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I had always had a large nose and knew from a...

I had always had a large nose and knew from a young age that I wanted rhinoplasty. At 18, I found a surgeon in Palm Beach Gardens that I thought could deliver the results I was looking for. However, I believe my nose was left asymmetrical and it only continued to worsen over the following 6 years as I noticed more and more breathing difficulties and became increasingly upset by the deteriorating appearance of my nose.


Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf. You might want to do some research in RealSelf's revision rhinoplasty community.

Please keep us posted as to how you're going to proceed!

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So sorry and I feel your pain. Good for you for having the clarity to not let him operate again instead of being blinded by another promise and jumping to get it fixed out of feeling desperate. I think that is one of the worst things that could have happened and I managed to avoid that scenario as well. I do hope you find a revision specialist who meets your needs and exceeds your greatest expectations. Wishing you the best!
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Drowning negative reviews

It really is interesting to me how negative reviews are not allowed to be heard. I was too embarrassed and ashamed for years to bother writing a review about my rhinoplasty experience. However, once I get the courage to finally share my story, a whole slew of individuals who have also had the same surgeon spontaneously sign up for Real Self and write glowing reviews. Most don't even post photos of their experience which makes me a little suspicious. I'm not saying Dr. Guiloff hasn't delivered many instances of good results, I'm just saying it's odd how these people only feel the need to post in an attempt to drown out my negative experience. At the end of the day, the photos I have posted are enough to show the pain and disappointment I had to experience for years after receiving my rhinoplasty. You can write all the wonderful reviews you want, but that doesn't change the emotional and physical pain I had to experience due to my results. And my experience deserves to be heard.


Sorry to hear what ur going thru. Did your nose collapse with in the year you got it done? Did you look good in beginning and change into this shape years later?
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My nose looked off from right after surgery. My right nostril was notched up and I could see pretty bad nostril assymetry right from the beginning. My tip also looked a bit strange. But from what the revision specialists said, the surgeon didn't stabilize my nose correctly when he removed cartilage so over the course of the healing process as my skin retracted (and because the structure of my nose wasn't strong and reinforced) it caused the cartilage underneath to buckle and collapse in. So my nose looked much worse after about 5 years than it did to begin with.
Hi - sorry to hear about your disappointment. I too had a bad experience w my 1st surgery (12 yrs ago). I never posted a review here but now that after reareading urs I think maybe I should. I am planning on a revision. Process of consults has been really slow. Just making sure I find the right ps. Are u planning to have a 2nd surgery? Thanks
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Old photos

I decided to upload some old photos I found of how my nose looked before surgery (as embarrassing as that is!) so that you can see the change. From profile shots, you can't tell how terribly assymetrical my nose became from the surgery, and I think that's why I fooled myself for so long into thinking my results weren't all that bad. Admittedly, the surgery did reduce my profile A LOT and made my nose smaller so whenever I felt depressed about how my nose looked after surgery, I just reminded myself of that fact. But that only helped for so long. Eventually, the realization sunk in that my surgery did not go well when I stopped looking at profile photos and started looking at myself straight-on. And then I started going through life trying to not let people see me from straight-on (which is a completely ridiculous way to live life) and always tried turning my head slightly to the left so that they could see the less messed up side of my nose. I'm pretty sure every photo I took for the last 6 years shows a slight turn to the left so that my left (good) side was revealed and not my right side with the severely notched up nostril that showed all the inside of my nose.

Also, in the photo, I included what my nose looked like 8 months after surgery and then 6 years after surgery. You can tell how much it changed. Although it's normal for the nose to drop down a bit, my nose did WAY more than that. My columella slowly started to creep downwards to a place where it never should be and my tip became more and more bulbous. And keep in mind that this is my "good" side!

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I also want to add that I did finally have a revision surgery on August 8th. I think getting my nose fixed was probably the only reason why I finally had the courage to post about how awful the results of my primary were. It's only been a month so obviously I can't say for sure if this nose will last me the rest of my life, but so far I absolutely love it and plan to write a review about my revision surgeon in the near future.


can you show a current picture after the revision? thats so scary how much changes the nose can have...who did you do your revision with? i hope your current nose will stay how you like it and I wish you a speedy recovery!
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Thank you for sharing. I wish I saw more photos and reviews like yours before I had my Rhinoplasty 9 months ago. I haven't been breathing or smelling right since the surgery and my nose is terribly crooked already at 9 months. Your nose looked perfect at 8 months. God, I'm afraid mine will collapse now with the state it's in. ugh..
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Why was nose not stabilized correctly, how did it go wrong? This nosejob think is a nightmare it really cant make u sleep at night! I hope ur new surgeon got it right this time!! keep us posted with ur breatheing. did surgeon tell u if u had scar tissue inside
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Dr. Richard Davis Revision

So I'm going to be writing a separate review for my revision with Dr. Richard Davis in Miramar, FL. This man deserves a lot of credit and I don't want photos of his wonderful results getting confused with Dr. Guiloff's unacceptable results. So check that review a bit later for those photos :)


Thanks for sharing your story. I live with a botched nose job as well. I wrote my review 3 years after my surgery and after going through a long period of depression and isolation. My surgeon does the same to discredit his victims. At the end of the day, as you said, a picture is worth a thousand words! Keep well :))
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Just a note on your comments regarding all the positive reviews after your negative review. This is your doctor's PR form managing his reputation. This is what happened to me when I wrote a negative review on andrew Jacono.
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happy to hear things are going well so far. Can't wait to hear how happy you are.
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Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Very unsatisfied with my results. To be fair, he did offer to do a revision free of charge. But given that revision surgery is much more complicated than primary rhinoplasty (and the results of my primary were very upsetting to me), I quickly decided against allowing him to operate on my nose again. Three revision specialists have agreed that my nose was left weak and unstablized from the surgery, resulting in my nose slowly collapsing in over the last 6 years. This affected not only my appearance, but my ability to breathe as well.

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