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Great Experience...anyone Can Feel Free to Ask Me for Pics and I Will Send to You...-Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I would consider myself "the patient from hell" ;)...

I would consider myself "the patient from hell" ;) I had an unpleasant experience with a previous surgery and was quite nervous to go through it all again! Dr. Delange and staff were wonderful. My appointment was concise and to the point. My questions were honored and answered without making me feel ignorant or unimportant. Dr. Delange did not try to "sell" me any procedure I did not require which was extremely refreshing (especially in South Florida!) The patient coordinator and other staff also did not try to "sell" unneeded surgery which I feel says a lot about the character of the Doctor and the business he represents.

I was very nervous about nausea and pain. The anesthesiologist was a gem, great personality and for the first time I did not get sick!! He didn't guarantee I wouldn't which I appreciated, but said "he promised to do his best" and he did a wonderful job!!

As for the doctor, AMAZING... My results of coarse... But in this day and age a kind bedside manner is so rare and I'm so grateful to have had that through this taxing process... This is an emotional procedure so a kind and caring doctor is so important!! I was given his personal cell number and had absolutely no issues contacting my doctor. I went home in no pain due to a product he uses called Exparel. Yes, I didn't have a tummy tuck before without Exparel so I can't honestly say if it was the reason I was pain free! Having said that for the little extra it was soooo worth getting it! He also charges a lot less for it then most PS's I know I went to a few consults. Speaking of price, He does not over charge and due to the quality of his work and being located in Florida he could! FYI...My procedure cost may seem a bit high to some but I also had liposuction.

I feel I have left an honest and detailed review. If I had experienced any negative aspects to express I would have. I am a real patient I am not fake and I am more than willing to send pics or answer questions if you private message me!

Good luck on your own journey and I hope I have been insightful for anyone inquiring about this doctor.

8 months post op

Perfect results.. I wish my update was more interesting but my healing has been awesome and my results are exactly what he told me they would be and if I had anything going on I would let you guys know so that's my update I will send pictures if you PM me;) A
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Thank you to Dr. Delange and staff. I am so grateful to all of you:-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hi. I am booked with Dr. Delange on 12/19 for breast lift w/implants and tummy tuck. Everyone seemed nice. I'm sure I will have more questions prior to surgery which dr said he expects. I am hoping scar is pretty low and I can get thru the pain!!! Any words of advice and encouragement is appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi there;) my surgery was dec 4th... I think you're on the right track I didn't want to get stuck in a hurricane or hot weather living in Florida you know what I'm talking about lol... You're a ways out so you have plenty of time to prepare. I had my tummy done by him not my boobs, so I can speak to that experience. There is a lady on here that got her boobs done and she's super happy which isn't that surprising...he's really good my scar is almost straight across not high up on my hips. I know everyone's different but mine is very low. I had very little pain. Not sure if it was the exparel or just a spot that's easier for me. My boob job hurt way worse than my tummy but I hear I'm the exception;) I over prepared... Rented the recliner that raises and everything never used it:-( I used my regular recliner for a week then switched to my memory foam bed. I did get the toilet riser which i used a lot the first week. But honestly the only time I had (moderate trying not to swear pain) was when I sat back down. I was off my pain pills after 3 days. I also had hip lipo no pain at all as well with that procedure. I used there garments nothing fancy and I followed his instructions to a T. I believe that's important. I'm almost 8 months my scars fading really well and is really thin. I still swell a bit after exercise other then that no issues with recovery and I was able to contact him on his personal cell phone which I really appreciated! Im a question asker and research everything so this was really important to me:-) if you have any questions or just need Florida support:-) you can contact me anytime!! Good luck on your journey.. A
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Thank you. Of course I need support I appreciate it! I am also having the hip lipo. I just hope I have realistic results. I Zumba and do weight training classes at la fitness 3x week (that's as much as I can get in). Dr D said I can zumba the rest of my life and my belly won't go away. He showed us a pic of what I may look like which was pretty hot! I did see the other girls new twins and she looked great. I am also getting the textured implants as doc said for lift that is what he prefers. I have a recliner but plan to get a cheap toilet riser and a shower seat. My friend is at palms west now with another doc though. I tried to get her to see Delange. I am super excited. I am of course going to continue to try to take off weight. He said it didn't make a difference but I know my body likes to hold every fat cell it can!!! If you think of anything I can get now - even an extra garment to have in hold I guess I'd have to call Devon on that - but like protein shakes to sip when home. The girls at work drink the bolthouse farms. Or anything that helped you thru pain. I won't be able to use arms much due to breast work. That is why I am doing this during holiday so using not too much vaca hours but off over 2 weeks!
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I didn't do protein shakes but I didn't get sick at all and I always get sick the anesthesiologist is awesome plus he's a character... I ate lots of protein fage 2% yogurt eggs vegetables I bought protein shakes but never used them! The extended I numbing medication he used kept me at a 2 for pain level!! I might not be the right one to ask about pain because I really honestly just didn't have that much. Very comfortable pillows will be your friends especially with doing the breast at the same time. I did get the shower chair but again I never used it that was just me... I used his garments because that's what he likes to use their $60 but they were perfect I had to buy two because I got really small the first week and had to go down the size but honestly he seems to know what works best.. So I personally didn't buy anything fancy not that there's anything wrong with that it's just that it worked really well with what he provided.. I definitely would buy some boy shorts for underneath the garment though it'll stop it from chafing it's just more comfortable;) the recliner was my best friend for the first week you may need the recliner because you're doing your boobs as well I love my recliner:-) I did not work out at all or do any fitness for about a month before my surgery I just let my body rest I knew I was going to be putting a lot of stress on it with the surgery so I think that's personal preference... I really bought a lot of stuff that I never used so you know there's a lot of good information on here and I listened to a lot of it but in my case I didn't use probably have of what I bought but i'm a true believer and always be prepared for anything!! You picked a great doctor I'm excited for you keep in touch...;) A
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Omg don't spell check me I was talking into my phone wow lol....
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Hi. I just saw your response 2 weeks later. Lol. I made a 2nd consult for this Thursday. Hope he doesn't think I'm crazy but I will be better prepared with my questions. I want as much info and paperwork. Did they do your pre op there? I can always go to an md now. I'll get some loose boy shorts. I did get loose pj pants. Got a chaise chair from bj's and also have recliner. About 140 days to go. Did you have trouble changing bandage and dealing with drain? I'm curious as my friend went to another doc and said I should get a nurse to come to the house in beginning. Thanks much.
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Are you saying you have no help the first few days?? I didn't change bandages he did... I never had an issue at all and I had lipo as well..my pre op was there but I didn't require any testing due to age. So that's a question for DR.D;) a good one as well...I only had one drain no issues at all with it...I know other ladies that had the same experience as me:-) the recliner will be your best friend that's good you have one. The Dr really is THAT good....!! Ask whatever questions you need to feel comfortable and of coarse you'll have plenty of support here as well!! A
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Hi. No i won't be alone. My husband plans on doing the drains etc. I am just going by what my friend is going thru with the pain and her suggestion about a nurse! I do have preop on 12/5 with them but Devon mentioned blood work & what to ask for at my doc office so that's why I am a bit confused. I'm 42 otherwise healthy. No meds daily type of person. Nice to know you had one drain. That part grosses me out. I bought a 2 piece today to put away good sale old navy. Bjs had nice cover up too. lol. I'm making an after surgery box. Can't wait to get rid of excess rolls. I truly hope this works!!
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Welcome to the community.  I am hay to hear you had such a positive experience.  

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