Who have you told? Who will you tell? What will you say if people ask?

I have wanted to get this done for a long time....

I have wanted to get this done for a long time. For the past year or so, I've been lurking here, reading your stories, and learning everything I can about the procedure. Thank you for that!

Recently I had a consult, scheduled my surgery date, and put down a deposit. When I spoke with a scheduler in the office, I asked about preop blood work. I was pleasantly surprised when she said I didn't need any, as I don't have any major medical problems, heart issues, etc.

Then I got a letter shortly afterward detailing my required preop blood work! I had assumed that I would have to do it, and was still a little irked that the scheduler obviously didn't know what she was talking about. HOWEVER, what really is upsetting me is that the letter implied that I would need to get the blood work done through my primary care doctor. What?! I called and was told that I couldn't get the blood work done at the plastic surgery site, even though the office is part of a major hospital network. I would HAVE to get it done with my primary care doctor. I see a major problem with this. I have an HMO and I seriously doubt that they will pay for blood work for an elective, cosmetic procedure.

The (different) office worker I spoke with said that I could just ask for the routine tests, and presumably not tell them it was needed for plastic surgery. Unfortunately, I told her, I had full blood work done a couple of months ago, so I can't imagine they would do it again so soon. Of course, the plastic surgeon can't use those results as they "have to be within 30 days of the surgery". UGH!

I find it quite strange that I cannot get the blood work done at the plastic surgeon's office/hospital. When I protested further with the office worker, she told me that if my HMO won't cover it, I would have to pay for it out of pocket somewhere! This really angered me. For the amount that I am paying, I am quite aggravated that the cost of blood work that THEY are requiring isn't part of the total package, which DOES include all follow up appointments for a year, yet doesn't include their required preop work?

This is not sitting well with me at all. I wanted to ask if this is the norm in the plastic surgery world or if this is something unusual with my plastic surgeon. Were you required to have blood work done prior to your rhinoplasty? If so, was that done at your plastic surgery site as part of your total cost? Did you have to try to get your insurance company to do it? Were they willing? Or did you have to pay an outside lab to do it?

I had been so excited to finally get the balling rolling on my surgery, and now am feeling stuck. : (

Welcome to the community! I would say that if you feel really good about your surgeon otherwise, not to let this get in your way. I don't know if blood work is usually covered by the whole package. Have you asked your surgeon's office if blood work IS really necessary and why? You might want to try to speak with a nurse there to get the straight scoop.

I know a couple hundred bucks for blood work isn't fun, but you've wanted this for so long. Try not to get hung up on the unfairness and go forth for your new nose.


No Turning Back Now! Questions: Please Give Me Your Answers!

Just paid for my rhinoplasty! It's official. I feel such a mix of excitement and terror. lol I assume this is normal at this stage??

I have done a ton of online research about every stage of the process. Now, with my surgery date two weeks out, I'm fixated on the recovery process.

First question:

I am very sensitive to anesthesia. I had my gall bladder out a few years ago under general anesthesia, and supposedly, they gave me anti-nausea meds in my IV, but I still vomited several times in the recovery room. It sucked. I'm imaging how much worse vomiting will be after having surgery on my face. : (

For those who have been through rhinoplasty under general anesthesia (with or without anti-nausea meds), did you vomit afterwards? In the recovery room? Later at home? Were you given anti-nausea pills (Zofran?) to take home with you?

Second question:

I'm getting quite a bit of work done on my nose. My plastic surgeon booked the operating room for 3.5 hours. Hopefully, he won't need that whole time. I'm now wondering if I will need a catheter during surgery. Did anyone else have a catheter during your rhinoplasty? I've had one before during child birth, but I feel weird about a plastic surgeon putting one in.

Last question:

For those who used Arnica pills/gel prior to and after surgery, how soon before surgery did you start using them?

Thanks so much for your responses!

Before Pics!

Finally got my before pics up! Seeing these up close keep me focused on how bad my nose really is! This encourages me to go through with my surgery, despite my terror of general anesthesia and the recovery process.

I would be so appreciative if you could answer my questions below.

Thanks, it is so nice to talk with others who have been through this as well. : )
I had my surgery on June 11th and I did have a general. I had no nausea or vomiting afterward. My throat was a little sore but thats it. I think they gave me some anti nausea meds before the procedure. I was advised to pick up gravol as well in case I felt nauseas as well. I didn't need any for the entire recovery though! I would express your concerns with the doctor and explain your sensitivity to the anesthesia. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted:)
Just had my surgery on July 2nd so I am 5 days out. To answer your questions...I have had surgery before and don't have a sensitivity to the anesthesia so I was not given anti- nausea meds but I know you can ask for them and I remember reading people who needed them and said it did help. I actually though I would have a catheter put in......I just assumed as with C-sections you do (which is only an hour procedure) but now that I think about it I guess that is more for the fact you can't get up out of bed easily for about a day so it's more for the day than the actual surgery . Anyway no I don't think you will need one even if yours is 3 1/2 hours...mine was 2 1/2. I also did use the arnica pills about a week before surgery and have been using the cream after the surgery pretty regularly. Now I still bruised and swelled pretty bad around my eyes....so I'm not sure if the cream worked or I would have been that much more bruised/swollen. I guess it cant hurt to try. I also was told to drink or eat pineapple the week before and after as it has natural healing elements. Hope this helps you and as for your feelings...they are all completely normal. The week before they even intensified for me as I kept analyzing my nose, taking pictures of it and questioning my decision more than ever but just remember you have wanted this for a long time and it will all be worth it in the end. Good luck with your upcoming surgery!

Who have you told? Who will you tell? What will you say if people ask?

In addition to being nervous about the procedure and the anesthesia, I'm starting to worry a bit about the reaction of the world once I come out of hiding about 9 days after the procedure. Only my mom and husband know. I really don't want to tell anyone else. I'm hoping others just think I look really good, but have no idea why! lol I'm going to slightly change my hair right before the procedure, so I'm hoping that will throw people off and/or can be my excuse about what's different. : )

I haven't decided out what I will say if people flat out ask me or guess. I guess I'll just be honest, but I feel like there are many in my life who will be very judgmental if they knew. : (

For those whose surgery is coming up soon or who are going through recovery right now, who have you told? Who will you tell? What will you say if people ask what's different or flat out ask if you got a nose job?

For those who are farther out in recovery, did those who you didn't tell about your rhinoplasty guess when they saw you for the first time afterward? What did you say?
I had surgery on july 2nd and am healing very well. I had a cast for the first week but now nose is taped so I guess I won't be out in public for another week or so. I have the same fears as you about people noticing or commenting when I return to the outside world. The only people that know now is my dad and my grandma and then the word spread to my brother but he hasn't mentioned it yet. I haven't even told my best friend and I honestly don't know how to bring it up in a conversation with her, but I really want to do it before I see her as I can't imagine that anyone who kinows me well isn't going to notice my nose is different. I would love to hear how others here have tackled this? For the record I'm really happy with the results! I had a dorsal hump before and how my nose is so pretty, feel like this is the nose I was always meant to have :)
Just to add, I think you are right to keep this to close family as everyone will have a comment about what you are doing, remember this is for you! I ended up cancelling lat year a I discussed it with too many pole and I was left feeling like I was being silly. I started it all again in January and have now booked for 29th July after lots of research and seeing 4 surgeons! I only told my mum when I was sure I was going to do it, then had to tell dad, sister and auntie. No one else will know. I think it's the best way. Remember you have everyone on here to talk to and we all totally understand how you feel :)
Hi, I had surgery on my neck a few weeks ago and was sick when I came round, but remember because you won't have eaten anything or about 12 hours before surgery it's not like being properly sick, so try not worry too much. My rhinoplasty surgeon has told me to take vitamin C and bromelain tablets these are pineapple enzymes which help your body to break down food to aid better healing 2 weeks before then 2x 30cc arnica tablets 3x a day after surgery. I am just having all pre-op checks done directly before surgery on the day as I am travelling quite a long way, but this is all part of what I have paid. But I am in the UK so maybe a little different. How many surgeons have you had consultations with? Are you sure you are not a bit anxious because you aren't 100% happy with your surgeon? Good luck with it all! X
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