Finally Something That Works! Obagi Nu Derm System - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I just wanted to share with everyone my amazing...

I just wanted to share with everyone my amazing results with the obagi system. I felt I had tried many things for melasma and was feeling very discouraged. My dermatologist recommended this and I couldn't be happier. I'm 3.5 weeks through and the results thus far are superb. Unfortunately, it does not come at an easy price. The peeling is very uncomfortable and ugly to be honest. Sometimes my face burns when I apply sun block, and afte the exfoderm it turns red. There is some itchiness too. But I think it's a temporary price for something that I hope will be long term, even if it requires maintanence.


Congrats! I am happy this worked for you. I have melasma but i am Latina and this would not work on my dark olive skin tone. Best Wishes.
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Bella I too am latina with olive complexion. Boy did it lighten me up. The rest of me is all tanned and face isn't, I'm just avoiding the sun with hats.
That's exactly what i DID NOT want! To look like michael jackson. I may have to just live with my UGLY FACE!!!!! I figure GOD made me like this,so it's meant to be. I have been living with it for 10 years or so&i will til i die. I wish you the best. Plz NO sun as it can get darker,like black.
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