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6 weeks in and not much,if any improvement

Yes, $360. I bought my Ulthera treatment on...

Yes, $360. I bought my Ulthera treatment on Groupon. I researched the Dr. and took the plunge!

I'm 50 and never had "cosmetic" anything done before. I will say it did hurt, you have to disconnect during the procedure. I was given a palm size pod like vibrator to press on my chest to minpulate the brain and was directed to keep my eyes open so the brain sensors would not steadily focus on the procedure.

I have a dry spot above my right brow. This is how I can tell the difference in one day. This morning when I went to touch it, it is further up on my forehead. No kidding. I don't see a difference in the texture of the skin, but there is an absolute uplift. My forehead does feel tighter when lifting up the brows. I will post b/a pics. when I find one that shows the dry spot.

I also had perlane (1 syringe was all I could afford at $675) injected on both lower sides of my mouth, immediate difference. I was like a giggly girl! I tried the Ulthera due to the great price, but my next procedure will be Artefill. I was given the skin test while at the Dr.s office. My Dr. was straight up about costs. Why keep shoveling $ into temporary fixes.

I need to save up some $, in my opinion that will be the way to go for me I think unless Ulthera has wonderful results lifting my saggy lids!

As others have said, I keep looking in the mirror and smiling! I think I'm hooked!

You are a classic case of you get what you pay for! Ulthera should be at least $1200 by a qualified plastic surgeon
Takes 3-6 months.....not 6 weeks. It's awesome. Just give it time....

HI Blown, 

I love when community members say they see immediate improvement. Your advice to disconnect is good info, since it is a procedure that does hurt. Before and after pictures would be great and we'd love for you to check back in 3 months or so to hear how everything is. 

Thanks and enjoy your week!



Ok, week 2. My temple bones, from the eyebrow arch...

Ok, week 2. My temple bones, from the eyebrow arch up, feel like I slept on a wood pillow. It has gotten better. Previously while putting moisturizer on my forehead I could feel nerves going to the back of my head.
I decided to call the Dermo and ask about getting my turkey neck done, considered lower face, $1800. I decided...ahhh no.
The prelane injection around my mouth caused bruising at the injection areas on both sides and on the right side, the vein going down to the chin was swollen. My be I'm getting used to looking in the mirror at my mouth, but I'm thinking, $675 for this, wondering if my system absorbs the injection fluid quickly.
I still have not told anyone I had anything done. The only response I received was from a co-worker saying, "you look good today".

Hi, I added a before and 6weeks after photo. I...

Hi, I added a before and 6weeks after photo. I can't see any improvement at all.

I do have a question, if somone would respond.

In between the rightside lower lip to chin, there is a vein. I had perlane injections on both sides under the lip area, and some in the "marrionette" areas.

I'm not sure if it's me, that vein seems to be standing out more, I can take my finger tips and lightly rub across this area, It seems to be elevated, blown up, puffy?

This was my first injection. Is it my imagination that maybe some of the perlane was injected into the vien? I just don't know if its me or this can happen from the injector (Dr.)? Is this very commom?

Blown, It may be that fat loss caused the vein to show. I have serious fat atrophy after getting an Ulthera treatment 9 months ago. My temples, forehead, eyes and cheeks are ruined. The left side of my lip actually hangs down and I have dimples in one cheek. I am going to a Doctor in NJ that is well known for fat grafting/transfer to see if he can fix my face. I visited and excellent PS today and she said a good fix was to get my fat back. The only thing that looks better is the area right under my chin. I now have fillers around my mouth and I never had fillers in my face before getting Ultherapy. Scary, but true.
How old were you when you underwent ultherapy?
Ultherapy has a negligible effect on fat....
Name not provided

I haven't been back for aftercare, procedure was yesterday 10/1. Comfort was the priority. Her staff couldn't have been any more professional and caring. She was amazing, no BS, very informative, gentle and made me feel as though I knew her already. Next post I will add photo's. Tried, but when I hit browse to find a picture, nothing happened. Take care. I will definitely follow up with photo's as I'm only a day in!

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