CoolSculpt Horrible NEED Ultrasonic Liposuction to Hopefully Fix, NO OTHER Option Male, 6 Ft3, 215lbs Fit

Coolsculpt by Zeltiq to help a small trouble spot,...

Coolsculpt by Zeltiq to help a small trouble spot, turned into a large protruding gross lump of firm fat! Made my "trouble area" worse I would say triple the size:{ Zeltiq Coolsculpt has RUINED my body, I never was even CLOSE to needing or opting for Liposuction, now it has been confirmed its the ONLY option to fix this, evasive surgery, something I did NOT ever want.
I have never written on a blog before... I am doing so in hopes others realize what can actually happen and so the information given pre treatment(the waiver and info from Zeltiq) is CLEAR with pictures. (its a VERY small thing you initial about this followed in same sentence by "any other unkown result can occur" VERY misleading you don't even notice, and when your technician who you trust genuinely isn't aware of it happening, you proceed VERY confident that your WORSE case scenario will be a bit of pain and maybe not much improvement. When REALITY is it can be a VERY bad result, which happened to me and others on this site which sadly I found AFTER it was done:{
I feel if the technicians were given more info about it, a solution could be found. *I will write about the local place who performed in the dr. review
For the comments I noticed on others saying how maybe the results were "just not were much" or trying to place the blame on the patient . I am 6ft 3, 214 lbs, I am not in super shape but certainly fit, I model commercially for a living, so it isn't a diet and exercise issue, my "body image" is very realistic. This was just a small area front of lower abs I wanted some help with, if I would have been clearly informed of any chance of this happening, I would have NOT done it. Just nothing but a gross mess, that I am not sure yet can be fixed, but keeping fingers crossed. My clinic is going above and beyond to help me, I wrote about that in the Dr. review, very thankful for them... I will keep the post updated. :{


Wow im so sorry for what u went through.. Have u tried posting a question for the doctors to answer on realself? Like what could of caused that and what it is? Maybe like hardened tissue like fibrosis or something? Im pretty sure thats something Traditional or Laser lipo can fix . I never want to try cool sculpt or those so called machines that say you dont need srgery for it. You should try getting Ab etching I've heard a lot of good things about it. I had my surgey in the Dominican Republic and they are pretty Agressive and Attentive with their work. Even Colombia is good too . I just dont trust United States lol they charge so much and dont give you the results you are looking for. But anyway good luck If u have any questions let me know.
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My husband just had his lipo so far so good Im so happy for him
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Hey I am in working on my Med Degree and its looks to me as if you have a hernia, has any doctor mentioned that to you??
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had smart lipo done to fix the mass from coolsculpting

I will post pics soon. Zeltiq still has not refunded me after they deformed me . The Lipo seems to have done an amazing job. Pics and details within a few days.


i contacted Zeltig and they say that kind of side effect appears on about 1 / 40000 people, it isnt known why so when it happens they study the case and pay for the treatment after........ that what they say at least, acctually it sounded believable, but it seems clearly isnt your experience
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That's funny they said that ...they havent asked me a single question. Because they are already very clear what's going on. They even discuss it thoroughly at zeltiq meetings with reps ..but make sure and keep hush. It doesn't just make things worse....there is NO other way to fix it unless you have liposuction, it takes your problem area ..pulls it out and then it just grows and feels like a huge mass growing. I agree its rare ..but not as rare as they claim and they don't explain the outcome. At this point they have not paid ...and if and when they do ..they require you sign a release ..if it causes any damage long term they are not liable. I'm hoping to hear from them Monday ....if not my lawyer is just waiting for the green light. I just want it fixed and paid for and I'm guessing they will, but not sure what the hold up is. I'm sure people have good results ...I know 9 that are deformed and in same boat as me. 7 around here saw zero improvement and none who are happy with result. I'm sure there are plenty out there happy least I hope. Good luck I'm sure it will be fine.
i hope they take responsability, its clearly a zeltig matter and not really the clinic

updating pics soon

As to not give companies a bad name.... It looks as though zeltiq is paying for my surgery that was needed . They will not refund the fees for coolsculpting , but are paying for surgery and other fees involved. When I rec the payment will be happier but so far they have treated me fair.


I had the same problem, on upper abs. I'm devastated. Dropped 5 pounds and the lump remains. I super scared to have to carry this deformity for the rest of my life.
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Hi. I read your blog and I am a liposuction surgeon from Australia. I am currently researching "non-invasive fat reducing devices" and whether they work or not. Realself has provided me some interesting feedback from "real" patients. I am giving a lecture to some of my colleagues in 2 weeks. I saw your pictures and was surprised to see your problem. You are an excellent candidate for liposuction or for one of the "non-invasive fat reducing devices" because you are not overweight at all. In fact, you have an excellent physique, especially for someone of your age. You just had a very small problem area, which I know very well, can be resistant to diet and exercise. It doesn't matter what you do, it will not budge. It is an area I treat very commonly with liposuction and it yields excellent results. I am skeptical about some of these devices but, at the same time, was surprised to see your problem. Most of the time, one may find these devices produce very modest results or possibly no result at all. However, for someone like you, with only a small amount of fat, I understand why you pursued having the lower abdomen treated with a non-invasive device. It is interesting, however, because the manufacturers don't tell you what can go wrong! Plus they show you pictures of "before" and "after" which are biased or photo-shopped. It appears to me that you have a chronic inflammation of the frozen fat. Does your surgeon believe it can be fixed by liposuction now? I am very interested in learning of your outcome please? Thank you, Kind regards, Dr Meaghan Heckenberg, Liposculpture surgeon, Sydney Australia, "Be Sculptured" c/o Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic
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I wish I read your story before I did this
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I wont mention names because the clinic who performed the procedure did a fantastic job, the problem is with Zeltiq , who I will be reaching out to very shortly. The place I went to the staff has been amazing. They are taking steps , setting up Liposuction consult for next week, moving forward trying to solve the problem Zeltiq coolsculpt caused. They are going above and beyond to fix this problem . Will keep the post updated as I hear things. But again at this point, there seems NO other option but ultrasonic Liposuction, because if NOT that special kind, it wont remove the fibrous fatty tissue caused from this.

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