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I am 52 and had a reduction 8/1/13. One week...

I am 52 and had a reduction 8/1/13. One week later, I had so much swelling in my right breast that fluid would just run out of the seams. They aspirated 18 oz of fluid. I felt ok for one day. Next evening I was in er because dr was closed and fluid was running none stop out of my seams. They did a CAT scan and determend I had lots of fluid as well as blood clots. back in surgery 3 days later. I woke up with a drain. It stayed in for a week. Was thrilled when it was removed. I thought yahoo...onto a better recovery. I week later, I had a hole at the T spot.......frustrated and became depressed and pissed off. Back to the doctor. Now I have to let the wound area to heal from the inside out. The left breast is hard and tight. on the side it's very red....back to the dr on Friday. There has been so many ups and downs. I hope in the end it will be all ups.


I will update with the pictures I have been taking soon.

some pictures before


2nd surgery

wheeling me in to remove blood clots and to clean out the insides of my left breast. The doctor put a drain in my left breast also. I had that in for over a week.

One week after my drain was removed

I developed a hole at the t spot again in my Left Breast. My right breast healed beautifully.
If my left breast would have done that I would have been so happy. OH well. I just have to deal with it and pray healing will come at a slower pace.
Have I mentioned I love my new smaller breast and can't wait to wear those (thin strap) Tank tops? These thoughts are what I need to think of during this very slow healing process.

Most recent picture

getting there, just still dealing with my left breast. It's not shaped right and feels very heavy. Still on going treatment for my hole. My doctor thinks I am doing well and that I need to just breath and have patience.


I haven't cleaned since my surgery. I have only straighten up and had my daughter run the vacuum a few times. But today I went home and decided to clean up my kitchen, mop the floor and I moved up a rubber maid contain to one of my bedrooms. A few hours later my left breast ( The angry breast that I have had all my problems with) is SO tight and sore. Has anyone felt like this after trying to get back to normal day to day activities?

bandage free

My dr appointent went well on Friday. I am now bandage free. First time since 8/1. It feel amazing to wslk around without bandages. My T hole healed up and my blister is healed too. To be tape free feels so
good. Now I just have to let nature take its course with my angry boob. My PS said it
will loosen up and the swollen area should slowly ease up. May take months. In the mean time I just ice it down when I need to and take some advil when needed. I feel so much better.

dry irritated skin

My skin on my (angry) breast is so dry and itchy. In fact my breast is always itchy. I think I may have itched the hole at my T spot and now that is so sensitive. I am afraid its going to get reinfected I was using vasoline on the itchy skin. Any suggestions?

still itching

8 week PO from second surgery and I am still itching. I could just itch off my skin. Ince I start itching I can't stop. Anyone know why?

most current breast picture

Red rash

Still have this red rash. At first I thought it was from the tape becauae that wad the area where I had tape. I switch to paper tape. But I haven't used tape for a while now.
Its dry so I have applied everything from vasoline in the beginning and am now using bio oil. It went through a phase where it flaked off and felt smooth for a day or so but then went back to being red again. It sounds weird but it feels like felt. Anyone have this?

new user name

Just changed it to keep my post more confident. Still the same person.

PS visit

So my dr looked at my rash and said its an allergic reaction to something. Most probably the neosporen or soap. I have a prescription now. Praying it will help. :-)

4 months out now

I can't believe it's been 4 months since my BD. I feel so much better then I did at the end of the summer. Believe it or not I still have a few scabs on my right breast but i believe they are from a stitch or two making there way out. I bought a few Ah Ha (not sure how that bra is spelled). They are best and most comfy bra ever and I love the lace on the top of the bra. My right breast has a bit of an odd shape but not too bad. I can deal with it. It's all good.

it's kind of funny or NOT

I have a stitch that has been trying to get out (of course in my angry boob) it's been attaching to my pjs and bra. When it pulls....oh man that hurts. Plus I found a lump under the nipple of the same boob. Just when I thought all was getting better, and now I am back to calling my PS.

All Aboard the BR train.

Next stop.......
Okay well the Breast specialist drain two of the lumps and said its' fatty fluid. He used a Ultra sound to find 2 lumps. I am glad he drained them. Although he wants me to get a 3- D mammogram and a more graphic ultra sound done. So, i had this set up next for the 23rd (soonest I could get). Oh boy. on the positive note he and the nurses loved my boobs. Said my surgeon did a great job. The specialist said sometimes these things happen......I said okay, but why all on the same boob? It
s really odd. My left boob is amazing, she needs to tell the right boob to smarting up
and my saga continues on. .

going onward

Ok well I had a 3-D mammogram ( I was scared my boobs would hurt so bsd but it wasn't too bad) & ultrssound last week. My PS sent me to a breast specialis because I found a lump under my nipple.
My Doctor called the day before xmas to tell me its a fluid filled cyst. He said its just the way this crazy breast is dealing with the trauma of my BR. So I will make an appointment to have it drained next week.
On a good note I have been buying a few pretty bras. Today I bought a turques and tangerien bali bras. So pretty

I wasvso happy to hear its a fliud filled lump.

Boy it's been a while

Well life is more comfortable so far this summer. I can wear tank top and I don't look like a huge sloppy breasted woman anymore. It's funny because it's been since Aug 2013 and I still get little twinges here and there. My right breast feels like there is something pinching around the bottom of my scar. Just goes to show that even though we are healed on the outside it takes time to heal up on the outside.
Other then that life is great. I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather with their smaller girls.
Dr. Loius

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thanks so much for updating
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Sorry you had to go thru so much Trouble ! I HATE the Stitches that try to Pop Out ! It feels kinda like a Little Wire from a Window Screen ! Grabs your Clothes - then really pills ! Feels like we are getting Poked with a Sewing Pin or a Tooth pick ! I have a Few of them - Hope they go away and quit bothering me ! Hope you are feeling better NOW ! You look like your Size and Shape are great for your Frame !
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Today my PS took out three internal stitches which were working their way out. That was a relief . As far as the lump under my nipple, he is sending be to another Dr that specialists in breast cancer. He feels it most likely is Fat Necrosis but wants to rule cancer out. I feel like I have a lot of this necrosis as my right breast feel so hard inside. It's been too long, way too long. Grr
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I have that too. It isn't the best....hope it resolves soon for you.
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Ooh hope that resolves quickly. Let us know how it goes.
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Wowzer you have had a lot of troubles I hope all get resolved. The shape and size are very nice.
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You have been through the wars with this. glad you are loving your boobs. I got a little redness and I thought it was from the rough cotton bra chafing. I slept the occasional night without it - those issues seem to have passed.
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I know, I love it when my girls get to air out. It's like a little party for them.
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They have really come along now and look good. The boob with the hole is looking so much better. Btw, re the itchy red skin, I was prescribed cortisone cream for that by my GP and it worked a treat.
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thanks for checking back - glad all is well!
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Yay! Glad things are looking so up!!!
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You look dam good ! The girls are looking great !
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Thsnk you. I am so glad to be at this point.
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You are healing fine ! Relax you have been through so much , you looking great , The itching is a sign that you are healing . Very nerve racking :(
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Yes, I second the suggestion of using Benadryl. I am 10 days post surgery, and my itchiness has come and gone since the day of... It's a weird kind of itch that feels like it is on the inside... I have found the Benadryl works very well. You are looking great! Glad the worrisome holes are finally healing up for you. I have one more spot to close up as well.
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thank you
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Lisa, try taking Benadryl or use the Allegra anti-itch cream. That helped so much more than the Vaseline that I was using.
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Thank you Ginge. I just statted using bio oil on my scars and the dry areas. I will give the Benadryl a try.
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Hi Lisa Hope you are feeling well.. would you recommend the doctor you used? I live in ny and its to expensive here.. my insurance company denied me even though it is a medically necessary.
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My doctors name is DR. John T. Louis MD FACS He has 2 offices. One in Valley Forge, Pa 610 935-5600, and the other in Limerick , 610 495-2190. Dr. Dennis T. Monteiro is the other Dr there too.
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You are looking great. I am so pleased your breasts have healed so well.
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Thank you
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Fantastic. It is so good you are now through this and can start enjoying your life with your new boobs.
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Yes, I've tried cleaning house two weeks after my surgery and my breasts were not going to have me do that again!! LOL! I just needed to clean the toilet and the sinks. It was just getting too nasty with two males in the house!! LOL. Take care of yourself and your left breast. Don't work too hard and take it easy so it can heal faster. At the end of your healing process, you will would love them while looking at yourself in the mirror with that spaghetti strap tank top on! Cause I will be doing the same thing too! LOL!! Wishing you a fast recovery!!
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I know how you feel Ginge. I have 3 men in my house and I am getting by by closing my eyes to the reality of the state of my house. My hub is trying so hard, but he just doesnt see dirt the way I do. I want to wait another couple of weeks and then I will clean up. I tried to do too much on Thurs and Fri and yesterday I was in so much pain all day. Not a good idea!!!!
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