Cabral o Yily? so lost now! Any chicas in WPB or PBG, FL? HGB good so far :)

I had a review here a while back and now I have...

I had a review here a while back and now I have decided to start a new one (since the old one had a different PS that I'm no longer going to. I hope to inform myself and also help yas too! I plan on going with Yily, I hope sometime around the middle of April. I e-mailed her and we shared info, quote and what I wanted done, back in Sept. 2013, but I decided to not go with it and hold off my BBL. Now that my husband is getting a new "toy" I told him if he gets his new "toy", I'm gonna go get my butt done! lol I e-mailed Yily a week ago letting her know I still want to go ahead with the surgery and added something to get fix/lipoed also, so I hope to hear from her soon with a new quote. I had a MM over a year ago and I loved how everything came out, but now that everything has settled, I really want to "try" and lower my side tummy tuck scars and fix my BB. My flanks are loose now and I feel that I have enought skin to lower my side scars a bit more. My BB got a lot of scarring around it (I feel like it) and want it to look like an inning button (if you know what I mean) Ok....back to my BBL, I'm 5'1 and my current weight is 126 pounds. If Yily gets back to me, I plan on maybe....maybe gain a few pounds, but we shall see :) I want to get lipo my lower/upper back, lower/upper belly, flanks, both arms and now I want my mons pubis and the upper part of my inner thighs lipoed too! I really want that hourglass body and a booty to go along with it :)

Also, if any of you could please share info as in how you got in contact with Yily, how to send deposit, recovery homes (prices) and everything else, I would really appreciate it!!!!


So today I message Yily on that whatsapp app and so far no luck :( We shall see......I have a few questions for some of you that are around my height and weight. do you think I should gain a few pounds. I was thinking about going up to 133 pounds. I lost 3 pounds in like 2 months and now to gain 7 pounds to me is a lot to me anyways. My husband said I'm fine with the weight I have now, but I really want to have a booty if you know what I mean lol.

Does anyone know how else to get a hold of Yily? I have done the e-mailing part and the whatsapp, but no luck! I don't want to sound desperate, I just want to start getting ready for my BBL. Any info would help please!

Here are some pics of me

I hope some of you can give me your honest opinion if I should go up to 133 pounds. right now I'm 126.
Welcome hun. Just be a lil patience whatsapp is the best way to get in contact with her. She will respond soon. If she doesn't respond back in a week or two just resend your message. But congratulations on become a bbl sister lol. I'm going to yily myself in june i switch from Duran to yily

Here are a few more pics.

I really want to be able to fix all this and get my BBL. I hope I can also help someone that had a MM over and now wants to get a revision and also their BBL :)
U have my problem we had surgery and dnt even look like it.i still had.a muffin waist now its smoother as nd il b more cause if I dnt go in a yr il go in 2.usa its to xpensive just for breadt thry want 5000
Right! So much $$ to look almost the same :(
Yily will probably have to email your doctor the prescription you will need

Having fun with the surgery app

Phone is acting up!

I tried to upload on my phone and it just says " submitting" forever. I'm having fun with the surgery app and I hope to look like that in the after pic or better :) I got a message from Yily and she said that if I wanted inner thighs lipoed and arms is was going to cost an extra $550. She already quoted me back in 9/2013 with arms already included. So I wonder if they misunderstood or what. Either way I messaged her back saying I didn't want inner thighs done anymore since I don't have that much fat in that area. lol I also asked her if she had any April dates. I"ll update soon once I know all the info.
How much u paid b4 I actually went to rd for my first surgery.but didn't kw nothin about this dr I webt to so there I go lol but at least.we kw now lol.i actually meet yily when I was leavingto the airport.
I paid a lot lol it was done by a PS out of Florida. I heard she is tall
Girl let me tell u here on rs there was a person talkin about yily bad rite and I dnt remember the name but they were sayin how yily was short tht she needed a step to perform surgery and when I seen her I taught she was gonna b like me short lol girl tht woman tall lol shes like 5'10" I said ppl freakin lie and thts y I didnt choose ger cause I was afraid all the baf gossip about her.and no lie her office pak of females lol

few wish pics

a little update

I have been having issues with loading pics with my phone. Anyone else have this issue? I know it's takes a while for Yily to get back but than again I heard she is on maternity leave. So I have no idea when she will be back. I really want to go in April, but if that don't happen than June 2014 would also work out for me. Well see.
omg you are right you are like my body type.. but im 5'5 135 tho. and i still think i wont have enough fat either.. in the same boat dont know if i should be at 140 :O

few wish pics

So far....

I have gotten a quote for

Yily: 4,250
Disla: 4,000
Robles: 4,000
Cabral: 4,000
Baez: 3,700

Now I'm waiting for them to reply with an open date either the last 2 weeks of April or the beginning 2 weeks of May 2014. As of now I haven't purchased anything for my BBL, since I want to make sure I have a date set for sure.

I put up resent pics of me. I still stand at 5'1 (lol) and current weight is 126 pounds. If I have a date set for sure, I will gain weight about 2 months before the surgery. I'm willing to go up to 133 pounds.

BBL + some

I really want to go with Yily. I feel that she can give me the body of my dreams :) But I have seen great work from the other docs, so well see who has dates open for my time frame. If any of you gals, had a MM and than went ahead and got a revision and a BBL afterwards, let me know if things came out better for you, lower/better scar, I really want to lower my tummy tuck scars and fix the BB. I went to the Tummy tuck revision page, MM page and TT page on here, but no luck finding someone that has gotten a revision outside the states.


I was almost done with my review and than realself stops working grrrrr.........So I wa saying how after my tummy tuck I had 2 pounds of skin and fat removed which left my upper body looking more fat and wide. I really hope all my fat is sucked out of my arms and back.

Dra Cedano from Yily messaged me with April having dates open but didn't say if the dates I wanted were open! Have to wait now. Anywho, just incase I don't end up with her, I'm really leaning to Cabral or Robles.I have seen Cabral's work and I must say small waist and big booty! He told me he can give me a small waist, which got me excited! He told me he had April dates open and to call the office! I know that he has some stuff in da past, but he's not the only one that has made mistakes. With Robles, Laura asked me that Robles wanted me to send a couple of my tummy tuck scars. So I sent them in (some with me pulling on my side skin scars to show my loose skin) and hope she can give me an idea if she can lower them. Her work is also good!
I just came across your post – I also had a MM in March of this year. I'm 5'2 and currently 139...ugh.. I gained 6 lbs since my surgery. I am very happy with my results, but really regret that I did not come across the BBl blogs first instead of the MM! I hate my flat booty sooo much and I dream of having hips, a big round shapely booty, and a tiny waist; which I know both Duran and Yily can give me!! But, I’m afraid that I won’t have enough fat, not only that but bcuz of the amount of $ that I spent and the tough recovery time that I had, I do not want to take a risk of gaining weight and "messing up" my mm results. My mm ps also told me to be careful about weight gain as it would" stretch" my skin and screw up my results! At this point I don’t know what recourse I have to get my dream bod!! Btw, thank you for sharing your journey and please continue to keep us posted. I’m looking forward to following your journey :)
Tell me about it!!!! I wish I came across the. BBL reviews 1st! Girl, you can gain weight, there are girls here that have had a MM or TT and have gained weight for the BBL. I plan to gain weight and I know it will not mess up my results! I have gained and lost weight and my MM is still holding up! I wouldn't worry if I was you! I will keep you gals posted and I hope to have surgery around April or May 2014. When do you plan on going to the DR for your surgery?
Well, since I just started a new job, I don't have enough pto time to take 4 weeks off. I'm thinking of going right after Thanksgiving 2014 which I'll take a combination of pto and unpaid time off. From, the research I've done, it seems like at 4wks po most are well enough to return to work. I have an office job and as a result I sit ALot, yhe good thing is that I have my own office and can bring along my boppy pillow to sit on! Btw, during your quotes from the dics..did they advice you on how much weight you need to gain to reach your desired results? How many ccs are you getting transfered? PO Are you worry about losing volume to your new booty? I've read that you could lose up to 30%! Sorry, for all of the questions, but it's nice to meet someone with stats similar to mine :)

measurements so far

I measured myself today and this is what I got:

Bra: 34D or 36 (the bras I wear are not padded, they have wire and are thin almost like I'm not wearing a bra at all, natural feel)

Waist: 31 inchs
Hips: 36 1/2 inches
Thighs: 37 1/2 inches

Just as I was writting this review, I got an e-mail from Yily about the day I want open!!!! I want to send my deposit, but was told not to send it just yet and that they will send me the invoice in January. Once I send my deposit to let them know were. I will stay and provide them with flight info!!!!! How fun!!!!!!
From all the doctors that I have been quoted, not one has told me to gain weight. My husband says I have decent fat, but I told him, I don't want decent! I want huge lol. Like I said, I'm willing to go up to 133 or even 135pound! Yikes! I was at a point at 133 about 4 months ago! Around that time I was reallythinking about getting my BBL, but it didn't happen, so that is why I started losing weight.

If anyone is planning to go around the middle of April 2014, let me know :) we could buddy up! Now my next mission is to find a recovery home, apply for my passport and get my flight ready! How long should one stay at the recovery homes? Is 10 days ok?
Good luck with your sx. I hope you're able to find a sx buddy. I'm looking forward to following your bbl journey.
Thanks lucky!!!! I hope so too!

Freaking out!

Just the last few days, I have been feeling sad, happy and lost. I think out the outcome on how I will look like and get all excited! Than I look at my children and husband, and I than I think about how there is a risk! I want to come back to my family!!!! I feel that my husband should come with me, but he can't miss almost 2 weeks of work! At least I know I will feel better if he comes!!! None of my friends and family (back home) do not know of what I'm doing! Now, I feel like I should tell one of my family members, that way they can travel with me. I have a feeling I won't find a buddy, but well see. It's harder when you have no friends or family down here.

To tell ya chicas the truth, I was hoping to make a few friends on here (like cyber friends) and share my journey with yas. I feel like I'm just writing and posting pics for the heck of it. I'm really thinking about starting a new review in one of the other pages. :(
I'm going April 15 too!! I'm going to Duran I'll be staying at camellia recovery house.
Sweet!!!! Does camellia have a web site? Can I go there even if I'm going with Yily? Girl, i need more info! We could be buddies for sure!!!!!!!
Gona google it right now lol

So far.....

So far I have set a date with Yily and have set my dates for camellia recovery house! (thanks to citygirl64) I'm just waiting for my new quote with the recovery house. I hope she sends it some time today, so I could send my deposit :) She told me that I need to book quick since April is there busy month! I haven't brought my airfare ticket, I plan to purchase it once I my deposit for Yily is send. Which Dra. Cedano, said will send my invoice in January and she also asked for my name so she can put me down for my date!!! Everything is coming along! It seems to go to be true!!! And ya know what happens when things are to go to be true!!! Knock on wood, cuz d@m!!!!! lol

Also, my small behind decided to stay on the BBL review page! After thinking about it, I feel like I sounded like a big baby. But than again, try to understand that I have no family and friends down here to share my journey. I feel that if I share it with my family, they will be very upset and I feel they might turn there backs on me :( Even if I get comments or make cyber friends, at least I can say that I got a lot of info from everyone's reviews! Which I'm thankful for! Thanks girls for sharing your story, ideas and advice!!! I'll update more around January once everything is set and done!!!!

Omg girl don't worry u look good hey I had a question I work out but im still gaining weight preparing for surgery I just don't want chicken leg effect I have a booty but I want a exagerrated butt does it matter if im still work ii ng out..where is this dr your goinv too.Oh I love wish pics plz send info to
Hey girl I need moreinfp on yily lile num

BB no bueno

I wanted to also show yas my BB, so yas could an idea on why I want to have a revision. Becareful girls, if you don't start some sort of scar cream on any cuts or openings (tummy tuck or lipo openings, drain site) you could develop kelorid scars.i will admit i didnt put anything on my bb as in creams or silicone sheets. I hopeYily can fit it! I want a cute inning bb :)
I sent you a message on realself
Send me a friend request on FC it's doll tobe

Dam tickets!

I sent my deposit to camellia recovery house! When I checked out, the system didn't ask what days I wanted but I already sent Carli a message about my dates. Either way I'm going to send her a message after she response to another message I sent her a few hours ago. I don't want to confuse her :)

The plane tickets are something else!!!! I kept checking on them about 2 to 3 times a week, since prices always change. I plan to purchase them around the end of Jan. I hope by than they are a bit cheaper!

omg! I think I might start gaining weight now.......

So with the weight gain, I think I will start that this week!!! I'm going to hate it! I work in an area where all you see all day every day, beautiful women and muscle built men!! I'm going to get fat while they get hotter! :( my husband keeps telling me that at the end it will be worth it :) when I gain the weight, I ready know that most of it is going to my upper back and arms!!! I really hope every fat cell is taken out lol

OMG, I know a lot of you have been thru this, but every once in a while I get all freaked out about this coming Surgery since its outside the states! I'm thinking to myself, what ifs!!!!!!!!!! Please girls, make me feel at peace!!!

I have decided to purchase my plane tickets from Miami. They are more than half the price than if I get them from WPB! Besides, the trip from Miami to Santo D is only 2 hours long compare to if I leave here, it would be 6 hours. Don't really want to sit on my bobby pillow for that long lol

Happy healing to all the new booty chicas!!!!

forgot to add!

I know you have all felt this way, but sometime I feel like going with Cabral. The reason, becuz I also feel like he can give u a very nice hourglass shape plus a big booty to go along with it :) just thought I'll throw that in

Still going with Yily :)

I suck at updating lol

I meant to say the plane tickets from Miami are half the cost than if I purchase it here in WPB. From WPB there are almost $800 compare from Miami starting from $320!!!

I had a dream!

That I went in for my sx and was waiting for my turn when a group of girls walk in (4 girls) and 2 of them are from my hometown! Dafu*k!!! Than, Yily ask me to come into her office where she is doing a zigzag cut on a girl on her side hips (remember I plan to get a scar revision of my side scars) also, I have seen some pics where PS do the zigzag cut to put loose skin on the side waist/hip area! O heck no!!! After Yily gets done, she looks up at me and tells me I will not get surgery since I seem to not be prepared. She meant that since I only brought my bobby pillow, lol so than I tell her I need to have this surgery done and I will not leave until its done! She tells me she has an opening 2mrw so to show up early. The next day I'm late for my sx and she tells me sorry that she will not be able to perform the surgery. Also I was late. Like 2 hours, so yea.......
What a dream I tell ya! So I need to purchased things now lol

Could someone please tell me what to bring? I don't want to bring load of stuff. Heck, for my MM I didn't purchased a lot of things, just a faja, some scar cream and pads. Thats it. I really hope I can get a simple list from ya, please help since noone really comments. I guess i'm not that much fun :/
Hey homie!! Lol I can't even tell you how I be thinking the same thing about going to cabral! I follow him on ig and he's work is on point!! But it way to risky. Did you get the tickets? I'm gonna start buy ing things in March. I don't want to over pack but I've found some good supply list on here from a few girls. Good luck and I can't wait!! Lol
Hey chica!!! I emailed yily to make sure about some questions I had and she hasnt sent anything back yet. I'm gona give it a week to her back about my invoice and sending my deposit. I want to make sure before I buy the ticket. Do you know if Cabral is in the same building as Yily or Duran? Girl, I'm really thinking about going with him, no lie!! Manana, I'm gona buy a phone card and speak to the front desk and find out more info. I was going to send u a text not to long ago saying good night and I havent forgot about u lol girl, Im still awake cuz I'm here playing with the surgery app lol I'm gona try to go mimis :) Also, I'm not gona try to buy a hole lot of things. No no....
Girl, pass ur list lol

Never mind about the weight gain....until later!

I'm now going with Hector Cabral in Aug, 2014! I have sent Yily a few messages about my invoice and asking her questions to which I have not gotten a response! I have now decided to go with Cabral, since I feel that he can give me the small waist and booty of my dreams! I know he has his past, which we all do, but my husband is coming along with me since I made the switch, that way he can make sure everything goes well.

I called his office and set a date. I asked if I should send a deposit or something letting me know for a fact I have my date! Anurka (I think that's her name and how you spell it) told me just to call a few weeks before my date to make sure I'm still going. I had to ask her like 5x's to make sure I had to make sure I had to send a deposit lol

I'm still staying at Camellia recovery house. I sent Carli an e-mail letting her know about changing my dates and if it was ok.

I also had to let me buddy citygirl64 know that I can not be her buddy :( If any of yas plan to stay at Camellia's and have an April 15th (or close to that date) date, than I suggest you buddy up with citygirl64!!! She is my best cyber friend :)

I'm still at 124 pounds. I plan to stay around that weight until April or May. Around May is when I plan to put on a good 10 pounds.

gosh....I hate my arms!

Do u see what I see in the pic above! I'm telling you, my arms are to. Big for my body! Once I got my MM, all h3ll broke loose, my arms did lol The reason I know my arms are big is becuz I once weighted close to 170 pounds and my arms got huge! Now that I lost the weight and had my MM my arms didnt really change :( I know I also have some loose skin, but for the most part its fat!

I hope Cabral works wonders with my arms!

I deleted the foto by mistake, I meant to corp it.

Told my husband about setting a date with Cabral just now! He just kissed me and said estas loca (in cute way :) lol


can you say Coco :)

Girl if we could actually have good communication with those other surgeons it wouldn't be such a big issue. Cabral has ALWAYS answered all my questions and even had me call him on his cell while he was at home. I mean, I understand he has a past and it scares me but he seems to really care and genuinely want to address every concern. That's just me and why I decided to stay with him apart from the fact that his work is impeccable. Can't wait to see your results! Best wishes! Xoxo
I hear ya with Cabral past. Like I told another member here, every surgery has risks. Even giving birth, one could die from child bearing :/ Cabral also answers my questions fast, the same day :) Yily takes weeks to answer and Duran never got back at me. My surgery isn't for another few months, but once my date is closer, I'll update a lot more! I wish u luck and a great outcome! Cabral dolls! :)

Hey chicas!

I got a reminder to update lol so far I have yet to get more things ready! Couple days ago I got to check my HGB and It's 13.1 I haven't been taking iron pills nor vitamins! I'm gona start next month, imagine when I start taking it :)
O M G!! I'm hating myself right now! Now I'm debating if I still want to go with Cabral!! A couple days ago, Yily e-mailed with all my questions I had and also answeed a few more. She e-mailed me quick! I'm so torn between Yily and Cabral!!!! Cabral has answered me quick, but I don't know. I really want to look great after surgery. After this sx, I do not plan to get anything else to my body so this BBL needs to come out good the 1st time! I have read a lot of women getting a 2nd round, which I do not want to end up doing! This surgery is more stressful than my MM over surgery!!! Please tell me a few of you feel the same and I'm not the only one stressing!!!!! My husband has seen both docs work, but he says Yily has a lot of good outcomes! But than again, a lot of girls on here don't have reviews on Cabral, just a few.
Let me move on to the next subject before I stress I'm now 128 pounds. Compare to about a month or a month and a half ago! I think I look a tad better with a few pouunds lol I need to control my weight cuz if I eat the way I'm eating now by Aug. I'll be 150 lol no no good!
Anyways girls, if any of you live in west palm beach or palm beach gardens, FL and plan to get surgery soon, hit me up! We can be friends and support each other! Like I said before, I have no friends down here and I have noone to talk to about this surgery but. My husband (which he is understanding and sweet) but I need some chica time lol
I forgot to also mention that I found a place that does lyphatic massages thats about 10mins aways from me :) she charges $210 for 3 and eacch is $90! Do you guys think thats a good price for 3 massages?
Alright girls, have to go and I'll date soon!!!


In Yilys e-mail she said that my HGB has to be at 12 and Cabral said 13.2 So what is a great HGB???? Either way it's pretty good for not taking pills nor iron pills :)
Where did you find the supply list? I am early in my journey. But I am anxious to get it when I get back to the states
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