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So ever since I was in middle school the bump on...

So ever since I was in middle school the bump on my nose has ALWAYS bothered me. I've been very sensitive about the angle of pictures I've taken. I moved to Florida in 2010 and started modeling and always felt that my nose took away from my talent. Now I'm getting married in November & want my pictures perfect!

Keep us updated. It will be exciting to see the difference.
Good luck! I hope it turns out perfect! You are gorgeous and this will just be like the icing on the cake! ;)

I'm so glad you started your story on RealSelf! Congrats on your upcoming marriage. You're beautiful already and I can only imagine that with this refinement you'll be even more stunning.

Here's a list of supplies you might need for recovery. Please keep us posted!


Ok I am two weeks away from my procedure I'm super...

Ok I am two weeks away from my procedure I'm super excited!! I have one problem right now I have a HORRIBLE cold!! I know I can't take any vitamins or Advil, just Tylenol sparingly. Does anyone know if you can take pseudoephedrine or anything like that? I really hope this cold doesn't stick around long, I'm nervous if it sticks around they will have to postpone my surgery :(

Oooooo btw happy Friday everyone!!!

Hi everyone!! We are officially one week away from...

Hi everyone!! We are officially one week away from surgery!! I am sooo excited and nervous at the same time. I think I've told maybe 1 of my friends and a co-worker. I want to surprise everyone and see of the notice the change. Also I'm going to one of my best friends wedding up north the first weekend of June I can't wait to show off the new nose! Updates to come throughout the week!!

Well friends I am officially less than 24 hours...

Well friends I am officially less than 24 hours away from my procedure. I'm starting to get nervous and anxious. Thank goodness ill be able to take a Valium this evening.

My procedure is set for 2pm and I hope I will be able to contain myself all morning. I have everything ready for after so I'm hoping I will be comfortable.

Updates to come!!!
Yaaaay!! Good luck tomorrow!!!! Keep us posted with pics:)

T-minus an hour and a half until I check in....

T-minus an hour and a half until I check in. Getting a little more nervous I'm sure the butterflies really won't kick in until I arrive at Dr. Hass's office.

The Valium defiantly helped last night I'm hoping it will help me during healing along with my other medications.

Updates to come!! Wish me luck!! Xoxo

Well I finally had my procedure yesterday. Leading...

Well I finally had my procedure yesterday. Leading up to it I was a little nervous but honestly my mom and fiancé were more nervous Than I was.

I got to the office and my nurse went to put the iV in, well I have rolling veins so the anesthesiologist tried and got it. I have a iV to hydrate me since I hadn't eaten now for 8 hours, then they gave me 2 other injections in one was to keep me calm and the other I don't remember. I do remember having a allergic reaction and my arm started getting a rash on it. So they gave me Benadryl and I was out.

Next thing I know they walk me into the operating room and tell me sweet dreams and I wake up. I'm horrible at coming out of anisthisia and I wouldn't open my eyes. I remember my fiancé carrying me out and then I'm at home to my mom and him feeding me matza ball soup. It still took me a shoe to open my eyes but I was awake and in no pain.

I went to bed and slept great and am now sitting up in bed relaxing. I feel great minus not being able to breath out my nose. I get to take out my packing this evening I think I'll be able to breath once its out. Updates to come... Ooo and I posted a pretty new picture of me, sorry about the messy hair and the bit of bruising!

Well we are now on day 4 since my surgery and the...

Well we are now on day 4 since my surgery and the bruising is going away but I'm rather swollen between my eyes and on my forehead. I have zero pain if anything I just want to be able to breath better through my nose.

I started the ocean spray wash today and it has helped minimally with the congestion. However after spraying I clean my nasal passages with a q-tip and Vaseline and I got a bloody nose. That really scared me but everything is OK now. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to breath much easier. I go back to work on Wednesday and I need to be able to talk in the phone with clients and breath normally!!
Hey we are on the same schedule!!! I had my surgery on the 5th as well. I am in the same boat as you, swelling between eyes and bruising. I am getting my stitches out on Wednesday... Hopefully then I will get my nose cleaned out because it still has all the gook and dried blood in there... Other than that I feel great! You look great and I'm glad ur only feeling a bit of discomfort... :) best of luck
Thank you!! I hope getting your stitches out goes well, mine are dissolvable so I guess they will just fall out. Eww!! Let me know how they do the cleaning. I've been doing my own using ocean spray solution then using warm water and a q-tip followed by some Vaseline on a q-tip. That has cleaned things up a lot of me. Good luck as well!!

Well everyone it's been almost two weeks and I...

Well everyone it's been almost two weeks and I couldn't be happier!! My nose looks awesome and the swelling is soo minimal, my dr was very pleased when I saw him yesterday. I posted a photo of my new nose as of today.

This procedure is well worth the time off work and the little discomfort that comes along with it.
Wow, looks so great already! I'd be so thrilled. Congrats :)
Reply looks beautiful!! Congratulations!!!!!
Looks great!
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My Fiance had a procedure done with Dr. Haas & he was extremely gentle and understanding. When I went in for my consult he was just the same, he really took the time to explain how he can help me. I have viewed his website & online reviews and everyone said that same thing, he is just fantastic.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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