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I'm just trying to even out my skin tone through...

I'm just trying to even out my skin tone through my body and my goal was to have this done by June 6th . I started late but I've heard some amazing this about the piona skin bleaching CREAM but I put shaded the lotion because it was cheaper. I haven't heard any reviews about it yet so I will be the first to try it out . Well one to share my experience via web . Let's hope this works !

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Before pictures

This is one of the areas I'm focused on. I'm not trying to change my complexion to much but I would like my shin to be even with the rest of my body so I don't like like a multi colored rainbow in a bikini this summer


Modified stay out the sun
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There Is a product called "extreme skin bleach" being sold on ebay and my friend swears by it! It took all her darkness away..she looks light and even. Thing sells for 60-100 per jar but it's awesome! I'm using it too! 3 days later I'm already lighter! Love it.
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Do you know what brand by any chance ?

After one week

Not sure if there's much Chang but I'm thinking about adding another skin agent in with the lotion . Make a mix of something I don't know . Community is that safe ??

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More pictures

More pics of one week update

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Last pic

Any change community ?


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Are you asking me do I know of anything to darken yourself ?
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I try but the way my day goes I can't help but to be in it directly for about 3 hours a day

Change I don't think this works

Any changes ?


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This stuff really works! It's called Extreme Skin Bleach...! Found it on ebay for 99.95! Good stuff...hard to get...but worth it!
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Where is ebay

Waste Of MOney

a complete waste of money made me darker not worth it!!


After my trip to India, my complexion become darker due to the excessive exposure to sun without sun-block..fortunately enough , I bumped into a homopathetic doctor(www.drbatras.com)now,all is history as I blossom like a flower.my only regret was my nose job which was handled by amateurs who claimed to be the best.sorry to bore you !i cleanse my face twice daily with dr batras face wash made with tea oil,then soak some cotton bud in his toner made with echinacea/green tea and lastly his natural skin lightening cream enriched with mulberry extract which act as a whitening agent as it contains phenylflavonoids that inhibit the activation of tyrosinase,preventing the darkening of the skin.Then lastly, the ultimate sun- protection cream enriched with echinacea(UVA/UVB protection/SPF 30).you can also look for other skin products that contains these natural ingredients.goodluck!
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thank u dear 4 the info
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