive!

Day seven

As you can see other than the yellow bruising my legs still look the same! swollen!
Your legs are looking fabulous!
Thanks they're still pretty sore when I walk but I'm walking normally. I find I'm swelling even worse at around 3pm I'm hopeless at resting them with 2 small kids to run around after! My husband keeps telling me off for over doing it.

One month in

Hi guys sorry I've been so absent, I had a unexpected trip to Sydney and also had my daughters 5th birthday so I've been a busy girl. The flight to Sydney was a tad uncomfortable my ankles felt close to wanting to explode but once I got off the plane a walked around they came right but still stayed swollen for the rest of the night. I walked all day for 5 days around Sydney and although my legs felt tender they felt pretty good. The flight home was fine they didn't swell- ??? going back to work was way worst I went back to a very busy schedule obviously being off work for nearly 2 and half weeks I had a lot of my client desperate for a cut. Standing on a polished concrete floor and not really walking around a whole lot made my ankles swell, but it's only temporary and each morning they looked a bit better I think my legs are just adjusting to their new position which they may as well get used to because I'll be working from now on.
They still feel a little stiff and numb around the ankle area and I am still very uncomfortable if I squat on them or if I try to get up from a sitting position on the floor which makes me feel very inflexible and about 100 years old- hehe.
Very nice results. Do you have any updates? I hope all is well Have a Happy Labor Day!
Thanks so much for your lovely compliment. I'm going back to see my Dr on Friday next week so I waiting till then to post my update. I'll add a few photos too but they really haven't changed much recently.
Ok thanks,i will look forward to updates then :) Have a Good Night!
Dr John Barrett

I choose Dr Barrett because he immediately made me feel very comfortable when I had my 1st meeting with him and conducted himself in a very professional manner. He took the time to really study my legs and talk to me before starting the actual procedure and kept chatting to me during the time in theatre. He was great from start to finish and also the following day when I had my follow up appointment. I highly recommend him.

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