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Painful Post-op, Not Very Happy with Results So Far

I had SmartLipo of tummy, inner upper thighs,...

I had SmartLipo of tummy, inner upper thighs, & inner knees 4 weeks ago. The first week was ok, but worse than I'd been told. Now I am having constant burning pain in abd. area & inner thighs.

Wearing clothes is uncomfortable & gets worse the longer I wear anything next to my skin. There's hard lumpiness throughout the abd. & some in the thighs & knees. The skin looks normal first thing in the morning, but takes on a funny mottled color--not really bruised-- as the day goes on, and the swelling increases throughout the day.

There's a cleft on the front of both thighs, esp. on the right, where you can tell it's where he started the inner thigh procedure. Will this go away? And both knees have an area that appears caved in. Legs, altogether, look worse than before. Abd. is flatter, but definitely not pretty.

The doctor had a great reputation & is a "teacher" of SmartLipo. I found him unprofessional & very rushed, as in "the more procedures he can do the more money he can make". Would I do it again? Probably not -- at least, not with this surgeon. Can anyone comment about any of the problems I'm having? I'm pretty discouraged at this point.

day 3 for me. had smart lipo on my lower and upper abs, under bra. I agree the pain is worse then I thought. lots of pain in lower abs that's where most of my fat was. the dr did not stand me up or roll me over, I stayed in one place the whole time. my question is should the compression belt be pulled tight? he also said I had to wear it for 2 weeks then I wouldn't have to wear any compression garments after
I wonder if it depends on how much you get done at once. I had a tummy tuck two years ago after losing 80+ pounds, and the results were fantastic. Seriously, this procedure made me look better than I've ever looked in my life. However, it was also the most painful experience I've ever had, and I once broke both legs at the same time. Anyway, I had SmartLipo yesterday on my love handles. The assistant for my pre-op and consultation was incredibly nice and very informative. The assistant and the doctor for the actual procedure were rude, rushed, and overall I was very uncomfortable having them operate on me. I'm now one day out, and I feel great! I'm a little sore, but I can already see a difference. I also went back to normal pretty quickly. The procedure took an hour, and fifteen minutes later I was on my way to pick up my daughter from preschool. Today, I'm completely back to normal! I feel a little bruised, but it isn't preventing me from normal activities.
Yes, i had similar experience as you re. Dr is a trained teacher of smart lipo and board certified etc. but in the operatory he was unprofessional, rude and seemingly rushed/distanced. I would also not return to this highly trained Dr. and I would not recommend him.
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