PAIN! No Result!

First off even though medicated it was quite...

First off even though medicated it was quite painful, especially the chin area. I was tearing up so bad and kept having to ask for them to stop and give me another half of the medication they had given.

It is a few months later and I see NO tighening or improvement of the skin after almost $3,000 later! Save your money!

I found a new business report from Thermage. Its not a cash cow - see page 21. Misuse seems to be a problem. On page 30 you'll find: "Medical devices may be marketed only for the indications for which they are approved or cleared. We have obtained 510(k) clearance for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids. However, our clearances can be revoked if safety or effectiveness problems develop. We also are subject to Medical Device Reporting regulations, which require us to report to the FDA if our product causes or contributes to a death or serious injury, or..." 057588/Section4.asp I am waiting for my/our Thermage report in this forum - they still check it.
I entirely agree with those who say that Thermage is not worth it. I paid £3,200 to have the treatment on my neck, lower and mid face over 6 months ago and to date there is no result at all. I was told at my consultation in Poole, Dorset UK, that I was a good candidate and should achieve a satisfactory result. However, it was stated that nothing was guaranteed and I had to sign papers to state that I understood this. I therefore have no legal recourse against the treatment or the practitioner and have completely and utterly wasted this money. It was also very very painful, but this would have been quickly forgotten if it had produced the results I was expecting! I would urge anyone who is considering thermage to read all the reviews and think very carefully.
i agree with u 100%. i also threw away 3304.00 dollars and feel so foolish now..its been a week today but i feel very sure it was a scam and i was misled. wish i had read all these sites before i had it done. i have a line under my lower lip that i never had before and under my left eye, theres a crease that was never there before and swolling. i went back to see the dr and he tells me i had them both before. the fotos they took the day of the procedure should have eased my mind but foolishly, i let them take more fotos and how do i know they didnt show me the fotos they took when i went back in w my concerns. i want my money back but i also signed off w that paperwork; however i still may go to court to try to get my money back at least.. its so terrible that so many people are getting misled by this. i havent even told anyone i had it cause im too embarrassed for being so foolish. good luck to u. i can relate and feel for u...
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