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I've always been conscious of my teeth. They're...

I've always been conscious of my teeth. They're not so bad that people would comment but they are far from perfect. I notice them most in pics with my friends who all have gorgeous straight smiles. So I'm now on day 2 of tray 1 of 16 trays & I'm full of fear! Firstly I've had virtually none of the pain that other reviewers describe. This makes me wonder if it's doing anything. I'm so self conscious at the miment I actually avoided a friend at the supermarket today. I have alot of attachments which kinda makes mine stand out a bit. It's a battle getting them off & at times I've thought I'm not going to be able to get them out. I actually love that it's hard to snack & that I have to grab a bottle of water instead of Coke. A healthier lifestyle is a big plus that I can see so far! So far the whole process from online enquiry to first tray fitting has been about 4 months. Can anyone tell me if sugarfree mints are okay to eat with your trays in? I also bought a breath freshener spray but I'm not sure if I should be using it.

Half way there!!

I'm just starting aligner 8 of 16. My how time flies when you're having fun! The truth is that having invisalign sucks big time. It impacts on your social life, work life & home life. But OMG is it worth it. Im not even half way and I couldn't be happier! For those couple of hours a day I get without this thing in my mouth You can't get the smile off my face. I have heaps of attachments and I still feel like my smile is amazing already. All my trays so far have been a comfortable fit and I'd describe the pain as reasonable. I get a bit of tenderness for the first week of each tray and just avoid eating anything chewy or hard. Unless it's chocolate and then I just push through it!!! At this point I'm happy to say for me Invisalign is worth it. Why didn't I do this sooner?!!!

Last day of final aligner

I'm now nearing the end of my invisalign journey. I can now tell you all that the whole process had been totally worthwhile. My last 6 weeks have been the hardest as I've had another attachment added & had to wear a rubber band on one tooth to try & pull it down (see my pics) It's been fiddly & frustration. I've swallowed a few after losing my grip & pretty much shooting it off the back of the aligner straight down my throat!!! I do have some small gaps at the gum line beside a couple of teeth but that's kind of unavoidable. My teeth are straight and that's all I care about. I'm looking forward to getting the attachments off & hopefully start some whitening treatments.

Attachments gone.... For now!

The finish line is in sight with some small refinements pending for 2 stubborn top teeth. I have a bonded wire on my bottom teeth & have to keep wearing my last retainer on the top til my retainer arrives. Back in 6 weeks for refinements. For now I have no attachments & I'm loving myself sick!!!! I have sensitive teeth so attachment removal was pretty uncomfortable & unpleasant! I was worried from some other reviews that the tooth surface would be rough & damaged. Happy to report that Dr Li has done a fab job & my teeth are smooth & beautifully polished considering I do have existing enamel damage. I couldn't be happier at this point in time!!
Straight Smiles

Very friendly & professional staff & Dr.

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Congratulations!!  So no refinements for you?  Do you know what kind of retainers you'll be getting, and whether you'll be wearing them full-time for some months?  Or will you be getting the bonded retainers?  So excited to see your pics without attachments!!!
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I was hoping for no refinements but sadly the top teeth need a couple more aligners! I've got the bonded retainer on the bottom but have been advised to still wear a retainer at night. For now I've had all my attachments removed & just wearing my top aligner til my retainers are ready. It's just nice to be able to see the finish line!!!
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Thanks for the further update!  I see you have just slight extra space there in the front now.  It should be a short refinement phase :).  So happy to hear that your teeth feel as great as they look :D.  The bonded + regular retainer at night is a great compromise, because you don't have to do the full-time regular retainers for months before moving to nights.  Very convenient!

Please let us know when you get your refinements.  I'm curious as to whether you'll get new attachments!
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I had 15 attachments, so I feel your self consciousness! I think they're less noticeable to others though. I've never had anyone ask me "What are those bumps on your teeth?" when I've been eating or talking without my trays. So people were either oblivious or didn't care to ask! I didn't have too much pain at first either. I don't think I ever had to take pain meds when first changing trays. But I also usually changed them at night and slept through it I guess. The mornings would be a little sore, but nothing distracting.
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I read through the comments and I love my community members!  They give great advice :D.  I look forward to following your progress!
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Congrats on starting your treatment! I was really self conscious with my attachments as well... you will eventually get used to them. It'll take some time. Sometimes the first tray is the "get used to them" tray and there won't be any movement. My first tray was like that and I didn't get my attachments until tray 2. Some trays will cause more soreness than others. I didn't notice any major movements until about tray 7. The first thing you should start to notice is a difference in your flossing. You will also be able to tell which teeth they are focusing on as you move through your treatment. Oh, and your bite will change as well, so don't be alarmed if one side seems "off" for a bit. One thing to keep in mind is that the trays stain very easily. I was using the breath spray for a short time when I first started treatment and it stained my aligners yellow... I've never eaten any candy or mints while wearing my aligners. One time I tried to eat a banana just to see if I could eat with them in and it didn't work out well. LOL. :)
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Thanks for the advice! I'll steer clear of the breath spray. Despite other users saying they get stinky breath I've found mine's been pretty good. No complaints from my fiancé! I've been trying to come up with things I might be able to eat or drink safely when I have the trays in. Not because I want to do it all the time but I anticipate some situations when I go back to work where I'll get caught out of the office for long periods which will mean not being able to eat. Anyway, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!
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Your teeth look very similar to mine when I started. I'm on 18 of 23 now. The slower it moves your teeth the better. It has to move a ligament which isn't designed to move. Plus it has to dissolve jaw bone on one side and build it on the other as the movement progresses. That needs to be done very slowly. I did not notice much pain at first and there was never a lot of pain but some discomfort. About tray 4 you'll know it's working. After tray 8 on mine, I haven't felt any discomfort whatsoever even when putting in new ones. What did happen to me was it took awhile for my tongue to toughen up as the edges of the trays liked to slice at it. I used ortho wax on the edges of some trays and that worked great. My tongue eventually got used to it. Don't lapse on your dental hygiene even for a day. I found some clear pop (soda depending on where you live) sweetened by Stevia that I drink as my treat for the day. I did crack one of my aligners taking it out so they aren't indestructible, but they're pretty tough all things considered. You'll master taking them out eventually. I use my two thumb nails and start in back on the lower ones and use my two pointer fingers to take out the tops also starting in back. It helps to have a big mouth lol. Good luck!
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Thanks Jafa! Still no pain but my teeth are very tender when I take the trays out for eating. I actually find that it's a bit of a comfort to get them back on!
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