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I will be having Breast Augmentation on the 2nd...

I will be having Breast Augmentation on the 2nd with Dr. Delange. I was very impressed with his staff, facility and his bed side manner. I had been to a couple other physicians and knew that I was in the right place the minute I met with Dr. Delange. His assessment was perfect with the type of lifestyle I live and what I wish to accomplish look wise for myself. I cannot wait for these two weeks to fly by!


A little about myself leading up to my surgery in 8 days!!! Yay! I am 6'1" and I weight 160 pounds. Very broad and wide. I currently am in a 38B but barely filling the cup, so probably an A. I lost around 30 pounds last year and along with the weight went what was left of my boobs! I'm looking to be a full D, possibly DD. I like a 500-525cc look. Dr. Delange feels this is a good amount for my body shape and size. My boyfriend will have the luxury of taking care of me post surgery...lucky him ;)
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We would love to hear a little more detail about your stats. What is your current size and what type and size implants do you plan on getting? Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Do you have anyone to help you the first few days of your recovery? Thank you for sharing on RealSelf. Keep us posted!

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Beth, thank you for the welcome :) I will most certainly post stats and address the questions above. I'm all about sharing to get info out to others. And I'll definitely take some before pics before surgery next week!


So my surgery got pushed back another week, no anesthesiologist available, so ill be having it done on the 9th. I still go in Tuesday for my pre-op...I was really looking forward to Friday! :/


Aghhh, sorry to hear your surgery was postponed for a week. Thank you for your stats. At 6'1" you will be able to gracefully carry 500+ cc's. Feel free to post wish boob photos and pre op photos if you're comfortable!

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Meds were perscribed, final questions were asked and we are ready to go! I did a lot of google-ing after my consult and we decided on a "over" the muscle approach and I couldn't remember why, so that was my big question. As capillary contraction is at a higher rate...and that scares me (.02% to 1.2%). Dr. Delanges approach will be perfect. After discussion, I lost 30 pounds last year and my breast size drastically reduced as well as sagged. If we were to go under the muscle (I still have quite a bit of boob: B cup) I would get a "snoopy" face affect and the would essentially hang over. Going over the muscle and the the fascia will pull them up for a natural lift without the snoop...ok, now I'm satisfied :) I also got to try on sizers, as I didn't do them at my consult. I knew I wanted big, but my height and shape I'm able to hold a lot more than I originally thought. To get the look I'm desiring I'm looking at a 600-650cc. This will give me the fullness, natural lift and size I want! So Friday it is....AND, wanted to throw on there, if your having trouble finding before and afters I searched Beverly Hills PS and found what I was looking for. Friday here I come!!!

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Tomorrow is "B" day!!!

Final call from anesthia and my PCC and I'm SET! 11:30 is my scheduled appointment time...can't come fast enough, I hope I can sleep! Farewell small depleted breasts HELLO TA-TAS!!! :)


Do you have any after pics/info? I had a consult with Dr Delange and loved him but he's the 1st PS I've met with. I have appointments with other docs but have a feeling I'm gonna end up going with Dr Delange anyway so I'm kinda tempted to just go ahead and schedule a date!
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Good luck tomorrow !
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I'm excited to see your results as my surgeon chose 655 CC for myself and I've been trying to find others on here who are going 600 +... Good Luck and COngrats on getting out of Itty Bitty Titty Land
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