28 2 Kids Excited for Part 2 of my Mommy Makeover TT & BBL- Palm Beach, FL

After having 2 kids, they have taken a toll on my...

After having 2 kids, they have taken a toll on my body and I want it back. Boobs... Check. Tummy... Coming soon. My initial plan was to get a tummy tuck. Then I thought about breast augmentation. So then I was going to do both together but I ended up going the breast augmentation first for various reasons. Now I'm 10 wks post op from that and desperately awaiting my TT.


Photos were taken in Nov 2013 when I started seriously researching MM. These photos were after dinner. Tummy skin doesn't look as loose in the pic than it actually is.

Surgery simulator

What's the plastic surgery simulator everyone is using?

14 wks 1day

So I ordered the body by Victoria wireless bra a while back in 36d which I figured would be to big because it's a fuller coverage bra and it def was. I finally tried it on in the store last wk. 34d was too small which I already knew but the sales lady insisted I try it on. 34dd they didn't have in store so I ordered one online I'm waiting for and 36c fits perfectin the band and the cups squish them a bit but still comfy. I'll see what works better when I get the 34dd although I'm sure the band will be too right, which I don't mind cause it'll stretch and I'm getting my back liposuctioned when I get my bbl


Please ladies, I need help putting together a post op supply list. And for anyone who has had a TT and bbl together, sleeping and sitting positions and supplies. Thx!!

need this belly gone

So gross

37 days left

Thus tummy needs to go

Got a vs card

So I went to the outlets today found these cute little dresses you know the one that's fitted up top, sleeveless and flares on the bottom. These r cheap everywhere now because they're out of season. ($12 american eagle outfitters). Anyways I went to Victoria's Secret website to see if they still have the one like that I saw but the sidecut and they didn't but they not only the secret rewards cards but you get 2 secret rewards cards so I couldn't refuse that offer. Plus bras ship free and free panty with bra purchase. I put a few things in my cart then it tells me you're preapproved for a card. 2.5 yrs ago I got this offer in the mail and threw it away because I didn't shop at Victoria's secret because they're over priced. But after havin my BA a few months before their semi annual sale totally messed me up. I bought so much stiff during that sale, but I got a lot of deals. I would get coupon after coupon and only ship when there was some sort of additional savings. Anyway couldn't pass up the offer this time with my new body in the works so I gave in. Imma get in trouble.... Lol
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