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Discovered this site a couple of weeks ago and...

Discovered this site a couple of weeks ago and finally decided to start. I have 3 appts in early July with PS. I had one last year but I want to see other Dr's. I have finally saved up the money to have the tt. I am a 38 year old woman with 3 kids. Twin daughters (10) and a son (3). I've been wanting a tt ever since I had 15 pounds of baby stretch my stomach (the twins) and discovered after my C-section that I had a happy sack. I've been pleasantly plump here and there before I got married but after the twins, I have a sack I can't get rid of. I had visited a PS before my son and he said wait til you're done having children. Well, I'm done and I'm finally ready!! My son doesn't have to be lifted anymore and I have my husbands support as well as my family. I'm just scared of the pain, what I will look like, recovery and everything else in between! But the thought of not having this tire anymore makes me excited!! I've lost weight but gained some back due to a torn tendon in my ankle. I'm trying to lose another 20 pounds before the surgery. I'm hoping to have the surgery @ July 21st!

Soooo, I had 3 appts with 3 PS yesterday! Loved...

Soooo, I had 3 appts with 3 PS yesterday! Loved the first two, didn't care for the third (a woman). Choosing was really, really hard! I had my husband and sister and parents involved! It's going to cost a little more but I know it's sooo worth it! It's scheduled for two weeks from tomorrow!! I've given myself almost 3 weeks off to recover. Tuesday I go in for my pre-op, final payment, etc. I hope I've made the right decision!! I'm not having any lipo and he wrote extended abdominoplasty Anything I should be doing in these last two weeks? Any advice? Things I should eat, or do? Help!!! lol :) Will post pics soon...

I can't believe tomorrow morning I will finally...

I can't believe tomorrow morning I will finally have the surgery I have been talking about since I had my twin daughter's 10 Years ago!! My last shower with my horrible stomach!! I can't wait to see my new tummy!! Looking forward to having my stomach muscles sewn back together, no more hernia!! Filled my meds, packed my bags, set the alarm!! Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonite. I took pictures but will post them later during my recovery.

Wow!! I did it!! Yesterday was so intense!! Thank...

Wow!! I did it!! Yesterday was so intense!! Thank god for drugs!! My parents are taking great care of me. I knew there would be pain but wow!! Eating breakfast then leaving for my po appt. I have never peed so much in my life! That was the first thing I said when they woke me up. My Dr said they removed 14 pounds!! Wow!! No pain no gain huh? Will post pics so.

Yesterday I was able to shower for the first time!...

Yesterday I was able to shower for the first time! Felt good to shower. Today I switched to Tylenol bc I've only had one BM & I have a history with constipation. Walking alot around the house then napping. My mom & dad are taking care of me. My mom is with me 24/7. She's been great! My husband & kids visit, which is nice. My tummy feels hot sometimes. I put an ice pack inside to help cool/numb the area. Tuesday I go back to PS, hopefully I'll get one drain removed. I still can't believe I finally did it! I have talked about this for so long & now I've done it! No regrets but the pain was pretty intense. Keeping the Percocet for emergencies! Miss sleeping on my sides & stomach! That's it for now!! Open to any tips/help!! Thanks :)

Two days ago I was doing great!! Following...

Two days ago I was doing great!! Following everything to a T! Yesterday a pain started on my left side where my stitches are. When I would sit or walk it felt like I have a needle poking me on the inside- so painful!! Got back on Percocet - been having regular BM, so I didn't hesitate to use them, especially since the pain is horrible!! Mt stitches are dissolvable but I'm not sure if I pulled them or if I did something to myself to cause this great pain. First time I cried the pain is so bad. I return to my PS today, hopefully the drains will finally come out! My cc's are getting lower. I'm sick of them but if I need them longer I will of course endure, I want to heal properly. Overall, this set back sucks but each day is a day closer to being healed. I do have small strips of tape over my stitches so I wonder if he is going to take them off. I love my new stomach!! My Dr did a wonderful job. My MR feels healed already and I think he will remove the band-aid off my new belly button today - which I haven't seen yet. I heard about the marble thingy :)
Has anybody else had stitch pain? I swear, I'd take day 1 &2 pain over this pain! I'm do back at work on the 14th - in 12 days! Haven't been very hungry but I eat small stuff to take my pills. Having 14 pounds of stomach removed is so awesome!! I don't miss the heavy sack at all. I can't believe it has finally happened!! It's nice to have the Olympics on to take my mind off the pain. Anybody out there have the same pain? Going to try to post pics!!!

Today makes 4 weeks & I am loving it!! I went back...

Today makes 4 weeks & I am loving it!! I went back to work part time last week for a couple of days, now back full time this week. My drain sites had been leaking since the last drain was removed 2 weeks ago but now they are dry & I'm oozing liquid at each hip area in my stitches. Thank god for Bounty!! I'm still on an antibiotic but feeling good. I come home tired and nap & hubby is cooking and watching the kids. I do very light house work but not much. I love my results, love my PS. So, so happy I finally got this done! I had talked about this for so long & had dreamed of removing the tire, I can't believe I finally did it!! Clothes fit so nicely now! I'm not having to hide my tire. At the end of September I'm going away for a long weekend to Key West for my Bday & I can't wait!! Just R&R!! My only regret is having it done at the beginning of July, not the end. I miss sleeping on my sides and stomach. I sometimes turn to my left, but only for a little while. Can't wait til I don't leak anymore!! My scar is so thin and looks good. I can't wait for the 4-6 months so I can see the end result. Super happy I did it!! No regrets!! :) Happy Healing to all of you!!
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Hey Lola! This site is great for tips and advice! Did your PS give you Arnica to start taking for the bruising and swelling? My TT isn't until August 17th, but can share some information I received from others on this site: (1) Take a pillow, ginger ale and crackers for the ride home from surgery. The pillow is to cushion your belly against bumps during the ride. Ginger ale clears phlem and prevents coughing; crackers are for nausea (2) Some of the ladies wore XL sweats for the ride home. Others said wearing a flowing sun dress/maxi dress was easier to get on and off and left room for the drains (3) Buy a few granny panties a few sizes larger than normal to wear (4) use an elastic exercise band
for showering. Wear it around your neck and hang your drains on it while you shower.
(5) Start taking a stool softener a few days before your surgery to help with the constipation caused by the pain medicine.

Youtube is another great resource. Many women have posted their TT video journals and Tummy tuck journeys. You actually see their progress live and in color while they talk about their experience and give tips. Good luck!
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Hi I've just joined this site too. My tt is this thursday 28 June. I will do a diary to help everyone. Hope you will do the same. Good luck too
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Hi Coco!! Good luck today!! Hope all goes well! Let us know how you are doing! :)
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