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I am 54, and have had many surgeries including...

I am 54, and have had many surgeries including back which prevents me from abdominal exercises and now for the first time a Flat Stomach!!! 2 weeks post op and loving it. I cannot tell you how I look forward to fitted pants/shorts and not worrying about my stomach hanging over with the muffin top. Will add pics as I progress but from what I see right now, WOW!!


So glad that you are doing good! you look great! I am going for dr. consult on Aug 1st. I am 51 years old and I know that recovery for women our age is probably longer than someone in their 30s. I have had two C sections, Hysterectomy, Breast Reduction..so I am familiar with pain. I am looking forward to a flat belly though, at last!
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I am approx 3 weeks post op and most of my bruising is already gone, my incisions from the cannula are healed and my tt incision looks great. I think being healthy and taking care of yourself after surgery has a lot to do with healing time, for me it does anyway. I have had over 30 surgeries since I was 15 for one reason or another and I have been lucky to heal as fast as I do. I need to post more pics because my swelling is still going down and it looks better than I had expected, especially my legs where I had lipo. Good luck and take care.
It's never too late (well I don't think I'd consider this at age 70). I did this at age 52 with an eye on my 60 ,75 and 70 birthdays God willing
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Had lipo done on July 5th along with a tummy tuck...

Had lipo done on July 5th along with a tummy tuck and butt augmentation. My bruising from my lipo is totally gone along with the majority of the swelling. I have worn my compression garment 24/7 minus bathing and I have had lymphatic massages 2 x weekly since my 2rd week post op and I feel that has made a huge difference on my healing. My lipo areas were inner and outer thighs, inner knees, hips, back flanks and banana area which is the area below the butt on the thighs. My ps used the tumenescent (spelling) procedure and left in the injected fluid for almost an hour before suctioning and he feels that this has prevented from otherwise major bruising. Maybe this also helped with the swelling, I don't know. I do know I love the results and am thrilled that I did this. My TT is awesome but is still very sore and somewhat swollen. I have no uneven areas nor do I have lumps. I am continuing my massages concentrating on my stomach and buttocks area for the next couple of weeks. I hope this helps.


You look great...
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Are you wearing a full body suit garment? If so how comfortable is it. My doctor prescribed one for me, just curious.
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Yes I am wearing a compression garment without the bra but goes down to my mid calves. It's not bad and in the beginning it helps a lot to keep your stomach from moving. I am still wearing mine since July 5th and only take it off to shower. I purchased a 2nd one so I would have beige and black and a clean one each time I took a shower. Wear it, you will have much better results. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I also had lipo and a butt aug.

I still have some swelling in my legs and abdomen...

I still have some swelling in my legs and abdomen but I am so pleased with my new look thus far. I just have to share as I go along.

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Going to see my wonderful Dr. Pinksy tomorrow for...

Going to see my wonderful Dr. Pinksy tomorrow for my 6 week post op. I am doing great other than some minor swelling still but overall I expect a great check up. Still numb on incision and soreness but that is to be expected. I now weigh 113 which is great and just bought my first pair of skinny pants and short tops. No more flabby, saggy, muffin top stomach. My jeans sit at my hips and NO overhang!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

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I had my 6 week check up and my dr called me his...

I had my 6 week check up and my dr called me his "Star Patient" lol I have been released to swim, take long baths, and being able to keep my grand babies!!! Yeah!!! I will still be wearing my compression garment for awhile but no longer have to be stuck in it 24/7. I feel great and do not have to go back for 3 months. Yeah. My body is still forming and shrinking as time goes on, another 3-6 months, very exciting. Good Luck to all!!


Hey lady, looking fabulous!
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I am doing great and LOVE my new look. I feel...

I am doing great and LOVE my new look. I feel sexy, happy, thrilled and love the fact that I can wear fitted dresses without worrying about my stomach being flabby and a big pouch. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I do not regret a minute of it.


You look wonderful, so different, love the piccie in the dress, hope rest of your recovery goes well. xx
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What brand compression garment and where did you buy it?
I'm using one of the full bodysuits from the Marenagroup.com . Their tele is 770-822-6925 and 888-462-7362.

March 2013 and am so happy with my TT, lipo and...

March 2013 and am so happy with my TT, lipo and butt augmentation. Weight is 110-115, varies but I am not concerned. Love being able to wear jeans with no muffin top at all. It was totally worth it and would do it all over again.


Wow you look hot! Thanks so much for posting. I am going back and forth about TT for years. You are so brave. What a remarkable difference! Kudos to you.
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I am so happy with my TT and it makes me feel...

I am so happy with my TT and it makes me feel great to be able to wear form fitting tops or even short tops and my tummy shows. Nothing makes me feel sexier than that. If you are thinking about have a TT and want someone to talk to feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share my experience and what I have learned with you. Best Wishes and Stay positive.


Wow Ms. lady, I just had to comment again, you look awesome and you picked the best bathing suit to show it off, you go girl!
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I loved reading your story and thank you for sharing !! I will be 49 in July and my TT is scheduled for September 17. This is a great resource and you look amazing !! Wish I was as thin as you because I'm sure that helps in this process. I know the surgery is not a weight loss solution - just hoping I can finally have a tummy that I don't feel like needs 3 layers of clothes to cover !! LOL Would love to hear back from you. :-)
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Thank you for the compliments. I am petite naturally but thin is never a word I use to describe myself. lol I have butt and thigh issues that I wish I could remedy but Rome was not built in a day. ha ha. I found that after the surgery I did lose weight without me trying. We have to at some point, though I don't know what point that is yet, be happy with our own bodies. I am almost there! But now with my tummy and some improvements on my thighs thanks to something called "It Works" I am comfortable enough to wear shorts and a 2 piece bathing suit. I am cursed with cellulite and no amount of wt lose will get rid of that. But I am sure you will love your flat stomach. A little tip for showering while the drains are in. Get a nylon fanny pack to wear and put your drainage bulbs in while showering, makes life much easier. Let me know if you have any other questions, I am always happy to help.

Tummy Tuck a wonderful thing

It's been 1 year since my TT and I cannot be happier. I am now a size 3 without any effort other than eating smart and healthy. I would do this over again and not think twice. Going to the beach is a joy knowing I do not have to cover up. I can't say enough about how great I feel about myself and how sexy I feel. If u r thinking of having this surgery and worried about the pain or discomfort, it's a flea on an elephant when u the final results. Good luck to all.


After looking at your pics, all I can say is wow..!!!! You look AMAZING!! Congrats on your new body and good luck to you.
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Dr. Pinksy and staff is my only choice for a cosmetic surgeon. He is a perfectionist, an artist and a great man. His staff is always helpful and kind. His office is warm and inviting. He is never too busy to answer questions or reassure me. When he worked miracles on my first dr's botched breast reconstruction after my breast cancer I knew I would never go to anyone else. Having confidence in your surgeon is 90% of the battle mentally, the other 10% is keeping in mind the end results which I never loose site of. There are not enough words to express my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Pinsky.

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